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Kumudini and Tulsi arrives at their old house in Krishnavati, their old servant comes there, She says i cant tell you how much happy i am, you remember you gave me goat before leaving, now it has three kids, they make our living, i will come to do work at your house, she leaves, Kumudini says she is still same. Kaka brings their stuff, Kumudini asks Tulsi to come in, Tulsi kicks Kalash and goes in.
One horse is going out of control, Aaba is looking at it, he kicks aaba’s goons, goons says its difficult to control this stubborn horse, Aaba says i know how to handle them, he takes his rope and controls it, he says horse needs to be controlled like this, aaba’s manager Munim says that women can be killed by you in a blink, Raghu asks if he should kill them? Munim says Aaba is not afraid

of them, aaba says let them rub their nose here, Munim says let them try but you are ultimate lion of this place, Aaba sitson same horse and leaves.
Tulsi comes in her house, she sees everything broken and dirty, Kumudini wipes dirt form mirror and looks in it. Tulsi opens box and finds child’s clothes in it, she recalls how doctor told her that she has given birth to daughter and how she gave her name Aradhya given to her by Krishna, flashback ends, Tulsi says to Kumudini that memories are attached with these clothes but my Aradhya couldnt wear it, Kumudini says let bygone be byones, we have to move ahead, did you send gift to her? Tulsi says i have sent it to her hostel, Kumudini says she will make hostel room as her home, she must be waiting for our gift.
Aradhya decorates her hostel room and says i forgot to bring their photo, how my day will start now, Kumudini calls her and asks if everything is fine there? Aradhya says bigg boss i have made this room as my home, Kumudini asks did you like the gift? Aradhya says i didnt get any gift you both shocked me on my birthday by sending me to hostel, Kumudini asks her to open black bag, she opens it and finds gift in it, she opens it to find picture of three of them, she says i needed it, thanks, she says you know Tulsi didnt send any gift, Tulsi says my gift is reaching too, Aradhya asks Tulsi to not fight with Kumudini and dont miss her much, she ends call. Hostel room knocks, Aradhya thinks her gift is arrived, she opens door and finds Aryan there, he says who you think are you? do you feel you are Priyanka Chopra miss room no. 32? he starts breaking things and says you have broken heart, nobody can think girl with such innocent face can do it, Aradhya stops him and says whose heart i have broken? she calls security, Aryan says let me help you, he calls security too, he says you think that i can be stopped by security? i have already broken things in girl’s hostel room, he says you broke my friend’s heart so i broke your room, you are sad for your room so think about my friend, Aradhya asks him to get lost, Aryan says i am not afraid of anyone, security guard comes there, Aryan says i am leaving, he leaves, guard says i will complain about him, he leaves, Aradhya says mad boy, dont know what he thinks of himself. Aryan leaves girls hostel in style while girls look at him.
Shivani comes to Aradhya that he was calling you room no 32? it means if i had not changed room then this could have happened with me, Aradhya says i told them to not send me here but they had to go to Krishnavati, there are not good people in that Krishnavati and not even here.
Munim says to aaba sahib that all have come to say sorry to you for taking Kumudini’s side. Pundit sits with Aaba sahib, aaba calls his dog and makes him sit beside him, Pundit says we have come to invite you, he shows him man Tamre and says his daughter’s marriage is fixed but her fate lines are showing difficulties, aaba says so find solution to it, Pundit says solution is that if Krishnadasi blesses her then her problems will be solved, Munim thinks storm was settling down and now its rippled again by Pundit, Munim asks Pundit to find another solution, Pundit says there is no other solution, Aaba says think before you speak, i allowed them to stay her as you wanted but now you are crossing limits, Pundit says when they came in village, rain flowed showing God’s blessing, their blessing will solve girl’s problem, girl’s father says if my daughetr doesnt get married tomorrow then she cant marry till 5years, who will marry her after 5years? save my daughter’s life, i know you cant take wrong decision about us, Pundit says we know you never bring your personal problems inbetween custom and traditions, nothing can happen without your permission thats why we are here, Munim whispers to Aaba that see they came to take your permission, they have fulfilled their duty as citizen now you be king, Aaba says if this is solution then let it be, he asks girl’s father to go and prepare for daughter’s marriage, all are happy.
Aryan celebrates his birthday with friends. Aryan says to Varun that your girlfriend broke your heart so i broke everything in her room.
Aradhya is setting her room again and says if i find that guy again then i will kill him, she looks at button and recalls how horse rider saved her, she says he saved me from such big problem and otherside is this boy who destroyed my room.
Aryan says to Varun that i wanted to bring her here to make her say sorry to you, she is heartless.
Aradhya says that guy was heartless but buttonman has my respect, he is so good, she says that man who broke my room is animal.
Varun says to Aryan that i didnt bring my jacket, Aryan gives him his jacket, Varun says one button is missing, Aryan says doesnt matter, Varun wears it leaves. Aryna finds anklet in his pocket and recalls how he saved Aradhya and couldnt see her face due to red color on her face, he says not all girls are like room no. 32, there are girls miss anklet who puts her life in danger for others.

Scene 2
Aradhya is waiting for Tulsi’s laddos.
Kumudini asks Tulsi to make parsad for Krishna, Tulsi says you wont get it, you have to eat salty food as your health is not fine, Kumudini thinks that due to doctor’s lie, she will have to eat salty food, Kaka comes there and says Pundit shastri Bua has come. Kumudini comes to Shastri and says you have increased respect of this place by coming here, come in, he says no i am fine, he says tomorrow is Tamre’s daughter’s marriage, we want you both to bless her tomorrow, Tulsi says we have come here to serve Krishna, we dont want to be part of anything else, you all saw what happened in Mandir, i am thankful for giving invitation but Kumudini’s health is not fine, we cant come, Tamre says if you dont bless her then she wont be able to marry, she has ill fate, Kumudini says this is social cause and how can Krishnadasi not bless a bride? we have to follow this custom till our deaths, we will come in marriage for sure, Tulsi takes her from there.
Tulsi brings her in home and says how is it possible? i will have to.. Kumudini says you will have to dance(nitin) infront of all people, you have to do it for your Krishna, i was waiting for day when i can tell Aaba vidydhar who we are and what our powers are, did you see what Krishna did when we entered village? he made rain flow, people are giving us respect that we have to bless their daughters so that they can get married, Krishna is bringing respect in our lives, dont forget you have daughter too, if you fill others life with happiness then your daughter will he happy too, i dont wanna die with wish remaining, i will go in hell then, Tulsi says dont say like this, i wont let your any wish be not fulfilled, if you want then i will dance tomorrow, Kumudini is happy with it, Tulsi thinks that i will do everything for Kumudini’s happiness but this shadow should not fall on my daughter.
Kumudini comes out and says to Tamre and people that i am sorry from Tulsi’s side, i have made her understand so she is ready to come in marriage, she will dance and will bless your daughter too but i have one condition, Shastri asks what? Kumudini says as per old custom, we want you to come here with all band and people and take us with full respect from here to marriage venue, do you accept? Shastri says i accept, he gives her invitation, she accepts it, people leave.
Tulsi says to herself that i will do everything for Kumudini but Aradhya should never come in all this.

Scene 3
Aradhya comes on roof of hostel, she says to herself that i have listened if you write a wish on this wall then its fulfilled. Aryan is standing on otherside of wall, They both write their wishes, Aradhya says my only wish on birthday is that i, Tulsi and Kumudini with Kaka stay together. Aryan writes his wish(which is not told) and says i wish my birthday wish is fulfilled, Aradhya says God accept my wish on my birthday, Aryan without seeing her face says if its your birthday too? she asks if he is talking to her? he says ofcourse with you not with wall, he says today is my birthday too, they both wish her best. Aryan writes wish on wall that make me also meet that anklet girl so that i can give her anklet back, Aradhya leaves from there without seeing his face, both smile.

PRECAP- Aaba Sahib says today whole Krishnavati will know who rules it. Kumudini says even dancers of dance bars dance infront of people but their body dance only, they show off their bodies while we do Pooja with our dace. Kumudini and Tulsi are brought to marriage with full respect and honor in grand way. Aradhya is riding scooty, one SUV car driver cuts her, she says how dare he cut me, she tries to do race with him but falls off from scooty, car stops.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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