Krishnadasi 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Krishnadasi Part- Pavitra says this girl has made fool out of my son, she is dragging Aryan in whole village to make him tell people how to save water, she has made my son her puppet, she is slowly taking place in his life and in this house, she lost ring today but Aryan was taking her side, Aryan is in her control fully, she is nagin, what should i do? Nakku comes there and says you think i am cheater? but i know your pain, Pavitra says leave from here, Nakku says i came to tell you solution of getting rid of that Aradhya, Aradhya will do black magic on aryan and will fully control him, that day you will remember my talks, i will leave now, Pavitra stops her, Nakku smirks.
David says to doctor that i will arrange money but atleast give injection to Sara, Doctor says this is not in

my hands, i didnt what i could do, you have to arrange money, he leaves, Gayetri has listened all this and gets worried.
Shashwat says whatever happened in house today with Aradhya was wrong, i will buy jewelry for Aradhya now to make up for it, he comes to jeweler and sees Gayetri selling her jewelry, he is shocked and thinks why she is selling jewelry? i should be ashamed that my daughter is selling her jewelry, that David has destroyed her life, i will not spare him, he leaves.
Nakku says we can get rid of Aradhya for life, Pavitra says this is not easy, she is with Aryan all the time, Nakku says there is only one to do this, that is to kill Aradhya, Pavitra is shocked.
shashwat is beating David, he asks what have i done? shashwat says you have destroyed my daughter’s life, she has lost everything because of you, he is about to slap him but Gayetri comes there and holds his hand, she says you have not right to talk inbetween us or to beat him, why are you beating him? what you did when i needed father? why didnt you stand up for me? i will solve everything myself, Shashwat says i saw you in jewelry shop, Gayetri says i dont need your fake sympathy, leave from here, she and David leaves, Shashwat says she is right, i couldnt speak up when she needed me and i couldnt take Aradhya’s side too who take me as her father.
Pavitra says are you mad? i am not killer, i just want to get my son back but i cant kill anyone. Nakku says if that girl remain alive then she will eat everyone alive like nagin, remember how Aryan used to run behind you earlier but now he is under her control, he just listen to her, Pavitra recalls how Aryan saved Aradhya everytime, Nakku says these devdasies do black magiv, dont you remember how Kumudini trapped king and destroyed aaba’s sister’s life? this girl is Kumudini grand daughter only, think about the happenings, Pavitra recalls how Aryan kept taking Aradhya’s side, Pavitra asks Nakku to leave, i am unlucky, after giving birth to 2girls, aaba warned me that if i dont give birth to boy next then he will get Shashwat married again but after Aryan was born, i thought my problems her solved but now i think that if i dont agree with Aryan then he will leave me, Nakku says Aryan is not even listening to aaba, he talks sweetly with Tulsi as if not you but he is his mother, he gave her his blood too, what else you wanna see? you will lose everything if you dont do anything now, Pavitra says do some balck magic that this girl leaves Aryan’s life, Nakku says i would have done it but these devdasies have ability to break all black magics, there is only one way to end this matter and that is to end the roots, if we do it properly then all will think that is accident, this is for your son’s life, there is no time to think else she will destroy your and your son’s life too, she doesnt love Aryan, she just want to take revenge of her aaji, she will destroy everyone in this house, understand what i am saying, Pavitra thinks and decides.

Swaragini Part- Swara angrily looks at Rajat, she shows note to Sanskar, she is in tears and recalls how rajat that Parineeta bhabhi is with him and if he tries to open her mouth then she will be gone, Swara thinks that i have to open my mouth, i have to stop Utara’s marriage, i have to bring Rajat’s truth to everyone. Swara comes to durgaparsad and says Mr. sharma is asking about you, he says okay i will check, swara gives him note and leaves. Ragini comes to Sulekha and says this note is given by servant, check it, she leaves. Swara and Ragini gives note to all family members, Swara tries to give note to Sujata but she drops it mistakenly, Rajat notices note on floor, Swara takes note and gives it to Sujata, Rajat angrily looks on, Swara says i dont know what is it, she leaves. All family members read note one by one. Sujata reads it loudly that “i want to talk something important, dont react after reading note, just come upstairs after reading note”. All family members act like having some work upstairs, they leave. Sulekha takes Sujata with her. Swara tries to go upstairs but waiter comes to her and stops her, he says check this tissue, tissue has note “to look around before opening your mouth, if you tell anything to your family then they will be dead”, waiter shows gun to Swara, she is stunned and looks around to find guns with all waiters, she gets tensed.

Krishnadasi Part- Nakku calls Aradhya and says Pavitra has called you, come Haveli, Aradhya says i will come, she ends call and thinks that Pavitra must be angry with me for ring, i will say sorry.
Aradhya meets Pavitra and says i am sorry for this ring, Pavitra says i am not happy with this marriage but Aryan’s happiness matters to me more than mine, i know Aryan wants to marry you and when this marriage has to happen then everything should go fine, from past days, everything is happening wrongly as if some evil eye has cast on us so i was thinking to do pooja and as you are going to Aryan’s wife so i want you to do this pooja, Aradhya gets happy and says yes for Aryan’s sake and for this house’s sake, i will do anything, i will come tomorrow for pooja, i will bring Shastri too, nakku says shastri is not needed, Pavitra has asked Chimaji, we have to do pooja today, at this time only, Aradhya asks what she has to do? Nakku says you have to take out food for poor and have to do pooja of sun, Aradhya says i will do it, Nakku says i will do arrangements of pooja, you make Aradhya ready, she leaves, Pavitra says i will give you my saree for pooja.
Aradhya wears Pavitra’s saree, Pavitra dresses her up and thinks that i am doing all this with heavy heart but God knows that i am doing this to free my house from this girl, sorry Lord, Nakku comes there and says are you ready? Aradhy nods and says to Pavitra that thank you for accepting me, this has made me happy, she touches her feet, Pavitra says shall we leave? Aradhya says you go, i will come, Pavitra leaves. Aradhya says Aryan will be so happy to listen that his mother gave me her saree and is making me do pooja like her daughter in law, she messages him.
Aradhya does pooja in Haveli’s mandir, Nakku asks her to go to terrace and not look behind, from terrace, do pooja of sun, aradhya nods and leaves. Nakku says to Pavitra that dont worry, i am with you.
Aradhya is going to terrace, Pavitra is following her, Nakku says when you get chance just push her off terrace, she will be injured and will be gone. Aradhya comes on terrace and starts doing pooja, Nakku asks Pavitra that dont forget that this girl will destroy your life, just kill her before she can do anything. Aradhya is doing pooja when Pavitra comes from behind, Aradhya is taking rounds with eyes closed and doesnt see Pavitra there, Pavitra recalls how Aryan said that he will marry Aradhya only, how he broke her swear and saved Aradhya, she recalls how Aryan took her side even when she lost their family ring, Pavitra doesnt want to push her down but Nakku hints her to just throw her off terrace, Pavitra recalls how Nakku said that Aryan used to love his mother but now he just listen to Aradhya, Pavitra pushes Aradhya off terrace, Aradhya falls down and hits fountain on ground, aryan comes there and sees this, Aradhya lies in pool of blood in fountain area, Aryan runs to her and screams her name, he asks Aradhya to wake up, he asks her to wake up, Aryan sees Pavitra on terrace and says why you did it aayi? why? he Asks Aradhya to wake up and cries as Aradhya lies unconscious in pool of blood, Aryan cries.

PRECAP- Aryan comes to Pavitra and grabs her, he says why you did it? Pavitra says i didnt kill her, she was doing pooja, her foot slipped and she fell off, Aryan says dont lie, i saw you pushing her off terrace, i saw it myself, how can you do this? she is my life, she is everything for me, you took my life away being my mother only? Pavitra says i will die without you son, Aryan says i am not your son, Shashwat says you couldnt care for your husband ever but atleast you could have accepted your son’s emotions.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. apra

    we hav to wait till monday to find is it a reality or pavitra’s dream
    angry 2 day no aara scenes πŸ™

    • sunaina

      Someone commented that Aryan is faking his love
      Is this true…
      Plzz anyone could help….

      • Sneha

        i dont think so….as aryan accepted her in front of whole village….if he fakes he will be stoned by the villagers……. :p

      • Sree Nandana S

        i don’t think that aryan’s is fake love…he always saves aaru…he also wants to unite the 2 families…he can’t do this….

  2. Priyaraj

    finally pavitra pushed her once when pavitra will come to know that aradhya is her own daughter she will definitely be not able to bear the deeds which she did against her own daughter I feel like this in one way but when I see gayatri’s case gayatri did not get any love from her mom so its not sure whether pavitra will repent later or not.

  3. umama alam

    aru looks so beautiful in saari.there is also aara scence n it is awesome . the music ‘sub tera’creates magic in the screen……i feel bad 4 saswat.but somehow gayettri is r8. precap is very painful.aryan gets mad when he finds aru injured,but there is a ques in my mind…..that if pavitra has 3 daughters where will be her that daughter ???can anybody have idea about it???

    • Shirin

      I don’t know. But in the past episodes they told that he has given punishment to her for shashwaats bad deeds

  4. Alyaa

    Today’s episode was really very sad as Pavitra Aunty pushed Aaradhya off the terrace cruelly??I really hope that Aaradhya will fine??☺☺

      • Alyaa

        In the start of the episode Aryan and Aaradhya’s scenes were awesome and really very cute??I loved it??It was Woww??

  5. Cutex

    I think its a dream of pavitra am sure about it but let see what will happen in Monday. ….

  6. So i was right, ring is artificial, aryan said so to save her πŸ˜€ and now sure it’s a dream sequence, ye do baar dream sequence dikha ke third time bomb blast karege

  7. 4

    What does Pavitra mean by she had two daughters? I thought her only daughter is Gayatri? And Aradhya but she doesn’t know about that.

  8. Nimisha

    OMG !!! What a good episode.

    loved the way Aryan consoled Aru and out the ring on her finger.

    Naku is evil! Pavitra is a fool.

    Last scene was so well done and Shravan was awesome. poor Aru and Aryan. Precap looks really good. Kinda don’t want it to be yet another dream as previous poster said, but also don’t want Aru hurt.

    Gayu is such a sweetheart.

    Wish this was on tomorrow. Wanna know what happens. But don’t tell me. Lol!

    • Nimisha

      By the way, the other thing I love is how Aryan mostly calls Aradhya Aradhya and not the short form, even when she was lying in the pool he kept saying it over and over. For me it really emphasises his love for her.

      • Yeah Nimisha..As I said in my 1st comment…I too hav noticed dat Aaryan always calls Aaradhya and not Aaru…so lvng..

  9. it was merger episode today with swaragini and this colors didn’t even inform it. there was a cute and romantic Aara scene in first half during swaragini time .. had to saw it online..
    rest of the episode was definitely dream of pavitra. the maker should change the name ‘climax ke shukravar’ to ‘sapno ke shukravar’.. these krishnavati people dream some horrible dream… but be it dream or not shravan.. wow take a bow man.. what an acting, even my father couldn’t stop praising him. beautiful acting. and Naku you really are Manthara.

    • Nimisha

      Than first scene between Aru and Aryan was really beautiful. Is that in any of the written updates. I couldn’t see it anywhere. Help..

      • hey i could not find WU of that anywhere. .. just wait for few hours i will write WU for that sequence when i will be back from college.

    • Sneha

      U R R8 Tanu………….the writers are awesome…..last scene ko itna intense banane k saath kitna beautiful v banaya………precap toh chodo…….beyond description…..eagerly waiting for mon epi

  10. Aqua

    I cried seeing Aryan running to his Aroo.
    I think pavitra pushed her but she got hurt n got unconscious but not dead n when she will get conscious aroo will say she slipped so Aryan will not hate his mom n pavitra might change towards her.

    It didn’t look like a dream… or maybe I’m wrong. But really today’s episode was so emotional.

  11. aradhyan rockzz

    i think its a dream..otherwise aryan shud b in hsptl with aradhya..why he is standing there and shouting..?most prbly a dream only.

  12. rima

    I think its a dream. I saw a picture.. aryan wears a saree to see aradya.. and her house is decorated..

  13. Ruby

    why didn’t Aryan took Aradhya to hospital? she was injured badly.remember guys he took her hospital when she got unconscious cos of hungry.and now he is just shouting at his mom.i really don’t understand what writers want to show us.

    anyway I couldn’t watch it properly cos my dad was watching some other show.I only could watch the last part. shravan rocked

    • actually media confused me yesterday. they said as a way that it seems real but after seeing the episode i realise it is another dream sequence.

    • Cutex

      Mage its a dream am sure if it is not a dream than Aryan take aradaya to hospital but he shouted his mom its only a dream and again writer create suspense

  14. Debashis

    where is Gayatri’s middle sister.. pavira has 3 daughters.. Gayatri, Aradhya and where is the rest?

  15. Wot an Epi…Juz lvd Aryan..Aaru is beautiful in Saree…Why is dis Pavithra hearing d words of dat evil minded Nakku..Actually Pavithra doesn’t want yoyo do that…Sana n Shravan is Rockng…D scream of Aaryan telling Aaradhya wake up and Aayi tune e Kay kiya Made me sad…and it shows dat how much Aaryan lvs Aaru…And dhen I too noticed dat Aaryan always calls Aaradhya and not Aaru…And @ last I wish dat it is a dream so dat Aaru will not b hurt…if it is not dream Pavithra will Hate Nakku for dis evil idea and for Aaryan hating her…Lvs Aara…

  16. ishveer

    Plz anyone explain the frist scene (aru and aryan scene)..bcoz i never saw pakawas , nonsense ,overacting or stupid swaragini serial….moreover that chennel nerver inform about merge …… plz anybody know tell me…plzzzzzzzz

    • Cutex

      Ishveer u can watched it in and see aara scene and cut the swaragini scene i also watched the episode in actually the episode is 57:34 durration and the aara scene is so nice and romantic….

  17. Lvs Aara…Wot an Epi…How can Pavithra do dis by hearing d ideas of evil minded Nakku…Felt really sad by hearing Aaryan telling “Aaradhya wake up” and “Aayi tune e kya kiya”..Aaru is luking beautiful in Saree…And Shravan is superb..I wish dat it is a Dream…cuz’ I don’t want Aaru to get hurt…If it is not a dream Pavithra will Hate Nakku for giving evil idea and for Aaryan hating Pavithra and will not hear Nakku anymore…Doesn’t want dis 2 happen…want 2 See Aara getting married and living happily…Sana and Shravan is Rockng n superb like always …Furious 2 know d truth..not able 2 wait till Monday…bt still waits..Lv u Aara….

  18. Sry 4 my 1st comment..that there is a mistake at 1 place …there I meant to write “to”bt by dictionary mistake it became”Yoyo”..I wrote some same lines in d second comment…I did it because I thought dat my 1st comment is not i posted another comment wid some same points..Sry 4 dat…

    • Cutex

      Ishveer the scene is that ardaya weeping and thought that how she can lost aryan gift after some time aryan come and try to smile aradaya and crack joke aradaya smile aryan wear her ring and says i will only marry to u its nut shall now u can watched it in because am not remember whole dialogue….

  19. Kuhu

    Wht a actin of shravan i was cryn actually sana also did good both of them r amazing couple da last scene was so touchn n emotional dat still i couldn’t get over it hats off 2 u shravan long way 2 go wt bright future all da best.

  20. Diya

    Loved gayu today. It is high time shashwat stands for his kids against abba sahib. His so week.

  21. neethu

    cmon stop showing us these dream sequences and show us something in real pls just stop these dream sequen es.

  22. Kavya

    Can anyone explain why Pavitra tells she gave birth to 2 daughters before Aryan one is Gayatri who is the other ????? Seriously not getting it….???

  23. Emilia Chakraborty

    I think damini is the 1st child of Pavitra, May be Shakari adopted her.

  24. gopika

    don’t know who is the other daughter of pavitra! she is not shown!! I think she will be shown soon..

  25. Rufina

    I am here Gopika….i couldn’t comment from morning as my aunt is at my home….she does like those who watch TV n play in cellphone….soo going to miss krishnadasi for a week n i am not sure about my commenting….

  26. why they r showing dream sequence every Friday
    show something real yaar.
    they can’t show something nice then show their marriage now or some romantic scenes.

  27. Rufina

    Anyways the epi was good….n i don’t believe even now that this is a dream….

  28. ok i am written WU of the first part.. ignore the mistakes..

    Aradhya sitting near the pond and crying remembering the previous incident. she said she should kept that ring save. Aryan told lie to his family for her … she saw Aryan standing there ..watching her intensely. ..she asked.. you here? you caught me off guard. she tried to cover her distress awkwardly. Aryan came there and said while sitting with her… if i would not caught you off guard could i see such a such a lovely wonder. .. she asked meaning ? Aryan took the drop of her tear in finger and asked.. you know what is this? this is dinosaur’s tear. people didn’t even see dinosaur but i have a dinosaur who is little emotional and cries also. Aradhya smile shyly. Aryan says.. really i got proof. i got antic to keep in museum. aradhya smiled openly . Aryan smiled seeing her. .. Aradhya asked why you lied to your family for me?.. Aryan said..i has to do. if aba would say you get out then what would happen to me. whole life i had to be bachelor. do you want that? (said in full nautanki style) . …Aradhya nodded no cutely. Aryan imitated adding more dramatic expression. .. Aryan said .. i think krishna send you in this world so that you can save this dinosaur again and again.. aryan agreed.. after all saving extinct species should be duty, right ! ..aryan exclaimed… who know i might get Maharashtra Ratan. .. Aradhya said .. i don’t know if you will get Maharashtra Ratan or not but you may go to jail for fooling every one…and slapped him in cheek jokingly… Aryan said cheekily .. i don’t mind. just i should come to jail with your hand made roti for me…aradhya pushed him and said.. i will bring brunt roti for you . Aryan hold her hand and pulled her towards him. he came close and said in her ear.. why you will bring brunt roti for me. you want be to die of starvation. Aradhya nodded cheekily. Aryan took her hand and put the ring on her finger… whatever may happen in world still i will marry this dinosaur only .. understand .. Na jiya zindegi ek pal vi played. they hugged tinatic style. Aryan kept his eyes close hugging her. she looked at him and smiled.. she asked .. if we go now ? Aryan asked dreamily ..where? ..Aradhya said ..have many work to do. Aryan made face and said.. hm i know. today my NGO friend will come to advice villager for water saving techniques.
    Kumudini said viswas to keep eye on Michael.. give me all information. I cannot understand what strategy this Michael and Tulsi making.
    Tulsi gave some money to Michael for Swarasati’s treatment and plead him to keep it as lend because they should do treatment of Swarasati unitedly. Michael said thank you and retreat.
    Ah that was long.

    • Nimisha

      Wow Tanu, thanks so much. I understand Hindi but not all that well. Really appreciate this.

      Thanks again, you’re a star!!! Xxx

    • U know y she said burnt roti coz she dreamt of it in cave do you remember!??? Nd yeah dat lie part coz of ring dat aryan got also was not dat one which got lost,lost aara fooled aabha and pavitra but it’s okk n tanushree brilliant write up

  29. lol i made some critical typing mistake.. and i am feeling much better today..well atleast better than yesterday.

  30. Meena

    Thank u for the update..Really you have written it expressively..very nice writing..
    Episode was good..I missed AARA scene yesterday but caught up now..what an intense and unique chemistry..Really AARA romance are unique..and ofcourse best….sizling..

    Though the last part is dream dont care ..becoz of Shravans acting..superb..k..Now I want some romantic scene of AARA with Sana in saree..becoz she was gorgeous..I want Aryan to see and romance with her in that saree

  31. neethu

    guys the shooting has started for the marriage sequence. the marriage is next week. omg so anxious to wa will happen. i still dont understand wat is aabas plan to make aryan marry purva. anyway kumu you r our only hope to make aara married.

  32. gopika

    In the SBS it was shown that Aryan disguise as a lady to meet Aradya in the haldi ceremony..and kumudini catch him red handed!!!

    Shravan was looking soooooo cute in sareeee!!!

  33. wow nice episode i really miss arien and aradhya seen i feel bad becz of swragini oh thank god tanu apne ye written update dia thanks to you wait for monday

  34. neethu

    guys the twist cant be bride swap because the dress has no ghunghat. so wat is raos plan i dont get it.

  35. I think that aaba plan is that he will make aradhya maary someone else and no one can’t see because of sehra.

    • Nimisha

      That’s been done very recently on Thapki, so hope Aru and Aryan do get married. This show is so different in some ways that I hope they stay different and actually let them get married.

    • Ruby

      mahe, this story is revolves around two marathi families. Marathies don’t use sehra in their marriage. so Aryan will marry Aradhya for happy buddy

    • Ruby

      sehra means veil. most part of north india groom wear sehra on their wedding. it covers their face.

      • Cutex

        Guys next Friday again climax of week and than Abba sahib see dream he broke the marriage of aryan and aradaya or may b purva see dream that she get marry with aryan chill guys am just joking that how colors do with us …..don’t take serious..

  36. neethu

    aaba do whatever u want to do but in the end it will be aara married only. yeh mera viswas .

  37. Ranaji

    Guys colors tv full rights has got by krishnadasi will be dubbed in tamil after end of ek muththi aasmaa,..becoz this show has completed only 80epi.. i will take time to dub so after this show completes 160 epi it will be dubbed i think

  38. Awsome episode …nd m damn curious to know that what will gonna happend next ..aara marraige …aaba sahib evil plan to seperate them ..huh poorva (kabab me badi wali haddi)or i should sy bada wala hadda …nd tulsi curiousity to expose all things …hhhhhh KD writers will make us crazy till monday ..i cant wait anymore or should i say that nobody cant wa8 anymore …nd yeah m preety much sure that its gonna br pavitra’s day dream nothing will happen to aru ..nd pavitra be aware if u hurt aru u will lose aryan too ? ..

    • Nimisha

      Hi Aisha, do you think pavitra will now help Aryan marry Aradhya? And go against abba? That would be good.

      I hope pavitra actually pushes Naku off the balcony.

      • Nooo not at any cost Nimisha she will remain same as she is now ..nothing will gonn change ..pavitra is such a evil character …but yeah she will change her mind by killing aru or pushing something like that …bcz she knows very well that aryan loves her alot ☺ nd he can easily go against her for aru …nd i m eagerly waiting for that moment when truth will be revealed nd she will get to know that aryan is not her son but tulsi’s property ?
        Nd nd nd that naku i wish the same ….i dont know people r made or what maid says that u should kill ur daughter in law ..nd u just go ahead …ughhhhh ..opss i guess my comnt is too long .so now i should end it ..

      • Nimisha

        Gosh, don’t apologise. I have typos Alll the time but it’s my stupid tablets fault! ???

        By the way I am SOOOOnexcited about today’s episode. Have watched the first and last Aru Aryan scenes of FRidays over and over. Shravan was awesome in both scenes. It was suc a good cliffhanger.

  39. Nimisha

    If this is a dream, would the makers use another vivid dream sequence so soon after the previous one where kumudini is exposed?

    Why were this Friday,s episodes called Climax… Nothing reached a climax on the ones I’m interested in, TPK and Krishndasi… Just wondering really.

  40. Shipra

    First guys tell me why are you saying Swaragini bad ? I did not understand you all . What’s wrong with Swaragini ? tell me guys

    • Cutex

      Because shipra everyone is different and everyone has different likes and dislikes….it is not necessary that u like swaragini than everyone like swaragini….

      We all r fan of krishandasi and llike krishandasi very much actually color merge episode but not inform and we all miss aara scene….our intentions are not to hurt swaragini fans and krishandasi fans just give their opinion so chilll…..

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      They have changed pairs many time and marriage also.. For laksh.. 3rd marriage for him.. Rashmi show marriage is uncountable becoz in ssk prem has married more than 6times.

    • who said swaragini bad. i am sure there are no. of people who love both swaragini and krishnadasi. but yes, there are also many people who love either swaragini or krishnadasi. because all are different individual and everyone’s interest differ.
      i personally like krishnadasi and can give many reason why i love it more than swaragini.. if you got guts to know here it is
      1. its a novel based show so the maker know the starting, ending and basic plot. so it will never be derailed. where swaragini is not novel based. the writer making up the story everyday. so they knew the starting but don’t know how to finish it which is the main cause for any derailed track.
      2. swaragini got 2 couple which is enough reason for fight in fandom. krishnadasi got only one main couple so it is peaceful.
      3. swaragini fans often crave for any good and powerful scene of male lead. krishnadasi fans never had to worry for the male lead’s screen space. its not only more than enough but is equal powerful and important.
      4. swaragini fans think that their actors are best and we krishnadasi fans think that our actors are best.. so there is no debate on that point.
      5. inspite of the name ‘swaragini’ its all about swara .. and there is hardly ragini. where in Krishnadasi all actors including supporting actors, male lead and supports all are getting important role and equal screen space. recently a supporting actress indira ji aka our favorite kumudini received dada phalke award which is not any public choice award but a critic award with top most respect for her acting in krishnadasi.
      6. Swara is so mahan in swaragini but here aradhya make mistake even lie to save herself which is more relatable in comparison in my option.
      7. ofcourse for every fan their favorite couple is best. be it swasan, raglak or Aara. so there will be no debate on that.
      8. every day new negative form in krishnadasi unlike swaragini. in krishnadasi there is no actual negative or positive. they are all just like two side of coin. has both negative and positive side.
      9. here negative is not after positive unlike any other show. where two negatives are against each other and all are entangled in their fight and suffering.
      10. in my option krishnadasi has awesome storyline with is full of twist, mystery and complexity.
      11. execution is better in krishnadasi because cv of KD never drag it. we fan want the story to be drag but cv run it like a mad horse.
      i think thats enough explanation.

  41. nivashinie

    Frnds this is a dream aru won’t die. And at the mahendi function aryan comes toert aru wearing saree… he looked hot in saree…. must watch

  42. ok guys, Aara marriage will stop (ok that bad news) .. but the good news is there will be no spouse swap or any misunderstanding between AaRa . Aara will be as strong as now.

  43. marriage will be halt because Aaba will do heart attack drama and aryan will take him to hospital.
    source- my lovely friend minahil, who got some underlying sources for news.

    • Cutex

      Thanks for updated tanu….
      Aara marriage will delay but its okay not a big deal we see more loving scene of aara and i eagerly wating that episode when aradaya says i love u to aryan……

  44. Shipra

    Sorry guys. I dont want to hurt anyone’s feeling . But I’m not agree with you Tanu di. Actually I am a die heart fan of Swaragini and krishna dasi . So if anyone say anything bad about either Swaragini or krishnadasi . I could not control myself. Please forgive me . I am like your younger sister . My age is only 11 years. So big big big big sorry to all of you

    • hey shipra.. i understand what you feel.. that’s why i said there are no. of people who like both swaragini and krishnadasi in my very first para.
      and the rest was my pov and i think somewhat similar pov of people who like only KD…
      and wow you are 11.. you 10 years younger to me.. that’s cool.. lol i used to see beyblade in that age.

    • Cutex

      You r a little girl baby its okay but we are only biggest fan of krishandasi and tanu explain in detail and give many reasons that why we like krishandasi…

      Am agree with tanu and sorry to say but krishandasi is much better than swaragini its my view sorry if i hurt u shipra…

      • Hello cuteX can you tell me your age.because I want to know that you is elder then me or younger than me. I am going to study 9th. What about you.?

  45. Shipra

    Sorry guys . Actually I am a very big fan of krishnadasi and Swaragini. So if anyone say anything bad about my krishnadasi or Swaragini. I could not control myself. So please forgive me . I dont want argue with you all by comparing Swaragini and krishnadasi. Please forgive me . Again sorry guys for hurting you. I am like your younger sister. I am only 11 years old . Sorry sorry….

  46. Sumi

    wow Tanu i have same thoughts for krishndasi and swregini thanks for your undrestanding to justyfay i realy like your thoughts but anyway i only like KD &Aryenaradhya

  47. krishnai aka ww

    hi guys… hope u remember me….

    epi as usual outstanding….. pvatira is going to regret for killing her own daughter…

    nakku swallowed mantra….. so mean she is…… always provoking pavitra….. i wnat to know who is the another of pavitra… does anyone know???

    tanu di is it true that AaRa wedding will get halted????? no…….. but its okay… hope they dont drag much but that doesnt mean they can end the serial… want to see more of their love story……

  48. Shipra

    Guys two time I said sorry And ha no more arguments between Swaragini and krishnadasi . ok guys

  49. Shipra

    and dont say that cutex di that you only are the biggest fan of krishnadasi . I am also the biggest fan of krishnadasi.

  50. yeah, krishnai Aara marriage will halt for Aba saheb heart attack drama but kumudini will again give them marriage very soon .. the show is very realistic so no spouse swap drama will happen.

  51. Ruby

    aww shipra you are too younger.I am 12 years elder to you.I think I and Nimi di are the eldest here πŸ˜‰

  52. Ruby

    cutex miss u too dr..actually I am a little bit busy with my life that’s why I am not commenting like old days..sorry dr but I will come back soon..take care all little sisters πŸ™‚

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.