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Krishnadasi 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Collector says Kumudini has got 1678votes, Aaba has got 1679votes, all look on, Collector says Aaba has won by one vote, Damini is disappointed, Dhols starts playing, Aryan chants for Aaba, they start celebrating and dancing, Aaba stares Kumudini, fire crackers starts, Kumudni leaves from there. collector asks people to stop, collector says Sarpanch is Vidyadhar Rao now, we have to choose 5more panchs, Aaba i will do it, its not difficult, Collector says there is one women in them too, Aaba says i will do it too, collector asks where did Kumudini go? aaba says dont worry, i will send this news to her, Kaka says to aradhya that Kumudini can do anything, we should find her, Aryan asks Aradhya if she running away after losing? Collector says Kumudini lost by one vote so we should give her

place in 5pnachs, Aaba says there are many women in village, we will choose from them, Damini says i am no one to say anything but as a women i wanna say something, she says to Aaba that i am part of this village and dont forget half of village people voted for her so we should respect their choice, who has guts to be in panchs then her? Aryan says she can be part of it but aaba has won, Aradhya says it was about just one vote, this is insult for your Aaba that more than half of people voted for her, credit goes to my aagi who is Krishnadasi, she stares him and leaves, Aryan angrily looks on.
Tulsi comes back home, she sees Kumudini lying unconscious in house, Tulsi comes to her and asks what happened to you? she cries.
Celebrations start in village. Aryan is dancing in streets. Aaba and shashwat are in jeep, Aaba smiles seeing Aryan dance.
Aradhya comes back home and sees Kumudini unconscious, she says dont know why she fasts. Aradhya comes to Kumudini and gets worried.
Aryan says now we will dance infront of people who lost, Aaba says to Aryan that this your day, do whatever you want, i am leaving, he does Hi-five with Aryan and leaves with Shashwat.
Tulsi asks Kumudini to wake up, Goda brings, water, Tulsi sprinkles it on her face, Aradhya says to Kaka that bring out car, we have to take her to hospital.
Aryan says to Banwari that how are you dancing? dance in style. Aryan and his fellows are dancing in street. Aradhya with Kumudini unconscious comes there in car, Aradhya says take from otherside, these goons will not move, they leave from there, Tulsi says to Aradhya that i forgot Kumudini’s medicines at home, Aradhya says i will call Goda, she will bring it, Aradhya calls Goda.
People lift Banwari in celebrations, Aryan says now we will dance infront of Kumudini’s house.
Aryan and his fellows come near Kumudini’s house, he chants for aaba. he thanks people for making Aaba win, he says those who didnt vote, i thank them too, we have no enemies otherthan these Devdasies, Markand says there are sitting inside like cowards, Aryan says play dhol in such high tone that they get to realize how people celebrate winning. Goda comes out of house, Banwari asks how are you? where are devdasies? call them out, Goda starts to leave but no one gives her way, Goda says let me Aradhya must be waiting for me, she comes to Aryan and says let me go, i have to reach hospital to give these medicines to Aradhya, Aryan asks what happened? she pleads to let her go, its not small illness, its cancer, she cries and i beg you let me go, Aryan clears way so that she can leave, Goda leaves but mistakenly drops one medicine there, Aryan takes it and says these are cancer medicines, Aradhya has cancer? he is shocked.
Aradhya and Tulsi are waiting outside emergency room. Tulsi says i am worried about Kumudini, Aradhya says nothing will happen to her, she must be tired, Tulsi says tomorrow is Mahashivratri, after many years Kumudini cameback village, she was telling me that she will wash mandir and make Rangoli on Mahashivratri but she is in hospital in this condition, Aradhya says i will do everything what she wanted to do, dont lose hope, Tulsi hugs Aradhya.
At night, Aryan is standing outside Aradhya’s house, he says i cant believe it that Aradhya has cancer, she used to so fun loving in college, he recalls their truck ride, their fruits fight, they lighting lantern, he says if i knew she is ill then i would have not behaved like this with her, i did bad. He sees Aradhya coming back home so hides behind pillar. Aradhya tries to open lock of her house, she opens it and goes in, Aryan looks on and smiles, he says you are ill still so cool, you want to live every moment, nothing will happen to her, every illness has cure, Aradhya comes out of house with bucket, Aryan hides and thinks that they should keep more water in house, now she has to take water. Aradhya comes to fill water through but she is not able to open tap, Aryan looks on, fitoor plays, Aryan comes there and holds tap, Aradhya slips and falls on him, they share eyelock, Aradhya moves back and looks away, she says are you mad? what are you doing here at night? you are spying on me? you tried to sell me, what are you doing here? i will shout if you dont leave, Aryan opens tap, Aradhya looks at him in surprise, Yeh Fitoor plays, Aradhya says i wont thank you, why should i? i didnt ask your help, Aryan says its not needed, its my duty to help village people, Aradhya says so now you roam in village at night to help people? Aradhya says you didnt become Sarpanch, Aryan takes bucket, she says where are you taking it? he goes to her house, she asys dont even come in my house, i know you want to come in my house and take advantage of me, Aryan puts bucket in her house and says i have no interest in entering your home, he leaves, Aradhya looks on in surprise and says what happened to him? he helped me, has he gone mad?

Scene 2
Aryan comes to his room, he recalls how Aradhya fights with him, how their hand got stuck in ballot box, he tries to find his and aRadhya’s photo, he finds it in bin, he sees it, Yeh fitoor plays, he looks at Aradhya’s picture and is tensed, he says i am feeling so bad that i irritated her when she is ill, cancer is serious illness, he looks at her picture, Pavitra comes there and thinks it seems like he is missing Aaro, she says Aaba is calling you, tomorrow is Mahashivratri, we will celebrate Aaba’s victory in mandir tomorrow, it is said that if you ask God something from pure heart then he grants us that, Aryan asks if we can pray for someone else too? she says why not, she thinks that he must be wanting to pray for Aaro, i should talk to Aaba, Aryan will be happy, she leaves, Aryan says i will pray for Aradhya tomorrow.
Shivangi and Markand are eating fruits in room, she says you will have to fast tomorrow and pray in mandir too, Markand says there is no need for this, Shivangi says i will pray for kid for us tomorrow, our kid will be raised here, our kid will call you baba, baba, she asks him to eat sweets, Markand says how will we fast? Shivangi i am fasting too.
Its morning, Shahwat is supervising preparation. Banwari says to aaba that we will celebrate Aaba’s win too, Aaba says a Pundit is coming, take care of him, he says to Shashwat that celebrities are coming, serve them good, Markand says it will be good, Banwari says happiness will be double, i got know that Kumudini is in hospital, Aaba says you have destroyed my mood by taking her name, go to work, Banwari leaves. Pavitra comes to aaba, Aaba asks where is Aryan? Pavitra says he went to Mandir to see Pooja preparation, Aaba says i became sarpanch because of him, you gave us such god grand son so you can ask anything you want, jewelry, clothes anything, Pavitra says i dont want anything for myself, i want something for this house, i want daughter in law for this house, Aaba says we will get many proposals, Pavitra says actually Aryan has already liked a girl, Aaba looks on and says why not, he is my grand son, he can do anything, he is free, whoever he points, we will make him get married to that girl, who is she? Pavitra says she is really nice girl, she came to our party, should i call her? Aaba says no we will surprise him, we should meet that girl first then we will surprise Aryan, call that girl to Mandir today, we will meet her there then we will make her daughter in law this house, now happy? Pavitra touches his feet, Aaba leaves, Pavitra says i just pray that Aaro becomes daughter in law of this house.
Banwari says to Markand that my life is going to be good, Markand asks what? Banwari says my bachelorhood is going to end, i am going to meet someone, Markand asks if he is drunk? Banwari says loveguru is going to come, Banwari says everyone knows loveguru and his assistant too, he leaves, Markand says why didnt he come before my marriage?
In mandir, Aradhya is cleaning stairs, she mops it, Aryan comes there and looks at her, he thinks that she wants to serve God so he makes her fine, i should tell her that she should rest, i will ask any servant to do it, Aradhya sees Aryan coming, she thinks that he must be coming to pray something bad for someone, selfish person like him cant do anything, she slips due to wet floor but Aryan holds her in time, he grabs her from waist, they share eyelock, Aradhya looks away and moves back, she starts mopping, Aryan goes in Mandir, Aradhya looks at him, Aryan thinks that i know i dont like her but she should not get ill, i wanted her to be in bad state but she is not that bad, i mean.
Shashwat says to Markand that we have to welcome celebrities.
Aradhya tries to hold water bucket but its heavy, Aryan comes to help her, she looks at him in surprise.

PRECAP- Ketki tells Aradhya that Loveguru has come from Mumbai, Loveguru(Shakit Arora) comes there. Pooja starts, Aryan does aarti. Later loveguru dances with Aradhya, his assistant(Anita Hassanandani) dances with Aryan. Pavitra says to Aaba that Aaro has come, he asks where? she points her Aradhya’s direction.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    2. Akanksha sharma

      Hii rehana may i know if aryan is tulsi’s son then who is his father???????????

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    Can u tell me where u saw dat.
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    Each epi with lots of twist…it’s totally diff from other serials….hope that it will continue the current track….

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