Krishnadasi 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nakku says to aaba that Chimaji’s man has come to meet you, he leaves, Kumudini asks Aradhya to go in kitchen and bring breakfast, she leaves, Kumudini asks Aryan what he was talking to Aradhya? was he talking about love? he says nothing like that, i was just.. she teases him and says lets have breakfast.
Aradhya comes to Pavitra in kitchen and says can i help you? Pavitra says you have not become daughter in law of this house, you have come to meet Aryan so meet him, Purva comes there, Pavitra says help me in work, Purva says this right is not mine, i dont like to cook too, she leaves, Pavitra says to Aradhya that you are still standing here? are you trying to show right? okay i will leave, she leaves, Shashwat sees all this and comes to Aradhya, he says i want halwa, Aradhya

says but aunty? he says i am your baba, i will help you in making halwa, Aradhya is sad and has tears in her eyes, Shashwat says it will be salty halwa because of your tears, she laughs, he says i will help you, she says dont worry, i will make it, he says okay and leaves.
Aaba mets Chimaji’s man, Chimaji’s name is chosen for some high post in saint group, another competitor will compete with him, Aaba says this great news, man says Chimaji is not here, he has gone to help people against water drought, aaba says he will win this position, man says he has to do something big for society only then he will be given position, Aradhya comes there and says to aaba that i have made halwa, Aaba says serve Chimaji’s man first, man doesnt seem to happy to see her, she serves it to him, man says to aaba that Chimaji has said, if anyone gives him any great idea for competition then he will grant him or her one wish, that person will be lucky, Aaba says i will find that person soon, Aradhya listens it, man eats halwa.
Saras says to David that Gayetri’s husband has left her, he is not in Krishnawati, dont worry, Saras says she is my niece, she couldnt even got her brother’s sangeet, when i asked her, she said that she will not go to his house till her husband doesnt accept her, what kind of man is that who left such nice girl? she asks David to find that man, i want to set him right, i dont want Gayetri’s life to be filled with problems too, David gets tensed and says okay i will try, he gives her medicines and asks her to rest, he leaves. David comes out of room, he thinks if Gayetri is pressurizing him by telling Saras of her problems?
Kumudini asks Aradhya to serve everyone food, Aryan points Aradhya to sit beside him, Kumudini asks Deshmukh if his daughter Purva can cook? he doesnt answer her, Aradhya serves Aryan, Shashwat asks her to sit down, Kumudini says sit beside Aryan, nobody will say anything, Purva gets angry, Aradhya sits beside Aryan, Aryan holds Aradhya’s hand under table, she gets tensed, Shashwat asks Aryan to eat, he says yes its hot, Aradhya whispers to Aryan to leave her hand, Aryan says leave it yourself, Kumudini asks Aaba to eat, he says i am eating, you stop talking and eat. Kumudini asks Aradhya why she is eating with left hand? Aryan says she has pain in right hand, Shashwat asks what happened? i will give you cream to apply, she nods, she stares Aryan who smirks at her, Purva sees Aryan holding Aradhya’s hand under table, she gets angry and says i am done with breakfast, she leaves, aaba angrily looks at Aryan, Aradhya is struggling to free her hand, Pavitra doubts them too.
Aaba comes to Purva, she is in tears, he says you dont have to say anything, i know you dont like them together, Purva says you said that Aryan will marry me then how can i see my would be husband romancing with someone else? Aaba says just wait for sometime, dont let anyone know about our hatred towards Aradhya, we will attack them on right time, it be strong blow that will break relation forever, Purva says but their relation is becoming strong each passing day, how can i see it? will Aryan be able to love me that much? Aaba says if i have called you here again then i must have thought something, love will change and only you will sit in marriage mandap with Aryan, he will marry you and will love you only.
Tulsi is in market, she thinks that i have to find secret before Aradhya’s marriage, Shankari can tell me only. She comes to Shankari’s house but sees it locked, man tells Tulsi that they have gone on vacations, shankari got lottery, Tulsi thinks if someone is deliberately trying to keep Shankari away? if Aayi?
aaba says to Kumudini that you have come to talk about marriage? Kumudini says you will say that we have not done marriage nicely thats why i am asking you what kind of marriage you want? aaba laughs and says you are asking like you will have marriage in 5star hotel, talk with respect to your status, Kumudini says i know my status and i know your status too thats why i am asking, Aaba says your status is 0, i will tell you about Purva’s status, Deshmukh wanted destination wedding for them, you may not know what it means? this is in fashion, you would not know it, i will make you understand, this means that going to some other city and doing wedding there, all guests should be taken there, do you have status to do this destination wedding? Kumudini gets silent, aaba says now go and do preparations as per your status, he thinks that in end Aradhya will not become daughter in law of this house so she can do anything, he asks Nakku to bring juice for her as per her status, i have to go to mandir for Chimaji’s work, he leaves.
David thinks that i never thought Gayetri will emotional blackmail Saras and will try to reach me, i will talk to her, he stops nurse and asks about Gayetri, nurse says i didnt see her. One nurse comes there and says Gayetri had accident, she is in ICU, David runs. He comes in ICU and sees its someone else and not his Gayetri, he comes out. Gayetri comes there and says nurse told me that you were finding me? David hugs her and says thank God you are fine, David thinks i got afraid thinking about she being hurt, whats happening with me, Gayetri smiles and hugs him back, David breaks hug and leaves from there, Gayetri looks on and smiles.

Scene 2
Aryan and Aradhya comes to Mandir, they listen people talking that there is so much water drought, Aradhya says to Aryan that i have an idea, he says you have mind? she says i am serious, Chimaji wants to do something for people so that he will win competition, we should start water saving campaign, it will make him win and will save water too, aryan says this is brilliant idea, it will have 3benefits, Chimaji will win position, people will get water and third one will be you can ask anything fro your mother’s respect from him, aradhya says i didnt think about it, i dont understand how you get these ideas, i love you for this, Aradhya says dont praise, we have to give them awareness, Aryan says they think pooja will make them get water, they need to understand that they have to work hard only then God will help them, Aradhya says nice.
Aryan and Aradhya meet villagers, she says idea is to save water, you can use one bucket instead of 3buckets for bath, you can avoid washing clothes daily, you should not waste water like drinking half glass of water and leaving half in glass, you should repair nulls in your house if they are leaking, move your kitchen’s sewage system to farms, it will provide water to farms, we should do rain water harvesting, people ask whats that? Aradhya says we will make tank, when rain will happen, water will be collected in tank which we can use later, world use these formulas, aryan says we dont accept these tricks thats why rain doesnt benefit us, villagers agree, Chimaji’s man says we will start this campaign, villagers we will teach whole village, Aaba comes there, Chimaji’s man says Aradhya have many good ideas to save water, her hardwork will make Chimaji win competition, Kumudini smirks.
Tulsi comes to Kumudini’s room and searches for pass book, she finds it and sees money transferred to another travel agency, she says i was right, Kumudini have given tickets to Shankari so she leaves from here, whats the truth she wants to hide?
Aradhya says to villagers that we have to work hard, villagers says we are ready, Aryan says we have to dig 21feet pit, Banwari thinks that Aryan has roaming around Aradhya, old man(aaba) is silent and old lady(Kumudini) is standing in ego, Kumudini thinks that aaba was talking alot in morning, now i will show him, Kumudini says to villagers that Aradhya keep thinking good for this village, you all know she is going to marry Aaba’s grand son Aryan, first we thought to do destination wedding by going to Mauritius, aaba corrects her pronunciation, Kumudini says it meant spending money but now after seeing water drought we thought to help you people with that money so my great Aaba thought to finance this pit digging, he has taken responsibility to give money for this campaign, am i right aaba? he says yes, Banwari thinks that she will destroy aaba, Kumudini says till we dont get water in village, aaba will bring water from outside village with his money for you all, he will help Aradhya too, all clap for aaba, Kumudini says i pray that you get more money aaba and you get big heart, nobody will get anything with this destination wedding, its just show off, there is no big destination than Krishan mandir, Aradhya agrees, she says if they get married here then Krishan will bless them, Aryan agrees and says i dont like show off, its great that you have taken financial responsibility of Aradhya’s campaign, this is biggest gift of our marriage, Aaba says if our daughter in law is doing good work then how can we move back? he says to villagers that this great work is happening because of Chimaji and his blessing, because of him we got this chance, if he had not come to Krishnawati then this wouldnt possible, all chant for Chimaji, aaba smirks at Kumudini, Kumudini says rich people try to up ego even after losing, she says we will start digging pit from tomorrow, after this work is completed, aryan and Aradhya will get married, all are invited from aaba’s side, you all should come, villagers leave.
Aryan and Aradhya are walking, Aradhya says with people’s support, this water drought will go away but dont know about aayi’s wish, Aryan says it will be fulfilled too, Chimaji said that he will fulfill wish of person who is doing work for him, he will do your kanyadan but he doesnt deserve to be called your father, Aradhya says i dont accept him as father too, my aayi is enough for Kanyadan, i just want to give justice, respect to my aayi, she has raised me alone, have fought for me, she have raised me like i am her sin, she is married but living like devdasi, i want to remove her name from all this, i dont care if Chimaji will fulfill his promise or not, i want to do this work, Aryan holds her from shoulders and says you dont know what you are, because of you my distance with Shashwat has gone, you have no idea, you can do magic, that egoistic Chiamji have to bow down to you, your aayi will get her rights, i am blessed to have you in my life, he kisses her forehead, Aaba sees this from far and thinks that he can love as much as he wants as she is devdasi and will remain so, he will marry Purva not some Devdasi’s daughter.

PRECAP- Aradhya is aarti of sun on terrace, Pavitra thinks that i cant let Aryan marry devdasi’s daughter, i have to do something to stop this marriage, Pavitra comes from behind and pushes Aradhya from terrace, Aradhya falls down and lies in pool of blood on floor, Aryan comes there and sees terrace then Aradhya.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Diya

    Killing of aradhaya seem like another dream sequences. I had read that pavitra would be tensed seeing Aryan and aradhaya closeness… as usual nakku would poison her mind and ask her kill aradhaya. I don’t if pavitra would kill her

  2. Priyaraj

    its is so cruel of pavitra to kill a person so that she doesnt bcm daughter-in-law, but this happens in reality if a girl is not wanted in house then she is killed. I just wish the real life situation improves.

    • Appy

      ye sirf pvitra ka ek sapna hoga, reality nhi jesa ki kumudini ka tha ki shankari ne sab ku6 bta dia same wesa hi.

  3. Sneha

    yeh poorva aunty ko hatao yaar…..stupid girl…precap is so scary…..pavitra wud 1 day find it hard to even regret her actions

  4. manikarnika

    Ohhh noo scary precap, pavitra pushed aaru and aryan watched it,ab ye typical drama na krde aryan taking blame of her mother and all that,seriously to kill sumone, u hv to kill your conscience and pavitra did that, pavitra wil repent badly after knowing her relation with aaradhya

  5. Nimisha

    Really enjoying this show.

    Love how Aryan supports Aru and how he shows his affection for her, love,y couple!

    Pavitra in the Precap… OMG!!! Scary! And abba sahib is evil. I though purva was an educated girls but now she can see how much Aryan love Aru and still wants to marry him. Not only did the actress change but so did her personality, the previous version seemed more feisty and no nonsense, this version seems weak and selfish,

    • shraddha

      priyanka purohit i.e the actress who plays purva confirmed that the character is going to be out and out negative

  6. Rena

    I don’t want purva back n the shower w she is going to make everything had yaar apps itz just another dream don’t know why f it is true hopefully it is

  7. Rufina

    Today’s epi was nice….today I loved shaswat alot…his support n encouragement to aradhya….

  8. Rufina

    N also liked the fact that David started falling for gayathri….i think that soon they will be United…..

  9. Rufina

    Precap is scary…..but the only sparkle hope is aryan watched it….He will definitely save aradhya n bring the truth out that pavitra pushed aradhya…its only my guess…..

  10. Rufina

    I think killing of aradhya is not a dream sequence because pavitra has various reason to kill aradhya. ….n in the precap they showed aryan watching it …If it is a dream of pavitra then she won’t dream that aryan will come to help aradhya. …so I think it’s not pavitra dream…..its only my point

  11. Rufina

    Bro i will read the ff lately as my father took the net card from me soo I will read it in the afternoon……

  12. Aaliya

    Hope its not a dream… I would like to ask if purva was there in the tamil version too… someone please reply

  13. Cutex

    Guys its not a dream and nothing will happen to aradaya because Aryan will save her so chillll

  14. Rufina

    Guys krishnai aka WW has created a poll on favourite serial n best join in colors…soo go n vote for aara n krishnadaasi pls guys….KRISHNADASI ROCKS….AARA ROCKS….pls vote guys…

  15. Rufina

    Guys today many are missing….why?Tanu, Gopika, ruby, rifa n many….sorry I don’t remember every bodies name….soo mentioned only few…what happen comments are redusing day by day???

  16. neethu

    my heart is already broken becoz of kaala teeka serial epi yesterday and if aryan marry purva then my bp will increase. maybe on the marriage day aru will be locked in a room and purva will take arus place in the mandhap.but my only relief is kumu. but the signs the writer showed us look like aru will be the daughter in law. like when she entered aabas house after marriage the rice scene. i want this purva track to end very soon. anyway if aryan and aru gets married then maybe poorva wil leave.

  17. neethu

    guys i want to ask all of u a qs. i am the only who thinks tht the show is going very fast becoz in tamil the engagement scene was in 100 something but here it is in 70. anyway heard a news and tht is tht the show is going off air in the last week of may dont knaw if its true or not.

  18. aara


    • krishnai aka ww

      ya…… i dont know why… tu didnt post it in balika vadhu, chakravatin ashoka samrat, and krishnadasi……… i m sorry for that guys……. but pls do vote……

  19. hi.. i was very sick so couldn’t comment… the episode was moderate… its good that its stretching.. that’s a good sign for its continuity. … The precap seems dream to me… lol every Friday a terrific dream in KD. ….

    guys a poll had been conducted… a request go to any other fandom.. preferably a fandom page with less fanfic like kasam or nagin so that you can easily find the post.. vote for KD and Aara.. if you don’t want .. then no need.. as you don’t have to prove that you like the show by this method just see the show everyday and its original time and contribute in trp.. that will be enough prove that you love KD. ..
    lol when i write i write so much.. do ignore my blabbermouth.

    • krishnai aka ww

      hi di… hw r u now???? are u alright now. and yes pls do vote guys… though i m the one who created i feel sad that our kd is not getting enough votes… actually its the best but no votes for it….. pls vote….

  20. the trp is 1.1 this week… its the lowest fall still now.. guys.. please see KD in original time on TV please..

    • krishnai aka ww

      actually i m sorry di… my father doesnt let me watch colors tv….. bcoz they keep changing the colour my father said that my eye will get affected so i m unable to watch at original timing…..


  21. Soha

    Ya …the why its so low ..everyone is watching it and mad with the serial …all of u vote aara and krishndasi serial in polldaddy

  22. Rufina

    Tanu u r sick?? nothing serious……take care of ur health tanu…..i pray to god for ur fast recovery…..

  23. Shruti

    hey guys!!!
    I m new here…
    In fact its the first tym I have ever for any serial…
    bt I m a die hard fan of KD
    and also I have read ur previous comments….
    u r like a family..
    can I join ur sweet family????

  24. Alyaa

    Yesterday’s episode was quite interesting and awesome?specially all the romantic scenes of Aryan and Aaradhya (AaRa)??The precap seems a bit shocking but I think that it is Pavitra’s day dream☺??????I really love watching Krishnadasi?I watch it everyday without missing any single episode.☺?Krishnadasi is awesome and amazing??

    • both of them as a couple is Aara.. well their name is similar .. so fans used double A for Aryan and Aradhya.. and rest of the letters are almost similar.

  25. krishnai aka ww

    A Note to all colors Serial’s fans:

    I had made a poll for colors serials to vote for the best serial and Jodi…. Pls do vote for your favorite Jodi and serial.

    Thank you.

  26. Rufina

    sooo less comments guys…..tommorow we have to rock….everybody get ready to reach 300 comments tommorow….i hope i will get ur support guys…….those who were absent today tommorow u guys have to comment ….

    • krishnai aka ww

      i had finished my tenth…. ICSE board from madurai, tamilnadu……. trmw my result and i will be out of station…. so i dont whether i can support u all trmw to increase the no .of comments

  27. gopika

    hey guys I am back!!!! I was busy with some work so I couldn’t comment!!! and I missed yesterday’s episode toooo!!!!!!! but I saw it through…the episode was good!!Aryan holding Aradya’s hand…that was so romantic…….
    Aara rockZzzz
    Krishnadasi rockZzzzz

  28. krishnai aka ww

    GUYS I M VERY HAPPY……. in serial’s list krishnadasi is in 2nd position… pls come on make it to 1st……. try hard everyone……

    in jodi’s list ours is in 4th place………..

    pls do vote na……

  29. krishnai aka ww

    i liked the way Aara hold their hands today……. superb…… so romantic……….

  30. krishnai aka ww

    hey guys i got a news but not sure if it is true..


    • Arshdeep

      Hey krishnai
      just to clarify something

      have you got this info from ikrs page?? If it is then to correct you nimisha di told about the change of time in UK..not in india..!!
      Sorry if i am wrong.

      • krishnai aka ww

        oh… i m not sure… and yes i got it from ikrs… so its not in India???? so sad….

  31. Rufina

    Krishnai aka WW I am not elder to u….i am younger than u….i am going to study 10th standard… I a have call u di….so say ur result(if u can say)

    • krishnai aka ww

      oh okay dear…… my result s trmw but dont know whether i will be able to see it…… if i can i will tell…….

  32. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I am +2 here so I am elder than WW and rufina.. I had posted rettai Vaal kuruvi ff.pls check and comment

    • krishnai aka ww

      i know that bro….. so u right ff for rettai vaal kuruvi??? i never knew it…. n ncy dp bro

  33. Rufina

    Bro sorry to ask this….give me the link of all the epi of ur rettai vaal kuruvi ff. …again sorry bro

  34. aparajita

    pls all vote for our aryan and aru 4 best jori in colours pls pls pls vote now it is in 3rd position

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