Krishnadasi 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan asks Shravani to not lose grip on rope, he pulls her upward, he asks her to not lose focus, he holds the area of rope where it was about to tear, Aryan pulls her upward and holds her hand, Shravani smiles at him slightly. Aryan brings Shravani out of well, Aryan holds Shravani in his arms and says nothing will happen to you, Shravani faints.
Shashwat says to aaba that i will help Pavitra, you are ill. Aaba says i have called Pavitra my daughter for first time, let me try, i will pacify people to help us, Shashwat says you dont worry, i will go, Aaba says no i want to myself so that my women of house proudly say that their grand father did something for them, he goes.
Shravani is brought home, Aryan rubs Shravani’s hands, she wakes up and recalls how Aryan saved

her, she thinks that he is nice man, he cares for me like i am his wife, for first time someone cared for me so much, i never saw someone so concerned about me, Aryan covers her with towel and rubs her hands, he is concerned about her. Aradhya says to Shravani that i am sorry, i am feeling guilty, Kumudini says this all happened because of you, she would have died because of you, why dont you die, Aryan sadly looks at Aradhya, Shravani thinks that till this girl is here, Aryan will have his attention to her, she is prick in my way, Aryan hints Aradhya to calm down and leave. Shravani faints again, Aradhya leaves. Aryan lifts Shravani in arms and takes her to room. Nakku says to Kumudini that this girl came closer to Aryan by jumping in well. Shravani thinks that there is peace in his arms, feels like i should stay in his arms forever.
Aaba asks one woman for help but she says i dont want to see your face, aaba says i know i behaved cruelly with everyone but please forgive me, i need help, she leaves. Aaba knocks every door, she pleads to woman that help me, i will put your slippers on my head but please help my daughter Pavitra, nobody listens to him. aaba is dejected, Shashwat comes to his rescue, aaba hugs him and cries, he says no one is helping Shashwat.
Gayetri comes home and sees Pavitra stitching sarees, she says dont worry aaba and baba will bring some help, Pavitra prays for help. Shashwat and aaba comes back sadly, aaba says i have done alot of sins in life thats why nobody wants to help me in Krishnavati, forgive me, seems like even God doesnt want help me too, he starts going to his room when some women comes there, one woman says we are poor but not from heart, God gives chance to everyone, Aradhya has loved and taught girls on this village and now today her aayi is in trouble and woman doesnt leave other woman in trouble, we hold each others hands to bring out from trouble, other woman says we will help you but we will need wages for it, aaba thanks them and says i will gives wages. Women start working. They bring their swing machines, Shashwat brings clothes for them, they start stitching when Aradhya comes there and sees it all, she smiles and sits beside Pavitra. Aaba is happy to see it, Shashwat says how will we arrange wage money? aaba says i only had hope and see how people have come to help, dont worry Lord will somehow help with wage too. Everything will be fine.
Aryan brings Shravani to her room and says you are my responsibility, Shravani says nobody cared for me this much like you are doing, she locks eye with him, Aryan says you take rest, if you need anything then call me, i will servant close to you, good night, Aryan leaves. Shravani closes her eyes and recalls how Aryan saved her from drowning, she says for once i was pale for life but second moment he held my hand, i have found care taker for real.
Nakku says to Kumudini that Aryan has become care taker for real, he is taking care of her like real husbands, Kumudini says if i knew Aryan will melt when Shravani falls in well then i would have pushed Shravani in well earlier, women in trouble is Aryan’s weakness, remember how Aryan used to save Aradhya from troubles, Pavitra must have told him stories in childhood that Prince saves princess from problems, i just hope that Shravani remains in problems so Aryan can keep saving her and forget that Aradhya, she says to Nakku that i will distribute food in poor tomorrow.
Its morning, Aradhya prays to Lord and thanks for helping he aayi. She says now i just want to solve Aryan and my life,n help us. She turns to see Aryan standing in mandir, he broadly smiles at her, she says you here? Aryan says i listened your heart and came here, Aradhya says i am criminal of Shravani, Aryan says i hate tears, ARadhya says dialogues doesnt suite you, Aryan says see feelings behind them, dont blame yourself for all this, we both doubted her, ARadhya says but i started doubting her without proofs, i didnt even think that she is alone in life and became evil, Aryan says mistakes happen with human, Aradhya says i will try to pacify Shravani, Aryan says okay tell me how is Pavitra’s business going? i mean your aayi.. she says what? he says i mean our aayi. Aradhya thanks him for calling her aayi, she says some women came to help but they are asking wages and we dont have money, Aryan says i will give it, Aradhya says but aaba wont take it, Aryan says yes after all he is Vidyadhar Rao, i have an idea, you work in my office, so i can give you loan, Aradhya says thats good idea, Aryan holds her hand and says now if i have solved your hand then.. he hints to give peck on cheeks, Aradhya says Krishan ji dont look here, Aradhya gives kisses on his cheeks and thanks him, Aryan pulls her closer, she says we are in mandir, Aryan says Krishan ji wont mind, he cups her face, she closes her eyes, Aryan says i just want this saree contract to be completed nicely, he kisses her forehead, she hugs him tightly, they feel peace in each others arms. Kumudini and Nakku has seen all this. Nakku says to Kumudini that see, we have come here to pray and see they are attached to each other, seems like you have to take an oath again. Kumudini says she took money from him and hugged him to get it, she is a thief.
Banwari sets up wine and is waiting for Markand. Markand comes from window, markand says i went to steal eggs but i got chicken, Banwari says i dont eat non-veg but chicken is delicious without win, Markand says today is Barkha’s show but we dont have money, Banwari says i have stolen money from Kumudini’s, we will go now, Markand says lets go then.
David comes in venue to see Barkha’s show, he thinks that once Gayetri comes here then problems will be solved. Banwari sees David, Markand he doesnt have wife thats why maybe here. David meets one colleagues of Barkha, he asks if he can meet Barkha, she says you try after show, maybe she will agree to meet you. Markand says to Banwari that lets kiss up to David, maybe he has money and help us. Barkha’s dance starts, she has veil on her face, David thinks that how will i know who is she? she has veil on her face, Barkha dances on stage, people are enjoying. One man goes on stage and dances. Markand asks her to take off her veil. David comes on stage and acts like dancing with her, he tries to take off her veil, he thinks that i have to see her face. Gayetri comes there and sees David dancing with Barkdha on stage. Lights are switched off, everyone is tensed, lights comeback, Barkha has gone, host says Barkha is angry with this behavior so she has left. David sees Gayetri and goes behind her. Gayetri says you called me here to show how you cheaply dancing with her? i came here leaving my aayi thinking maybe you would prove me wrong today but your real face has come out to me today.

Scene 2
Kumudini asks Nakku if Pavitra’s contract has been cancelled or not? Nakku says i couldnt cancel her order, Kumudini says should i slap you? do you love your old owners? Nakku says i am loyal to my owner who gives me money, Kumudini says then why did you not cancel order? Nakku says when i went there, i got to know Jairaj is behind all this contract, i thought instead of cancelling order, we should torture Raj and Pavitra both thats why i didnt cancel it, Kumudini says you are becoming intelligent by be with me, i will hit two bullseye now, i will destroy Raj’s business and Pavitra’s contract too. Kumudini gives money to Nakku and asks her to give it to truck driver who will be taking sarees of Pavitra and ask him to abandon truck instead of taking it for contract completion, dont let Aryan know this then he will go to help Aradhya like prince, i wont let Pavitra become stable.
All women are working in aaba’s house. Shashwat is helping Pavitra. Aradhya and aaba brings tea and breakfast for everyone. Aradhya says we are going good. Whole Rao family is busy in making sarees, Aradhya says if we work like this then we will complete consignment, shashwat says then we will be able to rest too. Aradhya asks aaba to rest, Aaba says i will like to be here with everyone, dont worry about me. Aradhya serves refreshment to everyone, she sees Aaba coughing, she drags him and makes him sit on swing. aaba thanks Lord for everything.
Raj says veiled Barkha that i know you like to dance but you shouldnt have come to Krishnavati, thank God i came here on right time, she tries to take off her veil but he says dont do it, it will be problem, he says you dont know how much i love you, be calm for somedays then you can dance as much as you want and from now on, ask me before any dance show, he kisses her forehead and hugs her, he takes her from there.
Someone knocks Shravani’s door, she wakes up and says who is it? she opens door to see Kumudini, Shravani says i am sorry, i didnt wake up on time, Kumudini says i have work with you. Shravani thinks if i am getting some money? Kumudini shows powder to Shravani, Shravani says i didnt buy it, Kumudini says i bought it, you will do what servant did, its not dangerous, mix it in milk and make Aryan drink it, Shravani why is it needed? Kumudini says i have to keep Aryan away from Aradhya, she will call him for help and i dont want him to go, she doesnt leave him alone, she asks Shravani if she will do her work? Shrvani says okay aaji, Kumudini gives her powder and just think nice, nice will happen, she leaves. Shravani says she is aaji of witches, she is doing what i want to do, i dont like Aradhya meeting Aryan, she smirks at powder.

PRECAP- Saree cartons are loaded in trucks, Raj’s men are hiding drugs in them when Aradhya comes out and sees it, she says what are you people doing? she sees driver missing so she starts driving truck. Raj gets to know that Aradhya is driving his drugs, he orders his men to kidnap her and bring her to him. Aradhya is tied in big bag and has brought to Raj, he points gun at her and says we have to clear old debts.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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    Aara z the best..😍😍😍😍😍😍No more wordz…The whole mahaepisode was gorgeous..And i don’t wana say it..bcoz all had posted in above…😝😚

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    Thanks guys keep commenting and sharing ur views we got 71comments!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚bcoz KD ROCKSS!!!!!

  3. Maleesha

    How can bhamini be alive? According to the previous epis, it was shown that she suisided coz of saras’ s marriage with michale. definately rao family would have done her last rites after her death. Then how can this be possible.? Soo much confusion. ….. eagerly waiting for the nxt epi.

    • Manya


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      Yess me too have d same confusion AND if aru was driving then how can aryan be kidanpped and jairaj also said that a beautiful girl is driving the tempo Didthe goons find aryan a beautiful girlπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Maleesha

    Guys, do anyone have an idea abt where can I download arra bg music mp3. It’s the best serial background music I’ve heard ever.. it’s soo heart touching..

  5. Maleesha

    Guys I know our commenting rate KD is less than sm other serials. But the thing to be happy is, our comments are meaningful & logical. I’visit sm pages of other serials. There i’ve notised that sm of them are fighting with other’s opinions & many of those comments have no value. But in our case most importantly we respect each other’s thoughts.. we don’t need any special friendship day as we always celebrate it. In my point of view most of us have not met with each other. Bt even after that the bond btwn us is strong. So don’t worry guys.. just chill!!β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

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    Firstly HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to everyone and guys I saw a new selfie of Tasha (gayetri)and sana(Aradhya)and Sana was dressed like a Sardar seems like something interesting what do u think???

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    Guyssssss go to YouTube and type krishnadasi 7th August 2016 on location I wanted to gave u the link but till now my comment is not shown in that aara are wearing white clothes and are doing Asthi visarjan is tulsi’s Asthi visarjan done???

  13. Meenakshi

    Yup , Tulsi’s asthi visarjan is done in the same day when Aryan divorced Aru!! By the way , signing divorce paper isn’t enough to get divorce na ? There are court procedures too !! They haven’t ever shown it so legally speaking Aru is still Aryan’s wife πŸ˜› πŸ˜› I hope someone will make Kumudini understand it someday !! Nd Bhamini , arreyy she was shown hanged & dead!! How can she be back ?!? If she was alive then why she never tried to comeback ? Ohh Yeh our writers have memory problem nd as I said earlier Bhamni is a positive character so it doesn’t matter whether she’s a walking dead or resurrection !! Who will rescue Aru from Jairaj? Aryan won’t be there na ? Then how will she escape ?

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    Wow!!!!117comments after a long time. Missing KD a lot.due to my xams i couldn’t see . KD is back on its track.but now a days there are lot of villains in this serial kumudini,jairaj.,shravani. But i’m sure aradhya and aryan will handle them together .but so confused about bamni entry.they said she hanged herself in the earlier episodes then how will she come back????? Again I’m so sad that i cant watch KD till13th ……. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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