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Krishnadasi 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan comes out of bathroom, he is in towel and takes off his shirt. Aradhya comes there, she turns away seeing him without clothes, he says you have no manners, you didnt knock. Aradhya says you move around without clothes? Aryan says this is my room, Aradhya says i was feeling suffocated so i thought to live in your room as we have to live together, Aryan wears clothes. Aryan says you will live here? ARadhya says i didnt have problem in that store room but you are Prince of this house, how will you live with me there? you are my husband so i had to think about you, Aryan says this is not welfare house that anyone can come here, leave from here. Aradhya says i have brought something for you, she gives him almonds and says i will make your memory strong, remember one name that is Aradhya

Aryan Rao, you will also remember that i have equal right on everything, Aryan throws away almonds and says you are so stubborn, Aradhya says yes and you have made me stubborn. Aradhya brings her luggage and starts unpacking, Aryan is about to throw her clothes, Aradhya says why you are forcing me to call inspector Damini and send your family to jail? i will live here in this room only, Aryan thinks that she has stooped so low, she keep warning me about jail. Aradhya says let me keep my things in your cupboard, Aryan says dont try to touch my Almirah, Aradhya says dont you know that husband and wife share Almirah, Aryan says you want half almirah right? Aryan break Almirah’s doors and says now its ready, keep your things there, Aradhya says what rubbish is this? i asked place in your alimirah, didnt ask you break it. Aryan breaks almirah more and says now i have broken it fully, you can take any side in almirah, enjoy it, he leaves.
Chimaji says to Gayetri that aaba wants you get married to guy, whats your decision? we will do what you want, Gayetri says i agree with this relation, i have done mistake by living life according to my terms, i got cheating only, now i will do what my family wants me to do, Chimaji says my blessigns are with you, you will start new life with this relation. Kumudini listens all this and says they have fixed Gayetri’s marriage? David your wife is going to get married now.
Purva says to Pavitra that you want to Aradhya’s face revealing ceremony? Pavitra says we have to some fake acts infront of world, we will call some guests then Aradhya will not make issue of all this else you dont know Aradhya can call police to complain about us, i just want to free Aryan from her, Purva says we have to do something, Aradhya cant keep us in fear of police like this.
Kumudini meets David, he asks why did you call me? she says first greet me, he greets her, she says i want to give news about Gayetri, he asks what happened to Gayetri? is she fine? Kumudini says you are worried for her? you know aaba has fixed her marriage with some guy, Aaba never liked Gayetri so dont know what kind of guy he has found for her, we dont care, our revenge from Gayetri is finished, lets enjoy, David says no, i cant let this happen with Gayetri, Kumudini says you are worrying for her? have you started taking her as your wife? did you start loving her? David leaves from there, Kumudini says what has happened to him? she laughs.
Aradhya is setting Aryan’s room, Purva comes there and says why dont you leave from here? Aradhya says i thought you are educated and will knock before coming in husband, wife’s room, Purva says Aryan has always hated you, Aradhya says this is my personal matter with my husband, Purva says you are living here as charity done by this family, till when you will keep getting this charity? Aradhya says i am living here as charity then what are you doing here? you are living here as charity too and i have license to live here but what right you have to live here? you have no mangalsutra, sindoor and you didnt get married to Aryan legally but you saw how me and Aryan got married legally, if you are thinking that you will trap Aryan then you are wrong, i know very well how to keep my husband safe from evil eyes, and this ring which you are wearing is also charity done by me, it was in my finger earlier and i very well know how to take my things back, Purva says shut up, how dare you call my things as charity, Aryan comes there and asks Purva to leave, she leaves. Aradhya says now you will give lecture to me that i called her here and was insulting her, Aryan says today is your face revealing ceremony, we have to do shopping, go get ready, i am waiting for you, he leaves, Aradhya thinks whats going on in his mind?
Aradhya comes out of house after getting, she sees Aryan and Purva sitting in jeep. aryan asks her to sit in back seat of jeep, Aradhya thinks that they are cooking something, lets see. Aradhya tries to sit in jeep but Aryan starts driving, he stops, Aradhya comes and sit in car, they leave.
Kumudini asks Tulsi what she is preparing? Tulsi says today is Aradhya’s face revealing ceremony, we cant go there without gifts, you are coming from there, they didnt tell you? Kumudini says i went for some work from there thats why i dont know. Kumudini looks at some chemical and thinks that Pavitra didnt want to wear my gifted saree but i will see how she skips it, she plans something, she says i am going to mandir, she leaves.
Aryan does shopping, he gives shopping bags to Aradhya and asks her to hold it, she holds it. Aryan says to Purva that you can do as much as shopping you want, he asks Aradhya to come behind them. Aryan and Purva does shopping, Purva holds his hand while Aradhya is coming behind them. Purva sees gol gappas and says to Aryan that lets eat it. Aradhya thinks that i am hungry too. Aryan orders two plates of gol gappas, Aryan looks at Aradhya standing at a distance, Purva eats gol gappa, Aryan says i will eat later, Purva says i will make you eat with your hands, she makes his eat, Aryan starts eating with her. Aradhya thinks that he is eating all alone, i never thought that Aryan will become so selfish, i will see till when he will not realize that i am hungry too. Aryan and Purva eats gol gappas, they finish it, Aryan asks Aradhya to come with them for more shopping.
Purva and Aryan are shopping while Aradhya is holding heavy bags. Purva feels hot, Aradhya is tired too. Aryan says to Purva that i have brought umbrella for you, he covers Purva under umbrella, Purva says tell her to come fast, Aryan nods Aradhya to come fast. Aradhya comes to Aryan and drops his bags, she says take your bags, Aryan says dont be clever, we will leave you here, Aryan says have you seen heat? you will go home by walking? Aradhya says you are worrying for me? i am habituated to walking, she leaves from there, Aryan thinks that she thought i will buy saree for her, still evening’s drama is remaining.

Scene 2
Banwari and Markand are doing decorations, they talk about Aradhya’s antics. Kumudini comes there, Banwari leaves. Kumudini asks Markand what he was talking to Banwari? you lost 10,000rs right? i will tell Aaba, Markand says no, what do you want from me? Kumudini says you have to do my work, she gives chemical to Markand and says you have to throw this chemical in Pavitra’s almirah, she clicks his photo with chemical, he says i cant do it, she says if you dont do it then i will show this photo to everyone, Markand says i will do your work, Markand blabbers that thousand jerks die to give birth to one Kumudini, Kumudini says not thousand but lac, Markand leaves, Kumudini recalls how Pavitra threw her saree and says now see Pavitra.Pavitra comes out of bathroom in bathrobe, she opens her cupboard to see her sarees spoiled due to chemical. she calls Nakku and says what will i wear now? Markand sees all this and says dont know what Devdasi will make me do more, he leaves. Nakku says to Pavitra that i think Aradhya have done this to irritate you, Pavitra says i wont spare her but what should i wear now?
Aradhya gets ready for face revealing ceremony. Aryan comes there and is mesmerized seeing her dressed up, he recalls how he gifted dress to her earlier. He comes in room and looks at Aradhya, they look in mirror at each other. Aryan shows her Gajra, music plays. Aryan puts Gajra on Aradhya’s head, Kyun ke tum hi toh ho meri jaan plays, Aradhya is stunned seeing hsi soft side, Aryan puts hand her shoulder, Aradhya closes her eyes, Aryan says only this was remaining thats why i have put it, now you are looking like complete Devdasi, Aradhya says you are forgetting that Devdasi doesnt have face revealing ceremony but its happening with me, your family might have accepted me as their daughter in law and about this saree, you remember you gifted this saree to me, you gave gift for face revealing ceremony to me earlier only, am i not looking pretty?
Kumudini comes to Aaba’s Haveli and asks Nakku where is Pavitra? she should be welcoming guests. Tulsi and Damini comes there, Pavitra comes there wearing saree gifted by Kumudini. Kumudini says to Pavitra that you are looking like queen for real this time, no cursed eye showed fall on you and taunts her saying why she didnt turn this saree to dusting cloth? she gives her another gift to Pavitra. Tulsi comes there, Kumudini says Tulsi she is looking pretty, Tulsi says to Pavitra that you are looking nice, Pavitra says thanks and leaves.
Aryan says to Aradhya that as your husband, i should gift you for ceremony first? you wanna see what i have brought for you? he shows her ghungroos and says nice sound they make, i know you like them alot thats why i brought it, will you keep your feet on bed? no? okay i will bend and will make you wear them, Aryan sits down. he makes her wear ghungroos in feet, Aradhya recalls how he defended her earlier when Kumudini had made her wear those ghungroos, Aryan says now you are looking like complete Devdasi, Aradhya thinks that i wanna see how much low can you stoop to put me in place. Aryan says you should not come down wearing these ghungroos as then you will look like devdasi more than daughter in law, i think you should not come down, Aryan thinks that she is like to become Jhansi ki Rani but she doesnt know about my hatred, i will not let come down in ceremony at any cost.

PRECAP- Aradhya comes in ceremony wearing ghungroos only, all are shocked. Aradhya says to everyone that i was getting ready thats i got late, me and my husband have planned surprise for you all. Aradhya starts dancing like devdasi in ceremony infront of everyone, Aryan is stunned, Aaba looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. 🙁 when will our Aroo n Aryan be together again. … Aryan is so rude.

    1. I completely agree you

      1. me tooooooooooooo

    2. Meeee to dear’s

  2. Aru u r great…..nice episode..

  3. oh my god what a drama…
    will you stop this and unite them…

  4. aryan how can u be soooooo rude………i want aara to be together again

  5. Aryan is too rude :/

  6. Hope truth about abaa and kumudimi reveals soon…. Waiting for Araa to unite soon

  7. Very very shamefull act of aryan ….u shameless creature of Almighty GOD how can u do this han? ur consciene is died i guess thats the resson u dont feel anything …aru u should slap him hard for what he is doing …when will ur soul reproach u han?how much time it will take to realize? Aww aru my poor baby ? but aru will slap him hard by dancing like devdasi ..good job aru …i guess m getting too harsh towards aryan but what can i do i cant see any women treated like this in real life too ..i m eagerly waiting for that moment when raj will burn aryan soul …huh atta majhi sach me bhtt ziyada satak li aj????

  8. Wht hell has happened to Aryan. Such a hatred towards Aru… He is crossing his limits. I feel that a ghost have enterd his body.or he is nt Aryan. He is some other person in Aryan’s appearance.
    And that purva……How shameless.
    Hats off to Aradhya’s courage. She is not ready accept defeat at any cost.
    I think this is the best time to reveal the baby swapping secrt.. kumu plz do something. I can’t bear their hatred anymore
    Plz plz plz KD writers, creat some good news for us . …..plz..

  9. Aryan aryan aryan dun stoop too low dat u cnt ask for forgiveness after truth revelation, my goodness and how dare dat purva abusing aaru,aryans character assassination going on in full swing, yeah i can understand dat he’s hurt but dis is still not the way to behave if he truly loved aaradhya, on the other hand aaradhyas mistake was that only dat she trusted kumudini, dats all nd wen truth wil cum out,it wil b clear dat aaru is at No fault and she din abuse and misbehaved with anyone, it’s aryan whos stooping low and wish afterthat aaru should left him and go so that he wil realize her importance, please dun spoil aryans character cvs,its way painful to watch dat once he stopped her from dancing and today he himself tied ghungharu to her feet, wat d hell,aryan oh gosh manh i wanna c ur face wen u get to know dat she’s not devdasi but u r a devdas

  10. Apps aryan will be romancing with purva ????

  11. Wat happened 2 our aryan? 🙁 🙁 Today i really hate the way he treated our aru.hw many times he is calling aru a devdasi??I wonder wat will be his reaction when he knows he is the son of devdasi not aru!!!!and that evil purva I felt like slapping her hard. But we should be happy that aru is not a sacrificing goat like the heroines of other daily soaps..hats offf to her 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. I agree what aryan is doing is absolutely wrong, but I think it’s aradhya who has made him like that. He is an extremely good guy with lot of values, like his dad, obviously he would be super hurt when aradhya accused him of rape and things like that which he can’t even think of doing. Either aradhya should have trusted him and his love and brought out aab’s heart attack truth or just let him go if she felt she needs to prove herself to him all the time. And what right rights is she talking about? What right does she want? For God’s sake, she’s acting stupid, why would a girl with so much maturity and self respect do something like this, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what is aradhyas agenda. Does she want aryan’so love back? She wants a happy marriage? She wants revenge from them? Why did she even get married in that disgusting way, I agree aryan is immature and needs proof for everything, he believes his family more than her, but he’s never been fake…if he lost trust in her or if he chose his family over her then even she is at fault because she too got into kumudinis teap.

    1. Yes i agreed with you in this point dat m not getting aarus agenda,revenge,love or wat,pyar kisise zabardasti toh le nahi sakte,wat does she want???? I also got irritated sumtimes with this haq haq haq,it should be revenge, revenge,revenge den it wil sound gud,now it seems dat shes desperate to be with aryan

  13. aryan is so rude……….and aru, i wud lyk to say well done………keep it up………….

  14. I hate Aryan…Especially purva

  15. I’m hating Aryan now a days. Nd can’t tolerate Purva.

  16. i feel pity on aradhya but yeah she sound stupid in this recent track. i dont understand what she want revenge,love,haq???????she know dat aryan tried to rape her n ditches her for aaba or purva in dat case she has to hate him n take revenge but she is doing oppste she want her haq i dont undrstand wat haq she is talking abt n for dat so callled haq she is bearing nonsense….aryan is angry on her n taking full revenge of his n his family insult by insulting her but why she is bearing dat insult she is also angry on him…aryan is being rude to her dats bad actually very bad but aradhya is looking fool n weak in track she look like a desperate woman

  17. poot Aru.. Pavitra ko acchi sabak mila…

  18. Hope the truth of both aryan and aradhya will come soon.

  19. How can Aryan be so rude.and why is aru doing all this.what does she want love or haq??this is a bit confusing. Got the news of new entry jayraj but not Raj.heard that aru will slap him at their first meet.quit exciting

  20. Thankx Ruby for helping me

  21. I love Aru’s reply to Poorva.Aryan is really being so rude to her?I can understand his annoying but the way he uses Poorva 4 jealousing Aru is wrong.Pavitra is learned a good lesson.

  22. Aradhya (Sana Sheikh) gets jealous seeing Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Purva’s romance in KrishnadasiThe upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will showthat Aryan comes in to Purva’s room in night seeing Aradhya is sleeping.Aradhya wakes up and is shocked not seeing Aryan in room.She hears some noise in Purva’s room and goes there.Aradhya is angry seeingAryan and Purva close to each other on bed.Aradhya takes candle and burns the bed and tells Aryan that if he wants to make her jealous the she will do whatever she wants.Aryan’s mother tortures Aradhya by making her wash cloths in sunlightApart from this, Aryan’s mother tortures Aradhyaby making her wash lotsof cloths in sunlight.Tulsi gets emotional seeing her daughter Aradhya’s condition but Aradhya tells Tulsi that she will fight for her right till her last breath.

  23. Guys what Aryan is doing is not correct I agree… bit what he is today it is because of aaradhya she should have trusted Aryan.. how can she trust her aaji who did her nilami… she didn’t trust her love.. Aryan is not like his aaba.. he is feeling equal pain like aaru.. instead of doing all this aaradhya should expose aaba… may be then Aryan would realize.. but still it’s difficult for them to unite soon as aaradhya blamed him for rape… and it’s a such a big thing…I hope tulsi exposes kumudini in front of aaradhya.. I think it’s much more important than child swapping truth…

  24. this show is going from bad to worst. I see Notting sensible . The writing is horrible.

  25. Aryan was too rude to Aaradhya??specially by gifting her gungroos and calling her “Devdasi”??

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