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Krishnadasi 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shravani gets call from Kumudini and laughs. She takes call and says i was about to call you. Kumudini asks Aryan reached there? Shravani says he said that he has work, he is coming here? Kumudini says he wants to take your sign on property papers, dont sign it, he is still behind Aradhya, dont do anything, Shravani thinks how to get rid of that Aradhya. Shravani says i wont even sign tissue paper, Kumudini says dont trust Aaba, he must be planning something too, Shravani says they all are soft on me today, dont worry, i have headache, i will call you later, she ends call. She sees he family dying.
Minister says to Aradhya that some papers are needed for your bail then you will be freed, aradhya says my family is in danger, i have to go out of here, he says soon it will happen,

he leaves. Jailer asks Aradhya to call Kamli, she leaves.
Aaba is jittery and dying, Shravani sees him trying to get phone, she says you want to call police? she takes phone from him and says you know your enemy Kumudini told me everything, you think you are biggest villain but i am biggest villain, i am your grand daughter, you wanted to blacken my face? you wanted Aradhya to marry Aryan? but see he married me, he is mine now, you all will see now but you all will be dead. Aryan will come here and will take me in his arms to hospital, he will save my life. she is waiting for Aryan. She sees car stopping and gets happy, she says my hero has come. She eats small amount of poisoned food, she says i dont want to die, i just want to do acting of getting miscarriage, she lies beside her family. Aryan comes there and sees whole family lying unconscious there, he tries to wake them up, he sees their breathing, he doesnt check Shravani. Aryan calls hospital and asks to send ambulance. shravani thinks that my husband is fool, he is not saving me. Shravani acts like dizzy, and sighs, Aryan sees her dizzy and comes to her side.
Aradhya comes to cells side and says who spread kerosene here? i have to tell jailer. Kamli comes there, Aradhya says someone has spread kerosene here, we have to tell Damini. Kamli says i have done this. Aradhya asks what you are doing? you want to burn whole place? Kamli says i got work to burn this place and you by Shravani, Aradhya is shocked and says why? Kamli says i dont know, i just work for money, Aradhya says you think you will be saved? you will die burning too, kamli says dont worry about me, save yourself if you can. Kamli lights match stick and throws on floor, it catches fire, Aradhya is covered by it and says you have gone mad, she screams for help.
Aryan asks Shravani what happened? Shravani says even if i die, save my baby, Aryan asks what happened to all? Shravani says someone mixed poison in food, maybe it was Markand or Bnawari.. my baby. Neighbors come there. Tamre asks what happened? Aryan says they are poisoned. Ambulance comes there. Shravani says save my baby, Aryan lifts her in arms and says nothing will happen, he takes her from there.
Aradhya is surrounded by fire. Kamili comes to police station side. Aradhya catches her and says i will make you get arrested. She doesnt let Kamli go. All are running from jail. Kamli throws Aradhya away and runs. Aradhya hits wall and gets wound on head, she feels dizzy and falls unconscious with fire around her.

Scene 2
All family members are brought to hospital. Aryan says nothing should happen to anyone, Shravani is pregnant. Nurse we might have to do operation, Shravani thinks that poison was strong, nobody will be saved. All are taken to operation theatre. Aryan thinks that they are my family, they have raised me, nothing should happen to them, god punish me but not them.
Kumudini says why i am feeling tensed? why i am not able to do pooja? Shravani didnt call me till now, what if she came in Aryan’s talk? did she give property to Aryan to give to Aradhya? God dont let this happen, something is wrong. Doctor Kulkerni comes there, she asks why you are here? you wanna play cancer cancer game? Kulkerni says i didnt want to play it earlier too, i wanted to talk to Aradhya but i couldnt so i had to meet you. He says you had pain in your back and side of stomach, i was giving you medicines saying that it was vitamins but your kidneys are weak, Kumudini says you are lying, Kulkerni says no i was giving you medicine for that illness only, Kumudini says you lied to me, you hided it from me, Kulkerni says someone told me to not tell you, kumudini asks who asked you lie to me? tell me name, i will set him right, Kulkerni says Aradhya asked me to not tell you truth but she is in jail now so i thought i should not hide it. Kumudini says she made you lie? how much money she gave you? that Aradhya is doing all this to marry Aryan and get all this.

Scene 2
Shravani says this cant happen. Aryan is standing to her bedside. Shravani says doctor dont lie to me, i cant live without my baby, doctor says your body was poisoned, to save you, we couldnt save your baby. Shravani says you should have saved my baby, Aryan says atleast you are alive and fine, poison was strong. Shravani thinks that i brought that poison only, i know whoever eats it cant remain alive, now my Rao family must be gone till now. Shravani says dont tell bhamini aaji, she will cry, Aryan says dont think about someone else, Shravani says what about my family? are they fine? Aryan says i will check, Shravani says save my family, Aryan says yes and leaves. Shravani have sigh of relief. She smirks at doctor, they both laugh, Shravani says you saved me, you should act in movies, doctor says i want good reward. Shravani gives her bundle of money and says you will get more, keep giving me news, go and tell me if Rao family is dead. doctor says it was deadly poison, i was worried if you ate it too, Shravani says i ate only one bite and it didnt have poison, doctor leave. shravani says i should get news soon that Aradhya is dead too.
People from jail are brought to hospital. Media person says that Krishnavati jail caught fire. Aryan is shocked to hear it and says Aradhya? he asks jailer how can he find prisoner Aradhya? jailer says we cant tell anything now, it will take day or two, he leaves. Aryan gets file and tries to see Aradhya’s name in patients list, he says Aradhya’s name should not be here.
Kumudini says to Kulerni that jerk Aradhya hided my illness from me only, you remember how i asked you to lie to Aradhya that i have cancer, and how she made Aradhya come to Krishnavati. Kumudini says she is not getting Aryan thats why doing all this. Kulkerni says you wont be able to handle truth, Aradhya did all this to save your life, that time you lost your daughter Tulsi and anything could happen if you got to know about illness thats why Aradhya asked me to give you medicines saying that it was vitamins, Kumudini says but i thrown her out of my life, Kulkerni says but she never took you out of her life, she took your daughter as her aayi and you as aaji, she never thought you as outsider, she used to call me daily and ask about your health, you know your medicines are so expansive, you are alive because of them and Aradhya bought all those and not only that, Aradhya tested her kidneys so that when times she can donate her kidney for you, i just wanted to tell you that you are fine now, your kidney illness is gone but Aradhya is in jail, dont know if she will get hanged too, i just wanted to know what to with her kidney transplant request? Kumudini is shocked to hear all that, she sits on couch, Kulkerni says even now if you want, you can curse her, i just told you for humanity sake. Kumudini says my laadoba(pet name).. she recalls how Aradhya used to love her, then how she made Aradhya believe that Aryan raped her. How she brought truth of child swapping out, how she separated Tulsi and Aradhya, how she cursed Aradhya to never remain happy, how she used to say ill words to Aradhya, how she forced Aradhya to get Shravani marry to Aryan, how Aradhya said that she will always be her aaji. Kumudini says is in tears and says what i did? i dug her in mud with these hands, she never forgot me for a moment and i forgot her, she behaved like Tulsi used to, she is Tulsi’s daughter, what i did God.. she weeps and says i dont deserve to be her aaji.. my laadoba..

Scene 3
Aradhya comes to police station. He is trying to go inside, policeman says you cant g inside. Aryan tries to run but they catch him. Aryan sees saree of one patient who is dead, he sees its Aradhya’s saree(which now Kamli is wearing), he tries to see her face but policeman catches him. Kamli is taken from there, Aryan thinks that its Aradhya who died. While nurse writes her name as Kamli.
shravani is on hospital and says where is Aryan? She asks doctor how is Rao family? doctor says we couldnt save anyone, Shravani says i became orphan again, doctor says sorry and leaves. Shravani acts like crying and says this cant happen, she smirks and says i killed whole Rao family, now i have to know if Kamli did my work. One nurse says deadbodies are coming from jail. Shravani says it means Kamli did my work. I just have to know if Aradhya died or not.
Kumudini comes to police station. Aryan says you want to get satisfied to know that Aradhya is dead? she is dead, your enemy is dead, you want to get clear idea that she is dead. He shows her Aradhya’s saree and says see she is dead, go to her, Kumudini is shocked and breakdowns, Aryan says this all happened because of you, Aryan runs behind ambulance taking Aradhya(its Kamli’s deadbody).

PRECAP- Aryan is about to put garland on Aradhya’s picture. Kumudnini snatches it and says you wont put garland on her photo, she is alive, my aaru is alive, Aryan says her photo will remain infront of your eyes and will remind you that you have killed my Aradhya. Kumudini comes to her room and screams Aaru.. she falls on floor and cries saying her name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow no comment means the story has gone so crap that nobody even wants to comment
    well thanks Atiba/di for the update
    epi was emotional and i had tears in my eyes
    first time aryan and now only kumu believes that aru is alive

  2. oh…so many deaths in single epiosde…they have been telling dat all rao family is dead but yesterday i have seen last day of shooting video in dat aara are getting married nd all rao family is also present in shooting…bt how can dis haapend??

  3. finished d krishnadasi shooting bt chudail wil be their till d end of d serial. Cv’s hell with ur writing. Nd coming to epi i was just crying when reading d update only emitional part was kumu nd doctor discussion. Nd aryan happily living with dat chudail how ? Chudail getting d drug easily bt gayu didn’t get d drug once with d help of her hospital friend also so illogic.

  4. 3veni rao parivar r going to make drama dat dey r dead to belief dat chudail. Doctor told lie to dat chudail. Bt everyone was alive at d end d cv’s wil shw dem.

    1. 3veni

      thanqqq soo muchh LIBA for clarification…we miss KD

  5. Krishnadasi: Aradhya (Sana Sheikh) unites herfamily ending Shravani’s evilness, marries Aryan (Shravan Reddy)The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will show high voltage drama where Shravani plays her dual trick.Shravani gives poison to Aaba’s family and gets Aradhya killed in jail and is happy.Shravani this shows her true evil avatar and tortures Kumudini post gettig all her property.Shravani is unaware that Aradhya, Aaba and all are still alive but are hidden from her.Aradhya-Aryan’s love story completed Aradhya thus takes a new avatar and plays her master game against Shravani’s evilness.Aradhya finally manages to defeat Shravani and gets her family back, Kumudini is happy getting her Aradhya back.Aradhya and Aryan’slove story finally meets a happy ending where they gets married together.Aradhya also unites her and Aryan’s family, Kumudini and Aaba also forgets their enmity.Kumudini and Aaba apologize to each other for what all happened.

  6. kumudhini rocked what an acting…
    she make me cry

  7. emotional episode

  8. Nitha

    Such an emotional epi.. What an actng by indiraji,shravan… Amazing actors mak us cry along wit dem.??. if des realzn was earlr dn vld bn bettr.. But CVS can’t help.. Atlst happy thy marrd.. Want Atlst 2/3 scene of aara aftr thr marrg..

    1. Hi I think today episode will be very interesting but I don’t like a kumudhini character she was suddenly changed for Aru side. How it’s possible I don’t understand please explain me guys

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