Krishnadasi 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya says to Banwari that Aaba wont leave you, Markand says he wont come, he has left for home. Banwari and Markand takes Aradhya and brings her into market of men, Aaba is watching everything binoculars from far, he laughs and says Kumudini your grand daughter will become devdasi too. Banwari called pundit and says she will be auctioned today then she will be married to God and will be made as Devdasi. Banwari says to men that now auction of Aradhya will start, give money and take her from here, you will be happy with her, Aradhya calls for Aaba and says please save me aaba sahib.
Aryan is in jeep and recalls how Pavitra said that he wont save Aradhya, he had to swear on her name that he wont save her. Aradhya’s mobile slips in Aaba’s car and Kahna’s flute fall

on mobile, it touches mobile and message which Aradhya wrote to Aryan is sent to him, Aryan reads Aradhya’s message and thinks which deal she is talking about? he recalls how Shashwat said that ARadhya’s life is in danger and Aaba is playing game, he says maybe Shashwat was right, he says i am breaking Pavitra’s swear but Aradhya’s life maybe in danger, no swear is bigger than anyone’s life, he calls Aradhya but call is not picked up.
Aradhya says to Banwari that when Aaba will know it then he wont leave you, Markand says to Banwari that why Aaba is doing all this drama, i would have sold her easily, Banwari says he just wants to make her devdasi, this is ritual and in lure of ritual, he will take revenge. Markand says to men that now auction will start, men start auction, they bid on Aradhya, Banwari says she is so beautiful and you people are not bidding high, man says i bid 1.5lacs on her, the man who tried to marry Aradhya earlier, he bids 2lacs on Aradhya, he says i will take Aradhya from here, Aradhya cries and says why this is happening with me? Krishna can save me only now, Banwari says no Krishna will come to save devdasi. Aryan is going to ghulab park, aaba’s goons sees Aryan coming there, they put car in middle of road to stop Aryan, Aryan asks where is aaba? they say i dont know, Aryan says i will beat you, tell me where is Aaba? Raghu sees Aryan there, Aryan asks where is Aradhya? Raghu hits Aryan with iron rod on head, Aryan falls unconscious, goon says what did you do? Raghu says i didnt have any other chance, goon says our job and life will be gone now.
Bidding is going on, one man bids 3lac on Aradhya, old man bids 5lacs on Aradhya, Banwari says he will take her for sure, Aradhya is bought by same old man who tried to marry her earlier, Markand says she is yours now, old man govardhan says i will take her, Banwari says she will be married to Krishan then she will go with you, old man says start her marriage.
Nakku tells Pavitra that Tulsi’s daughter is going to become devdasi, her auction is going on, Goverdhan’s servant told me, Pavitra says Aaba is doing her auction? Nakku says if she is auctioned then your son will be saved from her, Pavitra thanks God for saving her son, she gifts Nakku and asks her to go and find out if she is sold or not.
Pundit starts mantras to make Aradhya get married to Krishan, Aradhya cries and is trapped in net.
Kumudini comes to nurse and says when i can take Tulsi to home? Nurse says i will ask doctor and will let you know.
Aradhya calls out for help, she says save me from these devils, Aaba please save me, Banwari says she will become devdasi now. Markand comes to Aaba and says everything is done, your enemy’s grand daughter has become devdasi, Aaba says i have to tell this to Kumudini. Kumudni thanks God for saving Tulsi, Kumudini says i called Aradhya so many times but she didnt take my call, Aaba calls her, Kumudini says i dont have time and mood to talk to you, aaba says your mood seems to be off, should i put your mood more off by telling you about Aradhya? Kumudini asks what did you do? Aaba says i didnt do anything, someone is doing something with her and i cant stop it as this is ritual, ritual of devdasi, someone is writing her fate, Kumudini asks who? Aaba says you are proud of being Devdasi so now what happened? your grand daughter will become devdasi too and i am just seeing this ritual, Kumudini says you are egoistic, i knew it but you disrespect girls too, what you think that i will not know where Aradhya is rightnow? Aaba says let me tell you, she is Ghulab park, come and see everything with your eyes and stop it if you can, he ends call, Kumudini leaves hospital, Aaba says to Markand that dont end this ritual till Kumudini doesnt come here, when Kumudini arrives here then her buyer should fill her forehead with sindoor.
Raghu sees Aryan unconscious and says dont know what we will answer to Aaba.
Aradhya is forced to take rounds around fire. Raghu calls aaba, Aaba says Kumudini will come here, dont stop her, Raghu says Aryan got to know truth and he came here, i had to make him unconscious, Aaba asks if he is hurt? Raghu says no, Aaba says if he has any wound then i will kill you, take him home before he becomes conscious, Aryan should not know that this is done by me, Raghu nods and ends call.
Kumudini asks Kaka to driver fast, ritual should not end before i reach there, Kaka asks if she wanna see ritual or stop it? Kumudini says i will save her only when i reach there, i want to see whats happening there, Kaka asks what she is thinking? Kumudini says Krishan knows everything, he knows whom to stop and whom not to stop, Kaka says you are not worried about Aradhya? Kumudini says she is my grand daughter so i will be tensed about her, who raised her? who saved her life? she came in this world with her fate written, aaba doesnt know whose fate he is playing with, he doesnt know fate is laughing on him, he is going to destroy himself, you wont understand anything, just drive faster.

Scene 2
Aradhya is forced to take pheras. Aradhya thinks why is it happening with me? i trust Lord that he will save me. Raghu calls Aaba and says Kumudini have arrived in Ghulab park.
Pavitra tells Nakku that how can Aryan break promise given to me? what is in that Devdasi’s daughter? i will go there and stop him, she leaves in car with Nakku.
Aradhya’s pheras are done, Pundit says Aradhya has to promise, he says to Aradhya that you will have to satisfy man, he says you are now married to Krishan, you can marry anyone now, Goverdhan has taken your responsibility so you should not disappoint him. Aryan is in jeep and goons are taking him back, Aryan wakes up and asks who are they? he asks them to stop car, goons says we have taken you from aaba’s goons, we will take money from you, Aryan stops car and beats them, he leaves from there in jeep, goon says did he got to know that we are Aaba’s goons?
Pundit says now we will make Aradhya wear mangalsutra of Krishan’s name, Aaba is waiting for Kumudini to arrive. Kaka says to Kumudini that we should call Police, Kumudini says let Lord do justice, dont worry and just take me there fast.
Aradhya says let me go, dont do it, Pundit tries to make Aradhya wear mangalsutra but she throws it away, Pundit says lets apply sindoor on her forehead and end this, Aradhya says no, goons try to put her head in sindoor plate, Aradhya says leave me, she asks Banwari to not do this, she calls Aaba’s name for help, ARadhya prays to Krishan to help her. Aradhya throwa away sindoor plate, all are shocked. Kumudini arrives at site, Aaba sees her coming, he gets happy and says now you will drama with your eyes. Kumudini sees Aradhya’s devdasi ritual, Markand sees her and says to Goverdhan that fill her mang with sindoor and end this, Goverdhan takes sindoor, Kumudini is happy to see all this and prays for this to happen, Kaka is shocked. Goverdhan is about to apply sindoor to Aradhya’s forehead but Aryan arrives there and throws rod on Goverdhan, all are shocked to see Aryan, Aaba says what he is doing here?

PRECAP- Aryan fights with men to save Aradhya, he mistakenly puts hand on Aradhya’s forehead while protecting her, his blood gets applied on her forehead like sindoor, she touches it and gets tensed to see Aryan’s blood on her forehead, Kumudini and aaba sees this too, Aryan sees it and is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Anu

    Yar what serial episode u posted her n ha y episodes r getting posted late plz make it fast to postl

  2. Payal

    Atiba its begusarai and not krishnadasi…plzz dont get so confused and update in right serial options

  3. Alisha

    this episode is not of Krishandasi please change it ….there is no shakti anaya in Krishandasi

  4. Who is the father of ARYAN (THULSI husband)…..?

    This is the best serial in colours Chanel. ….
    Good story. …all are good actors. ….best concept. …..Good going. …no dragging. …….
    Totally superb. ………..

  5. madhuri

    which serial is this wat is all this upload correct krishnadasi track frst stopped uploading full episodes in youtube n nw even written episode also nt correct disgusting

  6. umama alam

    The precap is superb?.waiting eagerly 4 2morrow.but I am shocked 2 know kumkdini’s reaction?

    • vaish

      Yaar wer is yesterdays update??
      Wth its still not updated
      Please do it fast and correctly -_-

  7. Kumudini is so wamp
    Wo aaradhya ko devdasi bnana chahti hai
    My goodness wo revenge lene ko kis hadd tak ja sakti hai
    Chahe wo uski grand daughter nahi hai but still she raised him as hers
    How cn she do that with her
    Aradhya devdasi bnegi kya
    I hate kumudini i was crying seeing aradhyas condition

  8. Aryan only u are her saviour rest all wanna make her devdasi including pavitra and kumudini, bade budhe sahi bol gaye hai aurat ki sabse badi dushman aurat hi hai,wanna slap all dose ppl who hv such a dirty mentality,

  9. now what will happen? i was so sad seeing aradhya’s situation. will aryan accept her?
    anyone knows about latest news of krishnadasi

    • Ruby_Ryan

      she can’t be devdasi coz she is not born in a devdas family.
      so she will remain as Aryan’s wife.

  10. I was crying seeing aradhya,she’s innocent, she is still calling dat aabha for help, she is still not getting dat he’s the one who hv done all this drama,nd dat kumudini i wanna use slangs for her,shes not worth to call aaji,ohh god m tense thinking dat now aradhya becomes devdasi or not,m feeling dat dis ritual is a curse nd is still prevalent, oh my god hv sum mercy,aradhya should know truth about kumudini nd she shud leave krishnawati forever with tulsi,i think aryan wil not accept her,he considers her as friend nothing else n will not go against pavitra nd aabha

    • Ruby_Ryan

      she will not be devdasi coz of doin all those rituals but no one knows that Aradhya is not devdasi except aaji…probably everyone think that Aradhya became devdasi

  11. crystal

    I am confused that if tulsi is really aryan mother and kumdini is grandmother then why it is that they are makinv him do all the work and who is the father? If aryadhya is aaba’s grand daughter then he did not know ? And i think the father is same so are they step-siblings ? Another question yes now it is sbown that kumdini dont care bt atfrst it was not even she loved her more and cares more than tulsi uu guys can see the episodes were aru went to jail fr saving devdasi.

  12. riya maheen

    I think there is a big secret nobody knows.. kumudini is playing with that.. may be aradhya is of aaba’s family.. and aryan is of kumudini’s.. sonething like happened before 20 years… truth will be revealed soon… its my thinking only.. don’t know wot is this going on

  13. Chinnari

    I don’t think aryan and aaradhya are siblings . Shashwanth is not that kind of a person. I guess aryan will accept aaru as his wife because he will not let her to become Krishnadasi.
    Kumudini will not have any objection for this marriage because a Krishnadasi grand son is married to aaba’s grand daughter

  14. Chinnari

    And when it comes to aryan doing all house hold work, right now everyone knows aryan as aabas grand son so ppl ‘ll talk about it badly that’s what she wanted. She wouldn’t have let aaba know the truth until he himself turn aaradhya into devdasi. And now I am not sure whether she will tell truth or not

  15. This is a tamil remake serial.Aaba did not know aradhya as his grand daughter…tulsi knows this secret…aryan and aradhya both get married….

  16. i know u got lots of confusion. i got some too but almost everything is clear to me.
    1. Aradhya is pavitra and shaswat’s daughter.
    2. Aryan is Tulsi’s son.
    3. Aryan’s father is not Shaswat. so Aradhya and Aryan are not siblings.
    4. a new entry will occur recently. He will be Tulsi’s lover and Aryan’s Father. Sachin Parikh will be playing that.
    5. no one know about the baby swap expect Kumudini and Damini’s mother, the nurse.
    6. Tulsi is oblivious about Aryan being her son. she think Aradhya is her daughter so she have no typical bonding with Aryan with back ground music going behind unlike other telly soap.. its making situation.
    7. kumudini is so knuckle headed that she don’t care about relationship for revenge. be it her own grandson or the girl she raised. she can destroy anyone.
    8. kumudini and Rao playing real life chess game. sweeping each other pawn from the board one by one. where kumu is the expert and rao amateur. undoubtedly kumu will win but she will be a lone winner stand. when she will look around to share happiness she will see no one.

  17. another thing …
    9. the Krishnadasi ritual was not complete. they didn’t put mangal sutra and as sindoor on her … so i guess she is not married to krishna.

  18. salini nandi

    I dont see tv..i red 1ly this written jitna likha hai usme asi lagta hain ki..aruu iz nt devdasi coz all rituals are nt fufill..she iz only wife of ariyaan..mei to uss episode ki wait kar rahi hu jab sbko pata chslega aru or aradhiya k family ki truth..

  19. salini nandi

    Awesome it iz krishnadsi episode..nt begusurai..atiba hsd correct written update..

  20. salini nandi

    Kaya aru becm devdasi..some1 plz tell me wht is happening..? i cant understand rightly..uff i jst love sharan reddy..

  21. Sree Nandana S

    plz someone answer this question…..
    Did aradhya became a devdasi????in this markand said ”your enemy’s daughter has became devdasi”…i wanna her to become aryan’s only…so saad….
    ohhh…idiot kumudini…she is acting..she actually hates aradhya…its sure she z shashwat’s daughter….i think she only changed the babies before 20 years….


      YA U r correct about kumd…. and actually aradhya has not become devadasi… markand was sure that she will become a devadasi so in advance he said that….. actually if aryan alone fills her maang now he becomes her husband……


    ayooo cant wait for the next epi…. i saw this epi thrice…. and wish they change the time slot….. can take Sasural Simar ka….. bcoz without roli that show s nothing….. no offence ssk fans…..

  23. Meena

    I think Aradhya is Sawant’s daughter and Arjan is Tulsi’s son. that’s why Sawant has so much respect for Tulsi and Aaji wanted Aradhya to become Devdasi. Who agrees!!

  24. Ok guys.. earlier i said Actor Sachin Parikh will enter as Aryan’s father but.. now in news it is rolling that Actor Kapil Soni will play the role of Aryan’s father.

  25. What the hell yar
    whr iz tday’s update?
    Waiting like crazy nd u tu ppl dnt have any responsibilty twards fan nd u dint updatd sadda haq also
    these tu ppl are jst so irresponsible
    atiba yaar whats dis i hate u

  26. The actress who us acting Tulsi’s role is gonna change…
    Jaya Binju is gonna act Tulsi’s character from next episode…

  27. Aryan

    Please send me the link to download krishna dasi episodes guyzz !! Its not coming in youtube and dailymotion !! Superb serial

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