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Scene 1
Aradhya says to people in Mandir that what are you doing? you are destroying a girl’s life, Pundit says who are you to stop this pure festival? Aradhya says pure? do you even know that you are destroying her life, Ketki’s father says she is my daughter, i can do anything, who are you to question me? Aradhya says so you are her father? your daughter loves you an trusts you while you are misusing her, what will happen with this marriage? will she bring rain? its only tears that are rolling down her eyes, she comes to aaba Sahib and says you are elder of this village and still seeing all this? or should i say you are behind this stupid thing? Aaba says who are you to question us? who is your father? he didnt tell you how to talk to elders? Aradhya says i dont have father, i

have been raised by my mother, Aaba says you dont have father thats why you have no values, Aradhya says i dont have father thats why i know importance of this relation but Ketki is orpahn even with fact that she has daughters, aaba says these are values of our daughter, they listen to their family, if you were my daughter then i would have beaten you up, Aradhya says if i was daughter of your house and you had raised hand on without any mistake then i would have stopped your hand, Aaba shouts on her and says do you even know whom you are talking with? Aradhya says i am talking to person who doesnt respect his daughters, he is sacrificing daughters, Aaba asks her to leave, i cant bear you anymore, Aradhya says i wont leave, what will you do? will you beat me? i wont leave till i dont free Ketki from this stupid act, police comes there, Aradhya asks inspector to arrest Aaba, they are making a girl marry an idol, because of people like aaba, this stupid ritual still exists, aaba looks at inspector, inspector arrests Aradhya, Aradhya says why are you arresting me? inspector says you interrupted Mandir function so we have to arrest you, aradhya says i have stood against this ritual for first time and will keep standing against from now on, how can people support it? inspector puts her in van and takes her from there, aaba looks on.
Kumudini is looking at jewelry and says those days were amazing, she looks at key and says this is key of my respect, my honor and everything, this key to answer Vidyadhar, he mistreated us and revenge fire is still burning in my heart. Tulsi comes there and says Aradhya is in Krishnavati, Kumudini says this is great, Tulsi says this is not the thing to be happy, she is being arrested, Kumudini says how come? Tulsi says she tried to stop a devdasi’s marriage thats why she is arrested, i kept her away from all this for 21years and now she is arrested for this, Kumudhini says Vidhyadhar is behind all this but he doesnt know who he has attacked, i will go and free her, Tulsi says you will not go, i will go and bring her back, if you go there then Aradhya will know that she is grand-daughter of Krishnadasi and her mother is Krishnadasi too, Aradhya will know it too, Kumudini says she will know it one day, you cant hide it, Tulsi says i have kept Aradhya away from this truth, there is still one more day in 21years getting completed, i know you are worried for her but you wont be able to stop yourself if you go there, Kumudini asks what kind of stubbornness is this? Tulsi says i have got this from you so dont stop me today, she leaves from there, Kumudini prays for Aradhya and says nothing can happen to her.
Aradhya is in jail, she says to inspector that you have kept me in jail without any crime, let us call our family, this is my right, inspector asks if she came in jail before too that she knows about rights? Aradhya says i did nothing, inspector says this ritual is above laws and you tried to stop it, this is problem with educated people, Aradhya asks how much money he got to arrest them? inspector says if you were silent then i would have left you but now i will make this jail permanent place for you.
Ketki’s mother comes to Shashwat(chote thakur, Aaba’s sahib’s son) and says they have arrested the girl which saved my daughter’s life, save her, she is innocent, Shashwat thinks.
Tulsi is going to Krishnavati, she is worried for Aradhya, she sees Krishnavati’s border and recalls how she and Kumudini had escaped from that village, Kaka says to her that dont know your relation with Krishnavati, its good that we are going at night else if anyone had seen you then it would have been problem, i pray to God that aaba is not involved in Aradhya’s case. Car stops, Tulsi asks what happened? Kaka says seems like tire is punctured, you keep sitting inside. aaba’s car is stopped behind Tulsi’s car, driver says their car tire is punctured, Aaba waits.
Aradhya does the formalities in police station, inspector asks Aradhya why she didnt write her father’s name? he says you dont have father, you dont have father but you must have one, your father is alive or dead? maybe your mother doesnt even know about your father, what you mother does? Aradhya is irritated.
Aaba asks his inspector to and check car next to them.
Inspector says to Aradhya that your mother must be confused about your father, she must have been with so many men, Aradhya is about to slap him but Shashwat comes there and stops her hand, Aradhya looks at him, he says now you dont need to do it, he comes to inspector and says you have started doing things as per your will? leave Aradhya and her friend right now, inspector says you dont know who made them arrested, Shashwat says i know what i should know, i will send bail papers, inspector says its not needed as there was no FIR filed, Shashwat angrily looks at him.
Inspector calls aaba sahib and tells him that girl is being freed.
Aradhya thanks Shashwat, she says inspector was talking so badly to me, Shashwat says there are so many bad people, Aradhya says but good people like you are there in this village too, who can see and support right things, Shashwat says you have said a big thing to me, its not like what you see is truth always, he asks her name, she says i am Aradhya Tulsi, Shashwat says its good to raise voice against wrong things but you have to be careful about your protection, if anything had happened to you today then your relatives would have been worried for you, Tulsi arrives there, she comes out of car and sees Shashwat with Aradhya, she sits in car again, Kaka says Shashwat? Tulsi recalls how in past when Shashwat dragged her in village and said that your sins cant be forgotten, how he beat her. Ardhya thanks Shashwat, Shashwat says your father must be proud of you, Aradhya says i dont have father but if he was with me then he would have praised me like you do, Aaba sahib comes there too, Shashwat blesses Aradhya, aaba comes out and calls Shashwat, Shashwat asks Aradhya to go, she says but you? he says you go, Aradhya starts leaving, she stares Aaba who angrily looks at her, Aradhya starts leaving, Tulsi calls her and asks her to come in car, Aradhya sits in car, Tulsi asks Kaka to drive.
Aaba sahib comes in haveli with Shashwat, he asks servant to bring knife, servant brings, Aaba says i feel like playing target game, servant puts apple on his head, aaba says not you, bring my grand daughter Gayetri, Shashwat says i am your culprit then why you are taking revenge from my daughter? Aaba says you are worried about your daughter but what about girl you saved from jail? was she your daughter?
Aradhya asks Tulsi to talk to her, Tulsi doesnt, Ardhya says you can scold me but atleast listen to me why i did it, when you are angry with me, i dont like it, Tulsi doesnt look at her, Aradhya asks Kaka to stop car, he does, Aradhya comes out of car and says till you dont listen to me, i will not move from here, Kaka says to Tulsi that Aradhya is stubborn like her grandmother, talk to her, Tulsi comes out of car and looks at Aradhya.

Scene 2
Gayetri comes to Aaba sahib, Shashwat asks him to let her go, dont do this, Aaba asks Gayetri to stand at distance, she stands infront of dart board, Aaba points knife at her, servant puts apple on Gayetri’s head with shivering hands, Gayetri is tensed and shivers, Shashwat says she is shivering, dont do this, Aaba throws knife at her, it hits apple, Shashwat runs to Gayetri and hugs her, he asks her if she is fine? she nods, Aaba asks why he is pale now? i have told you many times that daughters make man weak but still you dont understand after having two daughters, remember your one weakness can destroy you, Shashwat sends Gayetri away, Aaba says today you went to police station and destroyed our respect.
Aradhya says to Tulsi that you and Ayyi(Kumudini) have given me values and i just follow them, you both have told me difference between right and wrong, you have given me strength to fight injustice, if i had not stopped her then girl’s life would have been destroyed, you know this village people were making her devdasi in name of tradition, i dont understand this tradition is even alive in this age, you even know meaning of Devdasi? they were making girl marry idol of God and were giving her to man who is father of three kids already, do you still that i am wrong? you can tell me that i am wrong but dont stay silent, my breath stops when you dont talk to me, Tulsi hugs Aradhya and says my breath stops too, do you even know how cruel these people are? Aradhya says nothing will happen to me as Krishna is with me.
Aaba says to Shashwat that you dont seem to my son, do you even know your statues? you are Shashwat vidyadhar Rao, today inspector listened to you as your name is attached with my name, if you separate it then those policemen will throw you out, if you do this mistake again then i will forget that you are my son, nothing is greater than traditions for me, he asks him to leave, Shashwat leaves, Aaba asks his goon Raghu to find who told Shashwat about girl being arrested.
Aradhya says to Tulsi that i cant go before meeting Ketki, i dont know if she is fine or not, Tulsi says are you mad? you wanna go back there? we will go home, Aradhya says i have Krishna blessings with me, Tulsi says but you are putting yourself in danger, Aradhya says till i dont meet Ketki, i wont be in peace, Tulsi says no way, we are going home, Aradhya says if it was Aradhya in place of Ketki and nobody would have come to save her even then you would have done same? Tulsi is stunned listening this and recalls how in past when Shashwat was beating her, Kumudini comes to stop him, Shashwat says devdasis like you have no shame, you betray people who support you, i wont let you both stay in this village, he drags them from village, flashback ends, Aradhya asks Tulsi to let her go, Tulsi asks Kaka to go with Aradhya, make her meet Ketki and bring her back as soon as possible, i will be waiting here, she asks Aradhya to just meet the girl and dont do any mistake, Aradhya says i knew you will understand my feelings, she leaves. Tulsi prays for Aradhya.
Raghu comes aaba and says Ketki’s mother pleaded Shashwat to save aradhya, Aaba says she wants to become mother india? he asks to bring Ketki here.
Aradhya comes to Ketki and says dont worry now, Krishna is with you, Ketki’s mother asks why did she come here? dont know what aaba will do now, all are angry on us, Aradhya says you and her father should be with Ketki but i am happy that you are with her, she asks her to bring water, Aradhya’s mother goes to bring water, Raghu comes there with goons, they ask to bring Ketki, aaba has called her, she says dont do anything with Ketki. Aradhya protects Ketki, Ketki says aaba will kill me, Aradhya hides Ketki under bed and tries to not allow goons to come in room.

People attack Aradhya, Aaba sahib comes there and throws red color on her face, people drag her out of house but Raghu dada/Aryan(male protagonist) comes there on horse, puts Aradhya on horse and takes her from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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