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Krishnadasi 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tulsi and Aradhya hides from Aaba’s goons. Raghu says to goon damu that we should to protect Haveli, they should not be seen there, they leave, Aradhya looks around and says no one is here, we should run, they come out, goons come there, Aradhya takes shovel in her hands and says dont come near us, Raghu says we will not stop, Aradhya says i will stop this marriage at any cost, goon attacks Tulsi with rod, they leave from there, Tulsi is bleeding on head, Aradhya says i will take you to hospital, Tulsi says no you go and stop Gayetri’s marriage, Aradhya says i cant leave you, Tulsi says you have swear on Lord, Aradhya leaves from there.
Gayetri starts taking pheras with David. Pavitra imagines Aryan and Aradhya taking pheras sameway, she she smiles and looks at Aryan,

he asks what? she says nothing, Pavitra thinks Aaro said she will come but why didnt she come?
Aradhya comes to Haveli but sees goons there, she thinks to go from back door. Aradhya enters Haveli from back door, she sees Raghu and hides, Raghu leaves, Aradhya goes in.
Kumudini is seeing marriage and thinks i am not able to hold my happiness, Gayetri and David Fernandez marriage is going to complete soon. Pavitra goes to bring things from her room.
Raghu is instructing his goons, aradhya is hiding from them, Raghu sees her and runs behind her.
Pavitra comes in corridor, she finds Aradhya there, Pavitra says Gayetri is going to get married. Aradhya comes in marriage venue and says stop this marriage, this marriage cant happen, all are shocked, Aaba asks what is she saying? he asks who allowed her to come in, Pavitra says she is same girl whom i told you about, she is aaro, aaba is shocked and says have you gone mad? you know she is? she is Kumudini’s grand daughter, Pavitra is shocked, Aradhya says he is right, i am devdasi’s daughter but rightnow we have to stop this marriage, Kumudini says we cant stop marriages, this is against rituals, we Krishnadasies just come in marriages to bless couple, Aradhya says to aaba that i will tell you truth, this man who is getting married to Gayetri is cheater and imposter, his name is not Devaish, he is David Fernandez, he is brother in law of Sarasvati, he has come here to take revenge of Saras, he wants to to revenge from this family, this is all his planning, he planned to get locked in godown with Gayetri, he trapped everyone, Aaba says you are making fake story, Aradhya says i wont let Gayetri’s life be destroyed, Aradhya asks Aryan to trust her, i told you he is a cheater, ask him if he is David or not, Aryan says why you are doing all this? you wont get anything, Gayetri says Aradhya i thought you are my well wisher, my best friend but why you are doing this with me? Aradhya says trust me, i can never think wrong for you, i am doing this for you, ask him if i am saying truth or not, Aaba says we dont need to ask him, i knoe he is honest and nice person, Aradhya says you are blindly trusting him, did you see any proof that he is Davaish? Shashwat thinks that he is David Fernandez? Aaba says i dont need to ask, i can tell man is lying or not by seeing his face, i can tell that you are lying by seeing your face. David says Aradhya is saying truth, all are shocked, he comes to Aaba and says you failed this time in recognizing man, i came here to take revenge, my revenge is completed after doing this marriage, Gayetri says what are you saying? you are joking? David says i am saying truth, i am not Devaish, i am David fernandez, brother in law of Saras, Aaba is about to beat him, David says no, i am your son in law now, i am Gayetri’s husband, Aaba leaves him, aaba asks Gayetri to leave, Kumudini says what are you doing? its not needed, everything is done, sindoor, Mangalsutra and pheras are done, i have blessed the bride too, marriage is done, your Gayetri is not Gayetri fernandez, Aradhya says to Kumudini that you knew everything, right? Kumudini says i dont know anything, i got marriage invitation so i came here, Aradhya says you are lying, you knew everything from before, Kumudini says i just came to bless the girl, Aryan says you both stop your drama, he says to Aradhya that now i know your planning, you wasted my time whole day by making me search lighter man and now you are trying to act good, get lost from here, Aradhya says you can say anything but i wont let Gayetri’s life be destroyed, you are forgetting that i ran behind you, i begged you to listen to me, i kept telling you that there is something Gayetri’s marriage but you didnt listen to me, Aryan says yes you told me but if you wanted to stop this marriage then you could have come here before this marriage was finished but you didnt come, you came here at the end, whole marriage was done then you came, i understand everything, dont try to pretend, i know whatever has happened here, you both are behind it, Aradhya says to Gayetri that believe me, i tried to stop this marriage, i told everything to Aryan but he didnt listen, i know our families have animosity but i cant let your life be destroyed, Pavitra says get lost, dont ever come here, you are Devdasi’s daughter so this is your work, like aaji like daughter, Aryan says your family ash done alot, now leave, Aradhya atleast you dont say this, you know i tried everything to stop this marriage, Aryan says just leave else i can do anything, he pushes her away, Aradhya says i hope you take off you blindfold, you want to put blame one someone else but if you get time then think who is responsible for all this, she leaves. Kumudini says to Aaba, why are you silent now? you threw your daughter out of house because she married man of different religion, what you will do with your grand daughter now? same that you did with your daughter? this is like paying back, now your daughter and grand daughter both are daughter in laws of fernandez family, you keep talking about race, caste, religion, what happened now? you are now shown the mirror, Aaba shouts to shut up, not one more word, he asks Banwari to throw her out, Kumudini stares him, Banwari gets afraid and says i cant touch her else she will file FIR on me, Aaba says she will die from my hands now, Aaba takes gun, he is about to shoot at Kumudini but Aryan stops him, Kumudini smirks, Aryan says if you do this mistake then their mission will be accomplished, she wants this, Kumudini says see he is so intelligent, he has not gone on you, your anger is nothing, this is impotent anger, he shouts at her, Kumudini shouts back, she asks Banwari to give him cold water, he can have nervous breakdown and will blame us for that too, it happens in anger, you can ask me, i have seen it 21years back, that time i calmed down my anger and increased my brain, Shashwat pulled my daughter from hair 21years back and threw her out of village, what will you do with your daughter now? will throw her out too? I am going to do aarti, you all can come too, congratulations to you all for David fernandez and Gayetri’s marriage. She says to Pavitra that Gayetri fernandez is looking beautiful today, save her from evil eye, i have done it from my side, she leaves.
all leave, only David, Aryan, Shashwat, Banwari and Aaba are in hall, David says to Aaba that you washed my feet today, you had to wash servant’s feet, i still respect you so tell me when is bidai? he asks Aryan where is my bride? Aryan punches him hard, David says you can beat me but dont hit my face, now i am your sister’s husband, Aryan beats him more, David says everything is fair in love and war, beat me more, Aryan beats him, David laughs, David says will you kill me sister in law? he gets angry and says listen to me, my sister in law who is like my mother is fighting with death, she dies everyday to see you but did anyone go to meet her? she came to meet Aryan but Aaba made her get beaten up by his goons, she is in hospital rightnow, what was her mistake that she married man of different religion? now Aryan your sister had married man of different religion too, Aryan beats him, David says you are educated, dont like this old Aaba, Aryan beats him, David says will you make Gayetri widow? Aryan says dont take my her name else i will kill you rightnow, he asks Damu to throw him out, David says what did you do? you have destroyed my sherwani, your sister liked blue sherwani and you have made it red, Banwari thinks that hats off to Kumudini, she is way too clever, Aryan shouts to take him, goons take David away.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Aradhya that you are behaving as if you are not from this family but from Aaba’s family, Aradhya says you have no remorse of anything you did, you and David made situation in which aaba was forced to make Gayetri marry him, tell me truly were you not part of this scheme?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moral of this episode “always listen what others say even if they r ur enemies”.God gave mind to all of us.So better we utilize.
    Why does this aryan blames aaradhya for everything.Didnt he got mind to use.Anyways this is daily soap what else can be expected.

  2. hope sheswant, arayn, aradhya clears all out

  3. Mindblowing dear kumudini…rightfully aaba shaheb is shown the mirror nw…aaba himself destryd saraswati’s lyf n nw aryan that hipocrit is blaming david….wow wat a justce,,,,nw aryan shd thnk why shashwat doesnt suprt aaba…n he shd even thnk dat he is educatd n wat aaba hav done was wrng…that tym he blamd the krishnadasis for all n he threw them out of village nd nw he himself is respnsble 4 all….that wat kumudini wantd…really everythng’s fair in love nd war…

  4. hey frndz if u all support me then i m thinking 2 write a ff of krisnadasi if u think 0.1 % also in favour of that then plz reply waiting eagerly

    1. hi.. yes please do write. actually the story of Krishnadasi itself is so good that fans think what to write so there is no fanfic in this site.. in IF though there are few FF. i am thinking to write some also after my exam end in April.

    2. yes. please write yourself. we are all encoraged to you,all the very best.

    3. Hi..please do that

    4. Sure…I love reading fanfictions…waiting to read one of Aryan aradhya my fav couple?

    5. Yes,…pls write ??

  5. I hate this please dont portray aryan so wrong. It doesnt feel like he is the lead 🙁

    1. yeah…he is behaving lyk brainless…

  6. this is a wonderful show with awesome storyline. everyone have both negative and positive side. all are right in their own places…. this is the first show i am watching that almost every character is egoistic.

  7. No….i want aaro and aaryan to be together

    1. Yz..i agree…dat bludy guy act like brainless

  8. Disgusting anti-hindu narrative, christians have very bad intentions for India. Doubt they will approve this comment,

  9. hi i am very much like the show please dont change any of charecter or person in this show please its my requsest because each and every members of this so doing their job very well

  10. Is this episode give a hint for upcoming episodes kumudni will say aradya is abha sahibs grand daughter and aryan is thulasi son.she exchange children’s for taking revange to abha sahib

  11. ohhhhhhhhh whattte episode . its a full entertained.

  12. suganya senthilkumar

    This show is a remake of very old tamil serial called krishnadasi.that was big hit in tamil n this one is also entertains d fans very much.the twist in the story is aaradhya ll b Aabas granddaughter n aryan kumidhinis the original version the character david will be son of saraswathI..

  13. wait guys i dont get why saras wants to see aryan? i dont think tht kumudini is going to say aradhya is aabas grand daughter and aryan is tulsis son, becoz tht is the main thing twist in dis serial.

  14. Please make aryan & aradhya together

  15. Awesome epi….Just loved it….
    But watching Pavitra reactions after knowing the truth…
    But in some way kumudini intentions are not good….
    But still love this show till the end…

  16. Wat will happened in tamil version

    Did aryan and aradhya marry

    Plzz reply
    Love you aradhya an. ..

  17. Singh sardar sorry to say bt u r wrong. We christians have no bad intentions for india. India is not only for hindus mindwell. It consists of christians,muslims,parsis,etc in fact all religion stays here in india. U cannot differentiate us on base of any religion. We r Indians first. Then our religion comes,we can prove that anytime. Stop being against any particular religion. It depend on mentality of a person. How and wat he thinks and does in a particular situation. Each and every person hav same red colored blood ,body constituents. U cannot blame on any particular religion. Educated person can never say wat u r saying. And this is just a serial based on this how can u judge any person. This shows ur personality.wat wl outsider other than an indian wen he/she reads ur statement wl think ki u doubt ur indian brothers only on basis of a serial.

  18. Sorry if i hav hurt ur feelings bt u wer wrong so corrected u. Change the way u think.

  19. Plz…yea kai ho raha hai…serial mein..ariyan shud thanks and also sorry to aradhiya..ariyan ko aisa mat dekhaoo..bcoz its bad 4 the serial trp..bcoz we lve serial 4 their chemistry aloso diz devdasi we wnt aradhiyan frndship..1ce again..the serial iz realllllllllyyyyyyy toooo goooood tooo see..dont mde quarrel aradhyaaann….any way i love sharan reddyyy..his eyes stole my heart..

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