Krishnadasi 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhya and Aryan were in the room, Aryan shuts the lights off as he can’t sleep in the light. Aradhya says she can’t sleep in the dark, and switch them on. They have an argument, Aryan heads to sleep in the lights then.
Tulsi comes to the desserted area and calls if someone is there. The number that called was switched off. She tries the number when she watches a pot felling off her. Chimaji comes to save her, though she was hit on head by banging it on a log.
Aradhya wakes up and to look for Aryan, the keys were still in her hand. She hears some voices from a door and wonders if there is a door here as well. Aryan had been speaking with Purva sitting on her bed.
Chimaji was worried for Tulsi, she asks him to stay away from her life and leave.
Aryan shows Purva who came in

their room, is she jealous? He asks for some privacy. Aradhya demands what this drama is all about, he can’t talk to an unknown girl during midnight. Aryan demands if it’s written in some certificate. Aradhya says now he would see what gets burnt, holds a candle stand and throw it on the bed. Aryan shouts if she wants to burn the house? Aradhya says if he would burn the heart, house would also burn. The bed catches fire, Aryan struggles to put it off. There is a knock at the door, Pavita and Naku come in. Naku shouts to get water. Finally, the fires goes out. Aryan calls Aradhya to be cheap, she proved whose granddaughter she is. Aradhya asks if they can go to their room now, it’s their right to stay together. Pavitra was determined to do something.
Tulsi walked on the street thinking about an attempt to murder on her. She wonders who is aware she wants to know the secret of child labelled 317. She wonders if it’s Ayi. Then jerks the idea and says it’s someone else, who know the secret, her and doesn’t even want her to reach that secret.
Aryan covers his face with a quilt, Aradhya watches him as she sat with a novel on bed. She keeps her head on bed crown watching Aryan.
Kumudini awaits Tulsi, she will disclose the secret one day. Tulsi comes home, Kumudini was concerned and asks how she got hurt. Tulsi stares at her, Kumudini asks who did this all. Tulsi makes up that she fell down. Kumudini can read her face and demands who did this. Tulsi says someone tried to take her life. Kumudini was worried at once and heads to find about it. Tulsi stops her, she is also unaware who did this. She promises to put on turmeric over it, Kumudini says she would bring that turmeric. She says if Aaba comes behind this all, she won’t spare him.
At breakfast table, Pavitra shows Aryan that Aradhya placed insects in her wardrobe so that all her clothes are ruined. Aradhya comes with breakfast for Aryan and asks for his feedback. Aryan asks her to go and wash the clothes here. Aradhya asks why she must wash them. Aryan accuses her to put in insect in Pavitra’s wardrobe. Aradhya argues where she would get an insect, she could have put on ink over them. He leaves ordering Aradhya, Purva goes to cut washing machine wire.
Aradhya gets it that the washing machine’s wire has been cut. Pavitra and Naku tell her to go where the other women of village go to wash the clothes. Purva also comes there, Aradhya clarifies to Purva that she will do anything but not let Purva make her place here. She assures Pavitra about going where all women go.
Aradhya was washing clothes in heat. The ladies gossip that Aaba made her a maid on second day of wedding. Aradhya tells them if someone from home do house chores, it’s not a bad thing. Tulsi watches Aradhya washing clothes. She asks what if she listened to Pavitra, Tulsi demands not to tell her a lie. Tulsi was about to call Damini, Aradhya stops her. She assures she would manage everything, she will never break and will always be strong. Tulsi comes to hug her and tells her to take care. Aradhya assures she is fine. Tulsi leaves, Aradhya was relieved.
A young man stare and teases girls from his car, offering them life. Jairaaj calls himself to be too good. He stops his car behind Aradhya staring at her naked back as she washed the clothes. He comes to her and removes her hair off her face. Aradhya stands up in shock and slaps him hard. Jai Raaj smiles stubbornly and calls her slap to be really sweet. Aradhya says he would now get all the tastes and head to him, he holds her hand warning her to pay for this slap. He watches some guys passing by and goes towards his car. Aradhya notes the number of his car.
Jairaaj’s uncle told Aaba about him. Purva heads to greet him. Jai Raaj first moves to take blessings from elders. He meets Aaba warmly. Jai Raaj says they all gave him a chance to live his life again, he has no words to express his gratitude and wants to come up to their expectations. Aradhya comes home and thinks about disclosing his truth to everything. She thinks about talking to Gayatri. Jai Raaj stares at Aradhya.

PRECAP: Aryan asks Aradhya to open the door, and pushes to open it himself. Aradhya was taking bath inside, both share an eyelock. Kumudini goes to the location and finds a gold chain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. hey Sona what happened to Atiba? is she okey?

    haai rabba precape was awesome 😉

  2. now it willbe fun
    one sided jealousy wasn’t good
    ??aryan is a real vamp

  3. Today epi was OK…aradhya in looking saree was awesome….and that tight slapped to that raj also marvelous… But that slap is deserve for aray too….he crossing the over limit….l understand his feeling,frustration, but this is too much….poor aru…how to live in that tiger’s & lion’s cave…no one is support her…..very sad about aru..

  4. Awww…waiting for the next episode

  5. Aru..u really do a gr8 job.??u should put fire on the Poorva to?Aryan ….?it’s better not to anything about him?he becomes both brainless n disgusting man?he believes blindly in Pavitra.Raj is just a cheap minded man?the way he touches Aru is …***?

    The precap is wonderful ?finally after a long time we will see some romantic scene ?

  6. I love the way chimaji cares for tulsi? but how he suddenly change his mind this is what exactly bothering me? nd who was that new guy? Was it raj ? If he was raj then how he knows about child swapping when kumudini was swapping childs raj even wasn’t born at that time ? …ughhh mysterious man ?

    1. lol.. raj would have been born that time. Aryan & poorva was classmate and raj is poorva’s elder cousin so obvious he will be elder than aryan and aradhya… but ? he must be too young to know about the secret.. it may be someone else.. most probably we can get to see another new entry for it.

  7. where I can watch episode tell me I missed the episode.


  8. Krishnadasi is electrifying show. I really want to see our aroo n Aryan together but their fighting in the last episode was so awesome lol. I was like finally we have a serial bahu who can equally bounce back abuses instead of taking it all in lolzzzz

  9. Mahant Chimaji becoming positive …

  10. I missed the episode yesterday. Nothing interesting happened I guess.

  11. I think this Jairaj entry will make some +ve changes in Arayan.. Aryan gets jealous for Aru…It’s so cute..

  12. Ooooo. I felt like breaking my tv. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Wish aru could thrw the candels to purva”so that we can get rid of her.
    How can that mysteius man be Raj. If he was born at that time he should been a little boy. Even I think that is some other person
    Precap, it will be fun.

  13. why few comments

  14. Omg!chimaji caring dat much for tulsi and aruu.maybe chimaji knows about child swap truth but i don’t think he wants to harm .

  15. Eagerly waiting for next episode
    Love triangle going to begin between raj, aru n aryan. So excited

  16. Oh god I’m eagerly waiting to see the jealousy in Aryan’s eyes towards aru. It’ll be su much fun…

  17. The episode was amazing??Aaru burnt the bed of Purva??but unfortunately Aryan misbehaved with Aaru because Pavitra Aunty(for her sarees)???
    The precap is wonderful and really cute(Romantic scenes of AaRa)???

    1. That Jayraj is really very cheap???It’s good that Aaru slapped him when he touched her??

  18. I like this episode. It’s wonderful.

  19. Plz writers, create something romantic btwn arra. Their hatred is overgoing now.
    If you wanted to create this much of huge drift btwn them, then why did you create such a romance in the previous episds?
    This is completely injustice. …
    Pls ,,get them out of this hatred

  20. Guys I guess jairaj is a good nd superb entry for us in the upcoming episode off kd jairaj will tease au and Aryan will resume her

  21. Omg, 1st i loved this ep. I also lv, the love and hatred of the 2. It creates electricity and spice. I dnt think there’s goin 2 be triangle but if ther is I’d lv 2 c the jealous side of Aryan.

  22. omg….its gonna be a love triangle & cant waiit to see jealousy in aryans eyes.and yeah preveiw was amazing

  23. Hey.. will it be a love square??… Aryan, purva, aradhya and jairaj… lol

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