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Krishnadasi 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya comes to mandir and prays to Krishanji that dont take my test more, you took Tulsi aayi from me, i had Aryan’s support to solve problems but i dont have it now, we are not even friends let alone be husband and wife, such big punishment for saying truth? i said truth in court so Aryan and Kumudini left me, now i said truth so Gayetri is miffed, whole family is disappointed, i am so alone, what you want? to take everyone from my side? i had atleast Aryan with me but even he is not with me anymore, she feels someone’s presence and turns to see Aryan standing behind. Aryan says i wanted to be alone for sometime so came here, Aradhya says i will leave, i am sorry, she starts leaving, Aryan holds her hand, she looks at him in tears, Aryan says i wanted to be alone but with

you alone here, i wanted to spend time with you, my heart said that you are in mandir so i came here, she is surprised, Tum hi toh jaan plays. Aryan and Aradhya sits together, Aryan says what happened with us? we dont trust each other, both families are ready to attack, its all hatred, anger, doubt, revenge, will we keep doing this whole life? Aradhya says yes, till when this revenge will go on? you know and i know too that Kumudini didnt do anything, when i was saying it, nobody believed me infact my family distanced themselves from me, even in court, i said truth and what happened? you.. we learn from childhood to say truth but when you say truth then your own people leave you alone, i feel like someone is taking advantage of this hatred between families, if something happens with one family, they blame other family. Think Gayetri was writing article against devdasi tradition so someone locked her in tank, Aryan says you have doubt on anyone? Aradhya says Purva and Raj can do this, Aryan says they said sorry to Kumudini, what will they get by doing this? he wont get property, maybe someone else is doing it which we dont know and he is playing from behind curtain, Aradhya says we have to bring his truth out but we have to become one for that.. i mean we have to work together, someone is trying to burn our relations, someone wants us to grow apart, like you were with me when we tries to rectify mistakes, will you be with me this time too? Aryan looks down and thinks, Aradhya caresses his arm and says whenever i need so please extend your hand towards me, Aryan looks on.
Its morning, Pavitra says to Aradhya that i am going to work, she says to Kumudini’s house? didnt you see what happened? Aradhya says i can what nobody else is seeing, i have to go to work to support family, if i dont go there then my relation.. Pavitra says you want to mend your relation with Aryan, i know you care about Aryan alot, i cant say no now but we get worried when you go there, what Kumudini did with Gayetri, she can do this with you too, ARadhya says i know well that Kumudini didnt do it, you know i give side to truth, i want to know who is trying to make our families fight, let me go, Pavitra says okay but take care, Aradhya says we didnt say thanks to Shravani, she did so much for us, i think we should give her gift, she gives her money and says buy her gift, she will like it if you give from your hands, Pavitra says i will bring it, Aradhya leaves. Courier man comes to house, he gives her medicines of aaba, he says its 2500rs, she says but it was 1500rs, he says medicine rates changed, she gives money which Aradhya gave for Shravani’s gift, she says what about Shravani’s gift? i should give something to her.
Shravani thinks that i did so much, i locked Gayetri in tank then saved her but lost my chance to impress anyone, i will have to win Kumudini and Aryan’s heart. She sees Kumudini in kitchen and says why you are cooking food? Kumudini smiles, Shravani thinks why she is smiling like selling toothpaste? Kumudini says i am making breakfast for you today, go and sit, Shravani is confused. Aradhya comes in house and says today aaji will scold me about yesterday, lets get ready. Aradhya starts sweeping floor, Aryan is passingby there and sees her, they share eyelock, Aradhya continues sweeping, Aryan sits on couch and looks tensed, his marker falls on floor, they both bend to pick it up, Aryan takes it, Aradhya thinks that maybe he still doesnt trust me thats why he is not saying yes to catch real culprit.
Kumudini makes Shravani sit on dining table and says i made so many dishes for you, eat it all, then i will apply oil in your hair, Shravani thinks if oldie has gone mad? Kumudini says you must be thinking that i have gone mad, joking, yesterday you saved me from big problem, you dont know aaba, if anything happened to her grand daughter then he would have made scene here, he does so many tricks, he kept gun here and locked Gayetri in tank, she says to Aradhya that i know your aaba, he does this to irritate Krishnadasi. Aradhya looks at Aryan and sees him silent, she says to Kumudini that mistake happens from both sides but we start fighting and third party takes advantage of it, she thanks Shravani for yesterday, Kumudini says why you were taking my side yesterday? your aaba must have thought that you will get more money from me, you thought that i will be nice with you, its enough, i wont get in your trap, i dont want my enemies here, lets got lost from here, you have got your salary, she looks Shravani and says there are good people to take care of me, i am forgiving you for chain too, just leave from here, i dont need you, just go away. Aradhya starts leaving, Aryan comes and says aaji you are right, she doesnt know household work, she is smart, she cant do work here, she cant even sweep nicely, keep breaking buttons, she didnt make good tea, Aradhya is hurt listening this, Aryan says she is useless here, aaji your health will go worse if she works here, lets leave this household work, come to my office, i am tired to Banwari, she can do my work there, i will give you 5000rs as salary and dont expect any holidays from me, Aradhya is surprised and confused, Aryan sees Kumudini looking otherside and winks at Aradhya, she smiles knowing he is on her side now. Kumudini thinks what happened to Aryan? is he falling in love again?
Pavitra sees old sarees and says i cant gibe this to Shravani, Aradhya gave me money for gift but i gave it for medicine, i cant tell her, she works so hard for money, she calls someone and says can you meet me? she says okay and leaves, Shashwat is hiding behind door and has listened everything, he thinks if Pavitra is in danger?

Scene 2
Kumudini comes to Aryan and says what is this? i fired Aradhya from household work so you took her as your office employee? i understand everything, she must have done drama and your heart melted, Aryan says i do business and heart has no place for it, Banwari just keep trying to do corruption, there are not much educated people here so i have to hire good staff, she will keep eye on Banwari, Kumudini says i know Banwari is cheater, but this Aradhya is no less, she trapped me Tulsi’s murder but you forgot it, is it that you took divorce but love is there? dont tell me anything, you gave her saree secretly, you give her salary on time, whom you are fooling? Aradhya is listening all this too, my eyes can see everything, Aryan says if servant wears good clothes then it shows nice of owner too, you are not seeing right things, this girl took your side infront of her family, she did it because she takes side of truth, she doesnt lie like Markand and Banwari, Kumudini says dont tell me, i know she says truth, dont tell me anything, i am seeing everything, what drama she did in court, i have seen it, remember one thing that you will die if you give your business to enemy, do anything you want, Aryan says calm down, if enemy remains infront of us then we will know what their tricks are otherwise we wont even get time to react, Kumudini says i said what i wanted, she leaves. Kumudini says nothing is going right, i know Aradhya, she trapped him, she was grown up in my house, she has created hole in Aryan’s heart, i will have to do something, she leaves. Aradhya comes to Aryan and smiles at him, he hint what? she says thank you, he says for what? i know you want job and what you are doing is below dignity, Aradhya says only for that? Aryan says or what? Aradhya says you tell me for what? i thought that you are ready to shake hands with me, Aryan says i thought you would understand, i have to tell you everything zero IQ, Aradhya smiles, he says go from here, they look at each other, Aryan thinks that what you want to listen, i have it in heart but cant say it, Aradhya thinks even if you dont say whats in your heart, what you think that i cant listen your heart thing? you eyes says everything MR. zero IQ, she leaves, Aryan looks on.
Aradhya is working in office, she is sitting on office and recalls how Kumudini said that if Aryan has still feelings for her after getting divorce too? how Aryan took Aradhya’s side infront of Kumidini, she smiles, she recalls saree scene, she blushes. Aradhya starts working.
Markand comes to Banwari and laughs, he says you are gone Banwari, you will sell paans now, Aradhya took everything from you, she has 5000rs and you have 20rs per day salary, he laughs, you are gone, where will you get money for wine? Banwari says if drown then you will drown too, Markand says dont worry, i wont let you drown, Banwari says you can leave your wife, your father in law for money so i am nothing for you, Markand says dont break my heart, i dont have anyone else then you, Banwari says you used to cheat behind your wife, dont eye employee Sundari here, i will play such game that they will know Banwari is.
Kumudini is applying oil to Shravani’s hair, Shravani is enjoying it and says can i ask you something? Kumudini says yes, she asks if something is bothering you? Kumudini is surprised and says how you know? we dont know each other muchm Shravani its heart relation, Kumudini says you wont my heart today, Shravani thinks that her heart has melted, play along you will get money money, Kumudini wipes her tear. Shravani says you are oiling my hair, do you do same with Aryan? Kumudini says no, i didnt get this chance because of Aaba in my life, i used to do this with my daughter Tulsi, she used to like it and used to sleep in my lap like she would find peace in my lap, my Tulsi left me, you made me remind Tulsi today, you know woman’s life is not completed with a man only, your child is most important, they are your soul, my daughter left me, you can get married again but aayi can never get daughter back, i miss my Tulsi alot, she cries, Shravani brings fake tears to eyes and says what if someone takes her place? i mean if someone loves so much that you dont feel alone, someone can love you like your grand daughter aaji.. Kumudini looks at her in shock.

PRECAP- Markand sees Shravani drinking wine with her goons, they make fun of Markand. Markand comes to Kumudini and says that Shravani is cheater, she was drinking wine with her friends, Shravani comes there and says its true that i went to bar, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    @ last markant says something as good for something??Aarra plzz…come closer,near &dearz..forever..??

  3. Aewwww cute episode ? aryan holds aru’s hand they were talking indirectly? the way he tries to explain kumu? but kumu sab janti hy aryan so dont try to make her fool? nd that wink??? aru smile??? such a great episode …but that shravni is such a annoying character? nd kumu is beleiving her kumu asal me pagal hy? that oldie has gone mad?

  4. I think it is one of Kumudni’s plan to trust Shravani because she doesn’t share her feelings with everyone. She is really smart.

  5. I am sure shravani will say some emotional dialogue…….and kumudini will start sympathizing her……. then she will start thinking to get aryan married to shravani……. but definitely shravani’s secret wont come out so soon…… anyways today’s episode was lovely and hope that aryan and aradhya will unite soon……

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  8. this epi was fab. Arra will kill me one day with their romance & cuteness. How Aryan tried to give a job to Aru was very impressive. & I’m happy coz now he has started to take her name for atleast 2 ,3 times whenever he’s talking with her.

    But more thoughts are not coming to mind bcoz of wht I just now saw. I saw a Promo of Aryan saves Shravani from becoming a krishnadasi in krishna mandhir . Mistakenly vermillien was falle on her forehead & villagers started to say that she has become a devdasi now . Then Aryan got angry & hold her hand & went away frm there. Even Aru was present there but he didn’t notise her & went with that witch & kumu. & according to the sources this incident & Shravani’s behaviour will bring some kind of closeness btwn Aryan & Shravani. I’m completely dissapointed with this spoiler. Vry frustrated with the writers. I don’t want this same nonsense track even in Krishnadasi serial. Writers give our Arra back.

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