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Krishnadasi 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tulis comes in police station, she says to Damini that Aradhy is not seen anywhere, she is kidnapped, i feel aaba is involved in this, just do something and find her, she is innocent, she has taken up fight with Aaba’s grandson, if anything happens to her then i will die, Damini says i will find her soon, dont worry.
Kumudini calls everyone at Mandir, she says aradhya is lost from last night, after burning my home, i can doubt one person only, aaba says your gran daughter is lost from last night, its your hobby to get missing at night, she must be enjoying somewhere, Markand says she is good learner, Panchayat says we cant take action against anyone on doubt basis, Kumudini says are you afraid of aaba? i am Krishnadasi, i have served this village but i can think bad about

it too, i brought rain here again, if anything happens to my grand daughter then i will pray bad for this village and this village will be burned down, she leaves.
David is leaving Aaba’s house, Gayetri comes to him and says you are going to market in car? David says i have to give file to one person, Gayetri says i have to buy books from market, David says Aaba will scold us both, you give me list, i will bring it, Gayetri says i have to check which book will be best for me so i have to go to market, David says okay lets okay. nakku comes there and asks Gayetri where are you going? David says aaba asked her to start learning cooking so she is going to buy cooking books, Nakky says okay go, she leaves, Gayetri thanks him, he says we are friends now so no need to thank, Gayetri smiles and goes with him.
Aryan is riding horse, he recalls times spent with Aradhya, then how he got to know that she is Devdasi’s daughter. Damini comes to Aryan, Aryan asks what complain you have against me now? i am sure Devdasies must have filed complaint again, Damini asks if he will whats the complaint? Aryan says how would i know? Damini says Aradhya is missing from last night, they think that your family is involved in all this, Aryan says now this kidnapping drama to trap us? Damini says if you can burn their house then you can kidnap her too, where is Aradhya? Aryan says i dont stop so low to kidnap someone, i suggest you to be away from them, can i go now? Damini says sure, she leaves, Aryan thinks this must be their new trap.
Banwari says to one man that i have done great work, man says you will get good money out of her. Banwari comes in godown where Aradhya is kidnapped, Aradhya acts like unconscious, Banwari comes to her, he opens her mouth tie, Aradhya wakes up, Banwari says she is innocent, he says to man that keep her safe, she is precious, give me good money too, also her life will change too with you, Aradhya says yeah right, if a girl gets person like you then she will rule all life, its not about face but nature, she says to buyer that you seem nice person, if i marry you then i will remain happy for life, will you keep me happy? he says yes, Banwari asks Aradhya how did she change her mind? she was shouting earlier, Aradhya says i didnt know you were taking me to some rich buyer then i wouldnt have shouted, Banwari says so you were acting? Aradhya says yes afterall i am Devdasi’s daughter, buyer says if she is ready then why should i wait, he gives Banwari money, Aradhya says till i dont marry Krishan, i cant come with you, we have to follow rituals, first make me marry Krishan then i will come with you, dont waste time, you have to make to bride so that i can marry Krishan, i will wear bangles, bridal dress and everything, also you should dress as groom too, you should wear sherwani, i want you to take me with respect from here, you mind that? buyer says no, Aradhya says open my ties, i will give you bangle size so that you can bring bangles for me, he open her ties, she gives him bangle size, Aradhya says come here soon, i am waiting, buyer says to Banwari that you have brought really good girl, Banwari says you go, i am waiting here, Aradhya thinks that i have to keep them trapped in this trick.
Gayetri is in market, she sees shopkeeper saying to David that i cant give you medicines, you already have debt, you have to pay it to get more medicines, David says i will pay you next month but i have to take these medicines urgently, shopkeeper asks him to leave, David sadly leaves, Gayetri sees all this.
Buyer comes in market, he buys sherwani and is happy.
Banwari is waiting for buyer in godown, Aradhya thinks that i have to inform Damini somehow, Aradhya says to Banwari that i need to talk to buyer, i have to tell him what to buy, Banwari calls buyer, Aradhya takes phone from him and says to buyer that keep sending me pictures of whatever you buy, i need to see what jewelry you are buying for me, he says okay, Buyer sends her pictures, she says i dont like it, i am sending him message that send more pictures, he says tell him to come fast too, he tries to see what she is writing but Aradhya scolds him saying i am messaging my would be husband so why are you spying? he moves back, Aradhya messages Damini to help her, she tells her address of factory where she is kidnapped, Aradhya deletes message after sending it to Damini, she gives phone back to Banwari, she thinks that i hope Damini comes there. Damini reads message and asks inspector to take out car.
David sits in garden, he gets envelope, he opens it to find medicines in it, he reads note that the way you kept my secret, sameway i will keep your secret-from Gayetri. Gayetri looks at him and says he always help me out but finally i got to help him too.
Buyer is walking in market, he strikes with Aryan, his things fall down, Aryan bends to pick it up and sees Aradhya’s bangle in bag, he thinks that why aradhya’s bangles are with him? he thinks that many girls can wear same bangles, Aryan asks buyer why he seems ready like groom? buyer says today is my marriage, its good that you brought horse, i need it for today, Aryan thinks if he is talking about Aradya? Aryan asks who is the girl? buyer says she is Devdasi’s daughter Aradhya, Aryan is stunned and thinks to go with him, Aryan says i will take you on horse there, Aryan makes him sit on horse and rides with him.
Banwari sees buyer coming on horse. Aradhya says Damini didnt come but buyer has come, what will i do now? Banwari sees Aryan with buyer, he is stunned, Aryan sees factory, buyer says my bride is inside it. Aryan thinks that this is our factory, they have kept her in our factory, Aradhya sees Aryan from window, she says now its confirmed that he is behind all this, Banwari says i think buyer told him everything as he is drunk, i am dead now, what should i do now? Aryan comes down from horse, he says to buyer that you have reached your mandap, can i see your bride too? Buyer says why not, come in, Aryan starts coming towards factory, Aradhya says i never thought he can stoop this much low, let him come in, i am not afraid. Buyer gets call from Banwari, Banwari says if Aryan knows that we have kidnapped girl then we will be dead, do something, Buyer ends call, he calls Aryan and says bring me down, aryan says i know you have kidnapped girl, Buyer says she is ready for marriage, aryan says i will beat so much that you wont be able to move, stay here silently, Aryan starts coming towards factory. Banwari comes to Buyer and says you will me get beaten up too, he runs from there, Buyer says i will come to, he jumps from horse.
Aradhya takes iron rod in hand and hides in factory, Aryan comes in factory. Banwari is leaving from factory when they see Damini coming there, they hide, Banwari says did you call them too? i was fool to make you marry, i am dead now.
Aryan come sin factory, Aradhya hits him with rod, she beats him, Aryan asks her to stop, he says calm down, what are you doing? he takes rod from her and says have you gone mad? if you try to beat me again then i will slap you, Damini comes there and points gun at Aryan, she asks him to hands up, Aryan angrily looks at Aradhya.
Pavitra comes in Aryan’s room and starts cleaning his room, she sees his and Aradhya’s picture(she doesnt know Aradhya is Tulsi’s daughter), she says Aryan is looking at her so lovingly it seems like she is his girlfriend but why didnt he tell me? she recalls Gayetri made her meet Aradhya in party, she says this girl is Gayetri’s friend, now i know why she came here, he hide his love story from so now i will do something too.
Damini asks Aryan to throw away rod, Aryan says there is misunderstanding, i came to save her, Aradhya says he is lying, Damini says you lied to me that you dont know about her, Aryan says i met a buyer who told me that she is here, i came to save her, Aradhya says he wanted to sell me, he wanted to make me Krishnadasi, he is a goon, he said that he wants to say sorry to me, he wants to end the animosity so he called me to meet but he kidnapped me there, Aryan says are you mad? Aradhya says your family do this, your Aaba wants to make our family Krishnadasi, Aryan says whole Krishnavati knows that you are behind my family, what can you do? you are daughter of a dancer, Aradhya shouts Aryan, he says dont shout, just see what your family does, Aradhya says my family doesnt kidnap girl, your aaba does this, Aryan says i will kill you right here, dont take my Aaba’s name, Aradhya says i will take it, Aradhya says to Damini that he wrote letter to me and called me here, she shows letter to Damini, Damini reads letter that Aradhya i am sorry for burning your house, our families are enemies but we can be friends, Aryan says this is bullshit, this is not my handwriting and its not my signature, she is lying, if she was kidnapped then how did she get phone? Damini says we will do investigation but rightnow i will arrest you, Banwari sees this and says if Aryan gets arrested then Aaba wont leave anyone. Damini arrests Aryan and takes him from there.
Pavitra says to Gayetri that how is Aradhya? Gayetri says she is nice, caring and helpful, Pavitra asks about her family, Gayetri says she is decent and educated so must be from good family, Pavitra says thats why Aryan.. She says to Gayetri that did you see Aryan looks happy these days, i can do anything for Aryan, she leaves, Gayetri says what happened to her? why was she talking about Aradhya and Aryan?
Damini is taking Aryan but Banwari and buyer comes there, Banwari says you cant believe this girl, i will tell you truth, i recorded everything in my phone, he called us here, he shows her video of Aradhya telling buyer that she is very happy to marry him and says she is devdasi afterall, Aradhya says yes i said it so that this buyer can believe that i am his trap so that i can inform you about me being kidnapped, Aryan says superb acting, what a story, he says to Damini that did you see how good actor she is, she is caught now so cooking up stories, Aradhya says i did all this to make this buyer believe that i am ready to marry, i messaged you from his phone only, Banwari says we didnt kidnap her, she was ready for this marriage, she tried to trap Aryan too, buyer says she told me that if i give her jewelry and all then she will marry me, she gave me her bangles too, he shows it, Banwari says she can do anything for money, she trapped Aryan too, she came to Aaba’s factory so that Aaba’s name is destroyed too, Aryan says this is in their blood, they trap people and destroy their houses, her aaji and aayi did it so she is following path too, he asks Damini whom you are going to arrest now? Aaba’s grandson? or Devdasies’ granddaughter? Damini angrily looks at Aradhya.

PRECAP- Aradhya says to herself that how can you do such cheap act Aryan? Aryan looks at his and Aradhya’s picture and says i just hate you. Aradhya says I hate you Aryan Vidyadhar Rao, she cries, Tulsi comes to her and asks who is he? Aradhya says Aryan Vidyadhar Rao, Tulsi is shocked. Aryan says to aaba that nobody can win over you, nobody can stand against you. Aradhya says to Tulsi that only Kumudini can fight with aaba, Kumudini looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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