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Krishnadasi 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kumudini says to villager that see proof, villager says he has filled her forehead so they are married, Kumudini shows video to aaba and says they are married, Aaba says you are trying to frame my grand son, he just saved her, you are lying, Kumudini says if i am lying then lets end this matter now only. She brings Aryan forward and says tell everyone whatever happened was by mistake or you did it deliberately, if you say that it was mistake then i will end this matter here only but if this is not the case then tell truth to everyone, she is Krishandasi’s daughter so she has these things written in her fate, she will die by stones of thrown at her if that in her fate, tell truth, what happened there? dont be emotional or sympathetic to us, tell us if you both dont have relation,

tell us she is not your wife? you didnt fill her forehead? didnt it happen? Aryan says what all are seeing video, it happened as it is, all are shocked, Kumudini says not like this, say loudly, Aryan says my hand touched her forehead and her forehead filled by my blood, Kumudini says say loudly, Aryan shouts yes i filled her forehead with my blood, i accept this relation’s truth, the meaning of filling forehead with sindoor is truth of our relation, you wanna listen anything more? Kumudini says calm down, she stares Aaba, people start gossiping, aaba says Aryan she is trapping you, this is not film that sindoor fell on forehead by mistake so marriage is done, Kumudini says you keep talking about tradition and customs, sindoor is applied to marriage has happened, she asks villager if someone fills your daughter’s forehead with sindoor then wont it be marriage? all agree that it will be marriage, Kumudini says to Aaba that you take votes from people using customs, Aryan is saying that he filled her forehead with sindoor then why you are denying? you have changing rules for us because we are devdasies? when guy is ready for marriage and has accepted marriage then why Aaba is denying? pheras and elders blessing are remaining, Aaba wants everything will traditions, she asks shastri to tell everyone, what religion say about marriage? Shastri says according to filling forehead with sindoor means husband accept wife and she becomes his duty and have to fulfill her wishes, Kumudini says aaba’a grand son is fulfilling this duty, aaba says enough of this drama, Aryan just went to save Aradhya, Kumudini says why went to save her? what was happening with her? what right he had on her? i didnt call him to save her then why did he come to save her that day? she asks Aryan if he thinks i am trapping you by saying all this? did i call once to save my grand daughter, you came yourself, if you have guts then accept her infront of all, you have started this relation so will you accept it with all rights? Aryan says yes, i am ready to marry Aradhya according to tradition, all are shocked, Kumudini smirks, God has come to help us, aaba now you are relative, you have accept my grand daughter now, bring Shagun to my house, she drags Aradhya from there, Aradhya keep looking at Aryan, she thinks why Aryan? Aryan thinks i will make you understand later Aradhya.

Scene 2
Aryan is alone, Aradhya comes to him and says what you did? we decided to take every step together then why did you say all this? in video it was shown that you applied blood on forehead mistakenly then why did you say that filling forehead is truth of our relation, Aryan says i didnt have any other chance to save you, you kept getting in problems and i have to save you everytime, i am tired of this exercise, i thought to end all this, didnt you see what your Aaji did, she too everything to next level, she kept questioning me so i said that yes i filled your forehead with sindoor deliberately and we have relation, now on one will question, i told it infront of all, now no Chimaji will comes to torture you, i will see who will torture you now. Aradhya is in tears and says anything else? you are sacrificing yourself to save me? you even know meaning of marriage? you promised me to be with me for 7births, Aryan says what problem i will have in living with you? Aradhya asks meaning? Aryan says i keep meeting you, i keep spending time with you so why i will have problem with spending life with you, Aradhya says i dont like this, i will marry a guy who will love me and whom i will love, without whom i will not imagine my life, marriage is beautiful relation, if there is no love in marriage then it becomes hell, you dont love me right? you love me? you dont love me right so how we will fulfill this relation? what is base of this relation? Aryan recalls how Purva asked him what kind of girl he likes and he described Aradhya, Aradhya asks him to answer, Aryan says i didnt think about love and.. Pavitra comes there and slaps Aryan, she says how dare you, you will marry this Devdasi? you will destroy our respect, come with me, she drags Aryan from there.
Banwari and Markand are drinking, Banwari says Kumudini took Aaba’s case today, Markand says we live on aaba’s money, dont talk bad about him, i am thinking alot, this is right chance to do something for Aaba that he will give us money and money, Banwari says dont do something wrong, Markand says i cant stop this marriage drama, we will media and will tell them that Devdasi has trapped aaba’s grand son then they will do anything to save Aryan, Banwari laughs and this this is great idea, i will call media people.

Scene 3
Nakku looks at Aaba and thinks that Pavitra called me cheater so i have done my work, now she will come begging to me. Pavitra comes there with Aryan, Pavitra says Aaba make him understand, he wants to marry devdasi, aaba says to Aryan that your named is joined with me, i gave you name when you were born, i made you learn how to walk, you wouldnt even eat food without me, when you started talking, first word you said was Aaba not baba, i gave you everything you needed as i thought you will raise my name higher, this is how you will raise my name? you promised to marry a devdasi? i thought you as my pride but today you have put my head down, if it was anyone else instead of you then you know what i would have done but.. i am helpless infront of you, aaba asks Aryan to go to Kumudini’s house and tell her you did all this to save Aradhya, tell them you wont marry her and wont meet her, this is aaba’s order, Aryan says i will not go, Aaba says you have forgotten everything, you are forgetting my upbringing for that cheap girl? Aryan says if i ask you what you have made me learn then what will answer? upbringing means in this family is that for fake respect for family we can do anything, keep poor under feet, we can do all injustice in lure of traditions, you have given me upbringing to to throw stones at girl infront of all, you locked her in cave, she would have died of hunger there, this is your upbringing, you can do anything with devdasi rituals, you can live with these old school thoughts but i cant because i am grown up and think, my Gayetri sister cant come in this house because of you but didnt force you as i didnt want to disrespect you, people are breaking fake traditions but you are lying in feet of fake saint, cant you see there is no sign of being saint in Chimaji, its time to break Krishnavati from these rituals, i am tired of all this, one side is Pavitra my mother’s doubting nature and otherside is you with your revenge fight, this is feeling of death, i will now on my terms now, if anyone has problem then tell me, i will leave from here and will live like i want, if you people want me to stay here then let me live, i have given words to Aradhya and i will not move back, we tried alot to rectify mistake, she thought to change you and i thought to change her aaji but you are not made from that clay which can be changed, Aradhya started trusting you but you did her auction, after listening today’s talk with Kumudini, i realised that you and Kumudini were present at auction site but you didnt do anything, i will not change my decision, i will marry Aradhya, i know what i have to do and you know what you can do, he leaves, all are shocked.
tulsi comes to aradhya and consoles her. Kumudini says Aaba must be in tension, his old age has come and now he has to bow down too, Tulsi says do not be so happy, its not easy to make him bow down, you said that bring shagun and you think they will come? Kumudini says grand son’s love can make anyone helpless, he is lion of circus not of jungle, he will come, Tulsi says Aryan said that he will marry in emotional state, Kumudini says i didnt force him, he could deny marrying, this is not about emotions, there is more than friendship between Aryan and Aradhya, Aradhya stares her, Kumudini says they became servant in each others house this means they have something between them and he agreed for marriage easily, Aradhya and Tulsi leaves. Kumudini says my biggest pawn will go to Aaba’s house now, Kumudini says my grand son Aryan will marry Aaba’s grand daughter Aradhya, no its like aaba’s grand daughter will become my daughter in law and Aryan is my grand son so i will decide how marriage will happen. She gets call from David and asks how is he? where did you go? your forgot me.
Tulsi comes to Aradhya and says you wont tell me? Aradhya says you are seeing how much Kumudini is enjoying all this, all she wants is revenge from Aaba, its about my and Aryan’s life, to save me he said that he will marry me but he doesnt know what it can do to our lives, no relation is made in anger, i dont want this kind of relation for me and for Aryan, Tulsi says you are thinking about Aryan and his life so much, this shows what place he holds in your life and heart, Aradhya is stunned listening this, when we start thinking about others happiness more than our happiness then it means he is special to us, right? Aradhya looks on, Tulsi says i can read your heart, i am your aayi, i know about your heart, i dont know whats in Aryan’s heart but i know you both will remain happy with each other, you both will take care of each other, if fate wants to see you both together then anyone can try but only fate will win.
Aryan comes in his room and recalls how he accepted his relation with Aradhya and agreed for marriage, how Shastri said that wife is husband’s duty, he recalls his moments with Aradhya, how he was confused if he likes or not, he laughs and says i went to burn her house earlier and now i am going to make house with her, how this happened so suddenly? he looks at Aradhya’s sketch he made on punching bag, he says that small dinosaur made me so much today.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to media that Aaba have accepted this relation, he is great person, he has brought change from his house, this is great, aaba looks on. Aryan asks Aradhya why she is upset? Aradhya says i cant marry you, she takes off her hand from his hand and starts to leave, Aryan pulls her closer and says not everything is to be said in life, you wanna listen then listen, i love you, Aradhya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Thats what i told u all that it will be telecasted either on friday or nmonday so there is no bandage

    2. Thats what i told u all that it will be telecasted either on friday or monday so there is no bandage

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