Krishnadasi 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
pit digging inauguration starts, Kumudini asks Aaba to start it, aaba starts dig pitting and leaves. Villagers are digging pit, Aryan is helping, he asks Banwari and Markand to work too. Aryan and Kumudini are digging well too, Markand says i thought to make well for wine but here we are working for water, Kumudini comes to them and says you are looking ood Banwari while working. Aryan is helping Aradhya in digging. Purva comes there, aaba asks her to take part in this good work. Purva comes to Aradhya and greets her, Aradhya greets her back, Purva asks how is everything going? she says we are working hard, Aryan thanks for coming here and supporting Aradhya, Purva says i didnt come to support anyone but its about water saving so i came, Aryan says will you work? he gives her tool to dig.

Aryan helps Aradhya in digging, Purva sees this and gets angry, Aaba asks her to control anger. Aradhya hits her foot while digging, Aryan gets worried and asks if she is wounded? she says nothing happened, she hides her foot in mud and asks him to work, dont worry about him, he says so answer nicely, i am concerned, Aradhya says i am fine, he goes to work, Aradhya winces in pain seeing wound on foot. Aryan’s friend says can you dig nicely? Aryan says i will do most digging, lets have bet, whoever will dig most will be given dinner by me. He calls Aradhya and tells about his bet, Aradhya says i am ready to accept challenge, Aradhya is digging, her ring which Aryan gifted to her and is her family’s ancient ring falls down in dig, she doesnt see it, ring is hidden in mud.
Kumudini comes home and says to tulsi that Aradhya is doing nice work for villagers, Tulsi says even you are spending money on others, you are giving tickets to people, we have daughter’s wedding and you doing charity? what was the need to give tickets to shankari and Damini to leave to Karela? Kumudini says you keep doubting me, she is my friend, i had taken money from her, i had debt to pay and i took money for you only, you were in hospital, shankari asked money back so i gave her back, she took tickets and left, Tulsi says you are lying, arent you tired of all this? you made her fall down in function so that she leaves function, you are hiding a big secret, you told Damini that she has won ticket and telling me that you had to pay debt? i respect my mother but not her wrong deeds, what are you upto? Kumudini says you keep doubting me, my own daughter doesnt trust me, i will get heart attack by all these questions, she leaves, Tulsi says i will not be silent, i have my eyes on you aayi.
Aryan meets his friends, friend says that you won bet, Aryan says we have to work hard for this cause, friends agree and leaves. Aradhya sees his wound and says why you didnt tell me that you got inured? Aryan looks at her foot and says you didnt tell me about wound too, Aradhya says if i had told you then you would have taken me to clinic and i wouldnt have worked, Aryan says i knew you were injured but i knew you are strong and can cope with this, Aryan holds her hand, he says i arranged this dinner so we can spend more time as i am leaving for Pune tomorrow, i have to meet water board member for this cause and i cant take you, you have to stay here as people need you here, you can guide them for well digging, one need to stay here, Aradhya says you are talking like husband, telling me where i should stay and where not, Aryan says i am practicing, Aradhya says lets leave, they leave.

Scene 2
Its morning, Aradhya comes to well site, she says work is almost done, we just need to finish this well. Women sit down to drink tea, women says Aradhya is educated and thats why she is able to give these ideas, she are making other girls study too, we hope girls get partners like Aryan too, here most boys just see girl’s dowry and all not her education, Aradhya smiles and looks at her hand to look at ring, she finds ring missing, Aradhya is shocked and starts finding ring, she says it was aryan’s first gift and i couldnt even handle it, i am so careless, she feel guilty, she searches sit but doesnt find it, she recalls how it was their family ring, she thinks to check her house.
Aradhya comes to her house and searches for ring but doesnt find it, Pavitra calls Aradhya and asks her to come home as they have to take measurements for her bangles and ring, Aradhya says okay and ends call. Aradhya thinks that i should tell Aryan about ring missing, he will feel bad but i have to tell him, he said that we will bear all problems together, she calls Aryan but he doesnt pick up, she messages him to call her back soon. Pavitra calls her again and asks her to come haveli fast, Aradhya says okay.
Aradhya is going to Haveli, she says Pavitra and aaba will make its big issue, they will think that i stole their family ring, she finds jewelry shop and says till i dont find real ring, i can make and use duplicate ring, she says but this is such a big lie, how can i do this? she says i am sure if Aryan knows this then he will understand my situation and will not be angry, she wipes her tears.
Tulsi meets Micheal and says i need to find record of hospital that are 21, 22years old, Micheal says i know many people in hospital so i will try to find record but why you want it? Tulsi says i have doubt that Aayi is hiding something, i need to find secret, Kumudini listens all this and thinks that i keep getting problems, now my own daughter is against me, i have to do something. Tulsi sees her standing and says you know Micheal told me that Saras is recuperating, Kumudini says thats good, i have some work, she leaves. Tulsi says to Micheal that did you see her face became pale, i had to do this drama with you infront of her as i know her well, i know she will try to take some step to stop me and i will catch her red handed, thank you for helping in this fake act, now i will find truth.
Pavitra says to Aaba that when we will not make Aradhya our daughter in law then whats the need to do this fake acting of buying jewelry for her? Aaba says you can do drama but you know who will wear this jewelry in end, dont worry. Aradhya comes there and thinks that i am wearing fake ring, i just hope aaba and Pavitra doesnt doubt, Lord please save my respect. She comes in, Pavitra asks her to try some rings, Aradhya is tensed, jeweler sees ring in Aradhya’s hand and says to Aaba that this is same ring which my father made for your mother? aaba says yes, Aaba asks Aradhya to keep this ring safe, this ring has our family’s respect, keep it with care, Pavitra asks Aradhya to choose many rings, you may not know but our daughter in laws wear lots of jewelry, Aradhya tries to take off her fake ring but its tight, jeweler says i will help you, he takes off her ring and says how did this ring bent? this ring was so strong, he says to Aaba that our rings cant bend, this ring is fake, this is not gold’s ring, not even silver’s ring, its fake ring, Aaba checks it and says yes its fake, they look at Aradhya, Aaba asks jeweler to leave, he leaves, Pavitra says ring is fake, she asks Aradhya where is real one? Aradhya gets tensed and says actually.. Pavitra asks did your aaji sell it? you wanna sell our jewelry? Aradhya says when i was digging well, i lost ring there, Pavitra says you are so busy in charity that you are maligning our name whose daughter in law you are going to become, this is what your aaji made you learn? Aradhya says i am sorry, Pavitra says it was my mother in law’s ring, you have so much guts that you lost ring and made fake ring to fool us, Aradhya says i will find it, Pavitra says whoever will find will become rich, its expansive ring, its our bad luck that Aryan liked you, Pavitra finds Aryan, she says Aryan.. Aradhya turns to see Aryan standing there, Pavitra says to Aryan that you know that ring which you gave lovingly to Aradhya, she lost it, i think she has sold it, ask her, Aryan says i will ask her. Aryan comes to Aradhya and says you did wrong, you knew its worth, it was my grand mother’s memory, you didnt do right, you made fake ring so that my family doesnt feel bad, you could have told my family that you lost ring, you didnt to lie, if you had told truth then my family wouldnt have said anything to you, that ring is not somewhere else but it is with person who made you wear that ring. He shows her ring and says i am sorry, i didnt tell you earlier, i found this ring near well, i thought to tease you for being careless, if i knew it would become such a big issue then i would have given it to Aradhya earlier only, he says to Aaba that dont make it a big issue, Aradhya is already tensed, Aaba says you are seeing that she is tensed but not my emotions? why did she make fake ring? Aryan says she made it so that you dont feel bad, Aaba says but there was no need to lie, Aryan says you people have not made a relation with her nicely so she is not that frank that she can tell you freely about losing ring, aaba says but she has that frank relation with you, why she didnt tell you? Aryan says she called me but i didnt take her call, i was busy, its my mistake, if i was in her place, you would have forgiven me so forgive her too, Pavitra is stunned to see Aryan taking Aradhya’s side, Aradhya says i am sorry Aaba, aaba says i wont tolerate this again, leave it this time, Aradhya is distraught, Aryan looks at her, Aradhya leaves. Shashwat sees all this and thinks that for ring, Aradhya was so much insulted, she didnt say anything but she must have felt bad.

PRECAP- Aradhya is doing aarti of sun on terrace, Pavitra thinks that i cant let Aryan marry devdasi’s daughter, i have to do something to stop this marriage, Pavitra comes from behind and pushes Aradhya from terrace, Aradhya falls down and lies in pool of blood on floor, Aryan comes there and sees Pavitra standing on terrace and Aradhya injured on ground.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. cryz

    hi this is crystal here
    i have recently started an fb page swaragini fanfictions
    if any of u wants ur work to be posted in fb so as it can reach larger audiances pls msg in the page
    it can be ff or os or ss and the pairs also doesnt matter
    also those who are also good at editing can send me ur editz i would be happy to post it in the page
    this is the link to my page

  2. Rufina

    Today’s epi was just awesome…..i liked the way how aryan supported aradhya…..KRISHNADASI ROCKS….

  3. Rufina

    Though aaba sahib is a villain i like two things in him first the way he throw his stick and catch it secondly his eyes……

  4. manikarnika

    I think aryan also have artificial one to save aradhya from devils,he cudnt find real one at any cost,let’s c if i m wrong,dey hv scolded dre own daughter, oh god dis pavitra wil repent badly,cvs atleast mellow her a bit, hw cn woman b so cruel,dun show her like beast so that after truth revelation it will not be awkward, shashwat is gud, he dun care about materialistic things,aryan is just as gud as him and aaru is as gud as tulsi, so dese four r pure only and after truth it doesn’t matter,as relationships of dese four wil remain intact, nothing wil happen to kumudini Coz she knows everything, rest all ka toh deva re deva krishnadeva

    • M talking about feelings only,means her feelings wil not change as shes master mind behind it,ofcourse her karma wil hit her back coz he ditched everyone including her own daughter whom she actually loves d most but above that she loves her revenge the most which wil end up losing her daughter for sure coz tulsi really loves aaru n m sure truth revelation wil not change dis fact nd den tulsi wil not forgive kumudini for what she had done with aaru, coz aradhya cud live better life den but if v talk about love den i think aaru is lucky coz i hv doubt whether pavitra cud love her like tulsi aftr seeing her relation with gayu,

  5. Rufina

    Today when purva scene came…i imagined her like a lady Don wearing long tops and colour spectacle…..n when she told aryan me khiseko support karne ke liye naaagi aaya hoo..n way she was getting jealous….i thought new villy arrived to the story to spoil aara’s romance n love

  6. Rufina

    I think the directors have short term memory loss…because when purva went she told that aryan loves aradhya n that she have to forget these things n make her life better….but now see getting jealous n drastic changes in her character…..its only my opinion if I am wt wrong pls do comment

  7. And i feel dey r spoiling some scenes which can be more gud den dey hv shown, for example dhabha date spoiled by goons and dey dun show more aara scenes which dey cn show,no harm in that,then at home sum more scenes cn b shown, and again today dat dhabha scene it cud be extended, no harm in that,kasam se serial is running for f3 months showing tanus and rishis romance inspite of no story n ruling trp charts due to dre chemistry and romance, and our aara has rocking chemistry den dem,y cvs show dre romance bits and pieces, dey hv to show more aara part nd den see v will rule trp charts

  8. sana looks so pretty in yellow… and every aryan’s entry in perfect time to save aaru deserve whistle. ….
    ….. but i lost count of the no. of times Aryan saved Aaru… for a change i wanna she Aaru saving aryan too in some situation.. then it will be more or less equivalent exchange.

    • Yes yar, even if v liked dre chemistry alot,its always give feel of abla naari in danger and hero wil cum,reversed siti wil also work,dey never showed aaru caring for aryan, it will be exciting to watch aarus possessiveness and care,lov towards aryan,aryan said it so many times, aradhya hasn’t even once

  9. apra

    shravan u r really soooo cute it is really a pleasure watching u
    i think think pushing aradhya from terrace is just a dream of pavitra
    leave it whatever it be we just want to see aradhyan love story

  10. v cn notice dat aara scenes are not more than five minutes, means dey cn extend it cn show it nicely,y always rushed up,rest serials are focusing on leads chemistry nd here v hv awesome couple nd dey r not focusing on it, i always imagine ki ab ye scene toh zarur itna acha hoga lamba hoga but no 2 minute main khatam ho jaata hai, today dinner dey cn show aaru getting sad as aryan is going and it cn be extended, secondly dey dun care about aradhya saying i love yu to aryan, neither aryan demanded nor aaru said so,it cud be shown, i feel little disappointed

  11. Rufina

    Bit funny rifa Mission 300 comments….not only now I want ur support till tomorrow 10:30….soo keep commenting

  12. Rufina

    U r 100% right manikarnika…If they show more aara scenes we will rule the trp chart…hoping that it soon happens

  13. apra

    really they could drag it but i dont know why the writers are is super hurry take some rest and give us more aara scenes

  14. apra

    i read a gossip that pavitra thinks to kill aradhya to seprate aara bu will soon realize her consciousness and later will join hands with aaba and poorva to sepate aradhya – aryan

  15. But you know what i liked most….. like a regular girl aradhya got scared and did some wrong deed unlike other mahan female lead who always do right… and Aryan came there. scold her for lying and then took the blame on himself.. and also asked forgiveness for her saying she is kid. she has done mistake. …. i could relate to reaction very well today. well done cv but for this only.. but your purva and pavitra tracks are unrealistic.

    • Cutex

      Now how r u tanu i read previous comments and know that u r ill get well soon dear…….

    • Cutex

      Faver is such a irritating disease flu ,headche all irritate us but hope u fine soon dear

  16. Twinkle

    I also think it’s just pavitta’s dream but I don’t want it to be as it will be more romanting how aryan will save her love

  17. Twinkle

    Wait are everyone here from UK cuz it’s only 8 here n it shows 12 in the thing so am just confused

  18. Ritu

    I am so upset .. ๐Ÿ™ .. I dont know Tamil… I somehow arranged the PDF of Krishnadasi, but I can’t read it. Anybody Tamil here, Actually I like the serial a lot and I know it will not be the exact same of the novel, but I am feeling a keen interest to read the novel, if someone help me in translating. I am feeling dumb .. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    About the serial, I really like it a lot lot lot, never drag like other serieses , but sometimes I feel some scenes just finish before we are fully getting involved into it, some sort of scenes specially lead romances could be drag a little more , not much .

    Thanks in advance , please help me if you know Tamil …

  19. Nimisha

    Another good epsiode,

    I hate it when the Precap is shown twice. I feel cheated. A Precap suggests what’s coming the next day. To whom it twice is…. Not fair.

    If she falls tomorrow at the end of the show, we’ll have to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS Before we find out what happens.

    Really hope tulsi discovers the truth about kumudini!

    • Nimisha

      Oops, the on,y bit I didn’t like was when Aryan joined in with the telling her off before he helped her. He could have just said he found it but didn’t have a chance to tell her. And then he could have told her off privately. Aru was already humiliated so I don’t think he helped her then.
      Poor Aru!

  20. it will happen like that after pavitra pushing aradhya Aryan will come and take her to hospital then doctor will say for blood then sashwat will give her blood and when aradhya will fine then Aryan will marry her in hospital itself saying that till our marriage you all can do anything so I am going to marry now and he will take aradhya on his arm and do pheras.
    it’s just my thinking.

  21. and if not then pavitra will call her to do puja and when she is about to push her she will see a day dream that after pushing aradhya Aryan come and say our relation break now and that’s why she will not push.
    just my thinking
    I want to happen 1st

  22. Arya Adarsh

    hate poorva. poor don’t know he is devdasi’s son. I want see her face after all knowing this truth. not only poorva but also pavithra and aabba

    • gopika

      its not jisja its jisha she was an LLB student.She is from Kerala. she was raped and murdered. the culprits are not yet found!!!many problems are going on in Kerala based on this..

  23. swapna

    I have one doubt to aryan will marry aaradhya? as in the starting of this show it was shown that tulsi tells aaradhya not to b a krishnadasi but aaradhya tells ki she will b an krishnadasi

  24. swapna

    I have one doubt do aryan will marry aaradhya as it was shown in the starting of this show that tulsi tells aaradhya not to be a krishnadasi but aaradhya tells y as ur so even i will be krishnadasi

  25. gopika

    The episode was good!! When ever aru falls in any problems our hero Aryan will come and save her!!!!That’s so sweet of him!!!

  26. gopika

    same precap!!!!! I just hope Aryan save Aru this time also!! Pavitra’s and Aaba’s truth should come out soon…

  27. Meena

    Yesterday TRP made me worried..but no problem we shall enjoy AARA scenes..Of all the epi this week this epi is good..Aaradhya acted as though she s really scared..Aryan came for her rescue..Really I was scared to see pooorva…I want Aaradhya to confess her feelings to Aryan..
    I want more intense AARA sceens..plz concentrate on AARA love story..This water campaign idea is good..Really a good serial..completely in AARA land and loving SHRANA for potraying the characters in a realistic manner

  28. divya

    Nice ep…. I like the way aryn is supproting the aaradhya eagerly waiting for today ep

  29. Rufina

    Oh…We reached 58 comments…but we have to be faster to reach 300 comments…so keep commenting…..

  30. Rufina

    Will anybody say the topic of the tamil novel??? I can read it….i am eagerly waiting to read it……KRISHNADASI ROCKS. …

  31. Rufina

    Swapna aara will get married….The precap of the show meant that tulsi won’t allow aradhya to become a krishnadaasi n save her…..t the precap also meant that aradhya will become a krishnadaasi n this will happen when aara get married..aryan is the son of tulsi….so aradhya will become a krishnadaasi….

  32. Rufina

    Mahe I want the first one to happen….when I read ur comment I just imagined aryan taking care of aradhya…….n so hoping that it happens….

  33. Rufina

    OMG…feeling bad for jisha….i pray that her soul rest in peace….The culprits have to be punished severely. ….

  34. Rufina

    Today miracle is happening…tu is moderating comments very fastly….my comments r getting moderated within 5 minutes n published….soo comment guys…

  35. swapna

    Being krishnadasi means she can marry to anyone except loard Krishna n I think aaba n pavitra won’t accept aaradhya anyway tankq rufina for replying

  36. Rufina don’t get me wrong … but when you aim for a mission you cannot enjoy it.. so i am saying to just enjoy chat.

  37. Aaliya

    I just hope that the precap is not pavitra’s dream… else it will be very sad that every weekend completes with a dream!!!!

  38. Aaliya

    I just hope that the precap is not pavitra’s dream… else it will be very sad that every weekend ends with a dream!!!
    AARA rocks… Shravan rocks… he is so cute and day by day he is becoming naughty too!

  39. Cutex

    I think colors should show dream week rather than the climax week now i also tought that its dream of pavitra…now again wait for 2 days to that weather it is dream or not…..

  40. Oh that ring drama was amusing… I also have aara and krishnadasi..I hope Itโ€™s TRP will be in high position this time

  41. you all saw the segment.. the precap was just the promo shot separately but … aaru will really fall from height to pond. … and surely some bone chilling acting by shravan is coming soon… please if anyone got link do share.

  42. Ruby

    I liked the ring scene cos of sana’s expression. she was really look like she was afraid.

  43. Appy

    actress kya change hui, cast ka character hi change ho gya jese ki purva :/ purva ka character itna negative nhi tha par jese hi unhone use hata k priynka ko add kia wese hi uska sara character hi change kr dia :/

  44. tanu I have also seen I don’t have link sorry
    for those have not seen
    pavitra make aradhya wear red Saree and jewellery and says her to do puja and then push her from terrace her head get hurt and start bleeding Aryan sees all these and comes running and cry holding her.

  45. thank u cutex. Nd i am always following ur’s , tanu , mrunali,ruby coments. nd by the way i am also telugu girl shradha nd divya.

  46. Alyaa

    The episode was awesome and amazingโ˜บ??All the cute scenes of AaRa was/were lovelyโ˜บ?I really felt bad for Aaradhya,the way she was scolded by Pavitra Aunty??but I really loved the way Aryan supported Aaradhya??They were amazing???

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