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Krishnadasi 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya says i want to check all rooms, Shravani says okay. Aryan comes there, Aradhya stops, Aryan says you want to see Haveli? lets go, i will show you around, he asks Shravani to go and check food. I know all history of every nook and corner of this house, the spot where we met, i used to play with Aaba there. Aradhya thinks that he shouldnt doubt us, Aryan thinks that i am sure, its not a doubt, lets see till when you will keep lying, Aradhya goes. Shravani says to Aryan that dont call queen as Aradhya, she will cancel deal if she gets miffed.
Aryan is showing lounge of Aradhya and says Aaba used to rule over here, he used to punish and love both but he always loved me. Aaba looks at him. Aryan brings Aradhya in corridor and says Aayi used to shout from there for my breakfast,

its weird that Aradhya got love from my aayi and i got love from her aayi but we didnt get much time with our real mothers, Aryan recalls how Pavitra used to pamper him, Aradhya recalls how Tulsi used to pamper him then how it turned and Pavitra became her loving mother, Aradhya gets emotional but composes herself. Aryan says infront of you is my aayi and baba’s room. They come inside, Aradhya looks around. Aryan says baba and i didnt have good relation but Aradhya created bridge of friendship between us, he recalls how he reunited with Shashwat when he wanted to win over Aradhya, Aryan says not even that, she softened Aaba, he became good hearted man, Aradhya gets tears in her eyes and wipes with her hankie, Aryan looks at her and why you are silent? did my emotions touch? Aradhya’s hankie fell on floor, Aryan sees it and asks queen Aruna are you fine? fate is that even your name as Aaru in it, Aradhya says i was thinking that there is no AC here and i am used to living in AC, i will put central AC here, Aryan smirks at her like he knows everything, he moves towards Aradhya, bends and picks her hankie and gives it to Aradhya, she takes it and looks away, she goes from there.
Aryan and Aradhya enters Aryan’s room. He says this is my room, without Aradhya there is no room for me, she used to fight a lot, she was shorter but used to give equal fight, we had biggest fight over that cupboard. Aradhya recalls how Aryan broke cupboard when Aradhya asked for space, Aryan hows her punching bag which dinosaur sketch with Aradhya’s face on it, Aryan says it has many memories of my 2foot dinosaur, Aradhya recalls how Aryan gifted her dinosaur soft toy, Aryan says you are little taller than her, maybe because of high heels, Aradhya thinks that Aryan knows how to play with emotions and he is doing it now too, Aradhya says i have not come here to listen your stories, enough, she goes out of room. Aryan comes out too, Aradhya asks you live with your wife here or you have any aaji or elder person? Aryan says how do you know that i have Aaji Krishnadasi Kumudini? Aradhya says i want to know if you are selling against elder’s wish, where is she? Aryan says you want to meet her? strange, Aradhya says we dont buy property without asking elders, its against our principles, Aryan says her room is which used to be of aaba.
Uday asks Aaba where is your enemy number. 1 Kumudini? Aaba says she is lying in my room, she is tied with chains, he asks why? Aaba says dont know but its good that someone punished her before us, Uday says you didnt tell Aaru about it? Aaba says no Aradhya’s heart is very soft, its her aaji for 21years, she will stop everything and start serving her.
Shravani says to Nakku what if queen goes to Kumudini’s room? if Kumudini sees her then she will start her chants that my aaru has come. I will go and check, when i reach room, you call me and lie to me that kitchen’s fuse has gone off, she leaves, Nakku says your fuse is will go off today.
Aryan opens Kumudini’s room and asks Aradhya to come inside, he doesnt look inside to see Kumudini tied with chains but Aradhya sees her tied, Shravani comes there and says to Aryan that Uday and Deevan are alone downstairs, you should go and entertain them. Aradhya shockingly looks at Kumudini, Aryan says i am showing her Haveli, Shravani says i will show her around but what will i talk to them? She gets call and yes Nakku? okay i will send Aryan. She says to Aryan that there is short circuit downstairs, you go Aryan Aryan leaves. Shravani says queen i will change old wiring. Aradhya says you are worried about old wiring but not caring about old people in house? you behave like this with elders? Shravani looks at Kumudini and says no, she is my everything, she is my aaji, but she is not mentally stable, Aradhya says so? you will treat her like this? by tying her? how can you and your husband be so stone hearted? Shravani says no we take care of her but she gets out of control, she takes knives and starts attacking anyone, there was a time when people used to be scared of her position and now because of her madness, people are scared of her. Aradhya says you didnt find any doctor for her? Shravani says we are not good financially but once this Haveli is sold then i will take my aaji to Pune, she closes Kumudini’s door and says your face is like Aradhya, my aaji used to hate Aradhya too, she was her biggest enemy, if she sees you here, she can run behind you with dagger, Shravani goes, Aradhya says Aaji..
Banwari and Markand are stealing food from dining table. Nakku comes there and says what are you doing? she ask them to run, they take food and leave. Aaba says to Uday that why they are taking time? Uday says we shouldnt have hidden Kumudini’s truth from Aradhya. Aradhya comes there, Uday asks how did you like Haveli? Aradhya says we will make hotel here, she asks whats your name? Shravani says my name is Shravani. Shravani goes to Nakku and asks to bring juice. Aaba asks Aradhya what was the need to check Haveli? Aradhya says you dont know the situation here. Nakku brings juice for Aradhya but Aradhya is still moved by Kumudini’s condition. Aradhya says i need to go to washroom, she leaves. Aryan stares her and smirks. He says she is definitely my Aradhya otherwise how does she know where is washroom?

Scene 2
Aradhya comes to Kumudini’s room and says open your eyes, i didnt know Aryan would be so bad person, my strong aaji is so helpless, she tries to free Kumudini. Aryan comes there and asks who tied Aaji like this? Aradhya says you treat your aaji like this? you respect her that much? Aryan stares her and says she is your aaji. She is my aaji, Aradhya’s aaji then why you are disturbed? if you were so tensed then you could have asked me. Aradhya moves away from bed and says i told you that i dont want to buy this property with elder’s curse, now i think you tied her so that you can sell property. Aryan comes to her and says it was my wife’s fault, i will talk to her alone but why did you feel the need to come here alone? Aradhya says you must have not listened about humanity? Aryan says really? Aradhya says you dont know how to talk to queen? be in your limits, Aryan says you crossed limit, you didnt buy house till now that you can enter any room like that, Aradhya says shut up, Aryan says you shut up 2foot dinosaur, Aradhyas says how dare you call me dinosaur, Aryan recalls how Aradhya used to retaliate sameway. Aradhya tries to leave but Aryan grabs her wrists and says you are my Aradhya, Aradhya says i will cancel this deal, Aryan says i can throw away 100crores for my Aradhya let alone 35crores, tell me what is all this? why you are saying that i am not Aradhya? Aradhya says leave me, he says else what you will go to police? stop this drama, he shouts to tell him truth. Everyone listens Aryan shouting from lounge. Uday says to Aaba that we should go there, they go.
Aryan shouts to tell him that she is not his Aradhya. Aaba comes and pushes him away, he says how dare you touch queen? Uday says this is way for treating guests? Aryan says tell me truth, where was Aradhya for so many days? he asks Aradhya to tell him truth, Aradhya slaps Aryan, Aryan angrily stares her, Aradhya says enough, i cant bear anymore, Deevan i dont want to deal with ill-mannered people like them, Shravani says i am sorry on his behalf, actually when it come to Aradhya, he goes crazy, Aryan Aradhya is dead, why dont you burn her memories? we need money for future and Aaji’s treatment, say sorry. Aryan says first she has to prove that she is queen and not my Aradhya. He says to Aradhya that you had good upbringing so you wont move back from proving truth right? my Aradhya had mole on left foot, when she used to wear anklet, it was like God has put black spot to save from evil eye. Flashback shows Aryan showing Aradhya anklet he bought for her, Aradhya says you want to marry me? you are buttering me? he nods, Aradhya says i feel like there is something dark in your heart, Aryan says my heart is dark without you and i ate black pulse today so my intentions became black too. let me make you wear anklet, Aradhya says you cant touch my feet, Aryan says then how will make you wear it? she says then close your eyes and make me wear, we are not married so you cant see my feet. Aryan says okay, no cheating, she sits down, Aradhya puts foot on his thigh, Aryan closes his eyes and makes Aradhya wear anklet, she its tickling and laughs, Aryan makes her wear it and says God is great, God has put black spot to save from evil eye, Aradhya says you cheat, you saw my foot, she grabs his ear and says i wont spare you, how can you cheat? Aryan says i love you so its fair in love, you 2foot dinosaur, Aradhya says if you say it again then i will break coconut on your head, Aryan says i love you, she says i love you too, they lie on couch and embrace each other, fb ends. Uday says we didnt come so that you cant insult queen, Aaba says lets leave. Aradhya says no, i am from royal family and someone has pointed finger at me for first time, i will show my foot but to only Shravani, its not allowed to show my foot to other men in our family. Aaba thinks that seems like game will end here. All leave room except Shravani and Aradhya.

PRECAP- Shravani comes out of room. Aryan says Shravani did you see mole on her foot? queen has mole right? Shravani is silent.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I want krishnadasi to not be able to go off air

  2. Wow…I lyk dz episode..Really thankz Atiba for the wonderfull update..I love emotional Aarayn & Aaru..??Too touching & lill funny..??Really itz too sad about kd going to be end?But anyways really excited about the current track…
    And “Haai” to everyone..Maleesha,Nitha,Meenakshi,Liba,Aayushi,Tanu,Mehru,Etc…Etc…???Bcoz f my low net balance am not here for few days..?Really miss dz kd page,commenting area,Cute Fanfictions Etc…Oh my God,dont knw hw i will adapt after the end of kd..????Cant able to miss all cast & Kd sets..#feeling nostalgic..
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  3. And 1 thing remaining too…Thankz Nishitha for the toi spoiler??

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    Today’s epi brought smile?on my face, aftr a long time..I’m feelg kd shld v bn run faa longrtim ???i donno how vll I accept dis.. so sad..damn!! CVS, Rangela??..

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