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Scene 1
Nakku does Kumudini’s wound’s dressing. Nakku says Aryan is really angry on you, Kumudini says i have one more trick, let him do what he wants to. Aradhya comes there and says aaji please Bhamini aaji got new life just now, i am sorry for anything she did, she is really weak, she did it in anger, please take complaint back, Kumudini shows her wound on stomach and says see she did it, Aradhya says oh God.. Kumudini says dont touch it, aradhya says i didnt know she attacked you like this, lets go to hospital, Kumudini says stop this drama, aradhya says you have to be in hospital, come with me, Kumudini says you have come to save your bhamini aaji but you didnt think about me, why should i help you then? Aradhya says you believe it or not but you were my aaji for 21years, time

has changed, you only hate me now but i have only space between us in my heart, come with me, Kumudini says she attacked me, why should i forgive her. Aradhya says sits in her feet and says you are my aaji and Bhamini is my aaji, forgive her, i will do anything you say. Kumudini says dont sit in feet like that, she makes her get up and says i raised for 21years but now you are talking on point, make Aryan ready for marriage, Aradhya is confused, Kumudini says fool not with you, with Shravani, Aradhya is hurt listening it, Kumudini says with this, ill fated Bhamini will be happy and i Krishnadasi Kumudini will be happy too, why are you silent? you said you would do anything, it that acceptable for you? Aradhya thinks.
Aradhya meets Aryan in his room, he says why did Bhamini aaji attack? Aradhya says i dont know but Bhamini aaji has gone through surgery just a while back, its critical situation for her and if Kumudini aaji complains about her in this condition then you know what will happen, Aryan thinks, he sees Aradhya tensed and says dont take stress, i will talk to aaji and pacify her, Aradhya says she wont understand it, she is stubborn, you know her, she has one condition and she wont budge till its fulfilled, Aryan asks what condition? tell me, Aradhya says Kumudini aaji wants you get married with Shravani, if you agree for this marriage then she will take complaint on Bamini aaji back, Aryan is stunned to hear it. Aryan says so you.. you are here to convince me marry Shravani? she looks down and nods, Aryan gets angry and says you think i will accept that condition, i am already married, did you forget that i married you? he shows her mangalsutra and says this is proof of our marriage, i know this is broken but i wont sit peacefully till i dont repair it and tie it around your neck, you are asking your husband to marry someone else? Aradhya says if you repair thing which is broken then it cant be original back, its all jumbled up then, Aryan says its your thinking, i would change string so it doesnt get jumbled up, Aradhya says you dont know aaji, i have been with her, she wont agree, Aryan says you know everyone expect me? if you believe that you dont ave right on me then why you are asking me to marry? tell me what right you have? Aradhya says you are right, i dont have any right, i am requesting for woman who has just gone through surgery, she is critical, you want her to go to jail? if you have little pity for her then think about before taking decision, she leaves. Shravani has listened all this, she says why Aradhya is so worried about my aaji? did their relation become so strong in one month? or is there something i dont know? i have to know everything, she starts to leave but Kumudini holds her hand and drags her from there, she brings her in room and asks what did you say? Shravani says i want to know why ARadhya is worrying about my aaji? i want to know if she is relative of my aaji, even Banwari called my aaji as her relative. Kumudini says Aradhya like to welfare, she lived with your aaji for one month thats why she calls her aaji, she has no relation with her and now i will take advantage of her welfare tactics. she shows her wound on stomach and says your aaji did it, Shrvaani says why? Kumudini says her nerve must have wrecked in operation thats why she did it, i told Aradhya that if doesnt make Aryan get married to her then i will put Bhamini in jail, Shravani says if he doesnt agree then will you send my aaji to jail? Kumudini says nothing like that, i am just using their love as pawn, till Aryan doesnt get married to you, dont tell anyone that Bhamini is your aaji as then our plan will fail, Shravani nods, Kumudini says i will air in fire now, she leaves, Shravani says i thought i was drama queen but she is better than me.
Bhamini is being dragged by police from hospital. Kumudini says she attacked me take her away. Gayetri asks Kumudini to please not do this. Aradhya says to Damini that she just went through operation, take me to jail but leave her, maybe she did because she was intoxicated, Damini says reason can be anything but she attacked and we have follow law. Aradhya asks Kumudini to take complaint back, Kumudini whispers that i told you condition on which i will take complaint back so now your aaji will rot in jail. aaba says Damini you know how much Kumudini lies, leave Bhamini, Damini says you can say anything in police station, they start taking Bhamini, Kumudini thinks where is my grand son? i have done all this drama for him only, Aradhya prays for Aryan to come. Aryan comes there and says one minute, Kumudini says move aside Aryan, they have to drag oldie to jail, Aryan says Damini leave Bhamini, my aaji will take complaint back, Kumudini says i wont take back my complaint, Aradhya didnt you tell about my condition? Aryan says whats need to put this useless condition? Kumudini says its not useless, Shravani is pregnant with my great grand son, and for that baby i can go to any extent and i doing that only, i am doing right, till you dont say yes, this drama will continue, Aryan looks at Aradhya in tears, Kumudini says what are you thinking? yes or no? Aryan says fine, i accept your condition, i will marry Shravani, Aradhya gulps listening it. Pavitra tensely looks at her. Kumudini says damini leave this oldie(Bhamini). Pavitra says Aradhya why did you do it? Aradhya looks at Aryan and says relation was already broken, only last string was attached, i saved my aaji before breaking it. Damini says Kumudini you have to come to police station to take complaint back, Kumudini says yes, i am happy to do arrangements for Aryan and Shravani’s wedding, she laughs and leaves. Bhamini sadly looks at Aradhya, Aradhya says you all go with Bhamini aaji, i will take care of discharge papers, all leaves. Aaba looks at Aryan and Aradhya hiding behind window. Aradhya turns away from Aryan, both are in tears, humari Adhuri Kahani plays. Aryan turns away from Aradhya, she turns back to look at him but he has back to her now, Aradhya cant take it anymore and runs from there, Aryan turns and sees her running away, he is helpless. He looks on in tears.
Shashwat and all are in ward room, Shashwat says come home with us, Aradhya’s pain will lessen, she says no i dont want to go home, all are shocked, Shashwat says we found you after so many years then why dont you want to come with us? Bhamini says i want to live in orphanage, where is lived for years. Aaba says Bhamini i know you dont wanna come home because of my behavior, but give me one chance to rectify my mistake, Gayetri says believe me aaji aaba has changed, he is not like before, he even forgave Saras and Micheal, they live with us now. Shashwat says what mistake we did that you want to live away from us? Bhamini says fine, because of you kids, i am ready to return to Krishnawati but i wont live in your father’s house, i will live in mandir, all are stunned, Aaba says fine, if she wants to live in mandir then Shashwat will do arrangements for her, Pavitra says lets go from here.
Aryan is standing on bed in his room, Aradhya laughs on him and says you are coward, Aryan sees cockroach on floor and says yes i am coward but please throw him out, Aradhya says you call me dinosaur now you are feeling good? Aryan says i wont tease you ever, i will give you anything you want but throw him out, Aradhya anything i want you will give it? he says i promise, she says okay but you have to promise me that you wont leave me ever, Aryan says this is not be asked, where will i go leaving you? dont you trust me? she says i trust you, Aryan says throw him out, Aradhya says you have to say poetic lines to me. Aryan says i cant in this situation. Aradhya takes cockroach in her hands, he screams and says dont come near, let me say poetic lines, he says common lines, she says say something original, he says:
Mera dil or Jaan le jati ho
Jab hole se Muskurati ho.
Aradhya laughs at this, he says keep him down now, he holds vase in his hand as weapon to protect him, Aradhya throws him out. Aryan sighs and says i hate cockroaches, Aradhya says if you go against promise then i will fill your room with cockroaches, he pulls her closer and says what if you start loving me less, Aradhya says this cant happen as i will lose my breath then, your name Aryan is on my breaths, my heart and everywhere. she puts hand on his back, they hug tightly.. this turns out to Aryan’s dream. He looks at Aradhya’s picture in his phone. Shravani comes there and switches on lights.
Bhamini is sitting in her room and crying. Someone comes there, she says Pavitra? how is Aradhya? its Kumudini who has come there and says i dont know, Bhamini sees her and says you did good by staying in mandir? she greets her and says you did great acting, i didnt know your talent, i thought you would believe your husband’s fake goodness, but you saw his real face, i am happy for that else Aryan wouldnt have agreed to marry Shrvani. she takes off bandage from her wound on stomach, there is no injury there, flashback shows. Bhamini and Kumudini in wardroom, Bhamini says i doubt if you even love Aryan, Kumudini says i love him more than my lie, Bhamini says you know how much Aryan loves Aradhya. Kumudini says i know but think about Shravani’s unborn child, are you with Aradhya or Shravani? Rao family doesnt know about Shravani being their grand daughter, let them marry then tell them, Aradhya will get some guy too, love doesnt matter, after marriage Shravani will have good life with Aryan, Bhamini says i doubt if you want Shravani’s happiness or want to throw Aradhya out of way, Kumudini says you want Shravanu to come on roads? she is pregnant, think what will happen to her. Lets have deal with me, i am not that bad, say yes to my deal. Bhamini says how will you make Aryan agree for marriage? Kumudini says i will do anything and will make him agree for it, dont worry, you just have to do one things. She brings blood bag and puts it under her saree and says now act like you attacked me, Bhamini acts like attacking her with scissor. Kumdini pours blood on her saree from blood making it look like Bhamini attacked and screams for help, fb ends. Bhamini says i sacrificed my one grand daughter’s happiness for another grand daughter, she cries and says my heart is feeling bad, i cheated innocent girl, i took your side in your game to go against her, Kumudini says bhamini 21years you did same to save Shravani, dont forget it, think good for Shravani, she wants to have good life, Aradhya has whole Rao family with her but Shravani has only you, now think what you want to do? i know you dont trust that fake and evil Aaba thats why you didnt tell Shravani’s truth, why are you thinking so much now? once Shravani and Aryan gets married then everyone will know who Shravani is, dont think anything now, take God’s name and pray that Shravani and Aryan’s marriage happens nicely. Bhamini thinks that doing justice withc Shravani and doing injustice with Aradhya, will i be able to live with that? God help me.

PRECAP- Kumudni says to Aaba that i have brought wedding proposal of Aryan for your grand daughter, Aaba says what is this drama now? Shashwat says first you broke Aradhya and Aryan’s relation and now you are asking for her hand again? Kumudini says i am not asking for your second daughter Aradhya’s hand but your third daughter, all are stunned to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. With a heavy heart I have to say , KD is going through a worst track ! πŸ™ πŸ™ I have no words to describe how disappointed I’m now. I had a hope ki writers will bring some wonderful twist and end Shravani track nd AaRa will unite. I am very much aware this is just a TV show , a story ! But unfortunately or fortunately I happened to be a huge fan of this story & AaRa. I didn’t watch complete episode. I turned it off when second add started. Nobody knows Shravani is not pregnant. I felt really bad for Aryan , for the first time. He is such a strong man kyun ki he hasn’t gone mad yet !! Nobody is trying to understand him . He has nobody on his side. All alone . His love who used to fight for rights not even trying to figure out is he right or wrong !! Only hope Bhamini aaji , she also now joined Kumudini aaji’s drama company !!
    I don’t know anything good happened today after 2nd ad !! Dear writers , showing AaRa seperation for long not gonna help our show. Unite them fast. Cockroach scene made me more sad. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ how cute were they…. Please writers it’s a request..

  2. Uff..Both grand mothers r just disgustingg…??Dumb characters…
    I miss Aara dream scene..?
    Aaru z loosing her love for bhamini,for her family..So kind..But i feel really pity..for u..
    Aarayn z the only 1 who loves u the more & more..His love z <3 dear..Y u r sacrifying..And Aarayn gud dailogues to Aaru..???But Mann, y ur just in silent mode,Y cant u control ua Aaji?Ooohh..she z totally mental..
    Oooohhh..plzz cv's really irritatingg..
    My mother z not a daily visitor but when eva she got tym, she lyks to watch kd..But nw she z also irritated & also my mother z not so gud in hindi to but also nw she hate dz track..Rail [email protected] least unite Aara..My mother lyks to watch kd only bcoz f Shravan & Sana pair..She love Aara the most..??? somethingg..Create some +ve twist n turn as possible..????

  3. New guys entry in aarus life. It’s her college mate and will fall for her. Look in instagram u will find it there

  4. Nice episode. Kumudini is a superb actress. Feel so sorry for Aru and Aryan.

  5. Ughh bore episode without that cute flashback?? they both were too cute but reality is soo damn irritating? this kumu nd bhamini? r they grandmothers or witches? Aryan ? he is all alone chimaji faltoo chararcter in KD he doesn’t even support his son buss panchayt k bakwas faisly suna ly phly wo?

  6. love your life and make your love your life Aru

  7. ugly track kd writers plzzz change it hellll boring and stupid week y always aryaan have to bear all the pain…whats his fault…yyy he dont kidnap aru and take her very far and sote aot all missunderstandings….cant beleave bhiamini did this…both aaji are dramaqueens…i hope bhiamini unite ara soon

  8. hey guyzzz gud news new entry of male in kd…sidhart shi puri….in kd he is aradhyas college friend and he will come krshnvti and will flirt with aru and he will fall in love with aru….i hope this track bring ara together

    1. Thankz for ua kind information..??

  9. Oh no new entry again !!!! New guy is coming in aru’s life her old friend ….sucks timing I don’t want this happen I want aara together ?????pls pls

  10. loved aara dream scene

  11. loved aara dream scene what a total mess that rao family is

  12. 3veni

    nooo…bhamini ur d worsst aaji…how can u do dis??…poor aryan..nobody is understanding him….bt he is dng ntng to know d truth….again dat waste kumindini is dnggg plans…oh god dis track is not so good….i want aaraa…….love aaraa

  13. Muzhumathi jaishankar

    Writers do something to make Aryan & Aradhaya unite again.this makes TRP into peak.

  14. new man’s entry in aru’s life!!!bt how they are going to end this shravani track….shravani should know the truth and have to change..otherwise kill her…i can’t tolerate this track anymore….

  15. Again new entry…Uff..already dz ?& bhamini had made Aara lyf equal to hell..Aara itself dont knw, what to belive & what to do…??Uff..
    Just w8 & watch..i hope Kd writers will make us happy by dz new entry?

  16. Poor Aryan…how many times he has to marry against his wishes just because his grand parents one after the other blackmails him. This guy has no respite. He is the trusty in the hospital yet the doctors and nurses bend to Kumudhini and Shravani…what the?
    And hope all the characters , cvs included haven’t conveniently forgotten that Shravani entered Aryan’s life by blackmailing him that he had killed her husband….hope someone enquires bhammini about thisthis. I can’t understand one thing, one after the other they commit a crime and then they are scared to be punished. Hope we soon see light at the end of this boring tunnel.

  17. Bore episode. I think aaru will now sacrifice her love for her sister. Why can’t the writers unite aara.

  18. New Guy is entering in aara life dat’s means aryan nd sravani ka mariage ho jayegi kya.Grand mom’s both r Gud for nothing. I did a great job dat i didn’t watch d yesterday episode.

  19. Stopped watching…cudnt even complete reading this update!!!!

  20. Will not watch from today. New guy. I’m sure Aru will sacrifice. Because all believe Shravani is pregnant !! This is insane !!! Hell boring….

  21. I too didn’t watched this was boaring and again new entry ??when are aara going to reunite?

  22. By seeing the episode i feel am hurted..?What a stupidity..Ufff..What z david doing..??What z the plan f kummudhini..??Y bhamini back??Y Aaru z sacrifyingg??Y Aarayn traped in emotional drama..??Y he z not trying to find out the truth..??Hw Jayaraj slept in Rao store without any prob..??What shravani need xactly..??Is pavithra a real mother..? Y cant she belive or @ least try to understand her own upbring Aarayn..??If shravani z pregnent so, y they did’nt they take her to checkup??Hell boaringg..Ufff…So irritated..

  23. And also new entry..???
    Murder of tulsi..?
    Shravani husband details…
    Shravani pregenent drama..
    Kumudhini & bhamini drama..
    Aarayn kidnap…
    Gaayu kidnap…
    Jayaraj missingg..
    Aabba heart attack drama..
    Purva try to kill Aaru..Etc…Etc..

    The following problems r still moving on..Cvs did’nt try to clarify dz problmz..They did’nt try to prove dz all problemzz….Actually when dz all get sorted..???????The whole cast z doing their fab job..But the whole characters r weakening day by day…What the hell..???
    These all problm will fyn only when Aara unite togethr..But dz gud for nothingg characters make their lyf worst…??

    1. Xactly poppy Ua right…

  24. Manya

    I also feel like crying but guys don’t stop watching kd plzzz guys and don’t forget the spoilers :Aryan will marry Shravani with a hidden reason to expose her so stay tuned ????

    1. Of course Manya, i don’t know about others but i never stop watching aara.i just hope that aara will unite fast.aru is not happy with aryan,s marriage.

    2. Aaayushi..Still nw also am watching kd with lill hope..But also i feel hurtingg..Olden episodes r so cute, but nw its really hurtingg..Kd make my head hot..?

  25. Oh way a sad episode.May this new entry will help tounite ara.Hope for the best

  26. Exactly agreeing with u poppy.they didn’t even proved these paaasstt deeds .

  27. Hi friends!
    shravan and sana ki new interview with telly masala

    1. Am so sry..My network so ??

  28. I was wondering how could shravani have such character being aru s twin sister… after watching this episode no wonder with bhamini s up bringing…..

  29. Manya , we all want to watch it yaar but there is no reason to watch it. There is hidden reason or not , why Aryan is marrying fraud frog !?! If he marries her she’ll be his wife ! Then it will be damn difficult for AaRa to unite. Writers will take ages to solve all problems. Now new entry. Seriously , I don’t have any hope for AaRa at least for one month !! Heartless writers , they are not even trying to give us a light of hope.

  30. Sheesh…. i thinking of stop watching this serial

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