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Krishnadasi 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shankari says i was nurse, on that day, Aryan and Aradhya was born and with my help Kumudini swapped kids, Aryan is Tulsi’s son and Aradhya is Pavitra and Shashwat’s daughter, all are shocked, Kumudini is tensed. Aaba says truth has come out and relationships are clear now, now Aryan and Aradhya will not get married. Aradhya sadly looks at Aryan, Aryan is distraught too, Kumudini stands there in tears…. this all turns out to be Kumudini’s bad dream, Kumudini thinks that if it was true and not dream then my work of 21years would have got destroyed, this secret should remain secret till Aryan-Aradhya’s marriage. She sees Shankari and Damini there, she says i have to control Shankari. Kumudini comes to Shankari, she doesnt allow Shankari to talk and says lets start dancing,

she asks Kamla to play music, music plays. Kumudini starts dancing with shankari, Tulsi thinks how come Kumudini is so happy to see shankari? Aaba thinks that Kumudini seems different, she is jumping around a lot, Kumudini pushes Shankari, shankari falls down and hurts on her head, Damini takes Shankari from function, Tulsi thinks that i know Aayi is behind all this but i am her daughter and i will find it too, Kumudini thinks that i am real player, thank God my bad dream alerted me, now i will be more conscious about my steps.
Gayetri comes to sangeet function, she sees Saras and Micheal, she says if Saras sees me here then she will know that i am married to David and then it will be problem, she hides from her. Kamla comes on stage and says now its time to start real program, keep glued to your seats, there is be great performances tonight, Gayetri thinks that sorry Aryan, i cant come in, i will see Aryan-aaro sangeet from hiding only. Kamla says if anyone likes to join dance then he can, aaba points to his man, Man says that aaba your would be daughter in law is devdasi right? if she starts dancing then it will be great as devdasi dance is considered to be auspicious, Aaba says think before you speak, she is our would be daughter in law, you have no right to speak about her like this, aaba comes to Aradhya and says we have changed but society will take time to change, mouths will keep speaking ill, please bear them till marriage, Aryan says there is nothing wrong in it, he asked to dance so i and Aradhya will dance together, we will do everything together in life, right Aradhya? Tulsi, Gayetri and Kumudini smile seeing Aryan supporting Aradhya, Aaba thinks that this boy destroy all my plan, Kumudini thinks that aaba can do his drama but he doesnt know that whom he is insulting continuously and calling devdasi is actually his grand daughter. Aryan and Aradhya comes on stage, Aryan kisses Aradhya’ hand, they romantically dances on song mere rang main rangne wali, they do couple dance, Aryan pulls Aradhya closes, they keep looking in each others eyes while dancing, Aryan lifts Aradhya in his arms at end, they share eyelock, all clap for them, Aryan puts Aradhya down. Kamla comes stage and says there will be more performances, now this performance will increase your heartbeat, Shivangi and Markand will dance. Shivangi comes stage, she pulls Markand who is reluctant to dance, she pulls him on stage, he falls down, all laugh, they dance on Gulabbo song funnily, Shivangi moves Markand around her, they fall down on stage while trying to do pose, all laugh. Kamla comes and says tonight’s unique pair is goind to dance now, its Vidyadhar and Kumudini’s performance, both are head of family, aradhya smiles listening this. aaba recalls in flashback, Aryan comes to him and says you will not get involved marriage functions? Aaba says i dont accept this marriage, Aryan says i will leave then, i will get married for sure if not here then somewhere else, i will leave house then, aaba gets presurrized and agrees to attend functions, fb ends. Aaba thinks that face(Kumudini) which i dont want to see, i have to dance with her for Aryan’s sake now, He gets up for dance, Pavitra is stunned that he is going to dance with Kumudini. Kumudini and aaba comes stage, Aaba stands there straight, Kumudini dances around him on song mei kiya karoon ram mujhe buddha mil gya. One guest says that i cant believe aaba and Kumudini are dancing together, trully things have changed. Kumudini takes Aaba’s stick and teases him, she dances around him while he just frown at her, all clap after dance. Kamla comes and says one more performance is coming. Aradhya comes stage and says love has no language, it can be expressed through eyes or words but its definitely beautiful, the form of this love is coming now. Shashwat comes stage, all are surprised to see him, Aryan looks at Pavitra, he asks her to come on stage, he takes her and brings her on stage, she is reluctant, Aryan whispers to Shashwat that dont know how did this idea came in in dinosaur’s mind, Aradhya listens it and stares him angrily, Aryan says to Aradhya that sorry, i didnt know you were listening, i forgot that i cant call you dinosaur from now on, Aradhya says we shall leave stage, Aryan gives Pavitra’s hand in Shashwat’s hand and leaves with Aradhya. Shashwat and Pavitra do couple dance on song jeena jeena, Pavitra enjoys dance, all clap for them. Aradhya says to Aryan that one day our trying will work, our marriage will not only bring us together but will bring our families together too. Kamla comes and says now all guests will dance, all are indulged in dancing, Tulsi thinks that everything is fine but why i am restless? Kumudini sent Shankari away from here so cleverly, Gayetri said that Shankari was taking Pavitra’s name, if it is related to Aradhya then it can affect her marriage life, Kumudini thinks that today i got saved, i handled Shankari on right time, Tulsi says Aryan and Aradhya should remain happy like this, no evil eye should cast on them, Kumudini says this was my mission, my all pawns are now in right place.

Scene 2
David gets to know from nurse that Saras has gone to Aryan-Aradhya’s sangeet. He thinks that who would have invited her? he says Gayetri was going there too, if Saras gets to know what i did with Gayetri then everything will be ruined, i have to go there.
Gayetri looks at Aryan and says i need to wish him. Aradhya says to Aryan that i am hungry, he says i sent food away, Aradhya says you think that i will become fat by eating? he says no, i like the way you are, i dont like skinny girls, i wanted to go on long drive with you then we will have food, we should sneak out from here, nobody is seeing, Aradhya says we are not doing anything wrong that we have to sneak out, we will ask permission from families, i dont want my in-laws to think that would be daughter in law took away groom, Aryan says nobody would think like that, all agree with me in my house, Aradhya says but i have to take my mother’s permission, she has right on me, Aryan says thats not difficult, Aradhya says okay then you go and take her permission, Aryan is reluctant and says okay. He comes to Tulsi and says actually i and Aradhya were thinking.. Tulsi asks what? Aryan says we wanted to.. Tulsi says son in law, speak.. Aryan fumbles, Tulsi says my daughter is going to get married so let her be with me for sometime, Aryan nods is head being helpless. Kumudini sees all this and says to aaba that Aryan- Aradhya are going to be in relationship for 7births which means we will remain relatives for 7births, just see how much desperate your grand son is becoming to take my grand daughter out for long drive. She comes to Tulsi and says let them go out for sometime, if he wants to spend time with Aradhya then let them go, they will understand each other nicely, let them go, Tulsi smiles.

PRECAP- Aradhya and Aryan comes to Kumudini’s house, there Tulsi says to Kumudini that why did you not come to help your daughter? (DNA fiasco), where were you when i needed you? you were not ashamed of doing all this? my daughter could have got her identity, her father’s identity, why i have never seen pain in your eyes for Aradhya not getting her father’s love? Aradhya and Aryan listens all this. Later Aradhya is sitting in restaurant, some goons try to misbehave with her, Aryan comes there and ask them to leave before he takes action, goon punches Aryan in face, Aradhya is shocked and gets worried for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So it was a day dream! Such a shame!

    Good episode, but not much happened once the daydream was over.

    Aru and Aryan dance would behave been much better with a different tune. I love that song but it didn’t work for me in this scene. Lost its impact for me. A shame as their scenes are usually so good.

  2. Rufina i support you dear..

  3. guys shall we create a chat group in WhatsApp for discussing Krishnadasi???
    plss do reply!!

  4. Episode – 7210:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 03
    Goons attack Aradhya while she is on a date with Aryan. He saves her using a clever idea. Alongside, Tulsi is sad that Mahant won’t be doing Aradhya’s kanyadan.
    Episode – 7310:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 04
    Poorva is upset due to the growing fondness between Aryan and Aradhya. Alongside, Aradhya suggests techniques the villagers can adopt to combat the issue of water shortage prevalent in Krishnavati.
    Episode – 7410:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 05
    While working with the villagers to combat the issue of water shortage prevalent in Krishnavati, Aradhya misplaces her engagement ring. This enrages Pavitra and Pradyumn.
    Episode – 7510:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 06
    With the date of Aryan and Aradhya’s wedding approaching, Pavitra finds herself distressed. Nakku convinces her to kill Aradhya.

    1. Thanks for spoiler of week dear..

  5. Thanks a lot you guys.hope I can continue in this group sorry in this family.can I?

  6. Thanks a lot you guys.hope I can continue in this group. Sorry not in group in this family.can I?

  7. welcome bro….hero is aryan and heroine is aradhya,parents of aryan: shaswat n pavitra
    parent of aradhya: tulsi n chimaji…kumudini is the grandmother of aradhya…aaba sahib is the grand mother of aryan

  8. ooops sorry aaba sahib is the grand father of aryan…….n damini is a poice officer..gayatri is aryan’s sister….david is her husband n saras son…..sara is the daugther of aaba sahib she enloped n married….

  9. Krishnai aka welwisher r u same welwisher zaya and ragna fan

  10. I am waiting for 10.30….. I am eagerly waiting to watch today’s episode!!!!

  11. Is the serial going to end soon , i have read that the serial is going to end

  12. Hlo rushi I also read that the serial is end soon is it?

  13. thanks tanisha sharma for the translation…….

  14. thanks for the spoilers tanu…..

  15. rifa absalotely u can continue in this family…..

  16. Thank u tanu for the translation

  17. yeah!!! we reached the goal 100!!!!!
    Aara rockZzzzz!!!!!
    Krishnadasi rockZzzz!!!!!!!

  18. Loved the ep …. And waiting for the next ep

  19. This show really is very awesome. There is no dragging it that like other shows. & Aryan & aradhya are superb. Aara rocks. ??

  20. yeah!!!! we reached the goal 100!!!!!
    Aara rockZzzz!!!!!
    Krishnadasi rockZzzz

  21. Thanks tanu for the spoiler. Rufina david is not son of saras,he is brother-in-law of saras

  22. Guys what you all think about making a Facebook group? If you all interested gimme a reply,I will make a group on fb

  23. i will get my rights somehow is this means tht there marriage will be postponed? or will purva take aradhyas place in the mandhap. if tht happens then i will stop watching this serial

  24. Guys if any one know that why the next update didn’t come to the page??

  25. Hi All,

    I have read all the comments..You guys are great that way you all are following up. I have followed it just 5 days back and i confused whether Aryan and Aardhya are Brother..sisters..It can not be the case as they are getting married but then Aryan is Shaswat sons..Aardhya is tulsi daughter..which kumu swapped…??

    1. well aryan is tulsi and yashwant’s son and aradhya is shaswat and pavitra’s daughter. kumudini swapped them for her revenge. they are not at all brother and sister.

      1. Thank you so much:)

  26. I loved the episode☺?It was awesome and amazing.☺?The precap also was really very interesting☺?

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