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Krishnadasi 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya says to Shravani that whatever i said was for your good, she got out of Aryan’s bathroom in towel, what if anyone sees her like this? they will form views about her, Shravani says see aaji, she is talking like i was naked there, Aradhya shakes her head in disappointment, she asks because Aryan is care takes so Aradhya are you jealous? Kumudini says you are right, Aradhya says you are making it a issue, Shravani says dont know what she must have said about me, she cries, Aradhya is confused, Shravani says everyone must be gossiping about me, i can bear anything but not my disgrace, if you call me Aryan’s mistress then i wont sit quiet, i became devdasi in helplessness, to save my respect i can still file complaint against Aryan, i will beg but will live with respect,

Kumudini says to Aradhya that you want Aryan to go to jail, Aryan’s life is already a mess, what you think that you can enter his life again? i wont let it happen, you wont enter here from now on, not even in any office of his, she tries to drag her out but Aryan comes there and says one minute, Kumudini says you wont say a thing, Aryan says i know who is at mistake, i will take side of person who is right, he holds her hand and drags her upstairs, everyone follows.
David says to drunk Purva that thank you for spending time with me, sharing drinks with me, today i feel less lonely, he gives her more drink, she drinks wine and says you are missing Gayetri? let it go, i felt like spending time with you today, David says can i ask you something? she nods, he says i thought first that you and your brother are partners but today i got to know that you use your brain, you give all ideas but he bosses you around, just think if you had gotten married to Aryan, who would be real boss? you or him? if you brother didnt come in your story then you would have been princess of Aryan’s life, Purva says its my bad luck, from childhood i used to give him ideas, he always get stuck when he tries to do something alone, so i am princess, he is my slave, i brought him to Krishnavati, i made plan to get him married to your ex-wife, he used to respect me but these days.. David says it must be because of his wife, Purva says yes his wife is in middle of everything, David says it happens usually, atleast she is dead, Purva says she is not dead, she is alive, he is behind her, David says you told everyone that she is dead, Purva says it was my idea too, he cant even acknowledge me, you will die when you see his wife, she is witch, i will bring her photo, she leaves.
Aryand brings Aradhya to his room, Aradhya says i didnt mean to humiliate her, my intention was not to hurt her, i was just saying that she should not be in towel, Aryan says shut up, just shut up, whatever you said had only one meaning, what was the need to say it? Aradhya says why are you so angry? my intention was not to hurt her, Kumudini and Shravani listens standing outside room. Aryan says cant you see her situation, they have made her devdasi and i as her care taker, she is my responsibility, nobody should hurt her Aradhya Rao, Aradhya gets sad seeing Aryan angry on her, Aryan whispers to Aradhya to start acting, he shouts aaji was right to keep you in office, Aradhya starts playing along and says i am sorry, dont throw me out, i run my house on your salary, Aryan says finally you come to your standard, you will not say that i am your husband and all? he has smirk, ARadhya acts and says no i wont say a thing again, i will say sorry to Shravani, Aryan says no need, she is hurt, once she is fine then say sorry to her. Kumudini says to Shravani that see Aryan understands everything, she wont come in your path now, just do what i told you, think good then good will happen, she leaves, Shravani thinks that Kumudini thinks she is clever but she doesnt understand that Aryan and Aradhya are acting, i have to think of good idea.
Purva is finding photo of her sister in law, she says to David that she is chicken without meat, she says album must be in cupboard, David says where is she now? she says here only, David asks whats her name? she says leave her name, i will show you her photo, she tries to open cupboard but its locked, she says rascal, my brother doesnt trust me, he locked my cupboard. David sees Raj there, he finds wine there, he says what is going on here? why dont you drink so much when you cant handle? and alongwith this David? he grabs her, he is not our friend, Purva says you are an idiot, i use my mind and you use power, who are you? Raj says what were you talking? Purva says i wont tell you, David says we just drank little wine while waiting for you, Raj shouts him to shut up, Raj points gun at Purva and asks her to tell everything, Purva says wow, he is my brother, putting gun on me only, she says to David that you know gunshot idea was mine too and now he is using it on me, she says to Raj that i am not afraid of you, i was telling David that i am smarter than my brother, you are nothing, Raj makes her lie on bed and stares David, he says you wanted party with my sister? if you do it next time then i will shoot your sister in law, David says sorry and leaves.
Aryan looks out of room and comes back to Aradhya, she says you scared me, you used chance to curse me, Aryan says i had to do something to save you from aaji, Aradhya says you did more than you should have, Aryan says forgive me i will raise salary, Aradhya says you are trying to bribe me? Aryan says okay i wont raise it, Aradhya says so you think that i am not worth raise of salary? Aryan says what should i do? i will do sit-ups, he does it, she says you are looking cute doing it, Aryan says if i faint then you will have to massage me, i saved you from aaji’s torture and still bearing punishment, Aradhya says your punishment is going to continue, Aryan asks what i have to do now? aRadhya says you have to tell aaji about us, Aryan says i will tell her on right time, she says yes, you have to give sometime to me from this job, Pavitra ha talent of making sarees so i want to help her to flourish that, she is little scared so i want to help her so if you give me some time off, will you cut my salary? Aryan says i will not only let you go but i will come with you too to increase her confidence, if hr business flourish then i will be freed from you so i have to come, Aradhya says lets go to your in laws then, she punches him, he hugs her. They look at each other in eyes, Aryan holding her in his arms, both smile at each other, Aradhya hugs him tightly.

Scene 2
Shravani comes in her room and says what Aryan thinks that he has mind and i am idiot? did he think i wont know he is acting? she mixes powder in milk and says now you will see my acting, she says lets serve my care taker, she smirks.
Aryan comes to his room and sits down to work on files, he says i should not wait now, as soon as Shravani’s problem is solved, i will tell aaji that i cant live without Aradhya. Shravani thinks that i saw in films bride giving groom milk on marriage night but here difference is that i have mixed my mind in this milk. She comes to Aryan’s room with milk and asks can i come in? he says yes, dont take Aradhya’s talk seriously, i am sorry on her behalf, Shravani says i should be sorry, i was angry and said that i should go to police, i am sorry, Aryan says anyone would have reacted same, lets end this topic, Shravani says aaji sent this flavored milk for you, she told me you like it, Aryan takes it and thanks her, he says dont take panchayat’s decision seriously, i am not your care taker or anything, if you want to settle your life somewhere else, i will support you, she says you are nice human, drink milk, Aryan takes it from table and says leave, i will drink, she says it will cool down, drink when its warm now, Aryan drinks whole glass and thanks her, he asks if you want to say anything else? Shravani says if you need tea or coffee? he says no i have work, you go and rest, she starts leaving and looks at him, she thinks that soon medicine will show its affect and i will be able to do what i want, she comes out of him room but pries on him, she thinks that medicine is not working on his superman, did shopkeeper give me wrong medicine? she leaves upset.
Pavitra is stitching sarees, its night, she is tired but continues working, she sleeps there only, Aradhya comes there and sees her sleeping, she doesnt wake her up. Aradhya starts going to her room and recalls Shravani’s words, her allegations, how she called Aradhya jealous, she leaves, Gayetri sees her tensed. Aradhya comes to her room and says Aryan is handling situation well then why Shravani made it such an issue? Gayetri comes there and says what happened to you? why are you tensed? Aradhya says Srhavani.. Gayetri says i know Aryan has become her care taker, Aradhya says no its not that, she was behaving different today, i just pointed out one thing and she started putting allegations on me, Gayetri says understand her, she is going through alot, she must be confused, maybe she felt offended, Aradhya says when you listen to me fully then you will know i was right, Gayetri says i am just saying that Shravani is a nice girl, she saved my life that day, you have changed since you started working in Kumudini’s house, you dont know difference between right or wrong, Aradhya says whatever i said to her was right, Gayetri says yes and those goons sent to kill me by Kumudini was right too, Aradhya says aaji didnt send goons, infact Shravani said.. Gayetri says i dont to listen to you, she leaves. Aradhya says Shravani told herself.. she recalls whole incident.. how Markand told everything, how she found wine bottle in store room, Aradhya says Nakku didnt drink wine, i cant doubt her, its some other matter, Shravani is not like what she seems, she calls someone.
Shravani thinks he must have slept by now. She sees from window that Aryan is still working, she says he is not sleeping and i am sleepy without wine, she leaves. Aryan feels dizzy and lies on bed to sleep, he dozes off.
Shravani comes to Aryan’s room again and sees him sleep, she smirks and goes in his room, she whistles and claps but he doesnt wake up, she closes door and smirks, she dances and thinks that i am Shravani and my mission is money money, when i will be found in bed all messed up then whole story will change, everyone will believe innocent crying girl like me and then Aradhya will not be able to do anything too. She sits on bed and comes to Aryan’s side, he opens his shirt’s buttons and lies beside him on bed, she thinks Goodnight Aryan.. she switches off lights.
Nakku comes to Kumudini and says i am going to tell you about storm which will give you peace, our Shravani has gone to destination, Kumudini says say it clearly, Nakku says Shravani is in Aryan’s room and door is locked too, Kumudini says i wanted this only, i thought she will take time to understand my talk but she learned my lesson fast, Nakku says she is good learner, Kumudini says Aaba killed my daughter, now see what i will do with you grand daughter, i have snatched her husband now but i will snatch everything from her.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Shravani that you have to separate Aryan and Aradhya. Shravani stands on well’s wall in middle of village, Aryan asks her to give her hand but Shravani jumps in well, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Guyzzz bad news…. Kd is gonna end coz of low trp…. In september… Some show called SANGHARSH would be replacing it… Very bad… Only one show i was watching… And it is also gonna end….. 🙁 :'( :'(

    Read this on google… Feels like crying

  2. hi… i’m finally back after all exams for this at present.

    awe nautanki Aara is back and Aryan again proved he is Aji’s Nati… but button up your shirt dude ?? plz. its family show ahem ahem. so cute aara scene. cutest?
    this shravani ?? jao dub maro and take ur useless psycho husband with u too ?
    she is so cheap.?
    Aru vi Aryan ka izzat bacha na paya. … lekin from spoiler Aryan will go to Aru in drugged condition .. so may be she can help him.
    today got many negative news from some sites which r hardly reliable .. that show going off as people could not connect with lead jodi…and blah blah blah ??…. dude we love Aara .. we connect them to the core.
    then it is almost confirmed by some reliable sources that it was false rumors. KD’s slot just changing from 10:30 pm to 6:30 pm . .. well that’s bad news for me still better than going off air.
    and guys … don’t forget to catch KD at 6:00 pm tomorrow.. next day and next day. we need TRP.. cause KD not giving good TRPs since 2 weeks.

    1. varshitha reddy

      Tanu can you plzz tell me how can I get shravan pic which u r using as ur prof pic i just loved it and wanted to ask about it from long time

      1. hey i actually took screen shots of the episode of bigF.. but try search it by name shravan or but shravan in big F .. may be you can find it .. cause you can take screen shot now as its not in YouTube now.

    2. Haai..tanu…?Feeling happy by seeing ua comment..
      Hw was ua xam??

      1. it was not good..?

    3. Hey tanu, nice to see you here again. & this bad news. Are you sure abt it? I’m feeling very sad. Plz don’t end such a beautiful serial. Just change the tracks

    4. Tanu dii continue ur ff plzz i really wanna tead it

  3. Awieeeee cute episode????? arra drameybaaz?? but m upset?? that shravini besharam cheapo larki? how can she do that just for money? stay away girl? aru nhi i abhi tk??? m worried for aryan he always suffers just bcz of his grandparents itny gandey grandparents hony sy acha hy na hon? huh first abba try to seperate them nd now kumu ny duty sambhal li? bastard b*t*h how can u harm ur own grandson she will regret soooo badly …abba was also bad but he didn’t stooped so low but ye kumu cheapoooo? aru kahan reh gayi aryan always save her on time but aru ??

  4. If the makers make the show what viewers like to watch then trp goes up na? ……… back to back fight and cheap plot yakk …….. I hate kumudini now and that beach as well

  5. I think shravani is wife of jai raj. It’s very bad news ki kd is going to finish ?please say ki it vll not finish as it’s the one of my best serials

  6. i miss the episode…But also By reading update lill happy…Wow..Aarra part z so awsm..Dramebaaz??But the precape its wonder??That street player went to low..Ufff..She z really equal to jairaj.??But Aaru z coming to the track…She realize shravani z playing a drama…but what shuld b happn in tommarow…
    Y david z not doing anything..He z lyk coward nw..Do some drama mann..Every part z full f drama???But dz kummu will do lyk dz…i already said that she will do what eva she want?? lady..
    Oooohhh…well hope for Aarra neva seperate bcoz f dz cheap lady & that frog?#

  7. i can belive kd gonna air off..Hw can it possible..?I love Aarra the most..

  8. I had seen that,Aryn z kidnapping by shravani??& also kd z not gonna airoff,itz rumour?

    1. *kidnapped

    2. Pls rebba. Confirm me that kd is not gonna off air plz .. any one

      1. Kd is not going to end. It is confirmed by diya makhija (shravani).

  9. howw… cheap characterisation of shravani..##@$%
    i really started to HATE THIS SERIAL..
    I Really love arra..but this track i can’t bear any more..!
    bye bye KRISHNADASI..

    1. Don’t say lyk dz haya…??

  10. Wht kd is going to end pls tell me this is not true i love aarra more i dont want this serial to end this is the one of best serial and guys i am silent reader of kd and huge fan of aaraa can i also join ur kd family we all support aarra by giving our valuable comments so its trp increase and show must go on wht say guys

    1. Ofcourse. You can join with us & support kd. You ‘re most welcome in our kd family.

      1. Kd is not going to end. It is confirmed by diya makhija (shravani).

  11. hi Tanu hw r u i really missed ur comments yaar . Nd wat hapend to Ruby she is also nt comentng these days

    1. hi liba… well ruby’s tv is broken?? and she can’t watch it online everyday… she actually don’t have knowledge what’s going on on KD so she doesn’t come

      1. Ooho…That z the matter..I also miss Ruby here..For me she z genius✌✌

  12. No it will not go off air….but will change the timing to 6.30 after 28 aug

  13. Crazy..Sheeba

    Friends we all lov arra…i knw past few week they r on negative track nd cause low TRP…bt now frm couple of week we are gtting supper cuteee aara chemistry… i think CVs understand wht viewer wants…pls we hv to support aara nd KDalmost wt every possible.. m already doing …and continue watching to inc TRP…

  14. love aara what the hell is wrong whichever serial i love it goes off air quickly first beintehaa and now kd i love aara

  15. Wht a cheap act by shravani. I’ll be very happy if she jumped into the well and dies.

  16. KD going off air !!?! Sad. About the episode , first thing I wanna say is that Shravan Reddy , you are hoooottt 😛 I love AaRa…..They are sooo perfect. Aaji , I bet there will be no one like you in this whole universe. Which aaji will try to destroy her own grandson’s happiness?? Shame on you aaji for supporting Shravani. Yeh Shravani Jairaj ki biwi hai kya ? What a made for each other jodi ! Kamina jodi. David , whatever you are trying to do , do it fast. I hope Aru will save Aryan from that low class people. Good and truth win at the end though it is irritating to see continous victory of evil…..

  17. Seriously meenakshi fedup of seeing this continuous evil victory? ,and how cheap is this shravnis character really she is a cheapo ?pls aru save aryan and this kumu has gone mad she first united aara and now separating them ,hate her and that cheap ladki??. I don’t want this show to end really,love aara they are so cure & adorable ?????

  18. Crazy..Sheeba

    Hey friendsssss…. plz dont b upset and dont stop watching KD required TRP…if nefativity s nt thr thn hw thy ll show more positivity…..nd getting beutiful ARra emotions…pls pls pls i tld.. past couple of day we got soooo many mesmerizing scenes of AaRa…..only one thing we hv to tell KD’s writerssss that plz dont try to seperate AaRa….rest we cn digest…in aryan lyf only aradhya ll b his wife till end of this show…we can not accept any bu….sh..t tracks of sooooo many marriage concept like Ekat kapporsss serialsss having….SRK dialogue HUM EK BAR JEETE HAI EK BAR MARTE HAI AUR SHADI BI EK BAR HOTI….soooo ARYAN U R COMPELLED TO FOLLOW THIS…..VIEWERSS CHOICE…NO AAJI NO AABA DECISION

    1. Haaan..Ua right..Without any -ve,hw the story continues..???What eva happn i need my “Aara togethr”?

  19. ginni jidi aroa

    nice episode

  20. Thanxx all for confirming dat kd is not going of air… Sooo haapppiiieee…. Thanku all…. We have to watch kd repeatedly to raise its trp…. Once again thanku all…..

  21. guys KD is *not* going offair.. .. its just having. *slot change* from 10:30 to 6:30 pm.

    and in UK the precap was show aryan when to aru in drowsy condition and swear he don’t drink alcohol. he said he drank milk which shravani gave. the understood aryan was drugged and investigated. a man confirmed shravani bought the drug from chemist. Aryan gave a evil smile hearing that.

    so nice episode ahead … don’t forget to catch it on 6:00 pm today. if i get the link of precap i will post it.

    1. I don’t knw wht I should say.. god . I was so nervous till I could confirm that kd is not going off air. I can’t express in words how happy I am. Thanx tanu & all for confirming my wish. I can’t get connect with internet oftenly nowadays, so I’m not so updated with the promos. Thankx once again. Yeyyyyyyyy

      1. Thank you tanu for such a good news. I also thought that kd is gonna end.
        Thanks again?

        Coming to the episode the scene of aara was so cute.?
        But that cheapster shravani is too much. Why does she do like this? why does she is on to separate our cute couple aara.
        Plz its a humble request to the writers do not separate aara?

      2. Thanks for the good news tanu.

    2. Thankz tanu for ua kind information..
      & so my class z started in dz week, bc with studies..Am not able to watch the epi @10:30 itself..So poor..And time sloted 6:30pm.
      Only i feel prosporous by reading the written update..But frm nw adayz Atiba z also playing hide not seek..?

      1. *hide-and-seek
        #spelling mistake?

  22. I just lovedddddddd the Aara scene it so loving yaar??❤️❤️??…….and thanks a lot Tanu for confirming ??but I can’t watch it on 6:30 because our light goes I’m veryyyyyyyyyyyy saddddd ??? so I will watch it on internet and can somebody tell me from when the time is gonna change??

  23. AARA scene was the cutest..After seeing precap hope to get good scenes ahead.Again AARA on a mission to throw that frog out.Also another spoiler of Aryan kidnapping..

    Shravani is a cheapo.I cant see her with Shravan only can bear Sana.
    She doing drama of jumping into well.good job frogs always finds good place thr

  24. Crazy..Sheeba

    Aribah…tht s pakka ki time will change but colors not revealed from when may b nxt week onwards…….till friday u cn catch episode at 10:30 also……….Even i am also nt able to watch it on new time slot………nd this new frog definetly she only sent tht chemist men….kya cook ho raha hai usk dimag mai…churailllllll frog

  25. IKRS will be going off air. They are probably going to end it on 28th August. So KD will have a slot change at that time.

  26. Manya

    Thankgod kd is not going off air i loved the AARA PART, i loved the way how aryan saved aru from kumudini and then how he seeked forgiveness from aru by doing sit ups ………….so cuteeeeeeeeee

  27. Ananya bothra

    Thanks tanu…araa scene was so cute..I loved it….finally something good to happen after this

  28. Yipee?, so happy the news is so awesome really happy,thanks tanu for the news ?

  29. Crazy..Sheeba

    WU for today episode…my friend told me started with cute Aara Scene…need more update…cant wait toll 10:30

  30. SwasanAaraTwinjTanshiDevakshi❤️

    Krishnadasi should not go off air….. I jus love aara…. They are the best pair… I just shravan and sana…. They are mind blowing…. I always read the episodes cos i can see it at 10:30 cos i have to sleep due to school…..

  31. today 10:30pm kd z telecasting repeat or new part..???Lill doubt..Can any1 solve it??

  32. Hi guys. I am a silent reader. like u guys I love KD from the core of my heart. Pls tell me is it going off air? Aara rockzz!

    1. Nop dear, kd z changing itz time slot to 6:30pm..Itz not signing off..And ua most welqm to kd fan page..

  33. Hi guys. I am a silent reader. like u guys I love KD from the core of my heart. Pls tell me is it going off air? Aara rockzz! And can I join KD family?

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