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Scene 1
Purva says to Pavitra that we called doctor and now we have to make Aryan believe that some spirit is possessing Aradhya’s soul, when same things will keep repeating, when family will keep repeating it then he wont be able to deny it for long, when you keep say same lie for thousand times then it is taken as truth. Pavitra says we will keep filling Aryan’s eyes, he will start believing that Aradhya is ghost. Purva says first we have to make Aradhya believe that she is possessed by some soul, Nakku says you both are like fire together, you both will rule this house. Purva says to Nakku what whenever that Aradhya comes infront of you, act like you are scared, Nakku says i am best actor of my town.
Tulsi says i dont know how to help Aradhya, Kumudini thinks that its good now,

i wanted to see them torturing their own daughter, let them torture Aradhya, she says dont worry, i will do something, she thinks that i have to go and see what they are doing with Aradhya, sorry God i have to be bad with bad people.
Nakku brings Aradhya to dinind table. Aryan is there, she says to Aradhya that i will do all your work. Nakku comes to Pavitra and says she didnt do anything me today. Aryan says what you people are talking? Aradhya is ill but what happened? Pavitra sys i cant tell you, aaba has gone to talk to Chimaji too, she asks Nakku to tell everything, Nakku tells Aryan about how Aradhya was moving chair, she says Aradhya has become ghost, Aryan says there is nothing like ghost, Pavitra says how can she move chair without even touching it? is this not ghost? Kumudini comes there and says ARadhya they have started new drama, she says to aryan that your aayi is lying, its their plan, what they have done to Aradhya? Aryan says whenever you come, you talk bad about my family only, what did my aayi? is she friend of Aradhya’s soul that she changed it? Kumudini says whats wrong with you? you are believing them? you are believing this flat face(Purva), Aryan says its better them than you, Nakku thinks that she has done our work more easily, Kumudini thinks that i am doing their work, i want them to torture their daughter. Aryan says you are a drama, you must have planned that Aradhya give wrong medicine to Aaba, Kumudini says i will not move from here, i will see who is doing all this with my grand daughter, Aryan says dont make more issues, Kumudini says i will find out what is happening here, Aryan says leave form here, he drags Kumudini out of house and throws her out, she locks door, Kumudini says i came to see Aradhya getting tortured by her mother Pavitra but here my grand son is against me only, dont know whats happening here.
Pavitra tries to talk to Aryan but Aryan says give me sometime, i dont want to talk, he leaves, Aradhya is tensed and thinks what is happening with me? she holds her head.
chimaji comes to Tulsi and says i met aaba and he also thinks that some spirit is possessing Aradhya, Tulsi says i dont believe this, Chimaji says we should find solution, he gives her sindoor box and says keep it in ARadhya’s room, if it blackens then it means some soul is possessing her, Tulsi says it means you believe it? Chimaji says its not about me, there and good and bad souls in this world, we need to find truth, Tulsi says i dont believe this but still i will keep this sindoor box to prove that she is fine.
Aradhya sits on floor in her room and thinks what i saw in kitchen was my imagination or something else? i am not able to think anything, my mind is not working, she is distraught. Aryan comes there and recalls Nakku’s words that Aradhya has become ghost, he thinks what is happening with Aradhya? Aradhya cries, Aryan sees this and thinsk i dont care about her. Aradhya weeps silently, Aryan brings tissue box, Aradhya says you are getting worried for me? you want to care about me? you still love me? Aryan says nothing like that, i will have to take you to doctor if you get ill and i dont have time for all this, Aradhya takes tissue, Tum hi toh ho plays, Aryan leaves tissue box there.
Pavitra mixes powder in tea and says lets give it to Aradhya, let see her new drama. Tulsi comes there and says you are taking this tea for ARadhya? Pavitra says yes, she is not fine till now, i am taking care of her, Tulsi says Yashwant.. i mean chimaji told me about her, its good that you have accepted her, can i meet her? Pavitra says why not, take this tea for her, maybe your love will make her fine. Tulsi takes tea, Nakku says today is good day, first that elder witch Kumudini helped us and now tulsi has taken herb mixed tea for Aradhya herself. Pavitra says lets see their drama.
Tulsi comes to Aradhya, Aradhya hugs her and says take me with you, i am not understanding anything, i dont know what is happening with me, i feel Nakku is right, this is happening with me for real, Tulsi says its just stress, dont think about anything, sit here, she makes Aradhya sit on bed, she says i have brought tea for you. Tulsi comes to dressing table and hides sindoor box there which was given by Chimaji. She takes tea. She comes to Aradhya and asks her to drink tea. Pavitra and Nakku spy on them. ARadhya says to Tulsi that you saw me yesterday, was i behaving like Nakku said? Tuli tries to avoid answering but Aradhya insists, Tulsi says you are thinking alot about it and sometimes we start believing things which are not true, dont worry, drink tea, Aradhya says why did you bring it? Tulsi says i didnt make it, Nakku was bringing it, Pavitra asked me to take it to you, i am so happy to see Pavitra caring for you. Pavitra says to nakku that now drama will start. Aradhya drinks tea, Tulsi asks Aradhya to not take tension, drink tea. Aradhya drinks tea and says i went to make tea in kitchen today, first suar went missing then water went missing then pan went missing, i dont understand anything, i feel that if i look in mirror, i wont be able to recognize myself. Aradhya gets up. Tulsi says nothing like that, you just need rest, why you are thinking this much? Aradhya starts acting some ghost, she messes up her hair and stares Tulsi, she asks Tulsi why did she come here? Aradhya gets angry seeing her and acts like some spirit possessing her, she asks in heavy voice why did she come here? get lost from here, get lost, Tulsi says why you are talking like this? what happened to you? Nakku says to Pavitra that lets go in and enjoy, Pavitra says no lets powder work fully.
Chimaji comes to aaba’s house, aaba thanks him for coming and says see whats wrong with that girl, something wrong is happening in this house, show us someway. Chimaji says once we find if there is some spirit possessing her or its some illness then we will find solution, Chimaji thinks that i need to find out if sindoor got black or not.
Tulsi asks Aradhya what happened? Aradhya holds her head, Tulsi asks if i should massage your head? Nakku says this aayi can lessen powder’s effect, Pavitra gets tensed. Aradhya says to Tulsi that i dont any aayi, get lost, she pushes away Tulsi. Tulsi asks Aradhya whats wrong with her? Aradhya says i told you to leave but now i will kill you, she throws Tulsi on bed and strangles Tulsi’s neck, Tulsi says leave me. Nakku says i didnt know this herb powder will effect her mind in such a way. Pavitra and Nakku comes in room and starts screaming for Pavitra, Chimaji and aaba comes there. Chimaji tries to hold Aradhya, he frees Tulsi from Aradhya’s clutches, Nakku says even Aryan and Raj are not here, they could have controlled her.
Raj brings Aryan to site, he shows him cave and says i got to know that one women lives in this cave, Aryan says its strange, this is our land, then how she is living here? Raj says she knows black magic and all, her name is Kaveri, she knows your family too, Aryan says i will talk to her,maybe she will leave our land.
Chimaji says we need to tie Aradhya, she cant be controlled, Aaba thinks if this is her new drama or some soul is really possessing her? Tulsi is tensed, aaba says to Pavitra that we were bearing this girl but now this new drama? Pavitr is tensed too.
Raj and Aryan comes in cave. they see woman Kaveri praying to fire, Raj says think again Aryan, this woman knows black magic too, we should leave. Kaveri says come Vidyadhar Rao’s son.
Chimaji ties Aradhya with bed, he ties her feet and hand. Tulsi cries for her.
Kaver says to Aryan that i knew you would come, you had to come as per my thinking, i saw everything, Raj says how she knows your name? Kaveri says i know everything, everything more than you.
Chimaji tells family about sindoor box, Tulsi says i kept it in her room. chimaji says bring it. Nakku says to Pavitra that our plan is going to be exposed now, when there is no ghost then how sindoor will go black? Chimaji asks Tulsi to bring sindoor box from Aradhya’s room. Tulsi comes to Aradhya’s room and sees Aradhya tried to bed and sleeping, she is sad seeing her. Tulsi brings sindoor box from her dressing table, Chimaji opens box and sindoor has gone black, all are shocked, Pavitra cant believe it.
(Never wanted this show to go towards ghost track, it has so much potential but.. )

PRECAP- Kaveri says i know whats happening in your house, that spirit has comeback after many years, it was roaming around in your house only, Aryan is tensed listening it. Chimaji says to family that Aradhya is possessed by spirit in real, Tulsi says i dont believe this. Chimaji pours some powder around Aradhya’s bed, he makes circle from powder around her and says to family this powder will not Aradhya to harm anyone, she will remain caught in this circle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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