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Krishnadasi 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya calls Aryan’s name, Raj turns, Aradhya is stunned to see him, she says you messaged me from Aryan’s phone? he says if i had messaged you from my phone then you would have come? i will message you from my phone next time, my cheeks are saying to take revenge of slap, Aradhya asks ;to not come closer, he says i am not going to slap you, i wanted to say sorry, Aradhya says then why did you call me here? Raj says ts bad to misbehave with girls and specially to one whom your heart likes, Mrs. Rao i am sorry from heart, now hug me, Aradhya says i know your real face, i am not girl who will cry over men’s forcing, i will slap you so hard that you will never forget it, Raj says i am talking about sorry and you are getting angry? Aradhya tries to leave but Raj holds her

hand, he says even if anyone see you with me then i will say that you called me here, nobody respects you here, i saw that, whats in that Aryan? he doesnt know anything expect having fun with Aaba’s money, aRadhya says if you try to say anything against Aryan then i wont spare you, Raj says whats in Aryan? he hates you, girls like you can won over by money and infact Aryan did same with you. Raj sees Pavitra and Nakku there and starts acting, he says to Aradhya that i am not that type of guy. He says to Pavitra that i tried to make her understand to leave Aryan but she started having chance on me, Pavitra says to Aradhya that arent you ashamed? he is going to get married to Gayetri and you are trying to lure him? if you want then you can go in village and can find other men, Nakku says she is shameless, not even looking down, Aradhya says i why should i lower my eyes? i called Raj here, Pavitra says you are shameless, Aradhya says one has to become shameless to test others, he is going to get married to Gayetri so i thought to test him, Gayetri got cheated earlier too so i thought to check Raj’s character, i am happy to know that he passed test, he has clean character and i will always remember this night, she starts leaving and stares Raj who is stunned by her words, she leaves. Pavitra leaves too. Raj smirks.
Kumudini is on road and says where should i start? what did Tulsi say? she is searching for some proof about attack on Tulsi, she says someone threw something on Tulsi’s head. She doesnt find anything and starts leaving but finds a gold chain, she says whose chain is this? its Chimaji’s chain, no he doesnt wear gold jewelry, God whose chain it can be, i have to find out.
Aradhya comes in her room and thinks that because of Raj, it has become unsafe to live in this house, i have to do something against him. Aryan is taking bath in shower and says this certificate wife doesnt let me take bath too. Aradhya recalls Raj’s words that her husband is useless. Aradhya knocks bathroom door and says i wanna take bath too, come out, aryan says i will take bath whole day. Aradhya murmurs that Raj was right, he is useless so can waste time, Aradhya says you take bath, i will go to common bathroom, she leaves, Aryan says today i made her go from my bathroom, soon i will throw her out of my life too, miss fake certificate and dinosaur.
Aryan comes out of bathroom in towel, he sees Aradhya and gets tensed, he says cant you wait outside? Aradhya says cant you come out wearing clothes? Aryan says this is my room and i will stay as i want. Aradhya gives him clothes and offers him money, he says i dont need it, i am aaba’s grandson, i give this much in tip, you need it, Aradhya says give this money to aaba, Aryan says aaba doesnt need your charity, Aradhya says this house is of aaba, this room is of aaba, that bed was of aaba too which i burned down so i have to pay money for its repair as my husband doesnt earn anything, you have this much self respect to take money from me and pay to aaba. Aryan says you are calling me useless and lazy? Aradhya says you called that yourself, your name is Aryan Vidydhar Rao but if we remove Vidyadhar Rao from your name then you have no identity, no weight in your name remains, you dont earn anything, Aryan says i am Aryan Vidyadhar Rao and will remain same, i can setup factory in a night, he leaves, Purva has listened everything hiding outside room. Aradhya says my target has hit right direction, lets see what happens next.

Scene 2
Its morning, David is chanting against Aaba outside Haveli. Gayetri sees him from terrace, David says i wont let my wife marry someone else, this is forcing and i wont let it happen, i wont let anyone force her. Aaba says what drama is this? Raghu beats David, Gayetri gets tensed, David says to aaba that i will not drink or eat anything, i am trying to rectify my mistakes and i will not leave tilli get my wife. Aradhya comes there with water and says to Aaba that if he dies infront of your house while protesting for his legal wife then it will be bad for your reputation, aaba angrily leaves, David looks at Gayetri, she leaves.
Pavitra says to Nakku that i always waited for this day, i cant believe it, its such a big day for Aryan. Aradhya comes and asks if there something special? Pavitra doesnt answer her and leaves.
Aradhya comes in hall, Aryan hugs raj. Pavitra makes them eat sweet and bless them, she says to Raj that you entered this house and made Aryan start working too. Aaba comes there and praises Raj’s idea of business, Raj says Aryan made our proposal so big, he says to Aryan that we will expand aaba’s business together and will take it to newer heights, Aryan says ofcourse, he says to aaba that we are meeting investors, Raj and i are becoming business partners, Aradhya thinks that he is really a zero IQ, he didnt find anyone else to make his business partner. Aryan starts leaving but Aradhya says to Aryan that i want to talk to you, Aryan comes to Aradhya and says i dont want to listen to you, Aradhya says i need to talk to you, she holds his hand and drags him from there infront of all.
Aradhya brings Aryan to room and says Raj is not nice man, he tried to look at me with filthy eyes too, Aryan says so when you are filing complaint against him for attempt to murder? enough drama Aradhya, Aradhya says you will regret it later, Aryan says yes i will regret it, why dont you leave this house?
Kumudini shows chain to Tulsi and says i found it near site where you were attacked, i asked Damini to investigate but she will work slowly, Tulsi says i know you are doing all this for my safety but you doubt everyone, yesterday you doubted Chimaji too, this is not good, Kumudini says you are worrying about Chimaji? how this relation revived again? Tulsi says i didnt mean it but you cant doubt anyone like this, Kumudini says i will not spare person who will try to harm my people, Tulsi gets call and leaves from there, Kumudini says she should not trust people like this.
Tulsi meets Saras, Saras says David is protesting outside aaba’s house but this is not right, you can make David understand, talk to Gayetri, maybe she will listen to you, David is stubborn, Tulsi says situation is worst, Aradhya got married in difficult condition, i will talk to David but i wont be able to talk to Gayetri. Kumudini comes there and says to Tulsi that you came to meet Saras? you go to anywhere alone these days, you dont even tell me anything, dont go anywhere now, go back home, i will try to find out about this chain. Saras sees chain and says this chain? Kumudini says you know about this chain? Saras says yes, Aaba gave this chain to Shashwat, Kumudini is stunned.
Shashwat is finding his chain, Pavitra comes there and says you dont take it off that chain, Shashwat aaba gifted it to me on my 10th birthday, i never take it off, i was taking bath, i didnt see it after that, Pavitra says you go to office, i will check it, he says do find it, he leaves.
Markand and Banwari sees David sitting outsie Haveli, Markand jokes that he is mad to run behind like this, Banwari says if he doesnt leave from here then aaba will pack our bags, we have to do something to make him runaway from here. Markand brings bees jar, they open jar so that bees can attack David but instead bees starts running behind them, they runaway.
Aryan is getting ready for office. Aradhya comes there and says i wanna talk to you. he says i dont wanna talk to you, he tries to tie his button but it tears, he says i am already late, he brings another shirt to wear, Aradhya brings thread and needle and says i will stitch your button, he says no thanks, Aradhya says i am your wife and its my duty to you send you to office on time, Aryan looks at her.
Gayetri looks at David sitting outside house, she sees Banwari and Markand talking that they have to send him away else Aaba will not spare them.
Aradhya is stitching Aryan’s shirt’s button, she recalls how she stitched his button and he cared for her. he is looking away while Aradhya is glaring at him constantly, Aryan’s phone rings, Aryan moves to pick it up and needle pricks him, Aradhya says Aryan cant you stand properly for sometime? i will stitch it then you can see your phone. Aradhya says i dont like that you are doing business with Raj but if you are stubborn so i cant do anything, as a wife, i suggest you to gift something traditional to investors, Aryan says keep your suggestions to yourself, Purva is doing what is needed to be done and she knows everything better than you so take a chill pill, is it done? she says yes, Aradhya breaks thread with her teeth by coming closer to his chest, Aryan sees stitching done and leaves, she says i was just suggesting, he is mad.
Shashwat is talking on call. Kumudini is spying on him. Shashwat says on call that i went there last night but i couldnt finish my work, i dont tell anyone about it, work will be done, he leaves. Kumudini thinks that i found his chain and now he was saying on call that he will try again, this means Shashwat wants to kill my daughter, i have to find proofs against him to bring his truth out, i will not spare him.

PRECAP- Aradhya and Aryan comes to close bathroom door as its lock is broken, they stare each other, Aryan moves back, Aradhya closes door. Aradhya stand on chair to get curtain from cupboard’s roof. Aradhya loses balances and falls off from chair, Aryan runs and holds her but they both fall down on floor with Aradhya on top of him, curtain falls over them, they share eyelock, Tum hi toh ho plays.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. precap ws soo romantic i luv dat araa fall down on aryan…suprb aradhya..rockxzzz.

  2. I love diz….. serial

  3. it was ‘attempt to rape’ aryan said not ‘attempt to murder’
    And Aryan said he will always be Aryan vidyadhar Rao..
    Oh boy.. I am really looking forward to see when Humpty dumpty will have a great fall

    1. Attempt to rape hi toh bola tha,kya hua u noticed sumthin else which v din

      1. Manikarnika,please check that written update, thank you Tanu for pointing that out…

      2. Oh written updates, i thought episode, coz it was Allright in episode

      3. Okk in updates,i thought in episode

  4. I love the way aru handle that dirty situation created by raj ….arra scens were damn cute nd precap? lovly …why shashwat would try to kill tulsi? I m confused? i think he is someone else but not shashwat but let see what happend….

    1. Nd yeah aryan u r not aryan rao but aryan yashwant mahant chimaji ? O M G such a big name he has ?

      1. no he is only our Aryan Krishnadas baba ?

      2. Haha ri8 tanu? …

  5. oh god this unbelievable thing shud nt happen shaswat attacking tulsi.

    1. Shashwat has a soft corner for tulsi. Perhaps he will not attack

  6. Just happy poorva wasn’t in today episode as much and wasn’t with Aryaan yessss xxxx

  7. I think pavitra attacking tulsi, as she jealous of devdasis and hates also

    1. May be but i don’t think she knew about child swap

  8. I love Aara scene but krishnadasi would be better if purva was not in it therefore Aara scenes would be more and romantic where the b**ch is there it’s hard she so stunning but hate her…. Can’t what for tomo epi what say krishnadasians?! Xxx

  9. Loved aara scenes. Eagerly waiting for today’s episode. I am happy that their are romantic scenes between aru n Aryan but at the same place I am unhappy with the hatred track. I want to see romantic scenes on romantic track not hatred track.please aara stop hating each other.

  10. Awesome precap but I hate it when anyone call Aradhya devdasi I think Aradhya should leave Aryan that low IQ he don’t even know what he is doing now coming to Gayu’s part plz accept Devid he is changed now he is better then that cheap jayraj plz CV finish this hater track

    1. and wat about aradhya IQ.. she complaint against aryan 4 attempt to rape..

      1. Thats because she was brainwashed by aji, Aaji made the situation look as if aryan had done something and made him look bad for Aru.

  11. what to say I can’t watch episode and no repeat can anyone tell me when krishnadashi repeats.

    1. Ms.H.Premalatha Chinnayya

      it will be telecasted afternoon 12.30pm

  12. precap z awesome 😉 bt according to the Times of india, this show is gonna introduce a new ghost track as well, juz same lyk ssk, i mean, Utter rubbish, I juz lykd dis show bcz it had some genuine message for its viewers, bt these makers r spoiling it… :/ 🙁

    1. as if this negative track is not enough…………

      1. yeah, u r right sneha..!! Bt in negative track stil makrz r managng to show aara scenes, Dat z smthng i lykd 😀

  13. Yesterday’s episode was good….I really really really like dis serial soo much but d trp s really very low for dis serial….really sad…and y dey r re telecast dis serial only once…and how to increase d trp….plz tell me na guys!!

  14. just cant believe shaswat attacking tulsi…………..nor pavitra will do this as she doesnt misunderstand her anymore………

  15. Ehhh ? Ghost track ? What for ? Offooo!! I don’t think Shaswat was that guy who tried to attack Tulsi. Who know ? This is KD anything could happen. Aru smartly managed blo*dy Jayraj situation. I felt Aryan was better In last episode though he taunts her. Looking forward for more happy episodes

  16. no there is no ghost is fake news

    1. There is.. pavitra or purva will mix some thing in aru’s juice.
      It will be seen that aru will go violent… she will push nakku and nakku will go flying…

      1. absolutely pavitra mix something so she get magical power but this is not called ghost will no ghost there only aru and no aatma on her its only because of that thing which she had mix.

  17. hi everyone ,aaru sooo…..good I love krishnadasi.aaru very smartly handle this situation.yesterday episode good and precap its really romantic I hope so aaryan understand aaru

  18. hi guys my first post here .. awesome serial krishnadasi going these days…

  19. hi guys my first post here .. awesome serial krishnadasi going these days… i love it ..

  20. Hi guys I m new in dis website bt I always read its update. May I join U? I luv dis serial vry mch…

  21. Where is today’s update? ??

  22. Ya, where is today`s update. Been waiting for so long. Someone plz post

  23. Aarraadhy lukkzz so pretty in todays Saree.. thz type z comfortable for her.. i feel so..?

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