Krishnadasi 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aryan asks Tulsi permission about taking Aradhya out. Kumudini comes to permit them. Aradhya takes Aryan’s attention to Aaba who allows them too. They walk outside, having a chitchat. Aradhya takes Aryan’s attention to Gayatri, Aryan asks why she didn’t come in, was she afraid of Aaba. David heard this. Gayatri explains Saras was there and she didn’t want her to get hurt because of David, she doesn’t want to disrespect David in front of his family. Rights and respect are never snatched. Aryan complains if she would miss his wedding because of this. Gayatri hugs Aryan and was happy to see them married. She leaves before Saras can see her there. Aradhya asks Aryan to let her fight on her part. Gayatri watches David standing outside and leaves without a word.
Aaba Sahib was trying a number,

Shashant brings him Paan and share his happiness with him. Aaba says its his son’s wedding. Shashant says he is happy for the change in Aaba, he accepted Aradhya and is being a part of Aryan’s happiness. Aaba tells him Aryan is dear to him. Shahsant request Aaba not to do anything that breaks Aryan’s heart as he holds Aradhya dear, he got his son after years and doesn’t want to lose him.
Aradhya eats eagerly in the restaurant exclaiming if you are hungry you enjoy any kind of food. Aryan only stares at her, she asks why isnt he eating, then gets her a gift. She thanks but no thanks, denying taking it. She was annoyed it might be some dinosaur again. He insists on her to open it. Some goons stared Aradhya on a nearby table. Aradhya appreciates his efforts of packing. She finds a mini dress inside the box and asks what this all is, she doesn’t wear such dress. Aryan teases that he wants her to see her in such dresses. Aradhya accuses all men to be same. He takes the gift boxes away, Aradhya stops him but he goes towards his jeep. The goons come to Aradhya’s table and harass her, teasing about her boyfriend’s gift. Aryan comes to warn the goons to leave. They come to confront Aryan and one of them punches him on his face. Aradhya was worried and suggests about going home. Aryan heads to confront them instead, asking Aradhya to calm down. He goes to hug the goons and calls the girl death point for them, she can beat them better than he can. He wins pity for her as going near to her was contagious due to her ailment. The goons leave, Aradhya comes to him irked about all what he said. Aryan explains the stall man is really a poor one, he won’t be able to bear broken table’s loss. Aradhya chases him with a stone in hand, he offers his head to her. She smiles at his surrender and drops the stone.
Kumudini talks to Vishwas the Sangeet took place really well. There will be good days after their wedding. Vishwas was unable to understand Kumudini, he hid a lot of secrets. Kumudini quotes to him, hiding a truth is better if it’s meant to hurt someone. Vishwas asks why she is so afraid of Shankari, Kumudini asks him to stay silent. Vishwas stares towards Tulsi who asks Kumudini why she was worried at Shankari’s arrival. Tulsi was evident how she pushed Shankari deliberately to send her to hospital. Kumudini denies. Tulsi says she is aware Kumudini hides a lot. Kumudini complains Tulsi about hiding Aroo’s father’s identity. Tulsi complains Kumudini to always reach every place at the right time, she isn’t child not to understand her cunningness. She can do anything for her selfishness. Tulsi warns Kumudini if her daughter has to suffer anything because of her, she would forget about being her daughter. Kumudini stops Tulsi.
Aryan drops Aradhya home, he holds her hand while she passes by him. She asks him to leave her hand, he sings an old song ‘abhi na jao chor k’. She calls him stupid, he confesses to be stupid as he fall in love with her. He promises to sing all the old songs for her whole life.
Kumudini reminds Tulsi she saved her and her daughter 22 years ago, had she been selfish she should have left them alone and flee. She did a lot for Aradhya just as Tulsi did. She isn’t their enemy. Tulsi says for her, her enemity for Rao is stronger and she can use them anytime. She never shows her the video of Aradhya and Aryan, but used it in just the right time. She had the right to know what was happening to her daughter, Kumudini was there to see all the drama happening to Aradhya. Kumudini knows well she doesn’t want Aradhya to be a Dasi of anyone. Tulsi questions Kumudini where she had been at the time of DNA test in hospital when she was bring dragged out of hospital. She then came to Panchait at the right time, to show the video. Aryan and Aradhya heard this. Tulsi cries her daughter could have got her identity, her father could have accepted her but Kumudini never let it happen. Kumudini tells Tulsi without her showing the video, Aryan and Aradhya’s wedding would never be possible. Tulsi complains she ruined her respect and her hope of getting Aradhya’s father back. She questions Kumudini why she never see any pain in her eyes for Aradhya deprived of her father’s love. Tulsi leaves. Aradhya requests Aryan to leave her alone, this is her and her mother’s matter. Aryan takes her out and says they are one now, he can’t leave her in any problem. He is with her in any problem and solution. Aradhya says she doesn’t care about her father, she just want to wash her mother’s character. Aryan hugs Aradhya.
The next morning, Aradhya greets Aaba. Aaba forbids their daughter in law to come her in laws home repeatedly. Aryan comes explaining he called Aradhya here. Aaba leaves allowing them to speak to each other. Aryan tells Aradhya about planning something and get Tulsi her right. He whispers she looks more beautiful today. Kumudini comes there. Aaba thinks he must bear her now. Aradhya asks what she is doing here, Kumudini says she must ask this question. She explains she came for her wedding preparations. She stops Aaba from leaving and greets him. They have an argument, then Kumudini sends Aradhya to get breakfast ready. A maid informs Aaba sahib Mahant is waiting for him outside. Kumudini wonders what they are doing together.

PRECAP: Aaba asks Kumudini to go prepare for wedding. Aradhya asks Pavitra for some help in kitchen that she denies taking, angrily. Aaba sahib calls Purva back for some reason.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. apra

    the show is best the cast is best be it positive or negative

  2. so cvs are dragging it to make the show longer… that means the show will not end anytime soon.. that’s a good sign for us fans.
    and like i said there is no fake love from Aryan’s side. from this episode we can clearly see that …that mangal sutra scene from the promo only signifies the right of Tulsi as wife which Aaru will return.. Aryan standing behind her probably signifies that he will support her from back.. and nothing well… tell me if you do agree with me.
    Aryan is too cute and really becoming naughty day by day. really enjoying AaRa.
    And cutex its so cute of you for saying such thing in previous episode’s comment.. thank you thank you…i’m blushing lol..

  3. Diya

    Today Aryan aru scene was nice… honeymoon wsli biwi was cute ???…
    Fight was really funny..
    But I really don’t understand why Tulsi wants the mahant to do kaniya daan. He disowned her. Put her to shame never stood for her. she should wish he never turns up for their marriage… ????

    • Ruby

      It is a question diya. Tulsi hates mahant for betraying her then why she want him to do aradhya’s kanyadan? And she never wanted to reveal her relationship with mahant and now she is saying that aradhya could have got her identity and mahant could have accepted her. Maybe writers forgot what they wrote before.

  4. sana

    that fake love was a fake news right. .. but. yesterday someone told abut any promo it seems that fake love trak will come I don’t want it yaaar I ‘ll hate Aryan if he does like tis ????

    • Ruby

      For your kind information sana,there is no fake love track.if you read all previous comments of tanu,mrunali and cutex your doubt will go read positive comments too

  5. Jagan

    I wonder how romantic would have been the gifting scene where Aryan sounded a little naught. That must have been really cute.

  6. LifnA ( love u navAz)

    lovelly ePisOde…
    krishnadaasi dy by dy intrsting..
    and shravan… awzm acting.. yaaar… itz very lovelly…

  7. Nimisha

    Another good episode. I think it’s well paced.

    Loved tulsi’s scene with kumudini.

    Also loved Aru and Aryan scenes. They are lovely together.

  8. Ruby

    Episode was superb.AaRa scenes were cute.nowadays I don’t like sana’s expression when she is with Aryan. Loved tulsi for shouting at kumudini. Now I agree with you nimi di how bad kumudini is. She don’t care about her own daughter.

    • Cutex

      Rubby kumudni is bad i agreed but on the otherside the acting of kumudni is very superb her talking style her expressions all are superb…..but kumudni did one thing very good which is marriage of aara……

      • Ruby

        Yeah cutex but I am not talking about indira krishnan.i am talking about KD my favourite actors are shravan and indira ji.they are fabulous

    • Cutex

      U r right Rubi but am taking about kumudni …. In reality Indira is good actress but i like her character of kumudni she is biggest vilian and she has no concern about aradaya in the serial but u know some vilian are very funny kumudni is like tha

    • Cutex

      What happen to you guys just 30 comments no way we are the biggest fan of Aara so cheer up guys lets start …..

  9. Ranaji

    superb epi i loved it i readed half only next i will read later becoz i need to go to school now!!!!!bye

    • Cutex

      I have watched previous episode guys its superb full of fun Aryan rocks and tanu u r right Aryan is going to b naughty day by day….

  10. I think he is playing love game with aaru because of his sister Gayatri Fernandez.And that stupid poorva or so called poorvi

  11. Rhimjhim

    hey guys i am new here but i read ur comments regularly so can i join ur team of KD……

  12. Rufina

    wecome rhimjhim n priyanshi…….priyanshi that fake love was a fake news…..pls read the previous comments n comment….

  13. Rufina

    today’s epi was awesome……..i thought like all serials when heroine is teased hero smash those who teased the heroine……n soo but aryan dealed it cleverly…..clever boy…..

    • Menaz

      Ooh thanx noori dear. Actually I miss some episodes of kd.that’s way I am asking. Thanx dear.

  14. priyanshi

    The best part was that while aaba saheb and all were having breakfast aaryan hold aaradhya’s hand and another was when David hug gayetri

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