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Krishnadasi 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pavitra says to aaba that dont take tension, i will make Aryan and Gayetri understand, Aaba says had you gone mad that you wanted to make devdasi’s daughter our daughter in law? what if i had blessed her? Pavitra says i didnt know she is Tulsi’s daughter, she recalls how she found Aryan holidaying with Aradhya, she says to aaba that what if Aryan is in love with that Devdasi’s daughter?
Nakku says to other servant that this house has become graveyard, Gayetri listens it, Nakku says husband has final say in relation, when husband doesnt recognize his wife then girl is neither of inlaws or her father’s house, she should go to David’s house, Pavitra is in tension, that devdasi destroyed her young days and now daughter will destroy old age of Pavitra, Gayetri

listening it.
Aryan is leaving, Pavitra and aaba comes there, Aaba asks if he loves Aradhya? Aryan is confused, Aaba asks if he has affair with her? Aryan says how did you even think about it? Aaba says Pavitra told me, Pavitra says i saw your photo with her and also holiday.. she stops seeing aaba there, she says her mother destroyed my life and now her daughter is behind you, if this is the case then i will die, Aryan says what you both are saying? this is rubbish, i dont have patience for all this, Aaba says you called it rubbish? its good, i knew you cant be involved in all this, Aryan starts to leave, Aaba says stop, you have to prove that you are not lying, Aaba asks him to put hand on his head and swear on his Aaba’s name that he doesnt love that girl, Aryan gets shocked, Aaba says i know you wont falsely swear on my name, Aryan hand’s shakes, Aaba asks why he is taking so much time? Aryan says actually.. Shashwat comes there and says its all wrong, Gayetri is not at home, Pavitra says what if Gayetri does something to herself? she asks Aryan to go and find her, Aryan leaves.
David opens gate and finds Gayetri standing there with her luggage, he says what are you doing? Gayetri comes in his house, she puts rice in kalasj, David asks whats all this? Gayetri puts kalash on door, she kicks it and comes in his house, he says dont do this drama of Grah pervesh, dont you know we are from different religions? and i havent brought you from your house, Gayetri says no problem, even if husband doesnt come to take wife from her house, she has to come to her husband’s house, this is my house too now, she looks at her mangalsutra, David says dont show it to me, these dramas look nice in tv shows, our marriage was for revenge only, it was fake, leave from here, Gayetri says i wont go anywhere, this is my husband’s house, David says so you want to play wifey wifey? i have one condition, your father and aaba raised hand on me, ask them to say sorry to me then i will allow in this house, Aradhya comes there and sees them fighting, she thinks that its husband-wife’s matter, let them solve it, she hides behind wall. Gayetri says to David that i will do anything you say, i will stay as you want but dont make our relation lie on conditions, David pushes her out of house and says i will allow you in my house only when your family ask forgiveness from me, Aradhya says Devaish, what is this way to talk to her? you cant talk like this, he says who are you to her? Aradhya says i am her friend and well-wisher, dont you know breaking trust is big sin, what is Gayetri’s fault in all this? David says she is part of Aaba’s family and that is her fault, i have said what i wanted, you want to help her then take her from there, he goes in house and locks door, Gayetri asks him to open door, Aradhya asks Gayetri to control herself, everything will be fine, Gayetri says i dont know where i will go from here, Aradhya says you have your house, Gayetri says which house? after marriage, husband’s house is wife’s house, my husband has closed doors on me, Aaba doesnt want to see my face, i have taken decision that i will sit outside David’s house till he doesnt accept me, Aradhya says what are you saying? Gayetri says i will not leave from here, Aradhya thinks that she wont listen to me, maybe she will talk to Aryan, i need to talk to him, Aradhya leaves.
Aryan is finding Gayetri in village, he recalls how Gayetri said that she has accepted this marriage, how Kumudini taunted Aaba about Gayetri getting married to person of different of religion, he thinks that i hope Gayetri is fine, he finds Aradhya on road, he says what are you doing here? you wanted to come under my car and make issue of it too? i dont have time, i have to find my sister, aradhya says i wanted to tell you about her only, she is sitting outside David’s house, i will come with you, Aryan says you dont need to come, Aradhya says think, dont be angry, Aryan says thanks for informing me, i will beat that David and bring Gayetri back, Aradhya says you will put Gayetri in more trouble, she is sitting outside David’s house, he wont accept her till your family dont say sorry to him, Aryan says he did mistake and wants us to say sorry? Aradhya says this is about your sister, whom you brag to love most, Aryan says i love her most, Aradhya says think what she wants, think from heart not from mind, Aryan is confused, Aradhya says you wont become small by saying sorry, if Aaba says sorry to David and Gayetri’s life becomes fine then whats the big deal? i would do anything for my sister’s life, Aryan says you and your aaji are playing game that you want us to say sorry to person who played with our respect, Aradhya says if i wanted to play games then i wont be standing here, keep your ego aside and say sorry to david, Gayetri is not moving from his house, she will die but wont move from there, i beg you to say sorry to David, this is about Gayetri, Aryan thinks.

Scene 2
Aryan, Aradhya and Gayetri comes to David’s house, Aryan says i have come to say sorry for behaving wrongly with you, take Gayetri in your house, David says i dont have issues with you as i know reason behind your anger but i want your father and grand father to come and say sorry to me, Aryan says this is not Gayetri’s fault, she has been crying from last day, David says what was my sister in law’s fault? she has been cry9ing for 21years, what was her mistake that she married person from other religion, your Aaba threw her out of house, he snatched her peace everything, made her life hell, he didnt allow my brother to work anywhere, my brother and sister in law have lived life like poor and now my sister in law is fighting with cancer in hospital, your Aaba didnt have humanity even now, she went to his house to bless you but Aaba threw her out of house in that condition, Aryan is shocked listening all this, Aryan says i swear i didnt know all this, i didnt know my aunt had to bear all this, i can understand your pain, if i was in your place then i would angry too, i am sorry on Aaba’s behalf, i fold my hands, i cant change what has happened, i promise you to get best treatment for my aunt, i promise you to bring back respect, please dont take out anger on Gayetri, david says my brother and sister in law have cried for relations too, for how many things you will say sorry? they have lived in pain for 21years, can you rectify that? can you take back their tears? what you can do is that go to aaba and ask him to go and hug his daughter, if my sister in law forgives him then i will accept Gayetri too, whatever i have done till now is for my sister in law and to bring her respect back, David gets call, he says i have to go somewhere, all all leave from here, he locks his house and leaves from there, Gayetri cries, Aryan says no, Gayetri hugs him, Aryan says lets go home, Gayetri says i wont go home, David was right, what Aaba has done, someone has to rectify it, i will rectify it, Aryan says dont say this, Gayetri says no this is only way, whats the need to go home? Aaba never liked me, i cant live like goats in that house, Aryan says all love you there, i love you alot, i will make Aaba agree, Gayetri says nobody can make him understand, if i go back home then he will make my life hell, i want to live with respect, i know Devaish is nice person, he will accept me one day for sure, i dont wanna go home like loser but want to win devaish with ful respect, Aryan stares Aradhya standing there.

Scene 3
Shivangi is at shop, she says everything was destroyed, i couldnt eat in marriage too, she buys new phone and says i will enjoy with it.
David meets Kumudini near market, Kumudini says i couldnt come to your house as Aradhya was following me. Kumudini makes David eat sweets, he makes her eat too. Shivangi is standing at nearby shop, shopkeeper says this is good phone, i will make video for you and will show you, Shivangi nods. David says to Kumudini that i am feeling bad for Gayetri, whats her fault in all this? Kumudini says your heart started to melt? dont melt down, dont forget what they did with your sister in law, let them realize it, dont forget how much you did to win Aaba’s respect, you first stole Shashwat’s purse, then you stole idol then you went to jail then you drank poison then you got locked with Gayetri and now will you love her? dont deviate from your mission else we will lose, David says you are right, i cant do this alone, your support is important, Kumudini says Krishan is with us, dont spare Aaba and his family, David nods and leaves, Kumudini says i have surrounded aaba from all sides, he has to get in trap from all side made my Krishnadasi. Shopkeeper comes to Shivangi and says i have made video, Shivangi says i will see it later, she buys that phone.
Aradhya says to Gayetri that i know you dont wanna go your home, if you think i am your friend then come with me to my home, Aryan says she cant go to your house, Aradhya says why because i am Devdasi’s daughter? Aryan says no because her condition is because of your aaji, Aradhya says its night, will she sit on road? she wont go back to her house and David wont allow her in his house, what will she do till then? you have thought about any solution so tell me? Aryan is silent, Aradhya says she has to think about herself, till she doesnt complete her studies, get job, till then she has to stay somewhere, Gayetri says i cant come to your house, i dont want to become burden on anyone, Aradhya says then think it as debt, when you start earning by job then pay it back to me, Gayetri agrees, Aryan gets Pavitra’s call, he says i have found Gayetri, i will tell everything after coming there.

PRECAP- Markand shows video to Aaba in which Kumudini confesses how David stole idol then went to jail then how they planned everything to take revenge, Aaba says you have done great work, now nobody can save this dancer. Aradhya brings Gayetri to her house, Kumudini sees it, Tulsi says she cant live here, Kumudini says this is my house and my orders are followed her and my order that this girl Gayetri fernandez will live here, Aradhya looks on suspicious.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. i really like this show, a lot more substance and mystery. i use to like thypaki ki paar but its so slow..nothing mature. Krishandasi has young love, history and the writters keeps it interesting. .. good episode. Guyatri and David i think really care for each other.

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