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Krishnadasi 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kumudini takes bhang milk from seller. Kumudini comes to Gayetri and asks why she is alone? Gayetri is sad, Kumudini says you should keep smiling, dont worry, you trust me? Gayetri nods, Kumudini says i have brought milk for you, she asks Gayetri to drink it, Gayetri drinks it and says its bitter, Kumudini says this is parsad, your pain will be erased by it, Gayetri drink it, Gayetri sees David, Kumudini says drink more, Gayetri drink it, Kumudini asks her to go and apply color to your husband, Gayetri leaves, Kumudini now Aaba’s respect will destroyed, she smirks.
Gayetri is running, Aaba sees her. Gayetri comes to David and says this is our first holi, can i apply color to you first? David says this is my right so i will apply color to you first, he takes color and applies

it on his face instead of her, Gayetri gets sad, aaba sees this, Kumudini smirks seeing it.
Kumudini starts dancing in festival, she asks Tulsi to not leave her mother alone, Tulsi starts dancing with her. They both dance, Aryan is angry, Aradhya comes to him and says will you say anything? your family’s happiness will go away with my family’s happiness too, atleast think about your sister, she has started loving David. Kumudini brings Gayetri in middle, Gayetri starts dancing with them, all are shocked, Aradhya says seems like she is under bhang effect, Aryan says only your aaji can do this. Aaba is angry seeing her dance, Banwari says your grand daughter is dancing like dancers. one women gossip that Aaba’s grand daughter is living in Devdasies house, seems like she has become devdasi too, Aryand gets angry listening this, he tries to stop her, Aradhya stops him and says you make things awkward, we need to make it look like normal thing, Aryan asks how? Aradhya says we should join them in dance, Aryan says have you gone mad, will i dance with them? Aradhya says you can dance with your sister to protect her, if we dance with them then people will think that this is not devdasies’ dance but a normal dance, lets join them, Aryan looks at Aaba being angry on Gayetri. Aryan and Aradhya comes there and starts dancing with Gayetri. Kumudini and Tulsi moves back. Shashwat to Pavitra that Aryan have saved Gayetri, Gayeti was dancing after drinking bhang, Kumudini thinks that Aryan and Aradhya destroyed my plan, this must be done by Aradhya, Tulsi thanks God for making things normal. aaba asks Markand to stop song, Markand comes and stops song, Aryan strikes with Markand, USB falls from Markand’s hand, Aryan picks it up and gives it to him. Aaba says to people that this Holi is special, it will bring truth of people out, he asks Kumudini to come in too, all village people goes in, Kumudini says i am not scared, she goes in mandir too.
All gather inside mandir, a projector is being set up there, Aaba smirks at Kumudini and says village people some people have come after 21years and have started filling dirt here but i wont allow it, Tulsi says he is speaking about us, Kumudini says he doesnt have any other business. Aaba says Kumudini you call yourself a Krishna loyalist? today i will show everyone how you planned everything to destroy my respect, you have used my grand daughter to take revenge, today i will bring your true face to everyone then i will blacken your face and will throw you out of Krishnavati, he asks Markand to play video. Markand puts USB in projector and plays video but its some cartoon video, all are shocked, Aaba angrily looks at Markand, he asks whats all this? Markand says i dont know how this happened, Aaba says you will destroy my respect now, Markand tries find solution.
Aryan comes to Aradhy and shows her USB, he recalls flashback how he banged into Markand and exchanged USBs, he crushes real USB, Aradhya thanks him and says you have taken right decision, you have taken right step by destroying this video, thanks for trusting me, flashback shows Aryan showing real video to Aradhya of Kumudini’s confession, he asks are you afraid of being caught? Aradhya says people dont think good about us so it doesnt matter but if you spread this video then whose respect will be destroyed, you know it, Aryan says this is true face of Kumudini, Aradhya says i know my Aaji is wrong but your Aaba is not right too, Aaba have thrown Saras out of house, Gayetri is bearing all this because David wanted to take revenge of Saras, Aaba’s cruel nature doesnt end here, you know he had thrown Tulsi out of village by pulling her from hair, mistakes are done by both sides but question is till when we will keep doing this? till when we will keep up this animosity, till when we will keep burning ourselves in this fight? you have to decide if you want to increase animosity by showing this video to all or stop it, Gayetri’s life will be destroyed more, our generation can stop this fight and revenge game, you have to decide, fb ends, Aradhya says to Aryan that our first plan got successful because of you, now we have to take our next step.

Scene 2
Kumudini says to aaba have placed projector to show everyone cartoon? she says you said big words but truth was nothing? see village people this man never leave any chance to disrespect us but has nothing concrete to show against us, you keep trying to throw us out of village, dont look at me like this, my Krishan is with me, he doesnt let devil succeed, Aaba says dancer you keep your mouth else.. Kumudini says else what?
Aradhya says to Aryan that my aaji is at fault and i want to rectify her mistakes, Aryan says Aaba has done mistakes too and i will rectify it, its time to take action on our part 2 of plan, Aradhya starts to leave but Aryan asks if she is sure, she will be able to do it? its difficult, i will do it but i am not sure about you, aradhya says dont think women are weak, did you forget about queen Laxmi bai? Aryan says lets see who can do what, he blows air on her face and leaves, Aradhya says his words will stop when he will see my hardwork.
Aaba says i had proofs but you must have got it so you destroyed it. Aryan and Aradhya comes there, Kumudini says you dont have anything against me, you just keep blabbering, you dont have anything me but called everyone here, what did you say that you will blacken my face? you didnt get any proof so you are blaming me? what did you get by doing this drama? this is holi so i am leaving you else i know how to answer back, Aryan looks at Aradhya, Kumudini brings color and says dont feel bad, its holi, she throws color on Aaba’s face, she asks Tulsi come with her, she leaves with Tulsi, aaba gets angry, Aradhya looks at Aryan tensely.
Aaba comes back in home, he says to Markand that because of you my respect got destroyed infront of all, the one whose face i thought to blacken, colored my face, where did that video go? Markand says i am sorry, i dont know where did it go, aaba says i will forgive you only when you bring that video back and tell me who exchanged video.
Tulsi is trying to check electricity of her house, Kaka says dont do it, Tulsi says i need to check fuse, dont know why electricity is not coming in house, Aryan comes there and says can i check? Tulsi is tensed seeing him, Aryan comes forward and checks fuse, Tulsi says you dont need to do it, i have called electrician, Aryan says just let me check, Tulsi gives hims tools, Aryan join wires and electricity comes back, Tulsi thanks him and thinks what he is doing here?
Aradhya comes to Aaba’s house, Shivangi sees her and asks Markand what she is doing here? Markand says dont know what drama she will do now, Aradhya comes to them and says i want to meet aaba.
Kumudini comes in hall and is stunned to see Aryan there, she says if i am in my house? she says Aryan Vidydhar Rao in Krishnadasi’s house? Aryan greets her, Kumudini laughs and says Tulsi he used to come here to burn our house, she asks why did you come today? Tulsi says she was about to go, tulsi thanks him for helping her, Kumudini says make tea for him, he will talk to me, she asks Aryan to sit, Aryan is confused, she asks Tulsi to make tea, Tulsi goes, Kumudini says if you also think that i am responsible for Gayetri’s condition? Aryan recalls video and says i dont want to talk about it, i just came to meet Gayetri, Kumudini says Gayetri fernandez? she is inside, you go and meet her, Aryan leaves, Kumudini smirks and says i thought i would have to struggle alot but everything is happening easily, he came here with so much love, soon relation will be made too.

PRECAP- Aaba takes glass and throws it away, it breaks, Aaba asks Aradhya to go and clean it, Aradhya starts cleaning it, Aaba says to Pavitra that from today she will do all household work here. Kumudini makes Aryan lift heavy cartons, she says to Tulsi that if he is trying to do something for his sister then let him to do it, he will clean, wash, sweep, do all household work here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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