Krishnadasi 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan brings Aradhya out of Haveli, he says i was trying to talk to you but you are ignoring me from much time, neither talking nor looking at me, have you come here for rehearsals or to talk to me? Aradhya says what about you? you have brought me here to scold me? Aryan says sorry, you know i cant talk softly, Aryan asks her to stay there, he goes and brings gift for her, take it, Aradhay takes it and thanks him, he asks her to open it, she does and finds another box, she opens it and finds dinosaur soft toy, Aryan laughs, Aradhya says boys gift soft toys to girls but who gifts dinosaur to girl? Aryan asks her to check it nicely, dinosaurs are not that bad, Aradhya says what should see in it? its dinosaur only, it would have been nice if you had gifted me teddy bear, puppy or kitty, dinosaurs

are long gone from world, Aryan says why girls are like this? he asks her to check clearly, Markand comes there and mistakenly strikes with Aradhya, dinosaur falls from her hands, rings falls down which was hidden in dinosaur, Aryan searches for it, Aradhya goes from there. shashwat comes to Aryan and asks if he did work? Aryan says plan failed, Shashwat says try again, she doesnt like you calling her 1 and half foot dinosaur, aryan says 2foot dinosaur and she is dinosaur so i will call her that only, Shashwat asks him to plan something romantic, he leaves, Aryan gets idea.
Aryan brings Aradhya to some place, he has closed her eyes, Aradhya says where are you taking me? i am already miffed with you, Aryan makes her open her eyes, place is all decorated with lights and candles, Kyunke tum hi tou ho jaan plays, Aradhya is pleasantly surprised and looks at him, Aryan says this was the surprise which i couldnt tell you before, Aryan asks for her hand, Aradhya gives her hand in his hand, Aryan brings her to dining table and says please sit Miss Aradhya, she sits down, he sits on otherside, Aradhya sees many delicacies on table, Aradhya says you want me to become fat by making me eat so much, Aryan says who can dare to go against you, you are dinosaur, Aradhya stares him, Aryan says sorry, Aradhya says its okay, you have worked hard so i wont say anything, Aradhya says i will taste icecream, Aryan says eat pastry first, she says why? Aryan recalls how he had put ring in pastry and thought to propose her when she will find ring in it, he asks Aradhya to eat pastry after icecream, Aradhya drinks juice and eats icecream, he asks her to eat pastry, she says i am full, i am not hungry, i will leave, i will tell Aayi that i will not eat food as i have had dinner with Aryan Vidyadhar Rao, she starts to leave, he holds her hand and says i know you are destroying my plan, you are doing it deliberately, he makes her sit again, he asks her to see pastry clearly, Aradhya says its to eat not to see, she eats pastry, Aryan thinks that she ate engagement ring, Aradhya coughs, Aryan says i told you to not eat and see it just, he gets afraid and says i will call doctor, he goes to bring water but falls down, Aradhya says why you are shouting, Aryan is surprised to see her fine and says you gulped down the ring? Aradhya shows him ring and says you were talking about this ring? Aryan says are you mad, i thought you had gulped it down, i got tensed, Aradhya says i am sorry, i was just checking you, i wanted to see how much you love me, you can say anytime that you love me but i wanted to see your love, i liked how you reacted seeing me in trouble, Aryan pulls her closer and says i got so afraid, you took my life, what if anything had happened to you, Aradhya says then you would have been happy, Aryan says shut up, he hugs her, Tum hi ho plays, Aradhya hugs him, they feel peace in each others arms, Aryan tries to set her hair but she does it herself, he smiles at her. Aryan says you know this is our family ring, Pavitra kept it for her daughter in law, i brought it to make you wear it, he sits on his knees and says i am really sorry for that day, you know i am like this, that day i was just emotional.. so i thought to propose you nicely today, Aradhya smiles, Aryan asks her hand, she gives it, he says i dont know which finger i have to put ring on, Aradhya smiles and tells him ring finger, he thanks her and makes her wear ring, aradhya closes her eyes, Aryan says i love you, i really love you, Aradhya opens her eyes, Tum hi ho plays, he asks can i kiss your hands? Aradhya nods slightly, he kisses her hand passionately, Aradhya wipes her tears and smiles, they keep looking at each other, mera chan hi.. meri aashiqui tum hi too plays.. Purva(actress is changed) comes and sees all this. aaba says to Purva that you still think that Aryan and i can have future even after seeing all this? aaba says i am older than you and have experience, i am assuring you that not this devdasi’s daughter but you will be our daughter in law.
Tulsi is checking records in hospital, she says there is no file of year in which Gayetri was born, i wish Shankari remembered everything, nurse comes and asks her to do fast, she says where are files of 21, 22years back? he says they are in godown being old and i dont have key for that, Tulsi leaves.

Scene 2
Aradhya calls Aryan to place, he comes there and asks why did you call me, i ahd important work, i think you dont have any work but wanted to meet me only, Aradhya says i dont like to meet you, i wanted you and me to invite Gayetri specially together, Aryan smiles and says we have same thinking, i was going to Gayetri only, we will go together, Aradhya says i want to invite Saras too, is there any problem? Aryan says i dont understand your logic, Aradhya says its emotions, Aryan says i dont understand you, Aradhya gets miffed with him and looks away, Aryan looks at her face through mirror, he says we have to go to Gayetri and Saras today only and we have less time, Baatain kuch ankahe si hone lagi plays, Aradhya cant stop smiling, she comes to Aryan and pulls him, he smiles, they share eyelock, Aradhya gets shy and says we shall leave, Aryan says you got pacified easily without even me doing anything, i was going to leave you alone, aradhya gets angry and says you are so cheap, i thought you are different but you are like other boys, just leave, Aryan gets tensed and says i am sorry Aradhya, i was just joking, i am really sorry, Aradhya laughs and says i am joking, look at your face, its so red, Aryan says you pull my leg alot, they sit in car and leaves.
Kumudini invites Saras and her husband to wedding, Saras says i cant come there, aaba wont allow me to come in haveli, Kumudini says things are changed, you wont believe how much aaba has changed, you know Aryan is getting married to my grand daughter, everything is changed and doctor have said that you can leave hospital, you know aaba has a dance performance with me tonight, do come, Saras gets happy to get invitation, Kumudini thinks i cant wait for tonight, its going to fun.

Scene 3
Sangeet ceremony starts, Kumudini comes in Haveli, Kumudini says to Kaka how are arrangements? i have done it, the work which i gave to you, do that, Kaka leaves. Kumudini says to Kamla that you have done great work, Kamla says after all i am Kamla. Aaba comes there, he looks at Kumudini and gets angry. He sees Saras and her husband coming there. Saras tries to touch his feet but Aaba asks who called you here? he asks his men to throw them out, Kumudini comes and says they are my guests, will you behave like this with your in-laws guests? aaba says dont test my patience, i can break your neck if you push me to wall. Kumudini calls media person and takes photo with aaba, she says to Aaba that make nice face else people will laugh on your frowning face, aaba smiles. Kumudini asks Saras to not be afraid, this is your father’s house, be happy, its your family’s marriage, i will make your husband Micheal meet everyone, she smirks at media person pointing that he is involved with her, aaba sees it and thinks that she jump in joy but once i make my move then she will be silent. Tulsi brings Aradhya in venue, Aradhya is dressed up gorgeously, she says you are looking beautiful, be happy always. Aryan comes there, Shashwat sets his pocket square, Aradhya is coming towards Aryan, Aryan smiles, Aradhya cant stop blushing. Kumudini blesses Aradhya that no evil should cast on you, you are looking beautiful. Tulsi brings Aradhya and makes her stand beside Aryan. Aryan and Aradhya sits down on sofa chairs. Aryan whispers to Aradhya that i didnt know you can look this much pretty, Aradhya smiles. Kumudini brings Saras and Micheal there, Aryan and Aradhya touches their feet, aaba is angry, Shashwat hugs Saras and meets Micheal. Tulsi looks at Kumudini with doubt, she leaves from there, Kumudini sees her going.
Tulsi comes out of venue and says why didnt she come till now? she has to come before Sangeet ceremony ends. She calls Damini and asks where are you? Damini says we are on our way, Tulsi asks if Shankari is fine, she nods, Tulsi says come fast. Kumudini sees her talking on call, she says why Tulsi is asking about Shankari to Damini. Kaka calls Kumudini and tells her that Shankari left hospital, Damini came here and took her from here, they are coming to Aradhya’s sangeet ceremony, Tulsi has invited them, Kumudini ends call and thinks what cooking in Tulsi’s head? i have to stop her, she goes behind Tulsi but Aaba stops her and asks where she is running? meet my guests, there are many media people, Kumudini says he had to come at this time only, i have to talk to Tulsi, aaba takes photos with Kumudini. Damini and Shankari comes in sangeet ceremony, Tulsi greets them, Kumudini sees them and thinks that if Shankari opens truth about child swapping then my all plan will fail. Shankari and Damini comes to Aradhya and Aryan, they greet her, Shankari says she is Aradhya? where is your aayi? Aradhya points at Tulsi, Shankari says she cant be your aayi, she is not your mother, Damini says what are you saying? Shankari says no she is not Aradhya’s mother, Damini says see he is Aryan, Pavitra’s son, Shankari says you are forgetting everything, she is not Aradhya’s aayi, Aradhya asks her to calm down and tell everything, Kumudini says she is mental case, she asks Damini to take her away, she drags shankari, aaba stops her and says she is guest, this is not way to behave with her, let her talk, Shankari says to Kumudini that i will tell truth to everyone about your deed, she says to Aradhya that Kumudini is not your aaji, 21years back when you were born, Kumudini came in hospital, sameday Aryan was born too, Kumudini says shut up, Sangeet is going to start, lets start it, she holds Aradhya’s hand and says lets start it, aryan says leave her hand, she does, Aryan says let her speak, you have already given alot of pain to Aradhya, dont stop anyone from talking, she asks Shankari to tell truth to everyone, no one will stop you. Shankari says i was nurse, on that day, Aryan and Aradhya was born and with my help Kumudini swapped kids, Aryan is Tulsi’s son and Aradhya is Pavitra and Shashwat’s daughter, all are shocked, Kumudini is tensed.

PRECAP- Aaba says truth has come out and relationships are clear now, now Aryan and Aradhya will not get married. Aradhya sadly looks at Aryan, Aryan is distraught too, Kumudini stands there in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Arush

    Woww arar dance & proposed scenes is so awesome na. & he kiss on his hand. & then arru kiss on his face nice.they both love each other. Hope they will marry soon.

  2. Arayan

    I think Aradhya will be accepted by the Rao family but pavitra and aba will still be angry and on another hand Aryan will be angry on Kumundini but he will try his bst to reunite the two families. I m sure about the fact that Aryan and Aradhya will make a plan to reunite the by marrying in order to unite . ??????

  3. jk

    oh my god what an episode…. l loved it… superb
    if the truth comes out after sangeeth it will be outstanding …
    it is going very fast, makers should include more scenes…
    any way what is next.. need to wait till monday … πŸ™

  4. Drstee

    I am so much waiting for Monday’s episode.I mean will they believe shakri’s words?And why is their marriage broken??

  5. apra

    aradhyan scenes yipeee loved very much 2days episode
    plez dont break the marriage
    any ways the story is very nice so as shravan
    as usual shravan reddy rocked the episode
    and finally aradhya was looking preety
    thanx atiba 4 fast update
    love u shravan very much

  6. its a copy of tamil show but is going very fast in tamil version this scene was shown in 124 or 140 th episode.
    Also that show has sad ending with aaru and tulsi dying

  7. you are mistaken every one died only aabha saheb was left and serial also took 26 years leap,with lead actress returnes to take revenge

  8. Ye kya hai yaar,itna fast kyu bhaga rahe hai is serial ko, yar ek din toh enjoy karne dete aara confession ko,it’s so brief, hey tanu kahin priyanka ko shravan ne hi toh recommend nahi kiya πŸ˜€

    Coming to show, m worried about it’s fast pace,it will end soon now it’s sure,in tamil version revelation took place in last episode and here it’s 3 months only,guys i think sum pressure on producers to finish it early,as this.custom is still prevalent in some parts and may be dey dun wanna highlight it on large national platform, it happened with one serial before shivaji maratha,in Maharashtra dis kind of revolt is common for serials, so dey wanna finish it on good note and not hastily and its true

    cuming to show,dey disappointed today,aara wre superb as usual, dey could hv shown sum lighter moments like aara dance practice, nd sum cute scenes, but dey wre in haste to wrap up,i think tulsi knew truth from hospital records, dats y she called shankari coz she genuinely lovs aaru,secondly m astonished at raos reaction, kitne aaram se bola rishto ki paribhasha badal gayi, shadi nahi ho sakti nd aara donot swap places,i think he didn believe it or wat

    Cvs are blood suckers really,har waqt taandav, dey dun let us enjoy single episode freely,i was expecting whole episode on aara today after so many days but dey crashed my castles, i was expecting sum passionate dance scenes, ye dikha hi sakte the, one week nikal jaata,itni jaldi kya padi hai inko,i think my doubt is right,but show is of vipul shah, he is renowned one, dey cnt do anything with his series,his all serials normally telecast on this slot

    Deva re deva tu hi bta kuch

    • Shravan ne priyanka ko recommend nahin kia?.. she is a good actor .. wo apne dam pe aayi hein i guess.. par mein toh bohot khus hun.. ab sana ka toh shaadi ho chuki hein… so on-screen i am all for Aradhya and Aryan and off-screen i will ship Priyanka and Shravan.

  9. what are you all talking this show on colors is only for 100-120 episodes so it will anyways be fast paced it was anyway a limited series

    • 4

      Maybe he doesn’t want his grand daughter marrying into krishanadasi family? I don’t think he cares that much about her though.

  10. ishveer

    Awesome epi…I am flying in the air….. Aru and Aryan scenes are wonderful, mind blowing,….aru kiss Aryan scene was superb….in engagement aru and Aryan was beautiful…
    I am so sad about precap….why they stopping engagement and announcing that marriage is call off???

  11. Show is going so fast. . i m in doubt .but it was fab epi…i couldnt see it. But while reading..aaba and kumudini scenes were so funny.? and aryan…he was awsome… i can feel that expression in reading …i want to see this episode…?

  12. Who r saying ..d serial is ending…i like only ikrs and krishndasi on colors. Some pepl r saying ikrs is ending. N others saying krishdasi…whats happening yr

  13. Cutex

    Guys i don’t know why my heart saying its kumudni dream..nothing will happen like that they only created suspense..
    ..and very sad to know that the serial is off air..

  14. Anu

    After Meri Ashiqui ,,, the only show i loved,, shravan is way too amazing. Couples is cute. Loved todays episode.

  15. In yesterday’s episode aaradhya said to aryan that she requires 100% votes to run a family & to be happy in it..!! & now it is clear that she z a clan of rao’s family and not of kumudini’s, so now she has 100% votes to run the family with aryan as already kumu & tulsi r standing on 1 feet to accept aradhya as their daughter in law.. & also v knw dat kumu vil accept aradhya as daughtr in law for aaba’s revenge sake, whereas tulsi vil accept aradhya as once upon a time aradhya ws hr daughtr & dey have good mum daughtr relationship as well, So i think dey shud proceed with the marriage ritual & dey shud get married..!

    Anyways at the end, Aradhyan fans wants to see dem as lovely couple…!!!

    Bdw Loved aradhyan in today’s episode, as usual dey rocked..!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Hope dey dont spoil upcoming track by calling off aaradhyan’s marriage..!

    & i will literally kill πŸ™ vipul shah if dis show is going off air, & will stop watching colors channel forever.. πŸ™ πŸ™

  16. Maryam {marry}

    it cant happen ………… pradumn do this to aradhya aryaan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont gonna drag the story other wise it will be a crap like other serialssssssss and we dont gonna seee thatok so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ardhya or aryan ki shadi krwa do us k baad jo marzi krna………….

  17. Maryam {marry}

    colors all serial become dragged like ssk tpk and trp decreases so plzzzzzzzz dont drag this serial………

  18. ok.. what a dynamic episode it was. 1st half was too much diabetic.. i felt i need insulin intravenously. .. lol…. how cute and clueless this Aryan can be.. i think Aryan is the cutest tv male character still now.. he is cuter than his previous role Neil.
    uff Aara scene.. i was Blushing so much.. every girls dream Aradhya was living today.
    and purva change.. wow great.. previous one couldn’t act. Priyanka Purohit to play Purva… omg why why … how can i hate purva now. she is not only beautiful but was my favorite female contestant in Splitsvilla.. uff how i wish Priyank and Shravan to be partner in Splitsvilla… par koi baat ..
    intense 2nd half.. truth revealed.. lol no truth not revealed. its kumudini’s day dream and Aara will get marry for sure.. so don’t worry peps.

  19. guys i am seeing you are referring Aradhya and Aryan as Aradhyan.. well its beautiful name… but in india forum, Twitter, fb and even in instagram they are famous as Aara.. actually a poll had been conducted in India forums and maximum Voted for Aara as its a short and cute name (easy to right in Twitter because require less letter) …. so i wish you also refer them as Aara to avoid confusion.

    • krishnai aka WW

      okay…. ncy idea di….. Aara scenes was fulled today……… wish they get married soon……. great epi……..

  20. Alyaa

    Today’s episode was really very fantastic,awesome,fabulous and amazing.Aryan proposed Aaradhya in a very romantic way.Both of them are awesome and amazing☺?.The precap is very sad???.I really love the serial of Krishnadasi☺?I really wish that the serial of Krishnadasi never ends☺☺☺??

  21. Unmol

    ONG DIED TODAY WHEN HE PULLED HER TO SAY SHUT UP SO SEDUCTIVE LOVE HIM. When he asked her can I kiss ur hand how cute my bby love u

  22. Gannah

    Guess what guys…….. Apparently this precao and scene is just kumandanis dream!!! Not real 100% true!! And is this show Guna stop soon then!?

  23. Nimisha ?

    So pleased to see some beautiful scenes between Aryan and Aradhya today, they carried on with the same intensity you we saw outside the temple in yesterday’s episode. I was kinda blown away by how well the actors did those scenes.

    What a beautiful proposal and opening to the episode.

    Really love shashwant and tulsi. Their love for aryan and Aru is a lovely thing to behold. Totally unconditional.

    Loved that kumudini’s truth is out too. She was getting away with too much. Precap with abba declaring the wedding off was predictable. I didn’t understand why he was spying on Aryan proposing to Aru, with purva. Even a blind person could see how much they love each other so why should she want to marry Aryan at all.

    Purva was a diff actress which seems odd esp after the way the old one entered the show, in slow motion with Aryan catching her as she stumbled.

    Really good episode esp for the Aryan Aru scenes,

  24. umama alam

    Can anybody tell me..4m where I can know about the off air of KD??bcoz I know ikrs will go off air..?

  25. mrunali

    Finally saw
    hey guys after knowing the truth still why Pavitra is holding Aryans hand and Aaradhya is leaving
    i wont say swap should happen instant but Pavitra shoukd hold Aaradhyas hand too
    and guys i dont know why i think Aaba already know this or he just made a drama unkowingly
    means he just looking to be so calm by knowing that Aryan is not his Grand son something is fishy there i feel

  26. Sneha

    show was going nice……… the the second half was heartbreaking…………purva is back!!! i just hate her…….i think the truth wont affect anyone xcept shaswat,tulsi,gayu and aru…….and maybe aryan…..aryan ka toh kuch amajh mein nhi aa rha hai mujhe…….lets hope for the best

  27. Guys the news is confirmed that it was Kumu’s day dream so don’t worry. … and Aara marriage will definitely happen… so cheers.

    • krishnai aka WW

      oh wow…… but after the marriage the truth should come out……. want to know aaba’s reaction……

    • mrunali

      thanks tanu i had the same feeling
      Because Shankari was perfectly fine not look like she is ill
      and Aaba’s reaction was also chill out
      i thought Purva character wont be part of serial anymore but producer brought someone else so she will be there?
      And yar episode was awsome

      • but i love this new purva.. she is my baby doll Priyanka… i love her too much as a person … god how will i hate purva now… what a dilemma!!!

      • sneha , from different sites and source.. not fixed actually. i got quite no of friend.. they somehow manage to gather buzzing news and provide me.

  28. Arush

    Tanu its only dreaming that means Aara they both get married na that very happy news thanx for sharing this.

  29. rima

    hi guys. be happy.. love never dies.. in upcoming episode aryan asks kiss from aradhya.. madly waiting for that..

  30. krishnai

    hey why is it only this page the comments r in italics??????

    anyways its ncy……

    thank u so much tanu di for the news……….

    Ruby di hw r u???? hw is jiju????

    missing u di…..

  31. rima

    Hai guys.. Be happy.. Love never dies.. In upcoming episode aryan asks a kiss from aradhya.. Madly waiting for that..

    • well cutex shravan and priyank were contestant in a same reality show, splitsvilla 7… and both were my favorites.

  32. Ashar

    Im scared….thz shouldn’t be her dreams..kumudini i mean,, as in, in prerecap aryan was standing with abbas famly and aradhya with kumudini..

  33. Cutex

    Guys just chill its just a day dream of kumudni ( abi to dance hona bki a aara aradya abba kumudni and fimily member also) i rapeated my word thy only created suspense

    • Really cutex is it just a daydream of kumudini…..if this news is true then I m so happy…I have watched krishnadasi yesterday and was very upset with the last scene when shankari came and told the truth but if it is only kumudini’s daydream I m very excited for Monday’s episode

  34. Cutex

    Ooooh actually i saw sharwan reddy in krishandasi first time and sharwan( Aryan) is superb actor of present time sharwan rocks his expression his acting all are awesom…..thanks tanu for a lot of information about arayan…

  35. Cutex

    Actually i don’t watched splitsvilla therefore am little confused to read comments about new purva and aryan..thanks now everything is cleared…

  36. Cutex

    Gayu everyone says show will off air may b the news is true but all depend upon time let see what will happen..

  37. Cutex

    Yes vatsala its only day dream of kumudni after watching the episode am 200β„… sure about it sooooo chill guys

  38. shravan aryan

    I have seen in SBS today that Aryan and aradhya are doing couple dance in their sangeet. So guys don’t worry.. yesterday’s episode’s last part was just kumudini’s dream.

  39. Cutex

    Guys any one tell me which background music played when aryan hold aradaya’s hand and take her to dinning table and says sit mis aradaya if any one knows then tell me please which song music played..

  40. Rufina

    i think mirza n rifa shafeez are same……because same dp yaar….in telly updates there will one dp for one e-mail id….and no two e-mail id have same dp yaar…..n don’t cheat us……if i am right r wrong pls do comment…

  41. mrunali

    Hey guys have u realised in written update the Aara scene of inviting saras has changed a bit
    which is actually changed the whole scene
    bcz yesteday i was not able to watch the episode then i read written update and somebody commented about face kiss
    i was actually kept guessing when it happened
    so when i actually watch it today i saw that scene is their while having convo of saras and now when i read update again i saw its not there

    • shravan aryan

      Yah mrunali di.. you are right.. there is nothing written about the face kiss in the update

  42. Rufina

    now i am 100%sure….now new one roshini……how come 3 person have same dp….do u think that we are fool…..

  43. gopika

    Aara rocked in yesterday’s episode!!!!! especially in that proposal part…that was sooooo romantic….

  44. mrunali

    Hey guys Aaru already had so many rinngs in her fingers except ring finger
    when aryan is about to wear ring in her finger all other rings were removed from her fingers for that shot and after hand kiss all were there again

  45. Mariyam

    Really best proposing style I have ever seen
    Especially dinosaur part and the decorations, pastry, and his and her expressions

    • mrunali

      U should have seen in KY2 it was best proposal i ever saw
      KY2 means Kaisi Yeh Yariyaan its now offair but available on voot

      • i used to see KYY but i don’t like parth so left watching it in middle…. may be kky had best proposal…. but no one can be as cute and clueless as aryan during proposal … seriously who gift dinosaur in proposal day.

  46. hello everyone I know that was dream but please tell me when this truth will come out have any Idea.
    rufina u r right don’t think us foool and what will u get by making us fool.

    • Again… seriously!?!!! you really feel someone who is faking will look someone through mirror like that or will be so innocent and oblivion during propose…. if you can’t see genuine act for some fake news.. i am sorry… no one can make you understand… .

  47. mrunali

    Not again Sobi nw let it be
    mi,tanu,cutex we already said about it a lot

    Well guys i will not be part of the comments anymore till 16th may,
    exams are there

    so hope u will enjoy the episode see u on 16th night onwards

    Will miss u all

    cutex, ruby, tanu, mani, my most chatting friends over here and others the new friends too sorry i dont remember the names it will take time so i am gonna miss u all
    see on 16th

  48. Cutex

    Oooooooooh mrunali misss u soooo much and best of luck for your papers…. I wish you get outstanding marks and may i know in which classs do you read

    • mrunali

      Hii Cutex thanks by the way
      i had already done my graduation now appearing for CA final exams so high time
      actually CA student were so high in studies this time but i cant resist to stay away from Aara

  49. Cutex

    Mahe i think truth will come out after marriage or at the last moment of marriage..its only my assumption let see what will happen

  50. you know, when lime is pressed continuously it becomes bitter… this fake news of fake love really turning out like that.. its popping up every time making me irritate.

  51. Cutex

    I am agree with u tanu don’t waste time to explain…u know am know anyone know it is a fake news..
    Am too much irritate this fake news..


    • Yeah i hv seen on IF,provided it’s not planned by evil abha to harm aaradhya, request to cvs, atleast let’s enjoy one aara week freely

  52. Cutex

    Tanu it means aradya again in danger but the good thing is that Aryan with her and again save her

  53. Cutex

    I have watched Aara scene again and again so that the time passed…….. (Saturday,Sunday) never passed easily show must be updated full week …….

    • mrunali

      Ya i downloaded this episode also
      by the way using app u can download videos
      i downloaded from that only

  54. riya

    hey guys. i just started watching this show. really like the story so far. ara are awesome. could someone please tell me the exact reason for kumudani’s hatred towards aba?

  55. Mushi

    Guys is this show going off air… Bcoz when I watched in voot.. It’s shown that climax weekend

  56. Sobi

    Guys I m sorry actually I read the spoiler today nd nw every thing is clear nd one more thing every thing is clear coz Aryan has also watch the video in which it is clear that the whole plan was of kumu nd devid aaru was not in that plan

  57. Hey gyz m new here …this is my first comnt hope u all will accpt me as ur frnd ..i read all ur comnts u all r like famly
    Nd i also want to be a part of this family ..

  58. Diya

    I dont understand one thing a show which getting so much comments is said to be having low trp….. and rumors of going off air…. got to be crazy

  59. Diya, because of the time slot people watch it on net or in repeat time so it gets less TRP… i am sure if it were in prime time it would get more TRP.

    • Diya

      Tanu maybe u r right. I think it high time that they change the time and have repeat telecast during weekends…

  60. gopika

    Good morning everyone!! Finally today is Monday !!!!! but we have to wait till 10.30!!

  61. Priya

    Great twist. It’s a hard slap on the faces of Aba Saheb and Pavitra. Please don’t make this twist a dream please.

    • Diya

      I am sure it’s a dream…. in upcoming episode there is an engagement dance. If as per precape if there engagement broke they wouldn’t be dancing. After knowing the truth I don’t think so abba would breaking the marriage instead he would think of punishing kumudini

    • it is a dream priya.. now what to do?? this is the conclusion twist so they just cannot show it so early.. they more its postpone the more episode of KD we will get.

  62. Priya

    It’s amazing. How most of the fan theories turn out to be true. When this show started, people made assumptions about Aryan and Aradhya. Now it turn out to be true. Sometimes i feel the directors and writers actually read comments people post.

    • it was not assumption priya. it was written in book and also shown in the original series.. maker of this KD had that in mind from the start so was giving enough hints from the start.

  63. Rufina

    gopika i will try to fulfi ur wish to make 200 comments…..hope every one support it…..

    • you need to download and install internet download manager first and if it is installed in your computer it will show a pop up tab to download video which you are streaming. click in it and you will download the video.

    • Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

      I have posted next epi of rettai Vaal kuruvi ff.. Pls read and comment… Rufina………. Ok.. Pls… Why comments are not posting??

  64. Ruby

    I am toooooo toooo late…it was a fantastic episode.shravan rocked πŸ™‚

    welcome all new members

  65. Cutex

    Rufina u can download video downloader app so you can easily download any episode very fast…i have also downloaded 28 and 29 April episode and watched again and again…..

  66. Diya

    I don’t know whose comment is going to be the 200th comment. Just little time left waiting for krishnadasi…

  67. Rufina

    Yaayyy 200 comments….Thanks cutex β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† n aisha cute commented the 200 th comment

  68. Mariya

    Hi friends I am new here. can I join here. The episode is so awesome & waiting for today’s episode.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.