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Krishnadasi 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shravani says to bhamini that bless to me marry Aryan and Aryan is father of your great grand child. Aryan’s aaji is coming to meet you, she doesnt know you are here but i will bring her here, now you can speak , she asks about proposal say yes, i didnt tell anyone that i am coming here so i am leaving. She comes out of room, Kumudini hides. Shravani says Banwari was saying like my aaji is Aradhya’s relative, he was telling like its breaking news, she leaves. Kumudini thinks that Shravani is daughter of Rao family too? i have to solve this mystery.
Shashwat packs bag with money. Aradhya says Gayu and Pavitra your jewelry? Gayetri says jewelry will comeback, we are doing this for aaji, Aradhya says but this is only one fourth money of Aryan’s debt, Pavitra says

we will work hard but wont keep his penny, Shashwat says we all want to pay him back, we will feel better if you give this money to him, aradhya says even i dont want to keep anything of Aryan, not his memories or money, i will start life afresh, she takes money bag and leaves.
Kumudini comes to Bhamini’s room and says aaba’s wife? you remember me? Bhamini says Krishnadasi Kumudini? Kumudini says you recognized me great. She sits on stool beside her and says after so many year, we found you finally, the night you died, you know your son dragged my daughter from hair and thrown us out of village, made us homeless because you died but you are alive how? did you do some magic? or is it God’s trick? why did you comeback to Krishnavati to get cursed from Aaba again? dont tell me that he was respectful to you, we all know how he used to keep you, thats why people used to call your ill fated wife. Tell me who is this new grand daughter? Bhamini says i dont have any grand daughter. Shravani calls Kumudini, Kumudini says your grand daughter is calling. She takes Shravani’s call and says i didnt find your aaji in orphanage, Shrvani says she is in hospital, she is ill, i will bring her to you when she is fine, Kumudini says okay take care, she ends call. Kumudin asks bhamini if she is stunned? you were telling that you dont have grand daughter but she is living in my house, swear on Geeta that you are not lying, Bhamini asks her to leave. Kumudini says i am Krishnadasi Kumudini, i am born stubborn, i wont budge from your room, tell me what is this drama? my grand son Aryan is getting married to your grand daughter, bhamini says Aryan is your grand son? Kumudini says yes he is son of Tulsi. Bhamini says i know you exchanged babies of Tulsi and Pavitra. Kumudini says God, you knew it? great, aaba got to know it after 22years but you knew it, i am getting electric shocks today. Tell me who is third grand daughter? tell me, i am talking with respect but i can disrespect easily too, tell me what is this drama? Shravani is getting married to Aryan, Shravani is pregnant with Aryan’s baby, if you dont tell truth then you know i can kick her out of my house like Shashwat did with my daughter, people will spit on her face, will call her baby illegitimate, will you help her then? Bhamini says you havent changed a bit, your tricks have started, the secret i kept for 22years, you will find it out. Kumudini says start bhamini story now.

Scene 2
Aryan comes home. Aradhya comes there with cash bag. He is bewildered to see her, he says say Aradhya? Aradhya shows him jewelry and money in bag, she says this is one fourth of your debt, soon will pay you back fully, she is about to leave but Aryan holds her hand, she gasps and asks to leave my hand. Aryan pulls her closer and says talk to me rudely if you want but dont cut me out like this, she says if hand gets poisonous wound then doctor cuts it, i have cut a lot of things inside me too and i know i will get through this too, i dont need to hold someone’s hand,, she asks him to leave her, Aryan says how will you throw me out of your heart? you are angry, miffed with me so say what you want, curse me out, say anything you want, i can listen, he pulls her more closer, she tries to push him away. Nakku sees this and says Romeo Juliet started again, do something else Kumudini wont spare me.
Kumudini says you did so much with Ghulab’s help? i got how you did drama of your death but how did this Shravani come in picture? Bhamini says i did drama of death to save my grand daughters. Ghulab told me that Pavitra gave birth to daughter so i thought before aaba kills her, i should her away. Flashback shows Bhamini hiding in Pavitra’s wardroom after she gave birth to Aradhya, Shankari comes there and takes Aradhya away to swap babies. Bhamini sees how Kumudini swapped babies but shankari didnt know that Pavitra gave birth to twins and it was a girl too, i took her from there, fb ends. Kumudini says it means Pavitra gave birth to two daughters? Bhamini says yes and says i took her from there and changed reports, i asked Ghulab to put dead baby in cot so Pavitra got to know that her other baby was dead.
nakku says to Aryan that we did ritual, congrats, Aryan says what drama is this? Nakku says its not drama, Kumudini have arranged your wedding with Shravani, we have taken date from Pundit too, Aryan says what? Nakku says Shravani is pregnant with your baby, we did all rituals. Shravani comes there, nakku says she has come, ask her.
Bhamini says i did hard work, i raised grand daughter, she did work too, she had to bear pain too. to keep her alive, i didnt tell her about her family, she doesnt know anything, she knows that she has only her aaji. Kumudini says God, Shravani and Aradhya are twin sisters? see their fates are joined too, i thought only i can play games but you are my competition, Bhamini says you did everything for revenge and i did everything to save my kids, you are planner not me, Kumudini says you are shrewd too, we both fooled aaba for 22years. Tell me what this Grand daughter is doing in my grand son’s life? whats planning behind it? Bhamini says if i knew it then i wouldnt have allowed her to come to your house, i got to know today that she is pregnant and Aryan is father of baby. Kumudini says liar can catch lie so i can say that you are not lying, Bhamini says i wont allow my grand daughter to become your daughter in law, Kumudini says she is pregnant where will she go? what will she say to society? i can take my support back and she wont be able to show face.

Scene 3
Nakku says Shravani tell them about ritual. Shravani says aaji asked to do ritual for wedding and baby and i couldnt say no to her. Aradhya starts leaving, Aryan tries to go behind her but Nakku says Shravani is going to marry you so you should stop running behind Aradhya, Aryan says nobody can take my life decisions not even aaji, and i dont believe in these rituals and all. Shravani thinks that he doesnt believe in rituals or relations, how to control him?
Bhamini is unable to listen Kumudini’s bitter words, she takes scissor and says i wont spare you today, she tries to attack, Kumudini screams for help. Gayetri is outside and listens noise. Bhamini attacks kumudini with scissor, her stomach bleeds. Gayetri and nurse stops Bhamini, Kumudini says i came to meet her but she attacked me, she is mad, she leaves from there.
Shashwat comes to aaba and says are you fine? aaba says Bhamini is scared of my face, this is payback for my bad deeds, Shashwat says you are lucky to get another chance to rectify your mistakes, like you have won our hearts, you will win Bhamini’s heart too, aaba says till today i thought you were useless, disrespected you, never praised you, he cries and says but today you are my only support and hope, i fold my hands, dont let my Bhamini go away from me, shashwat hugs him, they both cry. Shashwat says everything will be fine, you will win aayi’s heart, i am sure, you have changed. Shashwat gets call, he is shocked to hear something and says what?
Aradhya is crying in mandir. She recalls Nakku’s words that Aryan’s marriage is arranged with Shravani. Her phone is ringing but its on vibration so she doesnt see it first. She then sees it and sees aaba calling, she wipes her tears and takes call. shashwat says come to hospital fast.
Aaba’s family comes to hospital. Kumudini shows them blood on her saree and says bhamini did it, you all want me to die but now i will file complaint in police station, Aaba says she must be on sedatives, i am sorry on her behalf, Kumudini says say sorry in police station, Shashwat says we got our aayi back after years, please dont do it, forgive her. Kumudini says Gayetri saw it. I will not be stopped, i wont spare her. Nurse asks Kumudini to let wound get dressed but Kumudini says i dont need it, i am going to police station, she leaves.
Aaba’s family comes to Bhamini’s room. Bhamini turns back seeing aaba. Aradhya comes there and asks what happened? she asks aaba to leave, he leaves. Bhamini sees him gone and Aradhya asks what happened to aaji? bhamini says i lost my control, she angered me, she cursed my family, i got angry and attacked her. Shashwat says Kumudini has gone to police station. Bhamini gets tensed and says i dont want to go to jail, ARadhya save me, Aradhya says dont worry, take rest, i will talk to Kumudini aaji, she leaves.

Scene 4
Aryan is in his room and calling Kumudini but she is not picking, he says you will come home eventually, come once, you can take my life decisions. sharavani comes there and says i am sorry on aaji’s behalf, she should have asked you first, Aryan says even if she asked me, i would have said no only, there is no relation without love, marriage is about love and i love Aradhya and you dont love me too, Shravani says love? i dont love you? Aryan says what? Shravani says i dont have right to love, i am very little infront of all, i cant love, i am Krishnadasi, my fate has decided to love father of my baby, i did ritual because of my baby’s future, when he grows up, he would ask why he got this life? he would be orphan even with his father infront of him. Aryan says we wont get anything by talking this, i can say that i will take responsibility of your baby, he wont get anything less because villages say that i am your care taker, i promise to take care of him but cant promise anything more, Shravani asks if he wont give his name to baby? Aryan thinks where i am stuck? he says i dont have answers but i can say that i cant give place to anyone in my heart, in my life expect Aradhya, shravani thinks he wont come in my trap easily, i have to plan bigger, she angrily looks at him.

PRECAP- Aradhya says take your complaint back, i will anything you say, Kumudini asks sure? Aradhya says say it, i will do anything, Kumudini says make Aryan get ready to marry shravani. Aradhya comes to Aryan and says Kumudini aaji wants you get married with Shravani, if you agree for this marriage then she will take complaint on Bamini aaji back, Aryan is stunned to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate this kumudni to the core….what kind of women is she . And aradhya,is she out of her mind,how can she just ask Aryan to marry that b***h shravani…..she is definitely gonna regret for that…

  2. Maleesha

    omg!! wht a plan of bhamini….i think kumu said true that bhamini is her cmpetitor.. god,, this shravani frog…………shame to introduce her as aru’s sis.The difference btwn them is like the sky & earth,may be even more deeper than it. Wish i could show her the place which she deserves. bt i loved arra scenes. wish i could stick them with each othr.

  3. Maleesha

    so that means Aryan is younger than can she get ,arried to him. & mst importantly, shravani,aru ever& aryan’s bdays are same…..interesting..I wish KD longs 4ever..

    1. no aryan is elder….shravani was born on the time of swapping …shravani is little younger than aara..

  4. What the heck what the f**k what the crap they r showing seriously man these cv’s r just ? aru’s twin ? let me laugh first …kuch bhi bakwas dikhaty hyn? m just hating this serial i didn’t even watch these days just read only WU ….aryan u should go away from all this mess seriously ye sab mil k usy pagal kr den gen aryan is only particular character in KD which is able to watch bakiyoun ka tow ? aradhya shravini nakku or kumudini they all r planing to make aryan full mental? he will become psycho patient soon ? bakwas tareen episode of till now?

  5. Rashi

    Hey bhgwn
    Inki misunderstanding kab dur hogi
    Deva re deva

  6. Aur kithi shadiyan karvaoge Aryan ki bechara pagal ho jayega ?.nowadays kd is getting twist and turns and the story is moving round and round and after listening that twin sister kahani I am just out of my mind I mean seriously shravani arus twin sister?? just can’t take it she is a frog and that kumu is a bigger frog than shravani both of them are just irritating kumu aisa koi karta hai apne nati ke sath so mean and selfish?

  7. How can they play such games with one anothers lives for their own benefit to this extent.

  8. Sujee

    Oh god.nowadays KD is losing it’s charm.some scenes r so irritating and I’m also feelind bored to watch this crap(except some ARRA scenes)…I can’t understand wat this kumudini is upto. She hated ara and didn’t want her to live with aryan bcuz she is aaba’s grand daughter but now shravani is also aaba’s g.daughter then y she want aryan to marry aryan. They r showing like ara is her enemy not aaba or the family members …….

    1. Sujee

      And to say about aryan he is like a ball now ,which is being kicked by all for their own benefits and reasons .Hope he doesn’t get mentally affected by all these problem …..

      1. Agree with u sujee i said in my previous comnt they all will make him psycho patient seriously hadd hoti hy hr cheez ki ? nobody is trusting him everybody is pressurising him for their own benefis he is also a human not a stone ?

  9. bhamini said everything to that witch kumu… y she is nt telling this to her family,,,,and shravani tooo….wht will shravani do after knowing truth.?? they will make shrvani positive i think ….excited….

  10. aru and shravani are twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg

  11. Uff..?What z going on guys…Am fedup with Aarayn too…
    Aarayn y can’t u slap shravani from room..Eventhough u can shout against her na??Y r u so so soft heart..?
    The new twist shravani & Aaru twin sisters..Uff..I did’nt wana hear or watch..Kumudhini??keep it this..
    But anyways kumudhini & bhamini play a same thing..they both play with these babies..Feeling pity for Pvr & shashwath..?Really i miss tulsi…?

  12. But also if Aaru request Aarayn to marry shravani bcoz f kumudhini..but Aarayn can shout against kumudhini too naa..for anew the complaint…Am awaiting for that..Whateva else i did’nt want shravani Aarayn marriage???

  13. 3veni

    oh noo..aryan..plzzzzz….u have too xpose dat frog nd jairaj….but ur dng ntngg….dragginggggggggg……

  14. Poor aryan
    Aru getting love & care from her family bt Aryan doesn’t getting a pinch of love from kumu…. He I only being used by kumu….. Kumu deserves shravni ?

  15. I thought dat sravani wil be exposed in few days so there wil beno chance to see her face again bt nw yeeeew we have to see her face again coz they r twin sister’s.

  16. Manya

    Plzzzz clear the misunderstanding ???

  17. helll boring and confusion hi confusio hai whenever i watch this drama i say to my heart …allll isssss wellllll…….ari shr sis ….twin…..noo way…….pavitra gave birth to lots of girls….i agree with PVRao …. atleast no need of that frog

  18. had h kumu ko abhi b pta nhi chala ki shrawani game khel rhi uski to shadi hi nhi hui to fir isne kese keh diya ki iske pati ko Aryan ne mar h.

  19. Such a crap ! What the hell is this ? Twin sister !?! Seriously ? What are they doing ? Writers ? Uff !! Fed up

  20. Haya123

    i LUV arraa.. plzz i request to the makers of kd that dnt make foolishness over our feelingzz …
    plzz dnt waste this nyzz serilaa plzzz.. i beg u .. dnt seperate araaaa….. 🙁

  21. Nw i got it Kd writers r inspired by ekta kapoor that’s why kd writers maked a lot of mess in our serial . For d first time they dragged dis track too much

  22. totally waste.. I hate this track
    It is better to end this show..
    writers spoiling a good story..
    they are playing with viewers emotions….

  23. This serial is becoming a headache now…nobody wants aara to be together I don’t know why…it’s upsetting ?

  24. SPOILER : kumu goes to rao house nd asks for his grand daughters for mariage to aryan . Everyone wil be shocked by listining it. Den everyone wil get clarity dat she was talking abt sravani nt aru. Nd nxt panchyat wil say devadasi should nt be maried.

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