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Krishnadasi 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya says Kumudini can fight with aaba, she can fight for rights, aaba has to lost infront of aaba.
Aryan says to aaba that nobody can make you lose, after becoming Sarpanch you will take decisions with rights, you have to take part in this election for me.
Kumudini says me and elections? Aradhya says you have to take part in it for me, not for me but for women of this village, you have to make aaba lose, his lose is important only then women will be listened in this village, our country gives equal rights to man and women both, this society will not change till we dont take stand, i am with you, i will do your campaigning, you will win for sure, Kumudini says if you are with me then it will be fun to fight with aaba, great aaro, you showed today whose blood you are.

says to Aryan that you are my blood, i will take part in this election for you, Aryan says we will elections.
Aradhya says we will win elections. Kumudini says to Aradhya that you are my fiery, you have ,solution to everything, Aradhya says only you can be Sarpanch of here, Tulsi says she is not healthy and you are asking to be part of elections? Aradhya says jsut think if Kumudini becomes Sarpanch then everyone’s problem will be solved and ours too, i know you are worried for her but i am with her, Kumudini says she made me proud today, she knows how to take stand against wrong, she is my strength, i will fight in this election, Aradhya says i will ask for votes to all houses, you will win, Tulsi says no one will vote for her as aaba will win, Aradhya says people are afraid of him but doesnt love him, this is the chance to defeat else he will keep bragging about his power, Kumudini will win for sure.
Aaba says to family that Aryan asked me to take part in elections and i cant deny him so i am taking part in it, when he will ask for votes then nobody will be able to say no, aaba says to shashwat that what you couldnt do, your son did, Banwari says why will people have problem in choosing you as you are already their king, Markand says i will be with Aryan in campaign, Aaba gives money to Markand, Aryan says you have to print posters and pamphlets, Banwari whispers to Markand that you cant take all money alone, give me share too, they chant for aaba. Pavitra thinks that all are happy in house, this is right time to ask Aryan what he feels about Aaro.
Tulsi says to Kumudini that Aradhya can run into problem in this election campaign, Kumudini says why you take so much tension, this is our chance, only i will win, i am sure about it, will you give me your vote? Tulsi nods, Kumudini says dont worry about Aradhya, its not her stupidity, no power can defeat Aradhya. Kumudini thinks that now Aradhya is with me this game with Aaba, this is what i wanted.
Markand comes to Shivangi and shows her money, she asks from where did you get this money? Markand says he gave me this money for election campaign, Shivangi says then why are you bragging about it? Markand says i will not use all money in election, i will take my share, Shivangi says you are clever, Markand says just see what i will do, i will bring gold saree for you, Shivangi says i need necklace, ring and all jewelry, he says okay, Aryan calls Markand and says i will print all posters tomorrow.
Aryan comes in his room and finds his photo with Aradhya, he looks at it, Pavitra is standing behind him and thinks that he is glancing at photo so much, now its clear that he like Aaro, their names look so good together, after elections i will talk to aaba about them, she leaves, Aryan throws away picture.
Aaba is campaigning in village. People are chanting for him, Aryan says it feels like you are already winner, aaba smiles. Banwari says to people that its our honor that Aaba has come here, aaba says to people that you all know, i have been with you all in every matter, i am taking part in this election so that i can serve you more, i served you till now and will serve you as Sarpanch too, he chants for Sarpanch. collector asks if there is any other candidate for election? Banwari says there is no one who can participate against aaba, Aradhya comes and says we have candidate, all look at her, she comes to aaba and says Krishnadasi Kumudini will participate against Aaba, Kumudini comes there, Aradhya glares Aryan, Aryan says let them dream, it will be worth watching to see their faces after elections, Aradhya says atleast you didnt take right to dream from us, Aradhya says to aaba that dont be afraid, it will be fair elections, Banwari says are you mad? Aaba cant be afraid of anyone, you dont have money to win this election, Aradhya says but we have will to win and with this will we will participate in election, Kumudini says no one’s father can stop us from taking part in it, Aaba says everyone here knows name of their fathers but tell Aradhya her father’s name too, Kumudini stares him, Aryan smirks, Kumudini says the one who should know about her father knows it, i am taking part in election, not her father and i dont need to tell her father’s name to fight with me in elections, i will participate in elections for sure, Aaba says before running away, you are trying to give yourself a last chance? okay take part.
Kumudini and Aaba fills form of election. Aradhya says to Kumudini that when you will win, there will be change in village, Kumudini says its all because of you, people chant for you, Aaba smirks and leaves. Kumudini leaves too. Aryan taunts Aradhya that some devdasies fill world with filth and now they are trying to bring change in world? Aradhya says the one whose mind is filled with filth cant think about anything else, Aryan says you devdasies can even marry old man to get money, Banwari says she wanted money for elections thats why she did that kidnapping and marriage drama, Aradhya says what about people who are double faced, Aryan says i know your reality, Damini comes and says this is government office, i can cancel Kumudini and aaba’s nominations so please leave, Aryan leaves, Aradhya leaves too.

Scene 2
Goda and Aradhya are making posters in house, Aradhya asks Goda to use different colors for posters, Tulsi brings tea for them, Aradhya says i have written good slogans like Kumudini will win everyone’s heart, Kumudini will fight for justice, Kumudini is ideal Sarpanch of village. Aradhya says these posters are no less than posters of rich people, Kumudini says even better than them, Aradhya sys we have to go to house individually, Kumudini says we have to make them understand why to vote for me. Tulsi looks at all this and thinks that Krishan only you know my heart thing, dont let Aradhya fall in this revenge fire, keep her protected from evil eye.
Gayetri comes to aaba and says i have brought yogurt and sugar so that you have good day today, Aaba says i saw your face so my day will bad eventually now, just leave from here, Aryan looks at this, David sees this too, aaba says to Shashwat that dont look at your daughter’s tears, come with me, Shashwat sadly leaves. Aryan comes to Gayetri and says i am going for good work too, make me eat it, he eats it and says its good, Gayetri makes him eat more, he says i will meet you in evening, he wipes her tears and leaves with Aaba. Nakku comes out and says Aaba left file in house, this is important file, what will happen now? Gayetri says give file to me, she takes file from her and leaves house.
Kumudini, Aradhya are giving pamphlets in market to people. Aradhya says to people that we want you to live freely without fear so i want you to vote for Kumudini, Kumudini says i dont have money to fight this election, i want help from you all, just be with me, give me votes.
Aryan is campaigning for Aaba in market too, people says aaba is our king, we will vote for him only. Banwari says to his goons that see nobody should vote for Kumudini, Raghu says to people that if anyone votes for Kumudini then his hand will be cut.
A lady says to Aradhya that we cant support you openly but we are with you. Aradhya says to young girls that give vote after thinking, you will be able to choose your life partners, bring change in life, vote for my Aaji, she thanks women.
Aradhya campaigns to people. She sees Aryan coming there, he chants for Aaba on mike. Aryan comes to women and says people will try to trap you but you dont have to be trapped, vote for aaba, he says to Aradhya that give your vote to aaba too, he offers her pamphlet but she doesnt take it, Aryan leaves. Kumudini says see he left aaba’s pamphlet on road, we have to clean this garbage now.
Aradhya comes to one house, she knocks it, Damini comes out, Aradhya says i didnt know you live here, Damini says i have got police quarter but i live in this house with my ayi, come in, Aradhya says we will come later, Kumudini says vote for me, Aradhya gives her pamphlet, Damini says i am happy that you are taking part in elections, atleast there is someone who is taking stand against wrong, Kumudini says this is all because of Aradhya, Damini asks them to meet her mother, she is Alzheimer’s patient, you sit, i will bring her.
Damini brings her mother to Kumudini and Aradya, Kumudini is stunned to see her. She recalls how she was nurse who gave Tulsi her new born baby. mother says you? Damini asks if she knows Kumudini? you must have met in past, she will like you being here, Kumudini says i shall leave, Damini says no, i will bring refreshments, Aradhya goes to distribute pamphlets, mother says to Kumudini that she is the girl whoe was born infront of my eyes?
Aaba is in election house, one man says thank God devdasies are not dancing to lure people to vote for them, Aaba says village people are not mad to vote for them. Gayetri comes there and says to aaba that you forgot this file at home, i thought you would need it, aaba takes file from her and says when you came infront of me in morning, i knew something wrong will happen today and see i forgot file, just get lost, Gayetri leaves, Shashwat feels bad.
Mother says to Kumudini that you are Kumudini right? Damini says its great, she remembers you, mother says baby’s name was Aradhya right? what was her father’s name? hospital file had name of everyone, even Aradhya’s father’s name, Aradhya listens this, mother leaves from there, Kumudini is tensed.
Aradhya comes in market, she thinks that i will know who is my father today, i will go to hospital and check my father’s name. Shashwat comes in market and says daughter listen to your father, Aradhya turns and sees him, Shashwat calls out to him, Aradhya says he is same person who bailed me from jail and whom i brought at home, she thinks Shashwat is coming to her but Shashwat passesby him and goes to Gayetri standing behind Aradhya, Shashwat hugs Gayetri who is crying, Gayetri says i just came to give file. Aradhya sees all this and says Gayetri is his daughter? this means he is aaba’s son? Tulsi is right, where there is evil, there is good too, he is very nice person. Gayetri says aaba insulted me today, Shashwat says Aaba is like this, we cant do anything, he keep scolding me whole day, he has election’s pressure, forget it, he wipes her tears, Gayetri says he doesnt like me, i should be used to it, Shashwat says dont think anything, just smile, she smiles, he hugs her lovingly, Aradhya sees this and thinks i wish my father pacified me like this too.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Aradhya that you are trying to please God but at the end aaba will win elections, soon village people will show Devdasies their real place. Results are announced, host says Kumudini has got 1678 votesand aaba has got… All look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Damini’s mother has Alzimers but remembers Aradhha’s dad’s name?? what a memory!

    1. Alzimer’s is just short term memory loss, makes people forget recent happenings.. so no wonder she remembering about aaradhya and kumudni.. hope u got it

      1. thank you! i got understood. In the story, she is dealing with short term memory loss, confusions can happen, since kumidini is tensed that now she might reveal who is aaradhya’s dad when asked!

  2. Nice episode especially last scene

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  4. Nice episode

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  6. i think shashwant is her father and aryan is tulsi’s son. kumidini must be exchange them. may be mystery will reveal soon.

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    1. search in youtube as “krishnadasi bgm of AaRa”

  8. I think kumudini exchanged pavitras daughter and tulsis son for revenge

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    Dats the history 🙂
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  15. akanksha sharma

    i wish kumudini will win…in 1678 votes one vote is mine….lol krishnavati ka neta kaisa ho aradhya ki aaji jaisa ho…

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