Krishnadasi 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba comes in Mandir, Kumudini comes there too, aaba says Banwari that today distribute food to all beggars and everyone should get Parsad, he smirks at Kumudini. Kumudini comes in mandir and says to Krishan that you give us strength to fight with evils, i know you will not make us lose, she comes out of mandir. Banwari brings Parsad to Kumudini and says Aaba is in good mood today, he has sent it, Aaba says today all beggars will get to eat Parsad, Shastri asks Kumudini to take parsad, Aaba says take it else you and your daughter will remain hungry, Kumduni says shastri that today me and my daughter is fasting today, she says to Aaba that Krishan have not let be hungry for one day, he will not us remain hungry even today, i just wanna tell you that your ego has to break, Raavan died

too and you will.. she leaves, Aaba says not mine but your ego will break, you will be crushed soon dancer.
Aradhya comes to boys warden in disguise of Aryan’s granny, she says to Warden that i am ready to take complaint back, he says but that girl filed complaint, she says i mean that girl Aradhya is ready to take complaint back, she gave me this letter, she shows him letter and says she has agreed to take complaint back, warden says its good that she has forgiven Aryan but we have to teach lesson to boy so that no one else does this, Granny says have some softness towards Aryan, he has seen problems from childhood, let it remain here, he will learn alot from you, i beg you to let him remain here, he is diamond, Warden says okay on your guarantee, i am forgiving him this time, Aradhya is happy, Warden says i will call Aryan and will make him promise that he will not do this again infront of you, he calls Aryan in his office, Aradhya thinks what will happen now? she driks water.
Shashwat is finding file, his daughter brings it, she says i have listened that Devdasies are not given food and water, how can they do this? Shashwat says its Aaba’s decision, i cant to anything, she says but this is not right, Shashwat sas every generation follow some traditions and customs, your grand father is tied to some customs too, there are rules in customs and those who dont follow it will get punished, daughter says but this way they will die, shashwat says dont get involved in all this, you are new generation you can change all this by studying, daughter leaves, Pavitra and Nakku sees Shashwat, Shashwat says to servant to bring rice carton and veggies.
Tulsi asks Kaka to bring grocery from city, Goda says i will bring food from my house, she says no else Aaba will be angry on you too. Kumudini asks where are you sending Kaka? she says to Pune for grocery, Kumudini says what you want? that i should beg and sit in Aaba’s feet to give us food, you want me to do this? but that will be last day of my life, Tulsi says i am not saying this for me but for you, your health is not fine, you have to eat something, Kumudini says dont worry, Krishan is with us, you will see someone will come from this village with food for us, i dont want Aaba to laugh on us when we will bring food from Pune, just trust me
Aryan comes to warden and says i am sorry for my mistake but dont throw me out of college, Warden says your granny ave convinced me, he looks at Aradhya and says you? she says yes i am your granny, you were in problem so i had to come, Aryan says yes granny you have saved me, you are best, he hugs her tightly, Aradhya whispers to him that leave me, dont try to be oversmart, Aryan whispers that i am smart by birth and i have got to meet my dead granny after so many days, she breaks hug and holds his ear, she pulls it and says i promise you he will not do it again, Aryan says i will not do it, he pulls her cheeks, warden says seems like he listens to you alot granny, Aryan says yes i listen to her alot, she kicks his feet, he touches her feet, they leave from there.
They come out of office, Aryan says i didnt know you are such good actress, thanks for saving me, Aradhya says i didnt know you were doing all that fro your friend Varun, he says its fine, she says i wanna thank you for.. Varun comes there and says hello granny,Aryan laughs and says see carefully, he says Aradhya? Aryan says yes, Aradhya starts to leave, Aryan says you wanted to thank me for something? lets meet for coffee? Aradhya is surprised, he says i am not calling for date, music plays, Aradhya nods and leaves.
Pavitra comes to Shashwat and says you are giving grocery to them? give my jewelry to them too, Shashwat says no they just need grocery, you will meet them too, Pavitra says i will never meet those devdasies, Shashwat says deveasies? i am sending this food to employ of factory who was thrown out by Aaba, his family is suffering so i thought to help them, its useless to talk to you, Shashwat leaves.
Village people are in Tamre’s house, people say that we dont like the fact that devdasies are hungry but we cant do anything else Aaba will punish us, village people leave from there. Tamre says those women blessed our daughter then how can we eat when they are hungry? Tamre’s wife says we cant do anything as Aaba will not leave us then.
Aaba says to banwari that they wll hungry now, Banwari says they will be in your control now, Aaba says i will kill them like this, they will come to us begging and pleading for mercy, Banwari laughs.

Scene 2
Tamre comes to Kumudini and Tulsi’s house, he gives them food, Tulsi says if Aaba knows it then.. Tamre says what will he do? he will punish me so i will bear it, i cant see people hungry who have blessed my daughter, this is Parsad of Krishan, i have first presented this food to Krishan, Kumudini says this is Parsad? she takes it and gives to Tulsi and Kaka too, Tamre says many people in village think that wrong is happening with you all, soon Aaba will realize it too, he greets them and leaves, Kumudini comes to Krishan and thanks him, Tulsi prays to him, Kumudini plays shank, Tulsi and Kaka leaves. Kumudini says i told Aaba that my Krishan will not let us be hungry, he sent his parsad, see your slap was slapped to you only.
Aradhya and Aryan comes in restaurant for coffee, Aradhya says coffee is so expansive here, Aryan orders cappuccino, Aradhya orders water, he says i will pay for it as i have to called you here, Aradhya says no i order what i can afford, he says i will not like it if you remain hungry, he says i have brought fruits with me, its healthy you know, you have sent so much fruits that i eat three times a day, i didnt want to waste it, Aryan smiles, he asks why you wanted to thank me? she says that night, in Krishnvati, it was me whom you saved, he is stunned and asks what you were doing there? Aradhya says they were making an innocent girl a Devdasi, i lost it and tried to save her so they attacked me, Aryan says you are mad, you shouldnt have put your life in danger, Aradhya says but we cant let stupid things happen, Aryan says these village people follow some customs and tradition and we just cant go against them like this, we cant fight with whole world’s wrong things, i mean as a friend you should be careful, Aradhya thinks something, Aryan says if you are planning something dangerous again then tell me i will arrange horse again, Aradhya looks at him and smiles, she thinks that thank God you came there and saved me that day else dont know what would have happened to Tulsi and Kumudini, if they knew it, music plays.

Scene 2
Tulsi says to Kumudini that our expense are raising, in city we used work, like i used to work for NGO and you used to teach dance but what we will do here? also we have to give Aradhya’s college fees too. Kumudini says i will give my land here for plantation, Tuli says i was thinking to teach dance to kids here but i dont know if they will come, Kumudini says dont think much, Tamre will help us too, dont think much this is great idea, Tulsi asks her to eat medicines, she goes to sleep, Kumudini throws away medicines.
Aryan says to Varun that i will take you all to lunch today, Varun says you seem to have got lottery. Shivani comes there and hugs Varun, Aryan is surprised, Shivani says because of you and Aradhya, we are together again, Aryan smiles, he asks if Aradhya is not coming with us for lunch? Shivani says no, she has debate competition tomorrow so she is practicing for it, Aryan says i think i will not go with you both on lunch, i have some work and i dont want to disturb you both, he leaves.
Banwari tells Aaba that devdasies have offered to teach dance to kids of village, aaba says only this was remaining, now they will make girls of this village dancers, we have to shut their shop, stop them.
Tulsi is going from street, Raghu comes to her and says you must have tried but no one will send their kids to you for dancing, Tulsi says its not your fault as you work for Aaba, Raghu says we will not let you teach dance to anyone, nobody wants to die to here, he leaves.
Aradhya is working in her room, Aryan calls her, she asks who is speaking? he says you forgot me so soon? she says no, he says come to your balcony, she comes and sees Aryan standing down the balcony, he waves to her, she does too, he says you come down as i cant come up else i will have to call my granny again, Aradhya smiles, music plays, she says i am working on debate competition, i am busy, he says i want to talk about debate competition only so come down, Aradhya ends call and comes down.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Tulsi that i will see to it, you will definitely teach dance to kids. Aaba says till i am alive, i wont let this happen, people come in Kumudini’s house, she stops them. Aryan says to Aradhya that you have debate competition so i thought to help so i have brought carrot and spinach for you, its good for mind, Aradhya throws spinach on him and says its good for you too, she runs behind him, they both smile.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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