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Krishnadasi 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya sees Tulsi all decked up as bride, she asks Tulsi what is she wearing? Tulsi gets tensed and makes excuse that there is wedding in village, she and Kumudini are going there, Aradhya says i will go with you too, Tulsi is stunned.
Aryan is trying to get lift, he says that girl messed with me? he gets call and asks about number of hostel girl? he says i will give you 1000 rs for every digit of her her, he sends her number, Aryan says you will money, he ends call, Aryan says i have got her number, now she will run behind me.
Aradhya says to Tulsi that i wanna come in marriage, Tulsi says you have become stubborn, you will not go in marriage with us, you should go back to hostel, Aradhya says this is my village too, you didnt like me coming here? Tulsi says you were arrested

in this village, Aradhya says you and Kumudini are with me, nothing can happen to me now, you said every village has good and bad people, dont you want me to see good side of this place? Tulsi ass Kumudini to make her understand, Kaka comes there and says palanquin as come, he is stunned to see Aradhya there, Aradhya says why palanquin came to our house? Tulsi says not at our house, it must be passing by our house, it must be for bride, Aradya says i will see it too, Tulsi says no you cant see it, its not good omen for for unmarried girls to see it, Aradhya says i dont believe in all this good or bad omen, she is about to go but Aradhya gets call, Tulsi sys to Kumudini why she is silent? i told you she will come here. Aradhya takes call, Aryan talks like peon of hostel, he says what you did with your room? Aradhya says a crazy guy broke everything, Aryan says no we are talking about today, fire has broken in your room, Aradhya says i will come there, you take care of things there, ther is frame of my family, take care of it, i am coming, she ends call, Aryan smirks. Aradhya says to Tulsi that i am going back to hostel, Kumudini asks why? Tulsi says why not, she should go back and from back side as she should not see palanquin, Aradhya says you are behaving weirdly, Kumudini asks Aradhya to stop, i will bring laddos for you.
kumudini comes in kitchen and says Tulsi can try as much as she wants but she cant change fate, its past that makes future, she puts a piece of paper in laddos box, She brings box to Aradhya, Aradhya asks her to take care of herself, Kumudini says i will be fine, Aradhya leaves from there.
Aradhya calls Shivani and asks her to go and check our room, fire has broken there, Shivani says i am standing outside hostel, there is no fire here, Aradhya ends call, she calls peon’s number again but he doesnt pick up, she says who is this idiot who called me? i couldnt see village marriage too.
Varun comes to Aryan and says you were going to home? Aryan says your ex-girlfriend destroyed my plans too, Varun says but Shuvani is in hostel only, Aryan says no she was with me, Varun shows him picture of Shivani and says she is room number 32, Aryan says i took revenge from wrong girl then, her name is Aradhya.
Aradhya thinks if she should go back to Krishnavati? she says but Tulsi wont like it, i should go to hostel only.
Kumudini and Tulsi comes out, Tulsi sits in palanquin, they leave from house. Aradhya thinks if Kumudini and Tulsi were hiding something from her? she says no they can hide anything from her. She opens laddo box and finds a letter in it, she reads it and says Kumudini has cancer? she is shocked.
Whole village is taking Tulsi with respect and honor, flowers is showering on her. Aradhya says to driver that turn car, i have to go back to Krishnavati, driver turns and drives to Krishnavati.
Tulsi is being honored by band and music, Kumudini is going with her too.
Shashwat is ready for marriage, he says to aaba that gifts are ready for Tamre’s daughter’s marriage, Aaba sees it. he listens music, shashwat says seems like baraat is reaching Mandir, Aaba smiles.
Caravan of Tulsi comes to Mandir. Tulsi comes down from palanquin, Kumudini thinks that see Krishna, your dasies have come to serve you, after many years we have come and i wont let this shine go away now. Shastri greets and welcomes them. Aaba comes there with shashwat and Munim, he says Shastri doing aarti of Kumudini and whole village giving honor to them, he gets angry, Munim says to Aaba that see how people are welcoming them, you must be angry, Aaba angrily looks at him, Munim thinks my my tongue will bring my death one day. Kumudini looks at aaba and points him to see how people are giving respect to her.
Tulsi and Kumudini comes in mandir. Aaba says i will not involve in marriage, Shashwat says but you promised, aaba says you attend marriage, i have meeting with GM, he leaves, shashwat looks on.
Tulsi prays to Krishna and thinks you saved me. Kumudini thinks Aradhya should not have gone.
Aradhya thinks that Tulsi hided such big thing from me, thats why she was forcing me to leave. Tulsi and Kumudini turns to see Shashwat there, Tulsi is shocked and recalls how Shashwat beat her, Kumudini thinks that he dragged his friend(tulsi) out of village when her child was one day old, she asks Tulsi to concentrate on work for which we have come here, Tulsi stares Shashwat and turns away.
Aradhya asks driver to drive fast. bride’s mother asks Tulsi to bless bride, Tulsi touches her mangalsutra and asks groom to make her wear it not, everyone touches their feet, mother says we are blessed to have you, Kumudini says this is blessing of Krishna and we are just dasies. Shashwat comes forward and gives them gifts, he is about to leave but Tamre stops him and says Tulsi is about to dance for Krishna, please stay for sometime, Shashwat sits down.
Aradhya asks Driver to take her to mandir in Krishnavat. Kumudini says to Tulsi that forget about this world and just dance for Krishna, he is our everything, start pleasing him. Tulsi ties ghungroos in her feet and starts dancing in mandir while everyone gathered there including Shashwat.
Aradhya arrives there, she listens people saying that after so many years, Krishnadas ritual has started again, they have blessed Tamre’s daughter, nobody thought they both will comeback. Aradhya listens it, she comes in mandir and is shocked to see Tulsi dancing infront of all. She listens one women saying that Kumudini’s daughter dance really well, she is great Devdasi, they say we dont know if Tulsi have daughter as Devdasi’s daughter is also devdasi, Tulsi is shocked to see Aradhya there, she stops dancing, Kumudini starts dancing and says dont stop dance in middle, this is for your Krishan, i will pacify Aradhya but you have to be loyal to Krishan and leave your mother love, Tulsi starts dancing with Kumudini, Aradhya is in tears and leaves from there, Tulsi is shocked, and cries too, Shashwat looks on.

Scene 2
Aryan says to Varun that i played a wrong prank on her, i called her that fire has broken in her room, she must be disturbed, i tried to call her again but she is not picking up. He says i have to say sorry to her, what should i give to her? Varun says take roses, Aryan says people will think i am proposing her, Varun says give her cough syrup, its not good weather, Aryan says now i know why Shivani ditched you, he gets idea and leaves from there with Varun.
Aradhya comes to lakeside, she recalls how Tulsi kept forcing her to leave from Krishnavati. How she saw her dancing, she thinks that such big lie? i was living in lie till now, Kumudini and Tulsi lied to me all this while, she recalls how people commented about Tulsi being Krishnadasi, how people said that after Tulsi her daughter will take this tradition forward, Aradhya puts her hand in water, she cries.
Shashwat comes back in house, Pavtri tries to talk to him but he comes in his room and recalls how he had seen some lady doing suicide, how he had beaten Tulsi and thrown her out of village. He looks at picture of someone and says i lost you because of these devdasies, Pavitri sees him and thinks that i thought he will be not affected by them but i was wrong.
Aradhya comes in house at night, she looks at musical equipments and ghungroos.

PRECAP- Tulsi slaps Aradhya. Kumudini says to Aradhya that we are married to Krishan so we are Krishnadasies. Tulsi says to Aradhya that i never wanted you to know this, Aradhya says i have got to know everything, also that we are Krishnadasies so tell me what else you have hidden? tell me also who is my father? Tulsi is stunned listening this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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