Krishnadasi 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba is doing exercise. Deshmukh gets call from someone but he cuts it. Aaba asks Deshmukh to exercise with him then he wont be afraid of his wife, Deshmukh gets call and leaves from there and thinks that i am already tensed.
Aradhya sees aaba doing exercise and thinks that he is exercising as if he never got heart attack, how can Aryan trust him so much? Aaba feels dizzy and calls Aryan and Shashwat, Aradhya thinks that he maybe acting again but there is no one around? Aradhya comes to aaba and asks what happened? he says my BP is low, bring medicines. Aradhya brings medicines but Purva comes and throws it away, she calls Aryan and Pavitra there.
Tulsi says to Kumudini that this maybe Shashwat’s chain but dont do anything which will put Aradhya in danger, find proof first,

Kumudini says i will remain silent till i dont find solid proof, Tulsi leaves. Kumudini says i have to choose one way to find truth. Kaka comes there, Kumudini says where were you? she shows him mangoes and says take this carton to Aradhya’s house and give it to Shashwat and tell him that Tulsi couldnt come as she is arranging pooja for Aryan and Aradhya in old mandir. Kaka says if you have put some medicine in these mangoes? Kumudini says then i will make you eat these first, will i take someone’s life? are you mad? by this news, Shashwat will think that Tulsi is alone at mandir for pooja and then we will see his reaction.
Purva says to Aryan that Aradhya was giving medicine to Aaba which will lower his BP more, her intention was to kill aaba. Raj gets call and cuts it, Pavitra says how can you do this? aRadhya says i was just saving him, he told me about medicine only, Aryan says there is written on this medicine that this is for BP low, are you uneducated that you cant read it? Aradhya says i didnt see it in urgency, Aryan says your right place is to be locked in room only, he drags her from there and says you can poison my family’s food too. Kaka sees all this, Pavitra asks why did you come here? Kaka says i came to give mangoes, Tulsi has gone to mandir, Chimaji has called her for pooja so she couldnt come here, Shashwat listens this.
Deshmukh meets Raj and Purva. Deshmukh says to Raj that Shetty is calling me constantly, Raj says he is calling me too, Deshmukh says we have taken 5crores from him, how will we return it? Raj says let me and Purva take over this family then we will get money from aaba, Aryan is already in my hands, we will get this 5-6crores easily from aaba and Shetty doesnt know where we are. Purva says you both plan anything but remember i want to become daughter in law of this house, i want power and position in this house and i can go to any extent for that, Raj sees Shetty’s message, Shetty’s message says that he knows they are in Krishnawati and he is coming there.
Purva comes to aaba, Aaba says your plan was so nice, it worked, Aryan dragged Aradhya from there, i wanted to see it and clap but i was acting like unconscious, why didnt you put poison in place of medicine? Purva says if Aryan had seen Poison in Aradhya’s hand then he would have killed her and gone to jail which i dont want, slowly we will take steps and Aradhya will be thrown in out soon. Pavitra and Nakku listens their talk, Nakku says your Purva is no less than witch, Pavitra says dont talk like that, Nakku asks if Chimaji will come? Pavitra says lets see, they leave.
Aradhya is locked in room, Aradhya knocks door and asks Aryan to open it, she says you cant lock me here like this, i will break door, open it.
Shetty comes to Krishnawati, Raj meets him and says i have come for deal here, let that deal happen then i will give money to you, Shetty warns him and leaves. Raj thinks that once i become son in law of Aaba then he wont be able to do anything against me, he leaves. David sees all this.
Chimaji recalls how Pavitra called him to make aaba accept Aradhya as his daughter in law. He says to God that i have done big mistake and i want to rectify it, give me strength to make aaba understand.
Nakku says to Pavitra that Tulsi helped us by sending these mangoes, i used to call her witch but Aradhya will become witch for real today. Nakku makes mango juice, Pavitra mixes powder in it.
Aradhya is knocking door and asking Aryan to open door. Nakku says should i bring her here? Pavitrra says yes and call he with love then we will make her drink this juice. Aradhya stands on chair. Nakku comes there and opens door, she asks what ARadhya is doing? is she ghost? Aradhya says you cant keep me locked. Nakku says calm down, Pavitra says is very soft hearted person, she got to know truth and she asked me to call you, come with me, Aradhya goes with her.
Pavitra comes to Aradhya and says i am sorry, i know Aryan did wrong with you, i also thought that you wanted to take aaba’s life but i talked to aaba and this all happened because of Nakku, she changed medicines place and thats why aaba pointed to wrong medicine, it was not your mistake and nor Aaba’s mistake, with this small gesture of yours, i got to know that you want good for us, by fighting with Aryan, it will hurt Aryan too, let make peace in this house, Aradhya says then why you didnt talk to Aryan? what he thinks that i am some animal or goat that he can lock me anywhere? Pavitra says Aryan is angry man, he wont listen to me, i saw him so angry today, he cant see Aaba getting hurt, if we mend our relation then Aryan will start melting too, he is my son, i know him, Man’s anger is like fire in jungle, its our work to win men’s heart, i want to be on your side Aradhya and we will start it with the mango juice which was sent by your mother only, she asks Nakku to bring juice, Nakku goes to bring it. Nakku brings juice, Pavitra gives one glass to Aradhya and asks her to drink it, Aradhya is tensed and says you people drink too, Pavitra says yes why not, she takes one glass and gives one to Nakku. Pavitra drinks juice, Aradhya drinks juice too, Pavitra asks her to finish it, Aradhya smiles and drink it. Pavitra thinks that now drama will start. Aradhya finishes juice, Nakku says to Aradhya that juice was nice, ask your mother to send more mangoes, Pavitra murmurs to not overact, she asks Aradhya to go and rest, ARadhya leaves. Pavitra says to Nakku if something will happen then what? Nakku says dont worry, Pavitra says we made her drink herbs juice but Chimaji should come on time to see her drama.

Scene 2
Kaka comes home and says where are you Kumudini? Aradhya is.. Tulsi comes and asks what happened to Aradhya? he says nothing, i just went to give mangoes to them, Tulsi says tell me truth, Kaka says i saw Aryan locking Aradhya in room, Tulsi says what? i have to meet ARadhya, she leaves. Kaka says Tulsi should have gone to Mandir as per Kumudini’s plan but i messed up everything, i should inform Kumudini.
Pavitra says to Nakku that i will check if Chimaji has come or not. Nakku strikes with Aradhya, Nakku says why you are pushing me away? Aradhya says you are lying, i didnt push you, Nakku says you want to hit me? some spirit possess Aradhya and she gets angry on Nakku, she pushes away Nakku, Nakku falls far away with Aradhya’s powerful push, Aradhya shouts her to shut up, Pavitra thinks that seems like herb has starting to effect her, Aradhya pushes Nakku and says shut your mouth, chair moves away with Aradhya order, Pavitra thinks that how can chair move itself as if Aradhya is witch in real sense, Nakku is sitting on chair and asks Pavitra to save her. Aradhya says shut your mouth, what you think that i will keep listening to you? Chimjaji comes there, Tulsi comes there too and are stunned to see Aradhya pulling her hair. Pavitra sees them and says to Aradhya to let Nakku leave, she will die, Nakku says she has power, move away from her, she can throw you away too, Aradhya moves chair with her eyes only, Nakku is sitting on chair and says some spirit is possessing her in real, please save me, Pavitra is shocked, Aradhya falls unconscious. Chimaji and Tulsi runs to Aradhya, Tulsi asks Aradhya to open her eyes, what happened to you?
Nakku asks Pavitra how was it? Pavitra says what an acting, how did you get this idea? Nakku says this was Purva’s idea, she moved chair, i was so scared, i thought that ghost came for real, our gang’s real don is Purva, Pavitra says you are right. Purva comes there and shows them remote with which she moved chair, she says i had applied small wheels on chair and moved it with remote, Pavitra says you are just like aaba, you are eligible to be daughter in law of this house, Purva says what if Aradhya knows about powder? Pavitra says this powers is of herbs, its not harmful, after taking this powder, person starts acting like some witch but when its effect is gone then person doesnt remember anything, Purva says now we will keep giving her this herb powder and will prove her to be mad, she will act like crazy, Nakku goes to check what Tulsi is doing with Aradhya, Purva thinks that now ARadhya will be thrown out of house and i will become Aryan’s wife.
Tulsi and Chimaji are with Aradhya, aradhya is unconscious, Chimaji asks Tulsi fi she ever behaved like this before? Chimaji says no never, she never gets angry, Chimaji says it must be due to stress that she acted like this, dont worry, Tulsi sees another sofa cum bed and says to chimaji that seems like tension has not lessen in their relation, Chimaji says dont worry, i will talk to aaba. Purva listens all this and thinks that now Aradhya will be thrown out soon, Aryan will not trust her.

PRECAP- Its night, Aradhya is sleeping on bed while Aryan is sleep on sofa cum bed. Aradhya feels jittery in sleep and gets up, she starts shouting and mourning like someone possessing her soul, Aryan wakes up and sees her like this, he comes on bed and hugs Aradhya, he calms her down and makes her drink water, he gets worried for her and hugs her tightly, Aradhya sleeps in his arms peacefully.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I got now that these deshmukh r here to trap aaba and Aryan for money….???
    Aradhya love u yr u have to do something for this poor Aryan???

  2. Plz update it fast Atiba… plz

  3. Update is so fast

  4. Thank you atiba for the update.. I am eagerly waiting for the precap.. After so many days AaRa moments.. Cant wait ??

  5. Awww precap iz just speechless, simply superbly amazed, eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode to see aryan’s loving & caring behaviour towards aradhya… <3 <3 🙂

  6. Such a bad bad bad epi. Oh my goshhh Purva is a vamp. I’m feeling sorry for Aru. Nobody is there to support her , not even Aryan. Please don’t do this to us writers. Don’t make it unbearable. Precap is both a relief and worry. Will Aryan believe that Aradhya is ghost. No nooo. If anyone knows anything about upcoming story plz plz share .

  7. Oooo. I loved the precap. It’s soooooo romantic. . Thank you very much writers for creating such a lovely scene. Plz keep it like this always. How cute they look together. …
    & how cheap ideas Deshmuk family has. Shame on them. I thought Purva wanted to marry Aryan just bcz she wanted. . But now she is going marry him just for money & power. Shii. I just hope Arra will get to know about their reallty soon.plz anyone , remove this cheap purva begger from this beautiful serial .

  8. The purva who was before this girl was gud this purva is very cunning cheap and mean and this aaba and his sunbai are the real fools who believe evil ones easily and trouble good ones eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode

  9. First Aryan will support her and later he will refuse to support that was only written in the tellygossip ra

  10. i was so right??.. lol i am always correct.. these deshmukh behind rao’s wealth like i interpreted. they must be in loss or bankrupt and now wanf rao to be bankrupt. ?…. lol purva is so eager to be daughter in law.. o boy if she knew that she can never be one… there is no available rao man to marry… well no actually there is… our pradhymn Rao.. she can marry him and say … mein kya karun haye muje buddha mil gaya???? .. opps sorry pvr is also book for our kumudini..

    and wow remote control chair ???? seriously!!! poorva is super engineer ?? made remote control chair just by wheel ???

    well precap is worth watching. ?

    1. I read updates today and i will love to watch the scenes of aara of tomorrow

    2. completely agree with you Tanu. Aba & Purva are perfect for each other. ahhh I feel like killing her right now.

  11. So it was right judgement from mine side too,dese deshmukhs hv plan to get rao empire as dey r bankrupt and dats y so called self-respect less family stayed here,my god ppl stoop too low for money,in all dis drama poor scapegoat is aaru only,aryan still got wife who cares for him but aaru shes targeted by all whether kumudini, aabha,pavitra, nakku, purva,and who were wid her r now against her,still kudos to that girl,she’s still surviving with all odds

    Gud to c change in mahant,he agreed dat he did injustice with tulsi,atleast mahant is better than shashwat, inspite of negative DNA he believes in his heart dat aaru is his daughter, his dis little thing differentiates him from shashwat, dis swap thing sumhow is lucky for aaru as she got tulsi as her mother, i liked mahants confession today

    Now david overhears raj i hope so,nd dey cn show dat aaru n david join hands for face off with d evilish plans to protect raos,it wil b interesting to watch

    Lastly wow precap,he stil cares for her, cuddled her like baby, nd aaru was luking like baby crying who’s so innocent, i dun know wen dese two wil use dre brains,two beautiful souls crushed in family enmity

  12. Precape is very lovely and nice beautiful scene woooow….now cvs shows concern of aryan for aaru he care but he also understand himself that he hate her……but on the other side i think purva cheap ghost darama indirectly in faver of aara its my assumption…

  13. Omg, the precap amazed me. They’re made for eachother and I hope their misunderstanding is cleared and the reality of aaba Saab is shown as well as the others. I hate that kumudini sooo much

  14. Precap written wrong … Nowhere it was seen in precap that Aradhya mourning like someone possess her soul. Clearly she was only mourning ” Sab jhut hai , sab jhut hai ” , she was crying like she is under a shock . The explanation of the precap incorrect. Whoever watched the precap clearly can understand that.

  15. Yes you are right ritu… Guys Maine ek TV news show main dekha tha that poorva kal bhai raj will fall in love with aradhya and their will be love triangle between raj, aaru and Aryan… Isn’t it interesting may be iske baad Aryan will feel jealous or may be their will some positive changes in serial…. Whatever it may be but raj phir ek protagonist ban jaega…

  16. Hi just hate there deshmukhs.I am waiting for that day when Aryan will come to know about deshmukhs, aaba n kumudini mixing something in aaru’s milk on their wedding day.

  17. I think aru should always roam with a voice recorder in her hand and record everyone’s talk wid her .so that she could prove herself innocent coz aaba ke house me sab log chameleons jaise hain .ek sec me apna rang badal dete hain

  18. worst episode………

  19. worst episode

  20. pls don’t drag this track.I want aryan understand about aru

  21. Nice precap?

  22. Aradhyan’s precap!!!

  23. nyc episode?

  24. I didn’t like today’s episode. Precape is worth to watch

  25. im also waiting to see raj in positive role then show wil become more intetesting…i want to see aradhya give back to everyone in future who tortures her…she should disown to her real parents for tulsi then they will realise what they have done with her

  26. track is going same like ekta.s shows love hate relation hero become hateful and heroen only love…………its the same serial bakwassssss……….but i know david will save his wife gaytri………only this was good only in the whole episode

  27. Precape is awesome Aryan plz understand that you still love your certificate wali wife I think colors should change its name to bhotiya serials track i know here there is no ghost but other serials of colors really disgusting

  28. so sad episode pavitra so badly with aaru I don’t like pavitra.but precap its so good I love precap aaryan aaru made for each other

  29. Good episode and guys read my new ff our Impossible Love Story and read n comment loads.

  30. wow!!!!! what a precap !!!!!! just loved it!!!!!!!
    i am waiting for today’s episode.…
    plss unite aara faast…

  31. super precap waiting for the next episode…

  32. amazimg precap eagerly waiting for todays episode n how cheap ideas have thos deshmukhs raj and his cheap sister poorva both have same thinking to just get money from rao family i just hope soon aru and aryan feels love for each other soon but the precap is too nice he always cares about aru
    in sbs which airs in abp news today they show krishnadasi segment aradhya totally behaves like manjulika and tries to kill her mom.tulsi and then chimaji stops her n tie her with rope n their cute iv with aradhya pavitra n tulsi
    love u aryan n aru sooo much….

  33. oh..?Really..

  34. Needs sm Aryan jealousy….its Aryans lv we need to see. Aru is OK on her side…..plz writers …..want the funny and super sweet Aryan Bak……its torturing us without him

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