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Scene 1
Aradhya says to Tulsi that i am not going, when i am away from you for sometime then you people keep calling me, you both dont allow me to have night stay at friend’s house and now asking me to go to hostel? i will miss you both alot, i am blessed to have you both, when Kaka comes to take me from friend’s house then i pack my bags beforehand as i want to come home to meet you, Tulsi says try and understand, we need to go to village, we have house and fields there, Aradhya says nobody told me that we have house in village, this is breaking news for us, Tulsi says we were waiting for you to grow up, Aradhya says so now i am grown up in one day? something is fishy, i thought you will surprise me on birthday but this is your surprise? where is our home? which village you are

talking about? Kumudini says its Krishnavati, the same village where you went, Aradhya says do you even know about it? they make innocent girls devdasis, there are goons there who use traditions for their benefit, i wont allow you both to go there, the person Aaba sahib Vidydhar Rao rules there, i wont allow you both to go there, Kumudini stops her and says are you done with blabbering? your anger is right but your thinking is not right, no village become bad because of some people and not all traditions are bad, we both belong there, we stayed away from our village because of you, we wanted to give you better life but now i have to take care of my home where i was born, i had memories of it and i have to take care of my home like i did for you, Aradhya looks at Tulsi and goes.
Aradhya comes in garden and cries, Tulsi looks at her, Aradhya is miffed with them, Kumudini asks Tulsi not get miffed now, we have to pacify Aradhya, i have one idea, Tulsi says but dont do anything extreme, your health is not fine, Kumudini says nothing is more infront of my grand daughter.
Kumudini comes to Aradhya and starts dancing, they both sit with Aradhya on swing, Aradhya leaves from there, tulsi comes to her and tries to cheer her up but Aradhya tries to leave, Kumudini stops her and dances around her, Aradhya tries to leave but Tulsi stops her, Kumudini kisses her hand, Aradhya goes from there, Tulsi winces in pain, Aradhya gets worried and comes to her, she asks what happened? did you get any wound? they laugh. Aradhya says so you were fooling me? i am not pacified, Kaka comes and brings cake and knife, he says Tulsi have made this for you, Aradhya says when Tulsi makes cake for me then my anger cant remain same, she hugs Tulsi and cuts cake, three of them eats cake together, Aradhya makes Kaka eat cake too, Kumudini praises cake, Aradhya says to Kumudini that you both have done alot for me, fulfilled my dreams but i havent done anything for you, i cant be that selfish, if you both wanna go to your village then you can go, i am sorry to react like this, Tulsi says no, Kumudini says we will come to meet you in hostel, Aradhya says nobody fed me cake, Kumudini makes her eat cake, Kaka says they are allotting rooms in hostel today.
Tulsi and Aradhya comes to hostel, Aradhya says why are you leaving me so soon? Tulsi says you know Kumudini is stubborn and she have decided to go there, Aradhya says yes you can go but be careful that village is not at all nice, specially that Aaba sahib, Tulsi says every place have good people too, Aradhya says yes like that man who saved me in police station and also.. she stops, Tulsi asks her to take care of herself and drink milk at time, she hugs Aradhya and starts leaving, she thinks i am sorry Aradhya to lie to you.
Aradhya meets hostel warden, warden says you have to be in hostel before 10:30pm and no boyfriend is allowed, you cant smoke cigarette, she shows her room no. 34 and says this is your room. Shivani comes there and meets Aradhya, Aradhya says i will be in hostel from now on, Shivani says my mom asked me shift room too as this number is lucky for me, Aradhya says i dont care about it.
Aaba sahib asks shaaswat if he got to know about horse rider? he says no. aaba sahib distributes clothes in poor people, Aaba says dont know whats happening here, one man asks aaba why he is giving clothes? shashwat says 21years back we got happiness so we celebrate this day every year, Pundit asks aaba to do pooja in mandir, Aaba says but i didnt get to know who played shank before me. I dont have fight with God, i follow tradition and if we dont do it then it will be like jungle rule, i am doing everything for village’s good.
Kumudini and Tulsi are in car, Kumudini says my village has called me back after many years. They arrive in village, Kumudini says everything is same in village, she sees a women and says she is Shiva’s mother and has become so old, she says to women did you remember me? i am Krishnadasi Kumudini, i have returned to Krishnavati.
A man is fighting with driver over rent of car, he says to driver that you dont know who i am, he finds Kumudini and Tulsi there and is shocked. Kumudini says to one women Laxmi that you remember me? you were very happy when i and my daughter was thrown out of village but now i will not spare you, just see, i have returned. A Man says aaba Sahib is gone now, he starts running to tell Aaba sahib.
Shashwat says to Aaba this is not right to not do pooja in mandir, aaba says you do your work, did you take money from factory? shashwat says they need sometime to give it, aaba says you should taken Raghu and goons with you, dont think about what i should do, go and collect money, Shashwat leaves. The same man comes to aaba and says storm has come in village, Aaba asks if he drunk? no storm is coming, man says dancer has comeback after 21years, Aaba says Kumudini? Man says you know where she and her daughter will go first, Aaba takes his sword and leaves.

Scene 2
Kumudini and Tulsi arrives to Mandir. They touch its stair and comes in. Kumudini rings bell, Pundit is shocked to see her there, Kumudini stares Pundit, she greets him and comes in mandir, she touches Krishna’s feet, she plays shank. Aaba arrives there and is angry. He comes in Mandir and asks Pundit to stop Kumudini, Tulsi looks at him, Kumudini stops playing shank, she prays to Krishna and turns to Aaba, she asks did you take blessing? he asks how dare you? Kumudini says for what? to come here or to play shank? did you forget 21years are completed and Panchayat’s punishment is done, now i can come here without anyone interrupting me and if you are angry for me being playing Shank then you should remember that i gave you this place, aaba says but i made Mandir here, Kumudini says but i am loyalist of Krishna, aaba says you have no right, you were dancer and you are still dancer, you have no right over this mandir, Kumudini says there is no rich or poor infront of Lord, i have come here to break your ego, she says to Krishna that he thinks his ego is bigger than Lord, he thinks Mandir is his property, he needs to open his eyes. She lights Diya and says Krishna i have come here, she starts aarti. Aaba says to village people that these ladies have insulted our village, they are disrespect to our village, throw them out, village people come in and are about to throw them out but rain starts, village people are happy and says Kumudini came and brought wealth with her, she has brought blessings from Krishna. Kumudini comes to Aaba and asks him to take aarti, Aaba says to Pundit that our mandir is filthy now, throw them out.
Pavitra(Shashwat’s wife) is happy to see rain. She says to servant that this rain will stop tears of many eyes. Servant says but it can bring tears in your eyes, you be careful, Pavitra asks Nakku bai(servant) what are you saying? Nakku says rain happened after two years but it has been brought by Kumudini and Tulsi, Pavitra is shocked, needle hurts her hand, she is stunned.
Pundit says to Aaba that Mandir has become clean, Krishna is happy to see his dasies back, we cant throw them out else God will get angry on us again. Kumudini gives aarti to aaba. She gives aarti to Tulsi. Kumudini asks Aaba did you see God’s decision? with his blessing, now egoistic people are silent, its great view. aaba says to Pundit that dont you remember we threw you this dancer years, Kumudini says you have double standards, calling one Krishnadasi as dancer and also wanting to make other girls dasies so that they can bring God’s blessing? arent you sometime ashamed of your double standards? Aaba asks people to throw them out, Pundit says we always follow you but they have brought rain so cant do much, let them stay here, a man says to aaba that their punishment time is done and you follow rules so we know you will not go against them.
shashwat is having food, Pavitra says do you know news? they have returned, Shashwat says yes i got to know it, i thought they will not come here after 21 years but they did after all this village have their house and Krishna mandir. Pavitra gets worried.
aaba says to Pundit that you are right, rules are most important so i am allowing them to stay here, but they should remain in limit, he leaves. Its raining heavily in village, Kumudini says Krishna is always with us.

PRECAP- Tulsi asks Kumudini what she is saying that i? Kumudini says yes you have to dance infront of whole village. Aradhya says to herself that i have listened if you write a wish on this wall then its fulfilled, she looks at button. Aryan is standing on otherside of wall and says i wish my birthday wish is fulfilled, he looks at anklet. Aryan comes in Aradhya’s room and starts breaking her stuff, she asks why he is breaking things?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is the devdasi custom I m quite confused, i have never heard of it I saw this show it seems quite interesting and what I love the most about this show is the leads, even before this show I liked Sana Amin Sheikh(Aradhya) and Shravvan Reddy(Raghu) acting a lot 🙂

  2. To know the real Devdasi custom, please watch national award winning marathi movie Jogwa. It depicts the real pain and harsh reality of life of devdasi This show is as usual glamourification of a wretched custom.

  3. Many years ago I think before British rule devdasi custom was there in Maharashtra and Odisha. U can search it in Google…

  4. Devdasi custom is still prevelent in certain parts of karnataka.u can just google it.

  5. Joyee u’re here too, I find it interesting buh hope it won’t be disgusting or dragged. So far bukhot

  6. Does this really happen in India??? Just curious as I am from Fiji. I love this show ?

  7. Hai can any one tell me how come kumudini and her daughter got rich after the leap?how did she earn?

  8. How did tulasi and kumudini became rich after leap?i mean they left krishnavati without money na.

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan


    2. It’s a indian drama dr everything possible within 21 years.


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