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Krishnadasi 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya wear ghungroos and starts dancing like Krishnadasi in house, Tulsi and Kumudini arrives there and are shocked to see that, Tulsi comes and slaps her, she realizes her mistake and instantly hugs Aradhya, she take off ghungroos from her feet. Aradhya says to Tulsi that you hided such big thing from me? Tulsi says i did because you are not made for all these customs, i wanted to protect you, Kumudini says enough, she says to Aradhya that we are Krishnadasies and we are married to Krishan, we are loyal to one man for whole life, people have respect for us and some call us with ill words but we are not wrong, Aradhya cries.
Aaba is in his sugarcane factory, he says to factory manager that only i will rule here. Munim says Aaba is worried about those Krishnadasies dont make him

angry, He says to Aaba that i thought to tell you about wedding, Tulsi’s dance, i cant tell you.. i mean, i wanted to kill her, i didnt look at her, i was with Shashwat, i dont know till when they remain here, aaba takes on sugarcane and says if sugarcane is stale then we should throw it away.
Kumudini says to Aradhya that i am happy you got to know truth, Tulsi is surprised, Kumudini says to Aradhya that you dont need to feel ashamed of this, Tulsi says glass can shine from front but its black from back, i never wanted Aradhya to know this truth, Aradhya asks her what else you have hidden from me? i thought we three are together but you have thrown me out of your life, you think i am a kid? i am grown up and can take things in my stride, you hided about Krishnadasi thing but also that Kumudini has cancer, both are shocked listening this, Tulsi says i wanted to tell you on right time, Aradhya says so ;right time has come, now i know abotu Devdasi and about her cancer so tell me who is my father too, i am alive after knowing such big truths so i wont die after knowing third secret, Tulsi says dont talk like this, you wanna know who is your father? she points at Krishan and says he is your father, the one whose blood is in your vains was a coward, he couldnt give you his name, he ranaway but i raised you up, some truths are very bitter, the truth which made me wounded from inside, i never wanted to tell you about it, my lips were zipped but my wounds are still open, she cries, Aradhya says i am sorry to hurt you with my words, i will never question you from now on, i dont wanna know who is my father, never, please forgive me, Tulsi hugs her, they call Kumudini, three ladies hug, Kumudini looks at Krishan.
Aryan says to watchman that i have 5minutes work in hostel, watchman says you broke one girl’s room last time, warden will beat me if i allow you again, Aryan acts like crying and asks Watchman if he believes in Lord? guard says yes, Aryan says God himself asked me to say sorry to that girl but you are not allowing me to go, guard allows him to go in, Aryan goes in.
Tulsi says to Aradhya that Kaka will take you to hostel. Aradhya says to Kumudini that i will be bored in hostel without you both and also i have seen what devdasies are in village people’s eyes, Kumudini says i have come here to get my respect back, ask Tulsi how we used to get respect 21years back, Aradhya says where it is now? Kumudini says let right time come then i will tell you, Aradhya says but you are ill, Kumudini says i am fine, i dont wanna die like cowards, Tulsi says i am with Kumudini, our happiness is that you go to Pune and complete your studies, Aradhya asks Kumudini what she thinks? Kumudini says you are good girl of your mother. Munim comes to their house and sees Aradhya with Kumudini and Tulsi. Kumudini says to Aradhya that nothing will happen to me, your mother Tulsi is with me, Munim listens this and says God has blessed us all after they have come, now i will make money out of this news.
Aradhya leaves for her hostel. Kumudini is praying to Krishan, she says i said i will take any way in my war, my wait for 21years is over, i have become successful to bring my Aradhya here, she recalls flashback how she called doctor and asked him to tell Aradhya about her fake illness and Aradhya has to come in village wedding, when she will listen about my illness, she will come here, fb ends, Kumudini says what i wanted that happened, people can try but cant change truth, i know she is hurt but she has to know truth, my war with Aaba has started now and Aradhya is that weapon which will make me win in this war, i will wait for day when Aradhya will take revenge from Vidydhar Rao Aaba, his end is near.
Aradhya recalls what she saw in village, she cries. Goda(servant) asks Tulsi what to make in dinner/ Kumudini says we are not hungry, make tea for us, she asks her to take food which Tamre sent, Goda asks what they will eat then? Kumudini says we will eat your mind, she laughs, Goda leaves. Kumudini says to Tulsi that you dont seem happy, we took revenge today, did you see Aaba going back from wedding? i wanted to tease him, she laughs, Tulsi says this is not joke, we have lessen burden from our hearts but now burden is on Aradhya’s heart, Kumudini says Aradhya have accepted our truth with pride, Tulsi says maybe she pretended that for us, Aradhya lived different life for 21 years, she had questions regarding her father but now our reality has made her weak, dont know how many questions she has, Kumudini says if you think good then good will happen, she asks her to come for tea, Tulsi says i will come after calling Aradhya, Kumudini asks her to not think much.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes in hostel, she looks at her family photo and cries, she gets Tulsi’s call, Tuslsi asks her how is she? Aradhya says i have reached hostel, i have eaten food, how are you and Kumudini? Aradhya says i am fine, i have flu thats why voice is like this, Tulsi says i know you are crying, i know its not easy to accept what you listened today, you must be thinking what to tell to your friends and all but dont think about past, dont think about us, think about future, Aradhya says i am related to you, i have your blood, my past is related to yours, i dont have to tell anything about you to my friends, you are thinking that what i will think about when you will tell me about devdasi, what place your community have in society, if you had told me about this story then i would have shared your burden, i love you and Kumudini alot, my respect has not gone less after knowing truth, infact i am proud of you both that you both fought the world to get respect, i salute you both, i am proud of the fact that you are my mother, i am Aradhya Tusli, i dont need father’s name, my identity is complete with this, Tulsi says you have grown up, Aradhya says tell Kumudini if she doesnt take medicine on time then i will come in her nightmares, she is about to end call but Tulsi listens Aradhya sneezing, Aradhya ends call, Tulsi says Aradhya has flu? she asks Kumudini if she has seen sweater thread? Kumudini says first have tea, Tulsi says okay.
Aradhya comes in room and finds gifts there, she reads letter of Aryan, letter reads that i am sorry for breaking your room, i had misunderstanding so i have sent fruits for you for our sweet bitter friendship, now your everyday will be fruit day- from Aryan, Aradhya says what he thinks that he can do anything? can come in my room at any time? whats his name? Aryan, i will not leave him now, will break watermelon on his head.
Aradhya is in disguise of boy seller, she comes to watchman and boys hostel and says i want to deliver fruits to Aryan, he says is today fruits day? he sent fruits to girls hostel in morning and now you have come? its late night so you cant go in. Aradhya makes car security alarm ring, guard goes to check it, Aradhya enters boys hostel before he comeback. aradhya comes in hostel and tries to ask boys about Aryan but they pay no heed, Aradhya says boys are so dirty. She comes to one guy and sees other guys changing shirt in room, she looks down, she asks about Aryan, boy says he lives in room no. 32. Aradhya looks at room no. 32 and says he copied my room no. too? i am coming Aryan.
Aradhya comes in Aryan’s room and says he is not here and i had to act so much, she looks at Aryan’s picture and says you are saved today, she is about to leave after putting fruits there, she says no i wont like this, he broke my scooty too, she is about to break things in his room but says what wil be difference between you and me if i break your room too? you are animal but not me, but i will change your room, she starts throwing things here and there, she doesnt throw away books, she opens drawer and throws things, she sees her anklet in a box, she says this is my anklet.

PRECAP- Kumudini comes in market to buy things but no shopkeeper gives her anything, they say we will not sell you. Kumudini comes in house and doesnt eat anything, Tulsi asks what stubborness is this? Kumudini says if that Aaba Sahib thinks that we will die if no one sell us anything then he can try this and if this is stubborness then let it be. Aradhya strikes with a guy in college, she doesnt see his face, he passes by from thee, she sees him wearing same jacket(Aryan’s) and says he is wearing same jacket who was worn by buttonman, she brings out button from her bag and says if he saved me? she runs behind him and stops him to see his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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