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Tulsi is waiting for Aradhya to return, she prays for Aradhya.
Aradhya is trying to stop goons from coming inside room, they come in room and takes aradhya from there thinking its Ketki, Ketki’s mother pleads them to leave her but they go from there, Ketki comes to her mother, she is happy to see her, Ketki says they took Aradhya, both cry.
Kaka calls Tulsi, Tulsi asks why you didnt return? Kaka asks if Aradhya called her? she says no, she is with you, Kaka says there is something fishy, i was standing outside Ketki’s house but Aradhya didnt come out, i asked them so they said she is not there, there is some problem, Tulsi asks him to look around, he says i searched everywhere, Tulsi says you try to find her, i am coming there too.
Aradhya is brought to aaba sahib, he

is stunned to see her, Radghu says to aaba that i brought wrong girl, Aaba says you did good mistake, you will get reward for it, she tried to stop Krishna’s marriage, Aradhya says Krishna knows whats right and whats wrong, he is always with right people, Aaba says there is limit to jump and now you wont be able to face anyone, village is suffering from lack of food and are trying to please Krishna but you destroyed everything, now get ready to face wrath of people.
Tulsi comes to Ketki’s house and asks about Aradhya, Ketki’s mother says she left, Tulsi asks where? she says i dont know, Tulsi says i am her mother, try to understand, please tell me, Ketki’s mother says i dont know anything, Tulsi says please help me, my daughter did everything to save your daughter, Ketki’s mother asks her to leave, she closes door.
Aradhya is tied to pillar, she asks what she did? Pundit says you have tried to miff God, now you have to rectify it, you will have to ask forgiveness from God.
Tulsi meets Kaka and says we should file complaint in police station, Kaka says they all are servants of Aaba, nobody wll help us, Tulsi cries and says what to do then? she gets Kumudini’s call and says if she gets to know about Aradhya then.. Kaka takes her call, Kumudini asks why you and Aradhya are not taking call? till when you are coming? Kaka says tire is punctured, Tulsi and Aradhya are sleeping, should i wake them up? she says no and come soon, she ends call, Kaka says to Tulsi that i will try to find her then we will go to pune’s police station.
Aaba says to people that this girl is jumping too high, cut her wings and drag her to chowk and take off her shame, arrogance and respect, i should listen her screams in my house, Aradhya says no.
Tulsi comes to Krishna mandir, she says came here 21 years and cried, screamed, asked for help but you didnt come, still i didnt lose my trust over you but today for sake of my trust, you have to come, i dont know where is Aradhya, she is in some problem and if anything happens to her then i will die, please find her and bring to me.
people make Aradhya drink intoxicating drink, Aradhya gets dizzy, she asks Krishna to save her, Pundit puts tikka on her forehead, aaba puts red color on her face and ask people to take her.

Scene 2
Aradhya is brought on road, people are dragging her. kaka is there but couldnt see Aradhya, he goes to find Aradhya.
Kaka comes to Tulsi and says i couldnt find Aradhya, Tulsi says t Krishna that if anything happens Aradhya then i will die here only.
Pundit asks people to start. women puts more red color on Aradhya’s face, Aradhya prays to Krishna. A man starts taking off her dupatta, he is about to take off her shirt but Aryaan comes on horse there, he is veil, he puts Aradhya on horse and takes her from there, Pundit asks Raghu to catch him.
Aryaan comes in jungle while Aradhya is on his horse, he takes off his veil and looks at Aradhya. he stops at lake and sees Aradhya dizzy and calling out to Krishna. he takes off his upper and puts it under her arm. He says these social worker kind of people always stuck in some problems.
Aryaan lifts Aradhya in his arms and brings her to camp, he makes her lie there and leaves on his horse, Aradhya looks at him but couldnt see his face.
Aradhya’s friend Shivani sees Aradhya lying there and says where were you Aradhya? she wipes her face.
Shivani calls Tulsi and says Aradhya has returned, Tulsi asks how she is? she says she is fine, Aradhya takes phone from her and says i am absolutely fine, i am with my friends, Tulsi asks where were you and why didnt you take my call? Aradhya says my phone’s battery died and after meeting Ketki, i came to camp, Tulsi asks her to return soon, she ends call. Shivani asks Aradhya what happened with her? Aradhya says Krishna saved me.
Tulsit thanks Krishna. Aradhya asks Shivani to not tell this to anyone, Shivani says i will not tell anyone but who was superman? who saved you, left you here and went on horse, Aradhya recalls it and says i dont know. Shivani gives her water and says i will bring more water, she leaves. Aradhya washes her face and sees a button(Aryaan’s upper button) stuck in her ring, she looks at it.
Aryan is going on his horse. He stops near lake and comes down from horse, he sees Aradhya’s anklet stuck to his upper’s zip, he looks at it.
Aradhya looks at button and says i couldnt even thank him, if he didnt come then dont know what would have happened.
Aryan plays with anklet. Aradhya says atleast there are two people in that cheap village, one that saved me in police station and other the superman, she looks at button and says no he is buttonman.

Scene 3
Shashwat is looking at work. aaba calls him and gets angry on him, shashwat asks what happened? aaba says when your father’s respect is gone, you have no shame for it, today Krishnadasi’s function was put to halt, we were insulted but what you did? he calls Raghu and other goon and asks did you find who played shank? a horse rider came and took girl from there but you are not able to find him, he asks who have horse in this village? Raghu says only our family has horses, Aaba says then you should have looked in stable, if one horse is less from there or not, if on is less then it means someone from our village has tried to raise voice against me, he asks Raghu to leave, he does, Aaba says to Shashwat that i know you have problem with me and with my ways but can do anything? can you go against me? do you have guts? he asks shashwat to leave, he says dont know whats happening in Krishnavati.
Aryan returns to camp but doesnt find Aradhya there, he looks around. He looks at anklet and says seems Miss payal(anklet) is gone.
Aradhya comes to Tulsi, Tulsi says where were you? i was worried for you, Aradhya says i am fine. Tulsi finds her ear red and says from where did this red color came? Aradhya says Ketki’s face had red color on face, i hugged her so it came on ear, Tulsi asks her to promise that she will never come in Krishnavati again, Aradhya says i promise i will not return, she says to Tulsi that you look more beautiful when you smile, Aradhya says do you remember which storm came in your life 21 years back? tulsi says it was you, happy birthday, Kaka comes there, Aradhya sits in car. Kaka tells something in Tulsi’s ears, Tulsi says what? and gets shocked.
Tulsi comes in hospital. Kumudini is admitted there, Kumudini asks where is ARadhya? did you bring her back? Tulsi says she is fine, i didnt tell her anything, i left her home, what happened to you? Kumudini says i was feeling dizzy so came here, Tulsi says you are not like the one who come to hospital for such small things, what happened? Kumudini says nothing major, she asks how is Krihnavati? how is our village? everything fine there? did you see our home? Tulsi says how would i go to see my home a night? going krishnvati is like opening old wounds, did you see what happened when Aradhya went there? she was arrested, Krishnavati is not same, its of goons now, see after 21years you are in hospital so that you cant go back to Krishnavati, forget old things, Aradhya must be waiting for us. Doctor comes there and asks Tulsi come to with him, Kumudini says i am very strong so tell my illness infront of me, Doctor says you are very late, Kumudini says tell straight what has happened to me? i have seen many illness so tell me, nothing will happen to me. Doctor says Kumudini has cancer and she is on last stage, Tulsi and Kumudini are shocked.
Raghu is counting horses of aaba sahib, he sees last horse’s leg in his stable and says all are in stable then whose horse it was? he says we have to find it soo. Shashwat comes there, Raghu leaves with his goons. Shashwat sees horse’s legs in stable, he opens door to find it dummy of legs and horse missing from there, he says this means someone else has thoughts like me too, he saved that girl, Shashwat smiles.
Kumudini says dont know what Krishna wants, life and death is in his hands, she says to Tulsi that nothing will happen to me, i havent seen my Krishna fully, he will call me then i will serve to him. I will go back to my village and i will take my respect back, till then nothing will happen to me, i will die in his feet, i dont have time, dont know what will happen, let me fulfill my last wish, Tulsi says okay but promise me that you will not tell anything to Aradhya else she will not stop, she has life in you, she will try to come to Krishnavati behind you, Kumudini says are you mad, i wont tell her anything, she asks Kaka to get ready, we will go to Krishnavati today, send Aradhya to hostel, he leaves, Tulsi says today is Aradhya’s birthday, how will we leave her? will see agree to stay in hostel?
At house, doctor says to Kumudini that do you even know how i lied to Tulsi? you dont have cancer, you made me lie to Tulsi so that you can go to Krishnavati, do you even know how much tensed tulsi is. Kumudini says i have to go to Krishnavati today for sure, Tulsi will not understand it, sometimes you have to lie, Krishna lied in Mahabharat too, i have to fight aaba and i can use anything to win this.

PRECAP- Aaba says to Kumudini that you were a dancer and still dancer, Kumudini says nobody can throw me out of birth place. Aradhya says to herself that i have listened if you write a wish on this wall then its fulfilled, she looks at button. Aryan is standing on otherside of wall and says i wish my birthday wish is fulfilled, he looks at anklet. Aryan comes in Aradhya’s room and starts breaking her stuff, she asks what she did?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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