Krishnadasi 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shivangi comes home, she asks Markand to see her new phone, she says i bought it for 20,000, he is stunned, Shivangi says dont scold me, she says see its camera is clear, lets check it, Markand opens gallery of phone and finds video of Kumudini talking to David, he laughs and says this phone should be expansive, i have got a lottery, just see what i do now.
Shashwat says to Aaba that this is about Gayetri’s life, if Saras comes back home then David will accept Gayetri and i have seen Saras in so much pain at hospital, in this age this religion and cast difference doesnt matter, Aaba says our respect is important, world moves with our rules and this is not about Sara, this is your daughter’s fault, she fell in trap of David, i agree Kumudini is behind this but why did

your daughter go with that David? thats why i say that daughters bring shame to people, Shashwat says if you had forgiven your daughter Saras then my daughter would not be in this condition now, Aaba says dont try to argue with me, i can cut your tongue, if you had not given daughter of our family then this wouldnt have happened, daughters have brought shame to this family always, Shashwat leaves. Pavitra comes to Aaba, Aaba asks did Aryan tell you where is Gayetri? Pavitra thinks that i told Shashwat about Gayetri but if i tell Aaba that Gayetri is outside David’s house then he will get more angry, she says i didnt talk to Aryan, Markand comes there, Aaba asks Pavitra to leave, she leaves. Markand asks aaba to watch this video and he will praise him only, Aaba watches video in which Kumudini says to David that dont forget how much hard work you did to take revenge, you stole idol, you went to jail, you drank poison then you married Gayetri to take revenge, till that Aaba doesnt ask forgiveness from you, dont forgive them, David says i have done all this with your support, video ends, Aaba says great work Markand, tomorrow is holi, i will bring true faces of these dasies and will blacken their face infront of whole village.
Kumudini says to Krishan idol that you have given me strength, i am your dasi, tomorrow i will break Aaba’s ego on holi, Tulsi says Holi is festival of love and you are saying this? Aradhya comes there with Gayetri, Kumudini doesnt react. Aradhya comes to Tulsi, Tulsi asks what Gayetri is doing here? Aradhya says David is not allowing her in his house and she doesnt wanna go back to her house, where will she go? Tulsi says what does that mean? dont argue with me, she cant stay here, Aradhya says why? Tulsi says is aaba’s grand daughter, she can get many places to live but she cant stay at my house, Gayetri starts to leave but Aradhya asks her to stop, Aradhya says to Tulsi that where she will go? its night, she cant go anywhere, Tulsi says we dont have to help everyone, you remember you brought her father here and after that we had to listen so much taunts, you know her Aaba sahib, he can blame us for trapping her and trying to make her devdasi etc, what will we do? you might think that i am selfish but i have only one daughter and i care only about her not about anyone else and i dont care if i am selfish in this, Gayetri starts to leave but Kumudini says stop Gayetri, she comes to Gayetri and says Aradhya have brought here so you can stay here, Gayetri is stunned, Tulsi says i have denied it, Kumudini says whenever anyone who is in need come here and never return empty handed, this is Krishan’s house, Tulsi says this is Krishnadasi’s house, you know if Aradhya keep her here then she can be in danger, Kumudini says this is my house and my decisions are final here and my decision is that this girl Gayetri fernandez can stay here, she says to Gayetri that you can stay here and nobody will say anything to you, just look at you, so much injustice happened with you and you dont worry about David, i will make him understand, he will come here to take you back, i have blessed you to remain married so i have to save your marriage, dont worry about anything, she asks Tulsi to bring aarti plate, Tulsi is confused and brings it, Kumudini says people think that i am bad but i am not, tomorrow is holi, its is your first festival after marriage, i will make David agree, he will come you, she does Gayetri’s aarti and says you have come here for first time, dont hesitate, just stay here calmly, if you need anything then tell me, Aradhya takes Gayetri to show her room, Kumudini smirks.

Scene 2
Aaba asks Markand if he has done preparation for holi? Markand says i have arranged firecrackers too, Aryan comes there, Markand leaves. Aryan says i have met David, he is not wrong, you didnt do right with my aunt Saras, you should say sorry to him, aaba says you know i dont bow to anyone, Aryan says you wont bow to anyone ,even if someone is dying? my aunt is dying but she came here to meet me and what you did with her? if you bow down a little then Gayetri’s life will become fine but you wont do it as you dont care, Aaba says Saras died for me when she married Micheal and if Gayetri tries to go to David then she will die for me too, Aryan says aaba.. Aaba says shut up, if i can love you then i can show your place too, dont raise your voice, i know you are worried for your sister, i have found solution to save her life, he shows her video of Kumudini and David, he says when Gayetri will see this video then she will know that this marriage is fake, Aryan gets angry seeing this video, Aaba says you wont take any action, now i will take action, tomorrow is holi and you will see what i do with devdasies, earlier i made them leave from here for 21years but now i will make them leave from Krishnavati for life, they wont comeback here.
Aryan comes to Kumudini’s house, he knocks door, Aradhya comes out and asks why he is shouting? Aryan asks her to call Gayetri, Aradhya says she have slept after much difficulty, Aryan says she will not stay here anymore, Aradhya says you are weird, you allowed her to stay here and now you want her to leave from here, i am helping you and you are doing this, Aryan says i have seen one more proof of how much cheap your family is, i accept that you are nice and you dont know what schemes are being made in your house thats why i am telling you that whatever is done in Gayetri’s life, its done by yout aaji, Aradhya says i accept that my aaji never wants good for your family but you she supported Gayetri today, Aryan says i will go and will bring Gayetri out, Aradhya says dont go in my house, she is sleeping, dont make issue, leave from here, Aryan says you can do drama of helping my sister for this night but tomorrow is holi and i will bring true face of your family tomorrow, Aradhya asks what he is going to do tomorrow? Aryan says just wait and watch.

Scene 3
its morning, Markand is arranging projector, Banwari asks if he is going to show movie? Markand says yes. Kumudini, Tulsi, Aradhya and Gayetri comes in holi function outside village mandir, Aryan is there, Aradhya asks Gayetri to smile, Kumudini says dont worry, your husband will come for sure. Kumudini comes to Shastri and asks if he hasnt started aarti? shastri says aaba applies color to Krishan idol on holi, Kumudini says Aaba is not Radha that Krishan will wait for him, Shastri says this is mandir, let love spread here, Kumudini says my daughter Tulsi is trapped in all this too, this is Krishan’s mandir so i have right to apply color to idol first too? she says see Gayetri, she is Aaba’s grand daughter, she is living in our house these days, shastri is shocked, Aradhya says i will bring color.
Aradhya is taking color to mandir, she strikes with Aryan and mistakenly puts hand on his cheek, aryan’s cheek gets colored by Aradhya’s hand, they both look at each other and get lost in each others eyes, she says i am sorry, you should not feel bad today, its holi today, she applies more color on his face ad says i am sorry Aryan happy holi, he is stunned to see her like this, aradhya smiles, Aryan smiles and says happy holi, she gets confused, Aryan applies color on her face, Aradhya smiles, Aryan says today your family’s color will go off, you will know after little time if its sad or happy holi, he leaves, Aradhya says why he doesnt have brain? he will do another mistake.
Aradhya comes in mandir, Kumudini applies color to Krishan idol, Kumudini prays to lord, Tulsi prays that nothing should happen which will make life difficult, why i feel aaba and Kumudini are going to play games today, just protect our kids from all this, my life got destroyed but Aradhya’s, Gayetri’s and that fool Aryan’s life should not be destroyed. Aaba comes to mandir, Markand tells him that everything is done, Gayetri sees him coming in mandir so she hides. Aaba comes and smirks at Kumudini, he takes aarti plate, Shashwat, Aryan and Pavitra comes there too. Kumudini and aaba does aarti, Aryan stares Aradhya, Shashwat looks at Tulsi, Pavitra sees it and gets angry, aarti is done.
Aaba with his family comes out of mandir, Kumudini with her family comes out too. Aaba throws color in air and says its holi, he does Aryan’s tilak, Aryan applies color on his face. Kumudini applies color to Aradhya, all celebrate holi. Shashwat does Aryan’s tilak, Aryan applies color on Shashwat’s face. Aryan looks at Aradhya, she is tensed.

PRECAP- Kumudini, Tulsi and Gayetri dances in holi function. Aryan says has Gayetri gone mad? Aradhya says it feels like she drank bhang, Aaba angrily looks at them. Aaba says to Kumudini that today i will show your true face to everyone then i will blacken your face and will throw you out of Krishnvati forever, Markand tries to play video.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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