Krishnadasi 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba says to Aryan that first you started arguing with me and now you are trying to disrespect me, you are my pride, Aryan says I haven’t don’t anything wrong, I am doing all this for Gayetri, she is living at devdasies house and whats the need to keep grudges? Aba says this animosity will not end till I am alive, I am not able to face anyone when people will say that my grand son is working as servant in devdasies house, Aryan says they have done favor on us by giving Gayetri place to live, I have to clear debt, I am doing to equalize things, let me do it, he leaves, aaba thinks that he doesn’t know how much I hate them, first those devdasies took my sister then destroyed my son then my grand daughter and now they snatched my grand soon too which was most close to my heart, he leaves,

Aryan sees him going and says you wont be able to face truth that’s why I didn’t tell anything to you but truth is that whatever you have done, someone has to rectify it, me and Aradhya are doing it.
Aradhya is mopping Aaba’s house, Banwari is finding a paper, Aradhya finds it on floor and sees it, she asks Banwari if he was finding it? He says yes, Aradhya comes to aaba and says see this paper says you gave 5000rs to devdasies but it never reached us, where did it go? Banwari says what are you saying? Aaba scolds him for not transferring money, banwari asks Aradhya to remain in limits, Aradhya says you are his loyalist and stealing his money? Aaba says she is right, he says I am surprised to see devdasi’s daughter being intelligent, he takes 5000rs Banwari and offers it to Aradhya, Aradhya says I didn’t do it for money, Aaba says take it as gift, he warns Banwari to not cheat again, he leaves, Aradhya looks at money and says I should keep it as elder’s blessing, atleast aaba showed softness, today’s day was not bad, I should tell this to Aryan.
Aradhya calls Aryan, he takes call, she asks if he is working fine in her house? I am busy in your house, I have worked hard and got reward too, Aryan says I feel like punching bag, Aradhya says why angry? Aryan says I am bittergaurd? You want to punch me like punching bag, Aradhya says you read my personal diary? This is wrong, its sin, Aryan says I atleast got to know how much slangs you use for me, Aradhya says you call me dinosaur, I will punch you, when you will comeback to your room, you will see whatever I have written in your room, she turns to find Pavitra standing there, she ends call, Aryan says how dare she cut my call? Pavitra stares Aradhya. Aryan says how can she cut my call, he sees Tulsi, Aryan says I was just fitting window, an idiot friend was irritating me on call, he leaves. Aradhya thinks if Pavitra listened anything? Pavitra says do work on time, don’t talk on calls, tomorrow is Gudi Parwah and you haven’t done your work? Clean whole house, she starts leaving, Aradhya says you miss Gayetri right? Don’t worry, I know you must be thinking how she is, she is safe in our house, my aaji and Aayi are taking care of her and I promise you to unite her with David, Pavitra says you people know how to unite house? As far as I know your aayi and aaji only knows how to break families, you are good actor though, she leaves, Aradhya says I should not leave hope, aaba showed softness, our families have hurt each other so we have to pay, I will reunite Gayetri with David.
Tulsi gives money to Aryan and says this is your salary for working here, Aryan says I am not working here for money, I am doing this for Gayetri, Tulsi says we don’t take anyone’s services for free, take it or else don’t come here from tomorrow, Aryan thinks I should take it as blessing of some mother, he takes money and says thank you, Tulsi leaves, Kumudini sees this and thinks that things are going great, I have to do something too.
Kumudini sits with Aryan and Gayetri to eat food, she says to Aryan from today you will eat food here, Aryan says if I eat here then what will happen to my aayi’s food? Kumudini says think Tulsi is your Aayi, tulsi looks on, Kumudini says take me as your Aaji, you haven’t got love of aaji, Aryan recalls how Pavitra told him that his aaji did suicide when Saras ranaway, Aryan says I don’t remember my aaji, she must be like you, its better to forget past, Kumudini asks him to eat, Aradhya comes there and says I am hungry, she starts eating, all look on, Aradhya says why everyone is looking at her? Tulsi asks if she didn’t eat anything? You seem so hungry, Aryan thinks that seems like no one gave her food at my house, Aradhya says no I ate there, there were so many sweets, I ate there but I was missing your food, Kumudini says I can see how much you ate, Aryan says I should leave, Kumudini stops him and gives him gift, she says this is from my side, tomorrow is Gudi parwah and this is your gift, Aryan says its not needed, Gayetri asks him to take it, Aryan takes it and thanks Kumudini, Kumudini says you don’t know anything, Gayetri asks him to touch her feet, he touches her feet, Kumudini says be happy, come early tomorrow you have to do mopping, cleaning, sweeping everything, Aryan smilingly says yes and leaves, aradhya thinks something is getting fine, there aaba gifted me and here Kumudini gifted Aryan, I will win Aaba’s heart tomorrow.
Aaba asks Markand you must be thinking why I called you here? Banwari comes there too and says I am leaving, you insulted me infront of servant, Aaba says cutoff this drama, I know you can never leave from here, he gives him money and says it was good for me that she caught you, Aradhya thinks she can finish animosity between two families, I have made her believe that I am happy with her, she trust me and tomorrow I will shock her, Markand says tomorrow is Gudi Parwah, Aaba says yes, it is day of good winning over bad, this is best chance to win over devdasi, Aradhya wants to rectify mistakes? I will give her chance tomorrow and will keep rectifying whole life, how dare that devdasi make my grand son a servant? She will see what I do with her gran daughter, from now on on every Guddi parwah, there will sadness in their house.

Scene 2
Its morning, Aradhya wishes Tulsi Guddi parwah, Aradhya says I have to leave, today is function so I have work, tulsi says you should have said that you will stay at house today, who will make Rangoli with me? Aryan comes there and says tell me, I will do all work, Tulsi looks on, Aradhya smiles at Aryan and says I am leaving, she leaves, Aryan goes behind her, Tulsi prays for Aradhya, diya blows off, Tulsi gets worried and says I should not have let Aradhya go. Aryan comes to Aradhya and says you don’t have to go to my house today, its Guddi parwah, Aradhya says why did you come here then? Aryan says your family gave me gift, the suit which I am wearing but I am sure my family didn’t give you anything so I have brought gift for you, Aradhya says I forgot to tell you that I got gift from your house, aaba gave me 5000rs, Aryan is confused and says okay, he says my gift is from my family, happy guddi parwah, we should have balance in this mission, take it, Aradhya takes gift, Aryan asks her to wear it, you will look nice as its my choice, he leaves, Aradhya says he thinks his choice is great.
Pavitra is preparing for Guddi parwah, Aaba comes there, he says to Markand that our guddi should be raised to highest height, Aradhya comes there wearing Aryan’s gifted dress, she greets Aaba and wishes him Guddi parwah, she says I tie guddi every year at my house, can I tie guddi in this house today? Aaba says yes, Pavitra is shocked, aaba says why not, he asks her to take things, she nods and leaves, Aaba thinks that you can fulfill your wishes as my wishes are going to be fulfilled too, he asks Markand if plan will be successful? Markand says yes, Banwari have set everything, I will call him too.
Kumudini asks Tulsi how is Aryan looking in this Kurta? She looks at Aryan, Kumudini asks Aryan if he liked it? He smiles, she says your smile is saying that you liked it, she asks how is rangoli I made? He says its good aaji, she asks him to call her aaji again, he says its great.. aaji.
Aradhya stands on ladder to tie guddi, Aaba asks her to go upwards as his guddi should be highest. Aryan stands on ladder, Kumudini says my guddi should be higher than Aaba, go upward, Aryan goes more up, Tulsi asks him to be more careful, Kumudini says Aryan can fall down but Guddi should not fall down. Aradhya climbs ladder more, she slips, Shashwats asks her to be careful, she controls herself and ties guddi at height, Aaba wishes guddi to everyone, Pavitra gives parsad to everyone, Aradhya extends her hand too, Pavitra gives it to her angrily, she asks Aradhya to give these gifts to Shastri, she leaves, Aradhya is elated. Aryan ties guddi at Kumudini’s house.
Aradhya comes in mandir and gives gifts to Shastri, she prays to lord to end this animosity. Aryan comes in mandir and gives gifts to Shastri sent by Kumudini, Aryan comes in mandir, Aradhya turns and finds him standing, Aryan sees her wearing his gifted dress, they smile at each other, Aradhya comes to Aryan, Aryan says you are looking at good afterall this is my choice, Aradhya says yeah right, Aradhya says I am so happy that we wearing gifts of each other, you know aaba wanted hs guddi to be highest and I tied it, Aryan says go to your house and see I have tied guddi at highest height, aradhya says go to your house and see whose guddi is tied at more height.

PRECAP- Shashwat sees Aaba leaving in car with Aradhya, he gets suspicious. Tulsi is in market, a truck is about to hit her. Aradhya is brought some isolated place, Markand says to men there that today will be auction of girl, Aradhya is shocked to listen this, Aradhya is tied in net, Markand starts auction, man bid 1lac on Aradhya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thankuu so much Atiba..It’s becoming superb day by day..I m sure Aaba’s plan gonn be fail n he ll lost aryan forever by doing this cheapest thing..precap is so scary ?…

  2. Will aradhya be saved by Aryan or shashwant

    1. Aru will be saved by Aryan nd he will marry to aradhya

  3. Too good episodes….Thnku really very much Atiba fr updates..????

  4. dirty minded aaba

  5. So is it true that aradhya is pavitra and shashwats daughter????
    And aryan is tulsi’ a son???

    This is gonna be so good

    1. salini nandi

      I also thinnk this..

  6. can anyone tell who is gayathri? I am watching this show first time.

    1. gayatri is aryan’s elder sister… she had fallen in the revenge trap of kumudini and her husband David .. all though david is a good person from heart he disguised himself in to a lad of hindu religion devesh and married gayatri to take revenge from aba, who all ways discriminate among castes. just after marriage he reveal the truth of him being Christian and left gayatri… he refused to except gayatri and gayatri refused to like in his father’s house so aradhya took her in her shelter.
      p.s. aba’s daughter swarasati had runway married with Michael who is David elder brother. … so aba made their life hell for that now david came for revenge.

      1. thank you so much tanu

  7. Simran on which site u read it

    1. actually it is someone’s comment

  8. had anyone seen the recent promo its awesome arayan arrives to rescue aradhya and fights with the goons and by mistake aradhya’s hairline gets filled with his blood i m very much desperate to watch the next episode

  9. ok guys i think today is a merger episode with swaragini starting at 5:30 pm.

    1. most probably they will repeat old merger episode.

  10. is aradhya save todey nice episode

  11. salini nandi

    Like this u sharvaan….jst awesome baby.. i love u

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