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Scene 1
Aryan comes in his room and sees some guy in his room, he takes off her cap and it turns out to be Aradhya, they both look at each other, he says you? he says so 2feet dinosaur came to say sorry, Aradhya says i have come to teach you lesson, what you think of yourself? that you can do anything, i will teach you lesson now, she breaks watermelon on head, he is stunned and says are you serious? Aradhya says thank you for your fruits but now you will see i do with you, Aryan says you are behaving as if i had sent bombs for you, fruits are good for health, they bring glow on skin, you will not become fat when you eat them, Aradhya says why are you bothered about my health? first you came in my room, broke things there, then you broke my scooty then you did prank call and stole things from

my room too, she leaves, Aryan says this model is different, i genuinely wanted to say sorry to her, i gifted her whole stall of fruits but her anger hasnt lessen.
Tulsi is in market, Banwari(Munim of Aaba/manager of Aaba), Banwari says you danced so well yesterday, it felt like you were dancing like you use to do 21years back, welcome back here, Tulsi says you cant erase memories, i still remember who dragged us out of village, Banwari says we have to be loyal to person for whom we work, he says yesterday where Kumudini was standing, you are standing there now and tomorrow someone else will be instead of you, Tulsi says i know you well, she leaves from there.
Pavitra is shopping in clothes shop. Tulsi comes there and asks shopkeeper to show her clothes, shopkeeper doesnt listen. Pavitra doesnt see her, Tusli selects one thread ball, Pavitra selects same one, Pavitra looks at her, her servant ask her to attack, Pavitra says to shopkeeper that i wanted it to make sweater for my son but i dont need it now, Tulsi says if you need it then take it, i will buy another one, Pavitra sets thread ball on fire, Tulsi is shocked, Pavitra says what you thought that i will make my son wear sweater which is touched by a Devdasi? she leaves from there, Tulsi is tensed.
Aradhya comes to boys hostel warden, she says out girls hostel have strict rules but some boys from your hostel come in our hostel and break things, he asks who did it? Aradhya says there is is one guy, he broke things in my room then he stole my anklet, he broke my scooty too, girls are not safe, he even called me and did prank with me, warden asks about guy, Aradhya says his name is Aryan, warden says i will tell principal and will take action against him, Aradhya thanks him and leaves.
Aaba gets angry on Banwari, for not collecting from people for factory. Pavitra comes there, her servant asks her to change her thread fire story and tell to Aaba. Pavitra comes infront of Aaba and says to servant that bring poison for me as these dancers have taken over here, have you ever seen Aaba’s daughter in law getting insulted so much? Aryan’s father doesnt think about my respect but how will i bear insult? you saw Tulsi took thread ball from me and set it on fire, she said that she will not use anything touched by Aaba’s family member. Banwari says to Aaba that where will these devdasies go? you gave promise to them that they can return after 21years, Aaba says i will let them stay here but i will control them, he leaves from there, Pavitra says to her servant Nukku bai that you did great job, now aaba will not spare them.
Warden calls Aryan and says you broke girl’s room and sent fruits there? you even did stealing there, Aryan says i didnt steal anything, i did everything else there, Warden says you will be rusticated for this, Aryan says dont give me such big punishment, warden says i will talk to your parents now, call them, Aryan leaves.
Aaba saheb calls everyone from village to chowk. Raghu says rain happened in this village but not because of those dancers, dancers cant bring rain, they can dance but cant insult Aaba Saheb, he is our ruler, one man says but they did bring rain here, Raghu says but they are not good women, they were thrown out of village for being characterless, its Aaba’s orders that no one will provide them support in any way else he or she will be boycotted too, Aaba leaves from there. Banwari thinks that how will i earn money from those dancers now?
Friend ask Aryan to call his father, Aryan says he will ask principal to rusticate him for not only one year but for three years, Aryan asks Varun to give him some idea, they eat watermelon, Varun says what if you convince her to take back her complaint? Aryan thinks about it.
Aradhya is walking in college, she says to Shivani that i taught Aryan good lesson, Shivani says good and leaves. Aradhya strikes with some guy, he leaves from there, Aradhya sees him wearing same jacket as worn by person who saved her, she says but many guys can have this same jacket, she takes out button of jacket from her bag, she runs behind that man but he leaves, she sees button of his jacke missing, she says he is my buttonman, she runs behind him and stops him, it turns out to be Varun, he says you? did you bring any watermelon? dont break it at my head, Aradhya is surprised.
Tulsi says to Godda that many years have passed but Pavitra still has hatred, they try to buy veggies from market but no one sells to them. Kumudini comes to one shop and asks him to give her grocery, he says i will sell to you as you blessed my daughter 21years back, Raghu comes there and asks him to be careful, shopkeeper nods and leaves from there. Kumudini looks at Banwari, he says dont doubt me, i didnt do anything, Kumudini says i know you are of no one, you want to be on both sides but if you try to be on my side then i will kick you hard, she leaves.
Aradhya thanks Varun for saving her that day, he says what day? he says you are destroying my friend’s life for small misunderstanding, Aradhya says i am talking about that night when you sat on horse and saved me in that village, Varun says i never rode horse, Aradhya says you are humble thats why you are not taking credit, Varun asks if she is drunk? she says i dont drink, he asks who is me then? she says buttonman, Aradhya says your jacket’s button is missing, you saved me that night, your button remained with me, Varun says now i understand, this is not my jacket, it is of person who had misunderstanding with you and you made him rusticate, he tells her that Shivani was his girlfriend and Aryan wanted to take revenge from her but she exchanged her room and he mistakenly broke your room, he is getting rusticated now, he leaves, Aradhya says this means i made Aryan, i mean my buttonman, fruit boy get rusticated? i did mistake.
Kumudini says to Tulsi that i will not go anywhere from here, Tulsi says what kind of stubbornness is this? Kumudini says Aaba can do anything but i will not leave from here, i know my Krishan will come to help me, Tulsi says but your health is not fine, what if anything happens to you? Kumudini says nothing will happen to me, Krishan is seeing everything, if he wants me to be hungry then i will and i will pray to him, she and Tulsi prays to Krishan.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes in her room, she says what should i do? should i meet Aryan? but i broke watermelon his head, she calls Tulsi. Tulsi asks her if she is fine? her flu is fine? Aradhya says i am fine but i have done a big mistake, because of me someone is in problem, i had misunderstanding about him, Tulsi says then you should rectify it, if you did mistake then say sorry, Aradhya says but how should i say it? because of me, his one year of college can be in danger, Tulsi says what have you done? Aradhya says just give me solution, Tulsi says nobody is of stone heart, if you say sorry from heart then he wil understand. Aradhya asks Tulsi what she has made in food? Tulsi lies to her and says we have many dishes, Aradhya says i feel like coming there and eating with you both, eat my sides food too, she ends call.
Aradhya says i have to plan something so that Aryan doesnt get rusticated. Kumudini says to Tulsi that dont say anything, i have told everything to Krishan.
Shivani asks Aradhya what she will do to save Aryan from rustication? she says i have to do something. Aryan says to Varun that i have got rustication letter, i will have to leave now, Aradhya will not understand but i did mistake for using revenge against person who was innocent. Aradhya says to Shivani that he came here for his friend’s love, love is big emotion, you have done wrong with Varun, i have seen trust, loyalty in Varun’s eyes for you, Shivani says i agree with you but my mom wants rich boy and Varun doesnt fit there so i had to ditch him.
Aryan says love is pure, you did right by leaving her, she ditched you just because you are not rich? love doesnt see profit and loss.
Aradhya says to Shivani that love doesnt see rich and poor but what your heart wants do that, shivani hugs her. Varun hugs Aryan and says if you were a girl, i would have married you, Aryan says you dont seem right to me, we should start packing, Varun asks him what he will tell his parents? Aryan says dont know, Aradhya says to Shivani that i have to save Aryan.

PRECAP- Pundit gives Parsad to Kumudini, Aaba says many beggars eat in our village if some more are added in it(pointing at Kumudini) then its no big deal. Aradhya is disguised as Aryan’s nani(granny), he says you saved me granny from rustication, he hugs her tightly, she asks him to leave her, she pulls his ears and says dont do this again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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