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Scene 1
Kumudini says to Shravani i have come to talk about Aryan’s marriage, Shravani says did you find any girl? Kumudini says i found nobody on internet? Shravani says so did you find any princess? Kumudini says something like that, Shravani says so is it Aradhya? Kumudini says dont take witch’s name, Shravani says tell me her name? Kumudini says she is one who is going to give birth to my Aryan’s son, Shravani says what are you saying? i am Krishnadasi, Aryan can be my care taker but cant be my husband as per ritual, are you showing pity on me and my baby? dont do it, Kumudini says no i like you for my Aryan, there is no rule like that, care taker can marry Krishnadasi, he can take her as his wife, Aryan’s baby is living with you too, he will get name and great life

too, nobody will point finger at you, i am with you, she hugs Shravani and says i didnt ask you but now tell me is there any family member of yours? i will meet them and talk about your marriage with Aryan? Shrvani says there is no one left but only old aaji, Kumudini says dont say like that, i am your aaji, all are you family here, dont cry now, i will meet your aaji and will tell you about your marriage with Aryan, she will be happy to listen it, she leaves, Shravani smirks and says i did great work today, i fooled this oldie too, everything is perfect. She looks at Aryan’s picture and hugs it, she says i am going mad thinking that i will be daughter in law of this house and Aryan’s wife, she smiles.
Aryan comes to hospital and asks nurse about Bhamini’s operation. Aradhya comes and says what are you doing? i told you we dont need your help, Aryan says i told you too to give it back later, calm down. He gives cheque to nurse but Aradhya takes it back and gives it back to Aryan.
Shravani comes to store room and says to Raj that i am doing drama of getting married with Aryan so that we can take all money and runaway from here. Raj says once we get money then we will go london, paris everywhere, he hugs her, Shravani thinks that he is fool, he thinks that i will marry hims still, now rich Aryan is in my life, i will become owner of his property after marrying him. Raj says lets have wine to celebrate. Someone knocks on door, they get tensed. Shravani looks at door.
Aradhya says to Aryan that dont think you will win heart by doing this, i will arrange money myself, i dont need your favor. Aryan drags her aside and says where will you get money from? you called everywhere but did you get money? i have relation with bhamini too and if you have ego then return me money later, i will take it, surgery is important, we have to do it, i have called specialist too, dont be egoistic, her voice is important, please, ARadhya says fine but i will return your money even if i have to do anything for that, he says sure give it back, Aradhya leaves.
Nakku knocks door and asks who is inside? Shravani asks Raj to hide, he hides behind sacks. Shravani opens door and says Nakku you here? Nakku says what are you doing locked in store room? Shravani says fighting, i just came to see if its clean, aaji gave me duty to check everything by giving me keys, Nakku says but you have to rest, you know that, i came to take keys, give it to me, from now on i will clean store room, just rest and eat, Kumudini asks me to make kheer for you, i came here to get sugar container. Shravani says let keys be with me, doctors say that pregnant woman should keep working, it doesnt pain when you give birth then, Nakku says you know alot, i will take sugar. she takes sugar container but its empty. Raj is hiding behind wall. Shravani shows sugar container to Nakku before she can see Raj, Nakku takes it and leaves. Raj comes out, Shravani says thank God she didnt see you, Raj says you take tension alot, nobody will doubt that i am hiding here.
Doctors are checking Bhamini. All family members are waiting outside. Aradhya comes to Aaba and says dont worry, doctors are saying that Surger went well. Aaba says but these hours are crucial. Aradhya says dont worry, God will make her fine. Pavitra parys. Aryan is sitting at a distance. Aradhya sees him sitting on different bench, he looks at her, she looks away.
Kumudini asks Nakku about Aryan, she says he didnt come. kumudini says he has gone behind Aradhya since yesterday and hasnt come till now, dont know what has happened to him, Kaka says he didnt tell us anything, Kumudini says go and call him, Kaka leaves. Nakku asks her to calm down. See Shravani has come, we should start ritual. Shravani comes there all dressed, Kumudini says come Shravani, Kaka has gone to bring Aryan. Kumudini does her aarti, she says you are going to be daughter in law of this house for sure. she fills her lap with rice and says be happy with Aryan always, she says i will talk to Chimaji for wedding date then i will meet you aaji, will she agree? Shravani blushes, Kumudini laughs and says after this ritual, eat something. She gives saree and sindoor box to her as gift, she says pray to God for happiness.
Aradhya asks doctor about Bhamini. doctor says she is alright, we will shift her to ward soon then you can all meet her but dont talk to her much, aaba thanks her. She leaves. Aradhya says see Aaba now she can speak. They all hug each other. Aradhya is hugging everyone and turns to hug but its Aryan infront of her, she stops before she could hug him, they share eyelock, Aryan smiles at her, she looks away and leaves. Bhamini is brought out of ICU and shifted to ward, Aradhya goes with her. Pavitra stops Aryan and says we are thankful that you gave money for bhamini’s treatment but what you did with Aradhya, for that neither Aradhya nor i can forgive you ever, Aryan says there is misunderstanding between me andA Aradhya but i promise to break it, then Aradhya and you all will believe that i didnt do any mistake, Arahya wont understand now but she knows in heart that our relation is not that weak and that i didnt do favor by giving money for operation, Pavitra says you did favor by giving money and staying here whole night, i just request you to stay away from Aradhya, her pain increases when she sees you, she folds her hand and asks him to stay away from her, she leaves. Banwari has listened everything hiding behind wall. he says what Aryan is spending money on Aradhya’s family? he laughs and says its time to show loyalty to Kumudini by telling her this.

Scene 2
Nakku does Shravani’s aarti, she asks Shravani to shower water infront of sun. Banwari comes there and calls for Kumudini, he asks where are you mai? Nakku says i asked you to get treated, Banwari says i went for treatment but what i saw there, i had to tell Kumudini that, Shravani asks what did you see? Banwari says i saw that Aryan gave lots of money to Aradhya for her family’s member’s treatment, dont know who is this family member. Shravani says dont know when Aradhya will leave Aryan, she thinks that only i have right on Aryan and his money now, i have to stop him splurging, she says lets go there. Nakku says you cant go without doing ritual, i will inform Kumudini, she will think what to do, she leaves. Shravani thinks that i will go and see who is this family member of Aradhya on whom Aryan is spending money.
Shashwat is holding Bhamini’s hand and says where were you? we thought you left us forever. He cries, Bhamini says I.. I.. ARadhya says you got saved? she nods, Pavitra says what happened that night? Shashwat says dont ask her, doctor said she shouldnt talk. Bhamini says let me talk, that night.. i didnt do suicide. Flashback shows Shashwat crying on Bhamini’s deadbody after retrieving her from hanging by ceiling fan, he says this all happened because of Tulsi, my mother left me, i wont spare her, he leaves. Nakku goes behind him. Servant asks Bhamini to get up, Bhamini gets up and coughs, servant says there is no one at home, what to do? bhamini is not able to speak, he says speak, servant says you told me to take you from here as deadbody? i will do that, fb ends. bhamini says i told my servant Ghulab Rao earlier that make everyone believe that i died. Flashback shows, in morgue, doctor says i will help Bhamini, she gives him money but he doesnt take it, Ghulab asks him to take it as reward, he takes it and says i will give some deadbody to her family but they shouldnt see its face else we will be caught. Fb ends. Bhamini says forgive me son, i didnt have any choice, your father hated daughters so much that he announced that if Pavitra gives birth to daughter then he will kill her, she cries. Aaba comes forward and looks guilty, Bhamini gets scared seeing him and recalls how he back slapped her, she starts shouting no, no, Aradhya says nothing will happen, calm down. They call for dcotor, Bhamini screams and says no, stop it. Doctor comes and asks what happened to her? Bhamini says i dont wanna live here, i dont want.. Pavitra says aaba has changed alot, doctor asks them to leave. Shashwat asks Aaba to leave room please, aaba is stunned and leaves. Doctor says let her rest. Aradhya says we are outside aaji, they all leave.
Aradhya says to Aaba if he is fine? aaba says i tortured my wife so much that she doesnt want to see my face now, i am ashamed of myself today, shashwat says she will be fine slowly and understand that you have changed, Aradhya says you all should go and take rest, i will do paperwork and come home, Shashwat leaves with everyone.
bhamini is resting in her room. Aryan looks at her from window. He comes inside and touches her feet. She wakes up, he smiles at her and says did you recognize me? you saved my love? she nods and points him to come. He sits beside her bed and asks are you feeling fine aaji? i used to think of you as aaji since my childhood, he wipes his tears and says i used to think that my aaji would tell me stories, would pacify me and would save me from scolding of baba, i used to miss you alot. He holds her hand and says my aayi, i mean Pavitra, my first aayi, she used to tell alot about you, she used to tell you used to sing. When i got to know that you are alive and safe, i was so happy, Bhamini says did you talk to Aaru? he nods and says thank you, she agreed to come with me on Janmashtami because of you, Bhamini asks if she miffed with you? he says yes but i will pacify her and now you are with me too to support me, she nods.
Receptionist says to Aradhya says you have to go other building for paperwork, Aradhya leaves. Shravani sees her going and says its good she left, now i can find out Aryan helped with relative of her.
Bhamini says my blessing are with you, you will get your love Aryan. Shravani sees bhamini from window outside with Aryan, she says what she is doing here? Aryan says i disturbed you, i will come later. He gets up. Shravani hides. Aryan leaves. Shravani goes in Bhamini’s room and says aaji.. what are you doing here what happened to you? Bhamini says i am fine, Shravani is elated, Bhamini says where were you? Shravani says aaji you can speak? she hugs her and says how this happened? Aradhya made your operation done? bhamini nods, Shravani says how you know her? how did you find her? Bhamini says she was with me in my orphanage for one month, she is really nice girl. that Boy who left now is her husband, because of a misunderstanding, they are separated but i pray to God that they get back together, and this Aradhya is your.. Shravani says no need to pray for them. she holds her hand and says Aryan is going to get married to me, because i am pregnant with Aryan’s baby, Bhamini is shocked, Shravani says i couldnt tell you all this earlier but pray for me, Aryan’s aaji must be coming to talk to you about our wedding, bhamini says but Aradhya and Aryan are married right? then how you? Shravani says they are divorced and that Aradhya doesnt leave any chance to come inbetween me and Aryan, what are you thinking? you have pity for that Aradhya? i understand one month’s relation is more than 21years relation for you? dont forget i have Aryan’s baby in my belly. Kumudini sees Bhamini from window and thinks vidyadhar Rao’s wife is alive? how this can be? she says she is Shravani’s aaji? it means aaba must have relation with Shravani too, she thinks that now i will use this pawn and play my new trick.

PRECAP- Bhamini attacks Kumudini in wardroom with scissor but Gayetri and nurse stops her, bhamini shouts at her. Aradhya says to Aryan that Bhamini aaji has gone through surgery just a while back, its critical situation for her and if Kumudini aaji complains about her in this condition then you know what will happen, Kumudini aaji wants you get married with Shravani, if you agree for this marriage then she will take complaint on Bamini aaji back, Aryan is stunned to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. 3/4 of d episode was totally iritating. Chi sravani is aru sister if Damini is aru sister it was gud. Y always side characters use heavy costume than heroines.

  2. So shravani is the child who bhamini ran along with…….Matlab shravani is.aradhya’s sister???

  3. So shravani is Pavitra and Shaswat daughter. Nice twist. But I predicted this twist earlier.

  4. Rashi

    Finally revealed shravani is aradhya’s long lost sister..
    Hope kumudini aur bhamini disclose the truth and aara comes together again…

  5. Hell boring episode? precap looks shit? aru have no feelings for him how easily she said to him to marraige with that frog? i want aryan to ignore her badly the way he had done before she deserves that?tulsi???? where r u i missed her so badly plzz bring her back the way they brought bhamini plzz cv’s nobody is there to support him he is all alone?aru have concerned just for her family she always chooses family over aryan? disgusting…

  6. Very nice episode – Precap was disturbing.

  7. Sujee

    So irritated with today’s episode .so much shravani’s scenes . So this shravani is aru’s sister…really fed up with the marriage dramas.gayu-david,aryan-aradhya-purva and now aryan-aru-shravani.Aryan pls use ur brain,u r sure that u can’t betray aru then y don’t u doubt on that shravani?????

    1. Maleesha

      exactly, i was thinking the same.

  8. Wow, Shravani is destroying her own sisters life. Felt bad for Aryan. No one is there to support him. And the way he told how he imagined his aaji to be wish kumudini had heard it. Disgusting precap.
    Pls aryan give a good slap to aaru.

  9. Oooh…Shravani z granddaughter..??Kumudhini found dz..Omg!!

  10. 3veni

    soooo muchh off irritation…when will the truth is gnd to be released….oh god aryan u have to use your brain man….it’s soo boringgg….i want more aara scenes…this hatred track is boringg….sharvani is dng sooo much off overactingg

  11. if shravani is brought up by bhamini then how she become this much cruel…… aru’s sis can be such a disgusting one…….

  12. in precap aru was doing drama i think so. Whenever kd cv’s want to bringout d truth na they wil make d mariage drama nd nw also dey r making a mariage drama to bring d sravani truth out. I think d cv’s like d mariages very much. I thought dat sravani character is gonna nd there wil be no need to see her face again bt nw we have to see d chudail face daily

  13. Aryan wil call sravani as thai or nt

    1. Maleesha

      ha ha. I hope he will

  14. It has become very much complicated! ! Huuuh !! I don’t understand how could Shravani be soo selfish. She has fallen for Aryan or just greedy ?? blo*dy hell !! I can’t predict anything !! What I know is I don’t want Aryan & Shravani wedding. Aryan should not get married to anyone else other than Aru. What’s wrong with Aru ? How easily she said Aryan to marry Shravani !! Aryan , do something man ! What are you waiting for ? Irritated with Shravani track . She deserves Jairaj. Best scene in last epi was Aryan & Bhamini aaji conversation. Awww Aryannnn how sweetly you shared your emotions….It was soo cute. Shravan you nailed it man. Please writers , don’t separate AaRa…Please cancel Aryan – Shravani marriage….Please please please….enough of this misunderstanding drama…
    Sweets , any spoiler ?

    1. Maleesha

      Me too loved that scene . Shravan’s body language was gorgeous. It made my tears fall down. & coming spoilers, here’s the linnk of the spoiler for this week. Bt it’s shown in the precap already;

  15. Maleesha

    too sad epi. I couldn’t see the Aryan was weeping inside. & kumudini will suffer badly for her deeds one day. I ‘m waiting for that. ARRA ‘s Sadness kills me

  16. Maleesha

    OMG !! When Aradhya was going to hug Aryan mistakenly in the hospital, It was the best scene in the episode (in my point of view).Aryan’s smile & Aru’s expressions were fab. No more words. Bt I didn’t like the way Pavithra talked to Aryan. She has raised him for 21 years & She herself refused to believe him. Atleast she could have understand Aryan’s situation. Mother is the only person who knows everything about her child mostly. Bt pavithr doesn’t reflect this feature by herself. It’s extremely injustice with Aryan…That means she doesn’t trust her own upbringing.Sry..seems like I said much more than the need. Bt couldn’t bear to see Aryan’s isolated soituation.

    1. Really..I lyk 2 scenes..
      1 z Aara scene & bhamin-Aarayn conversation…
      Totally i love both f them..Yesterday’s epi i lyk shravan&Sana actingg verywell..Shravan z Mr.perfect about his cryingg actingg..Omg…His acting was fab…??<3
      I did'nt lyk the behaviour f Pavthra but shwetha mahadhik just do her work best..??

  17. Maleesha

    My prediction turned out to be true. So shravani is the baby with whom Bhamini ran away. Bt if she is pavithra’s daughtr, how could pvithra stay awy frm her for so long time even after knowing that she’s alive?? didn’t she remeber about the missing dtr??Anyways , Shravani doesn’t deserve to be called Aru’s sisiter…. disgusting witch

  18. Plz anyone reply… i missed some did sravani became aaru sister…in updates she doesnt tell about any sravani is aardhyas twin sister?i am tooo confused..pls rply

    1. Maleesha

      hmm. No, she can’t be. Coz when pavithra had already given birth to 2 daghtrs b4 giving birth to Aru. That means Aru is the youngest. Bt I was wandering, that according to Shashwat’s words, pavithra was in delivary room at that time for Aru’s birth. Bt according to the scene which bhamini was running away, she had a little baby(felt like new born) in her hands.. So how can she be pavithra’s daughtr? & Bhamini was wearinng a blue saree. Bt when Shashwat found her dead, she was wearing a red sarree. so considering these points me too having soo much confusion about these 3 Rao daghtrs.

      1. Sujee

        If aru is the youngest .then shravani is elder than aryan as ARRA was born on the same day…..I’m confused….

      2. Manya

        Yes I am also confused let’s see what are the cv’s thinking ?

  19. Maleesha u r absolutely rght sravani don’t deserve as a aru sister. Hey had ur clases had begun or not. Nd what r u studying

    1. Maleesha

      Yeah.. Tomorrow itself. I’m studying for my A/Levels (Maths). So I’m stil schooling .

  20. Mounika

    No yar this should not be happen sravani aaru sister noway. This precap is so irritating y no one is getting doubt on sravani y can’t they do test of her pregnancy. Please make close aaru & aryan.

  21. Ani sravani was d 2nd daughter of pavithra nd shaswat before aru pavitra gave birth to 2girls nd pvr warn pavitra if she wil give birth to a girl 3rd time also he wil get maried to shaswat to another women. Nd dat time of aru birth bhamini wil make drama nd she wil ran with sravani

  22. Maleesha

    I think bhamini doesn’t know that Aryan is kumu’s gs. so anything is possible.I mean she can be turned negetive or possitive towards Aryan. Bt I wish she won’t support that frog.coz she promised Aryan to help him for getting aru back. If she will, then she has to reject shravani.Bt shravani & her relation is 22 years old. Uff too much confusion about the upcoming epis.. Let’s hope for the best.

  23. Maleesha dat means frm 2mrw onwards u wil be busy na.

    1. Maleesha

      Yes Liba, I’m nt sure abt coming here everyday. Bt I will try my best

      1. Heyy..Maleeshaa..That means we r going to miss u little??

  24. I don’t understand why bhamini did such a death drama…to run frm pvr??and shravni can be the daughtr of pavitra bcoz there is no other option i disgustng twist.

  25. helllll boring track…..y they dont do shravanis test…..low iq…..when i sae this shrvni on tv i just wish to go inside the tv and want to burn her …dhe is soooo corrupt and cruel….cant be arus sis….i dnt blv this…y shravani leave her aaji and went on a mission of seperating araaa……but guyz apart from alll negativities ….diya makhija did realy nice evil villain role….l
    i like that evil part w

    1. Xactly mehru, dhiya makhija as shravani really make me angry?

  26. when she clap for herself when she separatr ara

  27. Yeh that’s why I said it has become complicated. If Shravani is Jr Rao’s second daughter then she’s elder to AaRa !! If it so , then Aryan has to call her Thai 😛 😛 I really hope Makers will sort out this mess soon. Miss AaRa :'( :'(

    1. Sujee

      Yes meenakshi.i also thought about the age issue .hope the makers sort out this…

  28. Manya

    Oh my god !!!!shravani is aru’s sister ?????Matlab where is Aru (on top ) and she ????

  29. i’m confused bhamini ran away with a child the day aradhya was born, saras married and she did the acting of suicide if the child is shravani then who actually is aradhya i’m doubtful about aradhya’s real family

  30. I feel Too bad for aryan. pavithra also hurt aryan by her words. aryan was always alone.after tulsi’s death and now . there is nobody to wipe his tears. What happen to pavithra she didn’t know aryan’s character . Kya hua aryan uski beta nahi hai toh , ussene aryan ko palposkar bada kiya na. too rude BINA GALATHI KI ITNI BADI SASA TOTALLY UNFAIR WITH ARYAN. I JUST HOPE AARA ARE ACT.
    please bare with my hindhi , i don’t know hindhi. agar koi mistake ki toh maaf karthijiye.

  31. Actually am wondered about kumudhini..By knowing the truth between Shravani & buamini she z just planning about new revenge???The worst grandmother in the world?Shravani was the 2nd evil,she lied to her own grandmother about Arayn&Baby..Wwaa..Bl**dy f**l???Plzz…Aarayn do something & admit shravani & kumudhini in some mental hospital..??After that u & Aaru can smell the odour f peace&love..???

    1. *bhamini
      Typing mistake?

  32. Good twist in tale. I think shravani and aaru are twins. As soon as the first kid was born bhammini runs away with the kid then pavithra gives birth to the second child,I think so. Or the other scenario is bhammini switches the kids again. So wonder whose kid aaru is. Anyway now that Kumudhini knows the truth she won’t allow the marriage to take place. There will be another drama for sure.

    1. Twins..??Omg!!..??

  33. Shravani is arus elder sis know.aru and Aryan born on the same shravani is going to marry a person younger than her.and also she can see Aryan as her small bro.way a pitty is this.writers had gone mad???

  34. I mean wat a pathetic condition

  35. Actually,this track z confissioning a lill…
    But i think The cv’s z trying to end the show..?Aara scenes were too amaizingg..I love them alot…Aarayn-Bhamini conversation was supprr cute..
    And also,Purva had shown some ring exchange photos to david,that means Bhamini knw the relation between Shravani & jayaraj..?I think so..
    I ❤Sana’s actinggg…

  36. No no that can’t be possible. Becuz the DNA test that pavitra did was positive.

  37. Episode – 159
    Kumudini goes to Pradyumn’s house and asks for his granddaughter’s hand in marriage to Aryan. Everyone is shocked when they learn she is talking about Shravani and not Aradhya.

    Episode – 160
    The panchayat declares Aryan can’t marry Shravani as she is a devadasi. However, Aradhya is determined to get her married to Aryan.

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