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Krishnadasi 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kumudini comes to shopkeeper and asks if he will give her grocery or not? she says when i will become Sarpanch, i will benefit you, David comes there and points to Kumudini, Kumudini asks shopkeeper to pack her things, she goes.
David comes to Kumudini and says aaba’s goons are planning and plotting, they are going to rig elections, they would steal ballot boxes, should i do something? Kumudini says no, that Damini will handle them, she has come on right time, you should not destroy our game, just be silent and play along, my Aradhya is working hard, her hardwork will pay off, Krishan will help us and show us way, David laughs and says i am thinking that you are playing so many games on Krishna’s name, you make wrong the right too, Kumudini says i dont care whats right

or wrong but i will do whats right for me.
Aradhya comes in hospital, she says Damini’s mother was taking name of this hospital, i will find my father’s name here, she looks at Krishan’s idol and recalls how Tulsi said that he is your father, she thinks why did i see you right now? Tulsi says that you are my father, do you want me to know about my father? she thinks what if my father also doesnt want me to know my father? he left me, she recalls how Aaba taunted her that only Aradhya doesnt know her father’s name, she says my father doesnt want to own me but i have right to know about him so that no one blames my mother that i am illegitimate.
Aradhya comes to nurse and says we have to make Kundli so i want to know my birth timing and all, can you show me my file? nurse says its confidential, we cant show it, Aradhya says please, i will see it front of you, nurse says i cant allow you, she leaves, another nurse comes to Aradhya and says i can show you file but i need money, Aradhya stops him.
Banwari is campaigning in hospital, he sees Aradhya talking to nurse. Aradhya gives money to nurse and says just give me file, it should contain my mother and father’s name, nurse says you can see anything in it, Aradhya goes with him, Banwari listens all this and says Kumudini was fighting with Aaba but here her grand daughter is trying to find her father’s name, i should tell this to Aaba, he will be happy with me.
Raghu says to Aaba that our goons will stay in polls, we will not allow anyone to vote for anyone, even if anyone does that, we will capture booths, Shashwat says this is wrong, Aryan comes and says we will not do anything like this, aaba says enemy can win, Aryan says only we will win but not by doing wrong, Aaba says you are a kid, i know you have done alot for me but this is election, only vote counts, not the way it has be achieved, Aryan says i dont want people to taunt us that we rigged elections, i want to clean the filth from village so we dont have to do it, people will vote for you from heart, Aaba says okay, he says to Raghu that you will not do any violence, let is be fair elections, Shashwat smiles listening Aryan’s words, Aryan looks at him and leaves, Shashwat leaves too.
Banwari comes to aaba and tells him about Aradhya trying to find her father, Aaba says Aryan should not know about this.
Kumudini comes in house, she says i am tired Tulsi, your Aradhya made me run alot today, Tulsi says you are fighting these elections for her, you like to fight, where is Aradhya? Kumudini says she must have gone to campaigning, people like to listen to her but she never lies. Someone throws stone in house, people have gathered around her house and chanting to go from Krishnavati, you are filth. Kumudini and Tulsi comes out to see Banwari and Raghu with people and chanting against Kumudini, Kumudini says to Banwari that you are barking like dog, Raghu asks why are you insulting this village? Kumudini says is this village of your father? your nose is not clean, Banwari says to Kumudini that people are angry on you, you are candidate of election so people want to know about you, Kumudini says talk clearly, Banwari says people are saying that you have lied to them, Kumudini says you must have put this fire, Banwari says you said infront of all that you know father of your grand daughter, right? Kumudini looks at Tulsi who is shocked too.
Nurse brings Aradhya to record room and says you have 15minutes, do it fast, he leaves. Aradhya starts searching for file.
Banwari asks her to tell his name, Kumudini says it has nothing to do with elections, banwari says if you know her father then tell it, what if you become Sarpanch and people get to know about some cheap stuff? Kumudini says how much money did you get to do this? Banwari says you know your grand daughter is giving money to people to find her father’s name, Tulsi is shocked.
Aradhya finds file of year 1995, she says it must be in this.
Kumudini says to Banwari that Aaba is contesting against me not against Aradhya’s father, just leave from here else i will break your leg, Tulsi leaves from there. Raghu says she doenst know answer, if she wins election then only dance will happen here, they chant against her and leaves. Kumudini says this Aradhya doesnt know that every secret has right time to come out.
Aradhya recalls how Tulsi said that your father was coward who didnt give you name, how Aradhya promised her that she will never ask her question about her father, she looks at her, Kumudini and Tulsi’s picture then at file, she says what Krishna wants? does he want me to stop finding about my father? should i trust Tulsi and stop this? she hugs file and says Tulsi will be hurt to know that i have tried to find my father’s name, i cant do this, my mother has to bear alot of pain, i cant do this with her, she puts file back and starts to leave but Tulsi comes there, Aradhya is shocked to see her there, Tulsi angrily looks at her, Tulsi says you came to know your father’s name? didnt your mother’s love not enough for you? Aradhya hugs her and says i am sorry, i was going to do mistake, i swear i didnt see anything, i will never try to know it, i am sorry, you are mother and father both, i will not do this again.
Tulsi and Aradhya comes back home, Kumudini asks Aradhya where were you? Aradhya says i was going to do mistake but Krishna saved me, Kumudini have sigh of relief, she says everything happens with Krishan’s will, you did right, Tulsi never told me about your father and we should respect her decision, go and freshen up, Aradhya looks at Tulsi and leaves. Tulsi says to Kumudini that why i feel you say word which have double meaning, Kumudini says what did i do? Tulsi says i dont want Aradhya to know about her father and i have reason, but i felt like you also dont want her to know about her father but you have some other reason, Kumudini says you are my daughter and if you dont want her to know truth then i would want same too, you always doubt me, Tulsi leaves, Kumudini says when right time comes then i will tell you many truths too till then let these secrets be with me and my Krishan only, she smirks.

Scene 2
People are waiting to vote in elections. Raghu says to goon that Aryan asked us to not rig election but we have to silently do our work. They say to people that vote for Aaba only else you will be gone. Damini comes there and says to other inspectors that some goons are roaming around here, take action if they do anything. She sees David there too, they both look at each other tensed. announcer says voting will start soon.
Aaba says to Aryan that today’s win will be your win,Aryan says i want you to against our enemies. They come in mandir to see Kumudini, Tulsi and Aradhya already there, Aradhya says someone was moving forward but stopped seeing us, Aryan says let filthy people go then we will pray to Lord. Kumudini says to Krishan that i want to protect your land, i will not eat or drink anything till elections, make winner whomever you want, she breaks coconut and throws water around, it falls on Aaba and Aryan too. Kumudini says to Krishan that you made my enemy pure byt Krishnadasi’s hand, Aryan says this is mandir thats why i stopped else i could have ended whole family right here, he says to Aaba that i dont want to talk to cheap people, Aradhya says the people who compare themselves with others and put others down, i pray Lord help them, Kumudini stares Aaba, Aryan says some people are serving God but people with clean heart will win, Aaba will win, village people are going to show Devdasies their real place, Aradhya angrily looks at him and leaves with Kumudini and Tulsi.

Scene 2
Raghu is making people afraid outside election center to vote for Aaba only. Damini comes there so Raghu leaves. Aradhya and Kumudini are outside center too, Kumudini says Damini have done voting, now you go and vote too, Aradhya leaves. Aaba comes there with Aryan, he sits infront of Kumudini, Aaba asks Aryan to go and vote, Aryan leaves. Aradhya stands in line, Aryan is about to stand in line, Raghu says you dont need to stand in line, he pushes away person behind Aradhya and make Aryan stand there. Aradhya goes in to vote. She votes for Kumudini, Aryan comes there, they both put hand in ballot box together, their hands touch, Aradhya looks at him and says you are rich person’s son so you dont care about line and discipline? Aryan asks her to remove hand, Aradhya says my hand is stuck, you remove it, Aryan says my hand is stuck too, Aradhya says why did you put hand when i was voting, Aryan says my hand is hurting, they both try to hand out of ballot box, Aryan hits ballot box, Aradhya says my hand will break, you only know how to break things, Aradhya says make your hand straight only then our hands will come out, the both try to bring hands out together, Aradhya holds his hand mistakenly in pain, yeh fitoor plays, they look at each other, Aryan holds Aradhya’s hand and helps her out to bring hand out, they both are relieved as their hand comes out, Aryan turns and strikes with Aradhya, she looks at him and leaves, Aryan looks on.
Damini comes out of center and says tomorrow results will be announced here, she leaves, Kumudini and Aaba stares each other, Aryan and Aradhya stares each other. Aradhya says to Kumudini that lets go home, Kumudini says i will eat or drink after tomorrow only, she leaves with Aradhya.
Its morning, All are gathered outside center, Kumudini says to Aradhya that everything will be fine, Aradhya says i know you will win but you have havent eaten anything, Kumudini says nothing will happen to me. Collector comes out, he says vote count is done and Kumudini has got 1678 votes, all look on, Aradhya says half population of Krishnavati has voted for you. Banawari says to Aaba that i thought she will get 2,3 votes but she swiped it, he thinks to change party if Kumudini wins. Collector Vidydhar, Aaba has got..

PRECAP- Aradhya, Kumudini and Tulsi are going in car, Kumudini is unconscious. They sees Aryan and banwari dancing with people in street, Aradhya says to Kaka that turn car and go from otherside, these goons will not move from here, they leave from there. Goda comes in street, she says to people that please clear her path, i have to take these medicines to hospital, Aryan sees her, she says to Aryan that i have to take these medicines to hospital, Aradhya must be worried, Aryan clears her way, Goda runs from there but drops one medicine there, Aryan picks it up and says this is cancer medicine but why Aradhya needs it?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. yuck….Aba won!!!

  2. Oh God who is suffering from cancer? Day by day the serial is going interesting. I just love Aryan and Aradhya pair. And Shravan Reddy you are very cute and charming. I love you a lot my manmarziyan charm boy..

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      guys i think u r all new. kumudini came to krishnavathi by lying to Tulsi and Aradhya that she has cancer and its her last her wish to live in krishnavathi……….. so its her drama only………..

      1. So u r so old??? ? anyways all r here cs of the fan of this show & everybody knew it.k everyone sharing their assumptions only so chill

    2. kumudhini fooled everyone that she is suffering from cancer

  3. Saras is suffering from cancer… May those medicines for her.. I think aryan will meet her..

    1. But kumudni was unconscious…. I think she is acting….

      1. Yeah she is definitely doing acting… As she is mentally strong so can’t get attack by losing elections ?

  4. Kumudni is suffering from cancer

  5. Those medicine belongs to Kumudini since she lied that she’s suffering from cancer…I don’t think Aryan will meet Saras…

  6. But I think Aryan will think that Aaradhya is the one suffering from cancer….

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      might be. wish it comes true like that. then love chemistry will start…………

  7. Yes he will think that only…nd go to d hospital. .I love aryan

  8. guys there is a dance sequence between sakthi arora and aaru on monday and aryan get jealous.. very interesting

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