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Krishnadasi 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chimaji says so its decided that Panchayat doesnt allow Shravani to marry and if Shravanu goes against this decision and tradition then she will be punished. Chimaji says lets go to talk to that girl. aaba smirks at Kumudini and leaves with Panchayat. Kumudini says to Kaka that Shravani is pregnant with Aryan’s child, i wont let anything happen to her, i have to stop it.
Aradhya says to doctor that we will take care of Shrvani, doctor gives prescription to Aryan, she leaves. Aradhya takes prescription from Aryan and says i will bring medicines because you wont take responsibility of this child, Aryan says i will go with you for humanity even though i dont accept this baby as my own, they leave to get medicines.
Shravani says what if doctor told Aryan and Aradhya that

i am not pregnant, i should runaway before they bring police. Raj comes and says when Aryan brought that doctor, i took her to corner and threatened her to kill her family, she wouldnt tell anything to Aryan and Aradhya, Shravani says you did good job, she hugs him, he pushes her and says my eyes are on you, dont try to play with me, i can shoot you, they listen noise of Panchayat, Raj leaves.
Aradhya and Aryan are in market, one kid comes to them and shows them toy, he asks Aryan to buy it for his baby, Aryan looks at Aradhya tensely, he says we dont have any kids, boy says that you will have kids in future, buy this toy, Aradhya and Aryan feels sad, they recalls flashback, Aryan lifts Ardhya in his arms, Aryan says atleast we should have 8kids, we will have lawyers, engineers and doctors, aRadhya says relax, you dont have to take responsibility of whole country, who will take care of so much kids, Aryan says you just make then clean and make them eat, other than that i will take care of them, Aradhya says you think i am fool? Aryan says if 8 kids are alot then we will give birth to 2daughters like you? Aradhya says no we will give birth one daughter who would be like and boy like you, fb ends. Aryan gives money to boy but doesnt take toy from him, he leaves, kid asks ARadhya to take toy as Aryan has given money, Aradhya takes toy from him, he leaves. Aryan comes and sees toy in her hands, Aradhya says you cant runaway from reality, Shravani and her baby is your responsibility, you cant hide from it, Aryan says i am ready to take responsibility of them but as far as making life with someone is concerned, i cant think about living anyone except you, they stares each other, Aradhya says our relationship is past now, reality is Shravani is pregnant with you child and she is my sister, she gives toy to him, after marriage, you will have to take care of her. Aryan says i only said that i am going to marry Shravani because Shravani told me tell aaji.. Aryan gets call from Kumudini, she says come home fast, Aaba has come there, he is going to blacken Shravani’s face, he says what? i am coming, he ends call, Aradhya asks what happened? he says something happened again, lets go and see.

Scene 2
Panchayat is in Kumudini’s house. One woman says to Shravani that you will marry Aryan and make life with me? you will break our traditions and make new one? Shravani says does people behave like this with pregnant woman in this village? atleast think about my baby, aaba says you should have thought about it when you made plans with Kumudini, Shravani says i didnt do anything wrong, Aryan is father of my child, aaba says how can you do this with Aradhya, she is your sister, Shravani looks away. one man says she is devdasi and she is married to Krishan only, she cant marry anyone, she should get punished. Kumudini comes and asks them to leave, people say that her face should be blackened. Some people are grabbing Shravani’s hands. aaba says if you dont disagree to marry Aryan then your face will be blackened my polish. Kumudini thinks that drama has started where is Aradhya and Aryan? Shravani asks Kumudini to save her, aaba says you cant marry Aryan, Kumudini says she will marry him, Aradhya comes there and says wait.. Aradhya comes infront of her, aaba asks her to move away, Aradhya says blacken my face before doing to my sister, aaba says she doesnt care about you, she is trying to snatch your husband, Aradhya says think about her, she had to live like orphan whole life, today she is pregnant with her sister’s husband’s baby, think about her mental stress, one woman says one devedasi cant marry, aRadhya says who made this ritual? devdasi can become trophy of anyone but cant marry? man says this ritual has been going on for years, ARadhya says if rituals starts breaking people’s life then it should be rejected, aaba says what about your life aaru? she is trying to marry boy whom you love, is this not injustice? Aradhya looks at Aryan and Shravani. She comes to Aryan. Kumudini smirks. Aradhya grabs Aryan’s arm, she brings him to Shravani and gives his hand in Shravani’s hand, Shravani looks on surprised. Aradhya says I Aradhya Shashwat Rao promise to make Aryan and Shravani marry, Kumudini is elated hearing it, all are stunned, Aryan jerks his hand away and says you can decide for your life but not mine, what right you have on my life? Aradhya says i have right to save my sister’s life, to save her future, have right to fight for her unborn baby, for justice for her. aaba says what about your life and your future? i will fight for your future, i will go against this marriage. Shravani looks at Kumudini, she hints her to remain silent, Aradhya says aaba what has happened to you? Shravani is your grand daughter too, you cant fight for one grand daughter against other grand daughter, you are being stubborn, Aaba says you are closing ways of your life, Aradhya says when these paths will close only then new path with open for me. You all think that i have relation with Aryan? i want to clear that there is no relation between me and Aryan, everything is finished, my sister is not doing anything wrong, she is fighting for her baby, she wants to give father to her baby, she is not going against traditions, her fight is justified. Kumudini says Rao are you satisfied now? you grand daughter is saying right, she bring Shravani closer and asks Chimaji to leave. All leave. Aradhya sadly walks away from Aryan, everyone looks on, aaba is sad and leaves too. Aryan goes to his room. Kumudini asks Shravani to not cry. Shravani says aaji.. Kumudini asks arent you happy? everything is going per plan, Shravani says no one is happy with this marriage, Aradhya only took my side, what if my aaji goes against me too? Kumudini says nothing like that will happen but what if it happens? she thinks and says lets call your aaji and do drama infront of her then we will know whats in her heart, now take rest.
Aaba comes to Aradhya and asks her to listen, she says please leave me alone for sometime, she closes door on his face. Aaba sadly walks away. Aradhya sits on her bed in tears. Aaba looks at Shashwat and Pavitra sadly. In room, Aradhya recalls her moments with Aryan, their holi, how Aryan draped saree on her, humari adhuri kahani plays.
Aaba says to Shashwat and Pavitra that make Aradhya understand, Pavitra says what to tell her? she is fighting for her sister, she she is pregnant, aaba says that Shravani is with Kumudini, if she doesnt care about us then we wont care about her, Shashwat says but she is our daughter only, aaba says yes but Aradhya took care of us in troubled times so i will take care of her now. Pavitra says lets pray to God.m Aaba says dont blame God. Aradhya comes and says its all God’s will aaba, Shravani is pregnant with Aryan’s baby, its all decided by fate, aaba asks her to sit down, Aradhya says Shravani is my younger sister, she is pregnant, i have to bring medicine for her, how can i forget, she leaves, aaba calls out her but Shashwat says let her leave, we wont be able to stop her.

Scene 3
Kumudini comes to Shravani and says see who has come to meet you. Bhamini comes there, Shravani touches her feet, Bhamini hugs her and asks if she fine? people here are crazy, i was afraid that they might do something with you, Shravani says i was afraid too that you got your family so you might leave me and think about Aradhya, Bhamini nods no, Kumudini says she is your aaji, she wont do that, we decided in hospital to make plan to pacify Aryan for marriage, we faked attack by Bhamini and my injury and FIR for all this, Bhamini agrees and says when i got to know that you are pregnant, i didnt have any choice after that, Shravani says i dont have anyone beside you, Bhamini says you had to bear so much since childhood but you didnt leave me, your happiness is my happiness, i am living with Aradhya because she has done favors on me, i am in debt, i got my voice back because of her, and now she fought for you to give you your rights, i am honored by her, Shravani nods and hugs her. Kumudini says we will bring Ganpati tomorrow here, she thinks that Aaba’ wife is in my palms now.
Raj sits in store room and says dont know where Shravani is, she was in my palms but now she is getting crazy. Shravani comes there, Raj points gun at her, she says shoot me, i do everything for you but you beat me with hunter and point gun at me, Raj says you are not faithful, Shravani says you are a fool, i came to give you good news, he says should i dance? Shravani says you are angry to see Aryan’s photo what will you do when i get married to him? think if i loved him then i wouldnt have kept his photo out in open, i would have hidden it, Raj says it thats case then lets get married here today secretly, i will fill your forehead with my blood, he cuts his hand with pocket knife, she says have you gone mad? she covers his wound with cloth, Raj points gun at her and says if you were faithful you would have said that lets married here but you are cheater, i can pull trigger of gun anytime on your or Aryan but first on Aryan, Shravani gets shocked, Raj says do something to make Aryan’s wealth on my name soon, he pushes away her, Shravani thinks that i have to do something about Raj, what if hurts Aryan in real?
David tells something to Pavitra, Shashwat and Gayetri. Gayetri says if we follow this plan then Aryan and Aradhya’s eyes will open, David says doing sacrifice it good but it should have limit, aaru should realize it, Shashwat says what if things get messed up more? Pavitra says i am stuck between daughters, i dont know what to do, God found one guy for my two daughters, Gayetri says think even if Aryan gets married to Shravani, would he be able to love and keep her happy? Pavitra says but she pregnant with his baby, David says lets solve one problem at a time, this is only way to reunite Aryan and Aradhya, Gayetri requests them to support them.
Shravani says i have to drink wine to make mind work. Kumudini comes and asks where are you going? Shravani says i thought to go on walk, Kumudini says you cant go out today, i brought sarees for you, tomorrow is Ganpati coming. Shravani says why cant i go out? Kumudini says you cant see moon before ganpati comes here, Shravani says sorry i didnt know that, Kumudini says its okay you will leanr, Shravani thinks that i have to steal wine from Banwari’s room now. Aradhya comes there. Kumudini says tomorrow do pooja and aarti along with Aryan, when husband and wife do it together then everything happens nicely, Shravani smiles. Kumudini sees Aradhya and says here comes bad omen. Aradhya says i brought medicines for Shravani’s baby, Kumudini says dont come to my house, you are bad omen, she leaves. Shravani says to Aradhya that i cant thank you enough, if it werent for you then dont know what villagers would have done with me, only sad part is that i took your happiness, Aradhya says dont act so dramatic, she gives her medicines, and says i should leave, i dont want to see moon too, Shravani says you ave grown with Kumudini so will you make me learn how to win aaji’s heart, how to win Aryan’s love? will you teach me? Aradhya gulps and says i would love to help you, tell me what to do, Shravani says i will tell you, she goes, Aradhya wipes her tears.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Aradhya that if you think there is nothing between us then why you are caring about me? Aradhya says the one(Shravani) who should care about you has come in your life, Aryan says what about you? who will think for you? Aradhya says he will come in my life too. Ganpati’s idol it brought to house. One guy brings it in house. He place it on its place and turns to look at everyone, all look on, (he is new entry).

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Who is this new entry.. No where his entry mentioned

  2. i think david and gaitri call uday to come between araa…in upcoming episode uday will prupose aradhya infront of aryan and aradhya will say no and then aryan will try to slap uday but aradhya stop him and will leave with uday……….shravani is such a devil and evil sister after knowing the truth how can she take her sisters love and husband from her…..cant she see goodness and love for her in aradhyas eyes…….but in all this mess aryan is bearing all pain im soooo sad for him…..???????

  3. I hope new entry will change the pshychoacting f Shravani & kumudhini…
    Gayu & david , tody u guys rocks…Really Sana & Shravan act verywell..Aabba ua a great man dear..U had changed a lot…The flashback scenes were just make me humdhardh???
    Anyways just w8 & watch..Request for director plzz..Dont make story vulger with dz new entry also..Plzz create some positive..We Aara fans, Viewers need entertainment also..Thats only possible through Happiness..Just remember?

  4. How long we will have to wait aara back together for good parhaps till last epidode? Makers knows only separate aara and streach serial long as much possible ??? comon dude be wise bring some logic situation …… we r fed up with ur stupid drama.




      The popular Colors show, ‘Krishnadasi’ is certainly one of the most critically acclaimed shows with a social message and has also managed to sustain a nice viewership. The show’s concept about the devdasi culture and krishnadasis was applauded by one and all.

      Now, seven months into run time, the show is gearing up for some major drama to enhance more viewership. While it keeps giving us shocking facts and moments pertaining to the krishnadasi concept, the parallel love drama between Aaradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Aryan (Shravan Reddy) is also being adored by the fans.

      And now, the show is all set to go old school and adopt the tried and tested formula of ‘the other-man’ in the show.

      According to a news portal, actor Siddharth Shivpuri, who rose to fame for his role in ‘Naagin’, is all set to enter the show.

      Siddharth will be playing the role of Uday, Aaradhya’s long-lost college friend, will be entering her life once more. Needless to say, he would fall for her which will surely complicate the already complicated relationship between Aaradhya and Aryan.

  6. aru wil say to aryan dat she was going to marry uday. David nd gayu plan was gud bt i think it’s gonna flop.

  7. once aru get to know the truth that shravani is fake…then some of the prblms will be solved bt that should happen before aryan shravani marriage….otherwise no use

  8. Only sensible person in current track is Aaba !! Aaba rocks !! David & Gayu , love you guys :-* :-* at least you guys are trying something. New entry , what is he gonna do ? Separate AaRa or to unite AaRa ? Let see , there is nothing left to separate them though ! Already Aru is running away from Aryan . I’m loving Jairaj , kamina hai lekin intelligent bhi hai !! 😛 😀 he is very much aware of Shravani’s true intentions . AaRa toh…..I don’t want to tell anything about them . My maa who is a huge fan of KD stopped watching it last week !! Now she asks me Kuch achcha hua kya ?? When I say nop mom , she says , nonsense !! Anyways , I feel 2 things , 1 ) Aru will get to know about Shravani’s reality . 2 ) it will be late because Aryan & Shravani’s marriage will happen nd Aru will be regretting sooo badly for not trusting Aryan & letting this marriage happen . New guy gave me positive vibes !! Yaar Aryan , you shouldn’t have divorced Aru !! Do you have brain ?? I doubt it !! When you clearly know nothing happened btw you and Shravani then why don’t you try to find out why Shravani is doing all this drama. When it is clear Shravani is Bhamni’s granddaughter why don’t you ask Bhamni about Shravani’s dead husband ?? Bewakoof !! Writers , do anything but don’t plan Aryan & Shravani’s marriage. I honestly say , I’m definitely a huge fan of Shravan and Sana but I’m not that much generous to watch every nonsense you guys show !! I don’t know about others but I’ll stop watching KD if Aryan – Chudail marriage happens !!

  9. poor aryan… how many tyms he has to get married… dese CVS god

  10. Hi everyone I’m new to this group can I join u all.I was a silent reader, I love kd n aara n shrana fan

    1. Manya

      Of course u can join us and I am ayushi?

      1. Thank u Ayushi.. Nice pic.. Can u plz tell me how can I put put the pic??

    2. Welcm Nivi?

      1. Thanx rebba and manya di.


    SPOILER(how much true I don’t know. ..???)

    Colors’ popular show Krishnadasi is heading towards major twist in both Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya’s (Sana Sheikh) life.

    Finally Aradhya manage to convince Aryan to marry Shravani as she is expecting his child.

    On the other hand Shravani gets cheerful seeing Aradhya convinced Aryan to marry her.

    Both Aryan and Aradhya spend some light hearted moment before parting ways.

    When Aradhya goes to hospital to give Bahmini’s medicine she comes to know that Shravani is not pregnant and is just faking to be pregnant to marry Aryan.

    Aradhya gets shocked to learn this fact and rushes to stop Aryan and Shravani’s marriage.

    Will Aradhya mange to reach on time before it’s too late?

    Let’s wait and watch will Aryan and Aradhya part ways forever due to Shravani.

    1. Thankz for the spoiler…

  12. Manya

    When will this shravani’ chapter end plzzz cv’s end it fast ??

  13. Hi everyone! I am back after a long time. Santhosh thank you for such a relieving news. Hope the new entry (uday) is in a positive role and has to reunite arra..
    Can’t bear shravani & kumudini now. Plz directors and writers reunite arra soon..
    feeling very very sad for aru and Aryan. Aru plz reciprocate Aryan’s feelings?

  14. Hahaha 😀 😀 Yeh that’s the main question here will she reach on time !?!! I really feel she won’t . Fraud frog will be suceesful !! Thanks for spoiler Santhosh 🙂

  15. i think the new entry is called by gayatri david pavitra and shashwat as they were discussing to do something for aradhya i only hope shravani becomes positive and falls for the new entry i just want rao and aryan to be together there is a good chance that they might go like swaragini i would never ever like it even though i love swasan and raglak to the core of my heart in kd love only aara thanks Santosh for the spoilers

  16. writers please give back bone at least to the new entry.Wish the new entry to be a strong person

  17. yes i saw on twitter that aradhya will be able to know shravni’s truth that she is not pregnant and new entry will prpose aradhya in front of arayan . quite intersting as finaly aradhya will realize that she hast mistaken… and will do sonthing for herself and also for aryan.

  18. After reading toi spoilers hope is nly on Abba… Otherwise i guess ?n Aryan marriage vll happn becz our mahaan aaru nly cares abt hr so calld sis not Aryans love she has become blind..if marriage happens I’m surely going stop watching kd..anyways writers should be awarded for turning beautiful story into a crap..they r making amazing actors efforts go in vain.trp already got decreased if ? chap doesn’t end means color vll surely shut down our show ???…writers plzz bring our aara and old kd back..

  19. Boring episode? aru is being so selfish these days she wants aryan to do what she actually wanrs y? U broke every relation with aryan then y r u interfaring in his life ..nd aryan is helpless bechara heros r not like this they fight for their rights they fight for the truth they doesn’t act like u aryan? nd this new guy ughhh irritating? there r soo many unslove issues in KD nd they bring new entries nd twists ..but i think he is positive he will not be like shravini phycopath?
    KD writers r just running there r alots of things which are not solve yet
    Tulsi murder
    David didn’t tell them that jairaj killed tulsi? Y ?
    Nobody is intrested to know the fact that shravini husbend is dead or alive? She said that u killed my husbend nd aryan dumb believe that ? 0 IQ huh
    One man sad shravini is expecting nd they all belive it wow ? i know that everybody is not civilised in krishnavati but atleast aryan nd aru r well educated but they also act like dumb?
    Shravini drug aryan thrice nd he didn’t even doubt her wah ?
    CVs there r alots of unfold chapters in krishnadasi first u should solve them then go ahead with new twists ?
    I think i have given soo long bhashan ?

  20. Manya

    I hope this new entry has a positive role ?

  21. Episode – 162
    Uday, David and Gayatri’s accomplice, brings a Ganesha idol to Aradhya’s house.

    Episode – 163
    Pradyumn comes to know from Bhamini that Shravani is not a widow. Filled with doubt, he sets out to investigate this.

    Episode – 164
    Gayatri ensures that Shravani and Aryan travel with Uday and Aradhya. When Uday asks Aradhya to marry him, Aryan is filled with anger. Aradhya, however, says she wants to marry Uday.

    Episode – 165
    Kumudini invites Aaradhya and Uday to her house for lunch. Aryan continues to believe that Aradhya loves him. Alongside, preparations for Aryan and Shravani’s wedding begin.

  22. i think whats gonna happen……

    aru is gonna find out that shravani is cheating aryan for wealth.
    aru will stop aryan_shravanis marriage and reveal that shravani is cheating aryan
    then aru will come in front of aryan and tell him to put sindoor on her head and finally tell that because of that shravani she left him and her heart was filled with anger for him

    hope gyuyz it happens like this only

    and i hate that new entry

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