Krishnadasi 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nakku says to Pavitra that its good chimaji, Tulsi is coming, Nakku starts drama that i have served this family for years but that girl wanted to kill me, i will go to police, i will complain about her, Pavitra says try and understand, she is not fine, she is ill, always respectful to you, Naku says she used to be but now she is behind my life, Tulsi thinks that dont know whats the matter, something is wrong happening with Aaru, Nakku says she tried to send me from this world, Tulsi comes and says i am sorry on her behalf, she doesnt do it usually but today.. Pavitra says forgive her, Nakku says okay for this house’s respect, i will not go to police, i will shut my mouth, she leaves. Pavitra says to Tulsi that i know conditions were not nice in which this marriage happened but she

is our daughter in law, Tulsi says i dont know what wrong with Aaru, Pavitra asks how is my aaru now? Tulsi says she is fine, PAvitra says we will take care of her, dont tell this to Aryan, dont know what he will think about it, she alleged him for rape, you know what i am saying? Tulsi says yes and leaves. Pavitra says this was first shock, now ghost will come on Aradhya daily, nothing major will happen to her but she will be thrown out of Aryan’s life soon.
Aryan comes home, he gets Raj’s call and says come home, we will have dinner with aaba, he ends call. David comes there and says to Aryan that i want to talk to you, Aryan says i dont wanna listen, David says i listened Raj talking to some guy, he has nothing, he is poor and cheating you, Aryan says i know you are doing all this to trap Gayetri, you destroyed her life, Aaba have selected as my business partner so he must be right person, do this drama of hunger strike at your home, die in your house, not infront of my sister, he leaves, David is distraught.
Aradhya is sleeping and dreams what she did with Nakku, how chair was moving, she blabbers that this cant happen, she wakes up and recalls how she drank juice, she says i was in hall, how did i come here? what happened to me? she has headache and says whats happening with me? why i dont remember anything? she says Nakku bai.. she was saying something, what was she saying? Aradhya cant remember anything and is frustrated, she goes to talk to Nakku.
Kumudini says Kaka must have told shashwat about Tulsi, i just want proof that Shashwat is behind my daughter’s life, i will go to mandir dressed as Tulsi, he will come behind me and i will catch him red handed.
Aradhya comes out of her room and is dizzy, Nakku comes there and says you came again? will you kill me? Aradhya says why you are saying this? Nakku runs and asys dont come near me, aRadhya says what i did? Nakku comes to Pavitra and says your daughter in law has gone mad, she is asking what she did with me? Aryan comes there and asks what did Aradhya do? i saw her aayi leaving too, Aradhya thinks that i didnt know when she came here, Pavitra says Aradhya is ill, she asks Aradhya to go and rest, Aradhya is tensed and starts leaving from there, Aryan is confused seeing her and thinks that she is doing new drama to torture us.
Its night. Kumudini comes at mandir at night dressed as Tulsi. Its all dark there. Kumudini starts praying to God and says if its Shashwat who is behind my daughter then he will come here for sure, i am just waiting for him, why he didnt come till now? she looks around to see shashwat, she says if he doesnt come then how will i prove.. she sees someone coming there and turns to look.
Its night, Aradhya is sleeping on bed while Aryan is sleep on sofa cum bed. Aradhya feels jittery in sleep and gets up, she starts shouting and says i didnt do it, its a lie, Aradhya holds her head and says its a lie, Aryan wakes up and sees her like this, he thinks if she has some problem for real or if she is just teasing me? Aradhya gets up and says i didnt do it, she is terrified and says i didnt do it, its lie, Aryan comes on bed and hugs Aradhya, he says everything is fine, nothing happened, Aradhya clings onto him tightly, he calms her down and asks if she needs water? he brings water and makes her drink water, Aradhya is not able to hold glass properly, Aryan says i will make you drink, he takes glass and holds her face, he makes her drink water with his hand, Aradhya cries and holds her hair, Aryan says you remember when we went to farmhouse, you scared me and i took revenge too, he tries to cheer her up, he gets worried for her and hugs her tightly, Aradhya sleeps in his arms peacefully, he makes her lie on bed carefully, music plays, Aryan thinks what happened to her? why she is so restless, its useless to tell anyone else at home, he says to Aradhya that your clothes are wet, you need to change clothes, you threw water on yourself, Aradhya is sleeping, he thinks that dont know what happened to her suddenly, she cant sleep in wet clothes, i need to change her clothes. He brings her shirt and changes her clothes, he covers her with blanket and sit on floor beside bed to keep a tab on Aradhya, he falls asleep on floor beside bed on Aradhya’s side in sitting position only.

Scene 2
Its Shashwat who has come to Mandir, Kumudini hides and thinks that i was right, its Shashwat who wanted to kill Tulsi, i will come infront of him to confront him. Shashwat says he must have come till now. he sees Kumudini there and says Tulsi? she turns and says not Tulsi but its her aayi and everyone’s mother, he asks why she is wearing Tulsi’s clothes? she says i know everything, i know why you came here, Kumudini says i have eyes on everyone, you do for what you have come here, i will scream and will tell everyone about you, Shashwat says whats the need to tell this to everyone? Kumudini says i know you want to kill my daughter, what you thought that you can do anything and nobody will know anything? i know you want to kill her as her daughter Aradhya has become your daughter in law, i will tel police that you tried to kill Tulsi, she shows him chain and says its same chain which aaba gifted you, shashwat asks where did you find it? Kumudini says i found it from where you tried to attack my daughter, i will complain to police, Shashwat says why you keep warning about police? go and complain to anyone, i dont care, i am not afraid, he leaves, Kumudini says i wont spare you.
Tulsi says to Chimaji that what is happening with Aradhya? how can she become so powerful that she started moving chair with her eyes? Chimaji says i dont know, i went there as Pavitra called me to make aaba understand to accept Aradhya but what i was there stunned me, maybe this is happening with our daughter as a result of torture she is bearing? chimaji gets conscious and says i mean your daughter, she says yes, she is my daughter and i am her mother and father both, you wont do anything, why i am even talking to you? she leaves.
Doctor checks Aradhya, Nakku whispers to Purva what if he gets to know about our herb powder? Aryan says to doctor that she is ill since yesterday, she was jittery and was sweating, she couldnt sleep whole night and i was beside her, i called you only, Aradhya looks at him, doctor checks her blood reports and says she is fine, she has fever only, Purva, Pavitra leaves with doctor. Aradhya looks at Aryan and says what will i do just lying here? i will make tea, will you drink? he says if you dont take rest then.. he gets conscious and says do whatever you want, he leaves, Aradhya is tensed.
Purva gives money to doctor who checked Aradhya and thanks him for not telling about powder given to Aradhya, doctor says you gave me fees so i had to follow you, he leaves. Purva says to Pavitra that i was angry on Aryan for calling doctor but then i thought that it would be good, Aryan will be satisfied that there is nothing wrong with Aradhya practically. Pavitra says only you will become this house’s daughter in law.
Aradhya comes in kitchen and puts water in pan to make tea, she goes to bring tea bag and comes to see pan empty, she is shocked, she says as far as i remember, i had put water in it, whats happening? Aradhya puts water in pan again and puts tea powder in it too, she goes to bring milk and comes to see pan empty again, she is stunned and says how can this happen? my memory is not that weak, i had myself put tea powder in pan, where did it go? whats happening with me? she is tensed. Aradhya puts water and tea powder again in pan and puts sugar in it, she says now i will put ginger in it, i have put all other things in right? she goes to bring ginger and comes back to see pan gone from there, she says my memory cant be that weak? i had put everything in it? she runs from there. Nakku was hiding in cabinet beneath stove and recalls how she had been changing and throwing water from pan whenever Aradhya moved away, it was all her doing, she laughs with Pavitra and says it was fun to be ghost for a day.
Kumudini says i should have recorded Shashwat’s video at mandir, it would be proof against him, Tulsi comes there and asks why she is angry? Kumudini says i grabbed man who tried to attack you but he left, you know Shashwat was behind all this, i made me confess it but he left from there and i lost chance, Tulsi says let it be, i am just worried for Aradhya, Kumudini asks what happened with Aradhya?
Nakku asks Purva did you tell aaba about what we are doing with Aradhya? Purva says yes, he is not coming out of his room, its so easy to convince his generation about ghosts, he wont come in all this, we can play our game, its time to tell Aryan all this, Nakku says dont tell him, he doesnt believe in all this, Pavitra says he may hate Aradhya but he is good at heart, he called doctor for Aradhya, Nakku says dont tell him, Purva says we called doctor and now we have to make him believe that some spirit is possessing Aradhya’s soul, when same things will keep repeating, when family will keep repeating it then he wont be able to deny it for long, when you keep say same lie for thousand times then it is taken as truth.

PRECAP- Tulsi comes to meet Aradhya, Aradhya gets angry seeing her and acts like some spirit possessing her, her hair is messed, she asks in heavy voice why did she come here? Tulsi is stunned to see her like this, Aradhya grabs Tulsi from her neck and asks why did she come here? Aryan sees all this and is confused too.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Meenakshi

    Woww fast update Atiba! Thank you πŸ˜€ AaRa scene was soo cute. How long will Aryan baba pretend that he doesn’t care about Aru:-D Purva is the original ghost. I just don’t understand one thing , if Purva wants to marry Aryan only for money & properties why not Aaba then:-D They will be just made for each other!!:-P Aaru , I hope you figure everything out very soon. You are not a fool like others. What will be Aryan’s reaction is quite unpredictable for me. Except from Purva’s irritating appearance everything is interesting. I hope there will be more twists

  2. umama alam

    Poor Aru ???now who will be the saviour of Aru???when the child swap truth will be revealed ?I want 2 see Pavitra’s face?

  3. Oo I loved arra scene. How caring husband Aryan is….wow Aryan. .hats off to you. And I don’t think so that Shashwat wants to kill Tulsi.. wht will he get from doing that? But, wht was he doing in mandir late night. If that kumu’s accusation is true, then that means Shashwat knows about baby swapping. I don’t think it’s possible.
    Precap was not so good.I hope Aryan won’t believe those 3 witches.
    Plz writers… want to see more arra scenes

  4. Sneha

    poor aru..same as every show….belittling women and all that and finally killing the character

  5. Anu

    Um sorry for pavitra,, when she’ll come to knw that all those cheapness she’s doing with her own daughter. Aara scene today was emotional n touchy.. They r so cute together.

  6. Aqua

    Aw poor aroo. I hate to that purva. She should marry Aaba instead lol.
    Guys, I think someone else other than shashwat wants to kill Tulsi. I mean he was always the righteous man. He even feels bad for throwing tulsi out of the village 20 yes ago. So trying to kill her does not sound like him. There is more to the matter than meets the eyes.

    I really want to see more Aara scenes?

  7. neethu

    i think raj wil be aarus saviour. and after saving her aru will be nice and friendly with him which will not go well with aryan. thts my predicitons

  8. Ooooooo Allah shooooo cute scene of aara ..seriously aryan if u still love aru then y r u pretending that u dont love her …that concern O M G? …ohhh my poor doll aru dont worry everything will be fine? nd i saw that chimaji will tie aradhya with bed? what will happen next m damnnn curious?

  9. Swati

    I just hate these 3 stupid women Aara scene is cute the most stupid award should be given to this Roa’s family they are trusting these Deshmukh’s and when David says Aryan that they are fraud Aryan don’t believe he is going to regret soon

  10. Nazriya

    Aaryn n Arraadhya scene was suprrb n dhiljasbi.?
    i just want to first throw out nakku?from that house..Dhesmukh family z just hopeless teamz..foolz?

  11. Aara scene was awesome!!!!! feeling bad for Aru….Pavitra is going to regret very badly after she comes to know that Aaru is her own daughter……
    I am so happy to know that Aryan still cares for Aru!!!!!!!!

  12. Wht more is to be worsen with Aru.? Oh god arra is the best couple I have ever seen. Aryan was hugging aru just like a little boy was hugging a teddy bear.such tight hug. I thought aru couldn’t even breath.

  13. Ruby

    I wish the whole rao family get trapped by deshmukh family. then they will understand how ‘good’ they are.

    • manikarnika

      Me too only den dey wil realize importance of good ones and also wil realize dat everyone need not to b a devdasi to be bad and evry devdasi is not bad,nd after reality check, aabha wil get to.know dat wat he thinks about devdasis poorva crossed dat limits too

  14. Nimisha

    Love how much Aryan cares for Aru. The way he looked after her was lovely and he clearly loves her dearly.

    Purva is so evil. Are all doctors in all soaps so easily bribed. Are these jadibuti drugs so easily available.

    Aryan knows something I amiss, I hope he figures it out soon. Precap looks good.

    I am still confused why Aru doesntbjustvtalk to Aryan and explain the rape charge thing was a her aaji’s plan. Both are still feeling betrayed by each other though.

    Kumudini is obv wrong about shashwant but who was hoping to meet in that place?

    Poor David, he tried to tell Aryan about Jayraj, just like Aru did but he won’t listen. Poor gayu’s a bit unlucky in love it seems.

    • Ruby

      yeah Nimi di it’s little bit strange that they didn’t talk about the rape case till now

  15. Aqua

    I want to see pavitra’s face when she finds out she was planning to kill her own daughter and now drugging her into madness for a devdasi’s son. Oh the reality of it will be too much for her to digest, I’m certain hehe.
    I wish the writers will show krishnadasi on weekends too. I have been following this show from the start after seeing how different the story was. Also got to learn abt different customs which I never heard before.
    Now the story has become bit SaaS bahu drama with a lot of spicy twist hehe.
    AAra scene was so beautiful. I love the way aryan overcamee his hate to show love and compassion to aroo. Eagerly waiting for the he next week’s episodes.

  16. Rhimjhim

    hey i have been watching this show from the very first episode and have become a die-heart fan of it… i wait eagerly for it as soon as it’s episode for the day finishes for the next and fell deserted during the weekends….. there is no serial so well written that i have seen till now….. i just hope it goes on just like this and never ends…. i just love to see Aara together

  17. Cutex

    Hi guys in upcoming episode purva and pavitra suggested to send aradaya to asylum….but the good thing is that aryan and aradaya closeness will increase and indirectly purva’s plane in faver of aara…..

  18. Cutex

    Now the track is going to be more interesting and keep watching KD and keep commenting guys…

  19. Cutex

    Many are missing where is aloki,ishveer,liba,mifa,rifa,rufina uffff i remember only few names….

  20. Rhimjhim

    hate this purva and pavitra…. lol pavitra is going to regret for her present behaviour when she will come to know that Aaroo is her own daughter

  21. Rhimjhim

    hey guys i request all of u to plzzz read my ff I can’t take my eyes off you and plzzzz do comment

  22. Cutex

    Due to herbs when aradaya harm others than aryan tenesed because he know that araday not harm anyone….aradaya’s illness brings Aryan and aradaya closer and Aryan support aru and take care day by day….

  23. madhu

    i think Aryan can’t believe this ghost and spirit etc.. and his support to aradhya….

  24. neethu

    gys but sana said in the interview tht aryans caring side wil be showwn but then aryan tells himself tht he hates her etc so he will not be tht old aryan.

  25. neethu

    and now there is going to be a tantric as well. i think the tantrik will be on pavitra and poorvas side. anyway eagerly waiting to see who will save aru from her this condition. if wat sana said is truue then aryan wont become hid oldself then maybe raj becoz he will eventually turn positive.

  26. Mira khan

    What makes A Ryan believe that Aradhya just has a fever he need’s to get her checked up somewhere else whatever is happening isn’t normal……..

  27. sam

    i think raj will help aaru n from there on their equation changes might they becum frnds…

  28. Meena

    KD is getting intersting..but why so less comments
    once we had 200 comments but now kya..
    may be concentrating in ff

  29. Episode – 95

    Nakku and Pavitra tell Aryan how Aradhya attacked Nakku. Later, under the influence of the drug, Aradhya tries to kill Tulsi.

    Episode – 96

    Kaveri tries to convince Aryan that a ghost is living in house, but in vain. Later, Damini arrives to arrest Shashwat. Aradhya, appearing to be possessed, tries to stop her.

    Episode – 97

    Aradhya dresses up and acts like Bhamini. When Shashwat returns from prison, she adresses him as her son. Later, she declares she wants Aradhya killed.

    Episode – 98

    Aradhya locks herself in her room and tries to kill herself. Aryan manages to enter the room and save her. Poorva is sad as her enemy is still alive.

    Episode – 99

    Jairaj makes Aryan leave home on the pretense of a fake business tour. In his absence, his family members want to make Aradhya walk on burning coal.

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