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Krishnadasi 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Uday says to Aradhya that you have to move ahead, you have to fight war for your family. aaba says nobody thought about you so you dont have to think about them, its payback time. Aradhya says i am sorry, i got distracted for a moment, nobody has right to cheat us, i will go there. Aaba says first i will go there, Uday says they will recognize you, Aaba says yes but they wont recognize manager Deevan of princess Aruna, he smirks, Aradhya looks on.
Aryan is outside mandir. One man covered in veil comes there, Aryan gives him money and says if you need more money then tell me, now go, nobody should see you here, man leaves. Aryan is leaving mandir when he strikes with Banwari and Markand, Banwari asks how is that person? Aryan says whom? Markand says the one who bought your haveli?

Aryan says she is princess Aruna of somewhere, he leaves. Banwari says are you thinking what i am thinking? Markand smirks.
Shravani asks Nakku to give handcuffs, Nakku says Aryan will be angry to see her tied, Shravani says you saw how she was using knife on us, she can kill herself too, we have to tie her. Shravani ties Kumudini’s hands with chains and ties other end to bed post, she thinks that now lie here and chant Aradhya’s name, her ghost will come to meet you.
Its morning, Aradhya asks Uday if she can ask something? Uday says queen Aruna is asking permission? i am flattered, ask anything. Aradhya says this is mine and Aaba’s fight, you have already wasted so much time, you should think about your life, Uday says who says that i am not thinking about myself? people dont know that my life is attached with someone, he stares Aradhya, Aradhya feels awkward, Uday says just joking, lets go. Aradhya finds lighter on table, she asks whose it is? Uday says it must be of Aryan. Aradhya says he has started smoking? doesnt he know how bad it is for health? Uday says you are going to destroy his life but thinking about his health? Aradhya says i didnt mean that, Uday says if you get distracted then you will miss hitting right spot, he takes lighter from her. They hear door knocking, Uday says i will check. He goes to open it.
Shravani says to Nakku that bring bouquet, i will give it to queen, i have to have good impression. She asks why you have kept only 2-3 bottles of water on table? Nakku says you didnt give money for more, Shravani asks her to bring more, i will give money later. Aaba comes there dressed as sardar in safari suit. He asks Shravani to drink that water first, Shravani says who are you to order me? aaba says this is Aruna’s house and i am her manager, i have come to check everything so that nothing wrong happens with her, Shravani says sorry i made mistake, i will drink water, we have brought most expensive, she drinks water, Aaba says Aruna will use this water to wash her hands, i have brought special water for queen, servant brings water bottles, Shravani says yes check whole house, when will queen come? Aaba says when i will call her that everything is fine then i will ask her to come, now go and bring all food, Shravani asks Nakku to bring it, aaba says no you will bring it, Shravani says okay and leaves. Aaba thinks that Shravani your reverse counting has started, your sins will pay you now, where is Kumudini? is she celebrating her victory still?
Banwari and Markand comes to Aradhya’s house. Aradhya turns her face from them. Banwari says we have come to greet queen, Uday says she doesnt meet people like this, who asked you people to come? Markand says you people must need staff, take us, Uday says we dont need it, we have to go to haveli. Markand says we can tell secrets of haveli, two mad women live there, one is Kumudini and other is Shravani. Aradhya says the one who can snitch on their old boss, how can we trust them? Banwari says Uday tell her how much we helped aaba, our old boss, Aradhya says fine, i will think about you two after dinner. Uday ask them to leave, they leave. Uday says lets go for dinner queen, Aradhya nods.
Aaba is searching for Kumudini in haveli, he says that jerk must be around. He opens door of room to find Kumudini tied to bed, he is shocked to see Kumudini in that state, he thinks why she is tied?
Markand and Banwari gives parsad to Nakku, she asks whats the matter? Banwari says we want queen to give us job in this haveli, Nakku says this time if you both succeed then it will make your life. Shravani asks everything is ready? Nakku says yes, Nakku asks Banwari and Markand to hide.
Shravani asks where are you Deevan sir? Aaba moves away from Kumudini’s room, Shravani asks what are you doing upstairs, Aaba says i want to check whole house, Shravani thinks that i hope he didnt see oldie Kumudini tied to bed, Aaba says lets go, queen must be coming.

Scene 2
Aryan comes home, Shravani makes him meet Aaba saying he is Aruna’s manager, he greets him, Shravani holds his hand and says we husband and wife are excited to meet her, Aaba says she might be coming soon. aaba gets call and says queen you have come? okay i will come, he goes out. Shravani says lets go Aryan, lets greet queen, she drags him.
Announcer announces that Queen of Sangapur Aruna Devi is coming. Aradhya comes there with Uday, Aryan and all are shocked. Shravani drops bouquet being shocked. Banwari says she is exactly like Aaru, Markand says how can this be possible. Aryan is emotional seeing her, Aradhya stares him, Shravani pinches herself to believe this is not dream. Aryan murmurs Aradhya.. Aaba says queen.. Aradhya composes herself and says who Aradhya? Aryan tries to hug her but Aaba pushes him away and says how dare you to touch queen? dont do this mistake again, Uday says she is my fiance, trying to touch her infront of me only? Aradhya says Deevan what kind of people are they? she says Uday who is this Aradhya, Uday says there is long story behind it, this man is Aryan, owner of this house and you see those photos on wall, you will understand everything, Aradhya sees her photo with garland on it, she goes to check it. Banwari and Markand are scared. Banwari says Kumudini was right that her Aaru will come and she came, Markand says i saw her shadow, she cant be ghost, her feet was right side too, Banwari says maybe ghosts have become modern, Markand says ghost doesnt come in camera, they capture Aradhya’s photo, Banwari says maybe modern ghosts do come in camera, aaba comes to them, he says you were taking queen’s photo? Markand says she is not queen but ghost, aaba says how dare you call her ghost? i will throw you in hot oil.
Aradhya says people do say that there doppelgangers, who was she? your wife? Shravani says they divorced, she died, i am his wife now, she died, Aradhya says you are illmannered, you dont even know how to talk about deceased people, Shravani says sorry, Aradhya says you married again, your second wife doesnt respect your first wife then why keep her photo here? but lets leave it, we just want this Haveli to make hotel here, we dont care about its history, Uday says our dreams will start from here now.
Banwari asks Aaba since when he is working for queen? Aaba says our last two generations are working for them, Banwari says i was right, she is not Aradhya’s ghost, Aaba says ghost again? i will beat with hunter, Banwari says sorry, her face is exactly like aaba’s grand daughter Aradhya, Aaba shows them glass bottle, they get scared and leaves.
Aradhya says Uday you didnt tell me about Aradhya, who is exactly like me, is there story behind it? Uday says i loved Aradhya a alot, when i saw you, i felt she cameback, Aradhya says this is insult for me, she was like me so you loved me? i forgive you because you are a nice man, thanks Aradhya, i got Uday because of you, he is my love and my fiance and soon we will get married, Aryan is confused and says you are no queen, you are my Aradhya. he pulls her closer, they share eyelock, Aryan’s tears flow from his eyes, Aradhya takes his hand off from shoulders, she is fazed seeing him but moves away, tum hi toh meri jaan plays, Aradhya says i have not come here to listen your stories, she says i have to call someone important, excuse me. Aaba whispers to her to control herself, Shravani leaves from there, Aradhya leaves too, Aryan is hurt.
Shravani comes to kitchen and drinks water to calm herself, Nakku comes and asks if she got deflated seeing Aradhya? Shravani says she is Aruna, Nakku says Aruna or Aaru? they have same face, same height, same voice, Kumudini says was right that Aaru will come, Shravani grabs her wrist and says if you say this again then i will cut your hand, Nakku says why you are scared? Shravani says i am scared of her, i was not afraid of Aradhya, i snatched everything from Aradhya, and where would she bring 35crores in six months? Aradhya used to sell sarees to earn, if she was alive then she would be eating dry roties in jail. Aradhya comes and says who would eat dry roties? you want me to eat it? Shravani says no queen, i was talking about serving food to you, Aradhya says you call guests and now you are deciding food? Shravani says no i was asking Nakku to give you juice, Aradhya says leave it, i just want to take a tour around Haveli, want to see if pillars are strong enough, Shravani says trust me, its all fine, Aradhya says i dont even trust my sister, she backstabbed me, shravani says what you mean? Aradhya says my younger sister used to love wealth, property money, she tried to take my life so i went to America and now i have to snatch everything from her which she took from me then i will tell her where she stands today and where i stand today, Shravani gulps down listening this.

PRECAP- Aryan grabs Aradhya’s wrists and says why you have come to buy this house? why you are saying that you are Aruna and not Aradhya? i know you are my Ardahya, stop this drama and tell what is this? Aradhya slaps him hard, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh my god i am so excited for tomorrow’s episode. Aaru please observe aryan & try to understand him. Precap is so sad. Hope aaru see kumudini. Sravani game starts now. U will go to jail for sure.

  2. aryan is providing help to rao parivar iska matlab aryan knows shravani’s evilness…..ten y he remains silent….even now they are dragging … many things to happen on just few days……

  3. i’m sure that hidden person was david or maybe shashwat and aryan knows about them aaba should do something as he saw kumu tied up
    aryan’s emotions were so true

    1. Ua right.

  4. Omgg!!!whts gng on….I’m totally depressed with aru….how come she misunderstand Aryan ….tis is a bakwas love story in which no trust on each other only misunderstandings….anyhow guys I’m a silent reader till now from the beginning of kd my fav but really sad as it I gng offff…..miss aru nd aryan

  5. Hello guys…I’m a silent reader from the beginning of kd my fav❤ but really sad as it is gng offf…..i feel tis love ❤ story is not gudd…becaz there is no trust on each other then where will the love live nd I’m disappointed with aru…how come she misunderstand Aryan..hope everything will be fine soon…want aara back….sravani nd uday go to hell ?

    1. Hloo..Shree..Happy to c u here.

  6. plse unite Aara soon…i ll really miss kd…all cast..esply kum pvr Aara tulsi

  7. y no 1 is commentng…wat happnd???…
    hatng kD kya….

    1. Nop..Shivani..Loving them frm the squre of infinity..??Gona miss them..

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