Krishnadasi 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba comes to Kumudini’s house with family, he asks where is Gayetri? Kumudini says find some solid proof then have revenge with me, what will i do with Gayetri? aaba says you want revenge, remember one thing, if anything happens to my grand daughter then i will forget everything and will take your life, he angrily looks at her.
Shravani comes to Aradhya’s house with saree. She calls out Aradhya and or her aayi, she says no one is home and even door of house is opened, she looks around and keeps saree on table. Gayetri is drowning in water in kitchen’s tank. Shravani says no one is home, i should eat something, i have to pretend like i dont eat anything because i have to act like widow, i will eat here and then will say to people at Haveli that i have fast. she comes

in kitchen and looks around for food but doesnt find anything there, she says there is nothing to eat here, what kind of people are they? she brings water bottle out and says even water is finished? she sees null in the sink and starts filling water by opening it, she keeps the tap of water open and goes to check food, she finds plate of food and sits down to eat without closing the water tap of sink, due to tap open, water level in water tank decreases and Gayetri is able to shout, she asks someone to save her, Shravani listens it and asks if someone is inside?
Aaba says to Kumudini that dont forget inner aaba hasnt died till now, Kumudini says you will become trash with my one blow, aaba says you will blow at me? she says yes, they charge at each other with anger but Aryan comes forward and says my aaji has nothing to with Gayetri’s case, dont waste time, we should go to police, i will come too, aaba says how can i trust you? Aryan says you can or cannot trust me but i am going to find Gayetri. Aradhya gets Shravani’s call, Shravani says someone is locked in water tank at your house, come here fast before anyone dies, Aradhya tells family that Shravani is saying someone is inside water tank, we should go there, all leave. Kumudini says to aaba that this is like you had her in your house and you were screaming in whole village, you came to allege me, right? she stares him, he stares back and leaves. Kumudini says i wont spare him, my grand son has gone too, he has all good manners of Tulsi, he goes to help everyone like angel, Nakku says thank God Shravani called and told that she is in water tank otherwise we dont know about these people, they could have locked her in water tank just to put blame on you.
Everyone comes to Aradhya’s house. they come in kitchen, Shravani says i tried alot but i couldnt open it, Aryan says water is overflowing, Shashwat goes to close the water supply, Gayetri is drowning inside water tank. Aryan brings ladder and jumps on water tank’s roof, he says it has lock, Shashwat brings hammer and asks Aryan to break lock, Aryand climbs on tank’s roof too, Aryan and Aradhya use tools to break lock of water tank, it gets opened and they see Gayetri drowning, they bring her out, all are panicking, Shashwat picks Gayetri from top, she is coughing, they take her from there. Aryan brings Aradhya down from top, they are both wet, Aryan is holding Aradhya closer, she looks at him and moves away, he is feeling cold due to being wet, Aryan takes off his blazer and drapes it around her, she looks at him in surprise, Aryan looks away and leaves.
David is drinking wine at some restaurant. Banwari and Markand comes there and sits near his table. Markand says to Banwari that Aaba came after many times, Banwari says his love for grand daughter was shown when she was lost and where did they found her? in water tank. they see David and says he is like lost lover and his old wife went to water tank, lets play along. Banwari says in loud tone that dont know if Gayetri will be saved or not, Markand says someone locked her in water tank, she must have died by now, David thinks my Gayetri cant die, i wont let her die, he leaves, some men follow David. Markand says to Banwari that you know weakness of everyone.
Pavitra gives tea to Gayetri, Aradhya asks did you see who locked you inside? aaba asks her to speak up, Gayetri recalls how goons were saying to each other that Kumudini has ordered to show place this reporter Gayetri her place, Gayetri says Devdasi Kumudini sent those goons, all are shocked, Gayetri says they wanted to kill me, Aryan says why will she do it? Aaba says she can do anything to take revenge, she took oath to destroy us, its out of hands now, she asks Gayetri to come with him, Gayetri and Pavitra leaves with him, Aryan looks at Aradhya.
aaba comes to Kumudini’s house and says devdasi Kumudini, Kumudini says i am Krishnadasi, aaba says you dancer couldnt do anything with me so you tried to kill my grand daughter? see she is alive, you couldnt do anything, Kumudini says if i wanted to kill her then why would i send my grand son to save her? aaba says you wanted to hide your crime so you sent him when we got to know truth, but your goons told your truth, aryan says you dont know truth.. Aaba points finger at him to stop him, Kumudini says why you are showing finger to him? you remember you used to think that these grand daughters are nothing but trash but now from where this love is coming from? you just want to show me in bad light, aaba says you are right for first time, i was blind till now, i couldnt see how good grand daughters are, now i am not blind, i know they are better thank thousand grand sons and if anyone tries to touch them then i promise i will kill that person. Kumudini says to Gayetri that seems like aaba has done this and wants to blame me for his deed, Gayetri says i wont let aaba get in your trap, aaba says she was about to write against you so you sent goons to kill her but your goons were fool like you so they told her about you, Gayetri says what you did with me today, after that i am sure you must have killed your daughter, Kumudini says you.. she raises her hand on Gayetri but aaba comes inbetween and says dare you touch my grand daughter, Kumudini says what will you do? aaba says i will cut your hand, they charge at each other, Aryan and Aradhya stops them, Shravani thinks what a good drama. Aryan makes Kumudini sit down, Kumudini says Nakku throw these beggars out, aaba says we wont go anywhere, you will go to jail, Gayetri says i will tell police that you tried to kill me, Kumudini shouts go anywhere, tell anyone i am not scared of anyone, Gayetri starts to go to police but Aradhya stops her and says you wont complain to police.
David comes to Aradhya’s house and asks where is Gayetri? what happened to her? Shashwat is there, he asks why you are asking about her? you dont have any relation with her, David sits in his feet and says please tell me where is Gayetri, what happened to her? he cries, Shashwat says relax, nothing happened to her, he makes him sit down on swing and says aaba was right, you love Gayetri alot and if you denied for marriage then there must be bigger reason behind it, tell me, David is sobbing and says brother and sister in law.. shashwat asks what happened to them? Raj’s goons are spying on him, they leave from there. David says they are gone on holidays, i will leave now, Shashwat asks why you are tensed? i can help you, David says dont tell anyone, he leaves from there.
Aradhya says to Gayetri that you are mistaken, aaji didnt attack you, Gayetri says what happened to you? aaba says dont take her side, Aradhya says i am saying truth, i was here whole time, they didnt talk to anyone then how can she plan an attack? aaba says she can hide her acts very well, aRadhya says she didnt do anything like that, Gayetri says she tried to kill me and you are taking her side? you care about your in laws more than your sister? Aradhya says nothing like that, truth is above than any relation for me and i will never leave side of truth, Aryan is confused and recalls how in court Aradhya said same thing that she will take side of truth only, Aradhya says to Gayetri that i am saying aaji didnt plan any attack on you, believe me, Gayetri says i used to think you are my sister and will think good for me but you proved me wrong, you dont care about me, i dont want to talk about it, Aaba says why you are both are fighting over this Kumudini? if ARadhya is saying something then there must be some reason behind it and when truth comes out with proofs then everything will be cleared, Pavitra takes Gayetri from there, aaba says to Kumudini that soon truth will come out, dont be arrogant, Aradhya says aaba what i was saying.. aaba puts hand on her head to bless her and leaves. Kumudini says i will what proof they will find, all leave. Aradhya is hurt and sad seeing her family against her, she sobs silently while Aryan looks at her confused and distraught.
Pavitra comes to Shashwat and says today my daughters fought because of Kumudini, i am worried, aaba and Kumudini’s fight is affecting my daughters’ lives, what are you thinking? shashwat is still in thoughts, Pavitra asks what happened? are you worried for Gayetri or something else? Shashwat recalls David and says nothing, Pavitra says there should be no secret between husband wife, Shashwat says yes there should be no secret right? Pavitra says what is worrying so much? Shashwat says i am worried for Gayetri, dont know where is her peace, Pavitra says till David doesnt comeback in her life, she wont be happy, we should try to bring them together again.
Goons tell Raj that David was telling Shashwat about Micheal and Saras, Raj gets angry and comes to Micheal and Saras, he says i thought to leave you both but seems like David doesnt care for you, Micheal says what will you get by killing us? Raj says David should get reward for being so brave to go against me, he loves Saras alot then it will be good to cut her fingers and courier him. he is about to cut Saras’s fingers but David comes there and says stop, Raj comes to him and says how did you know we are here? David says because of your fool goons, they told you half thing and i came here, Raj says you opened your mouth infront of Shashwat so i have to kill Saras and Micheal now, David says i didnt tell anything to him, i took your side, Raj says you think i am mad? my men saw you talking with him, David says they didnt listen full thing, they left without listening whole conversation, trust me i just told him that Saras and Micheal are gone on holidays, Raj says okay so whats next plan? David looks on.
shravani is drinking wine with some men, she laughs and talks about aaba and Kumudini’s fight, she says it was great drama, i just have one problem, i dont get place to drink wine, Aradhya almost caught me, you both almost did my work, she slaps her goons and says what was the need to lock to tank? flashback how Shravani’s goons locked Gayetri in tank, Shravani says what if girl died? this fight wouldnt have happened, thank God i called Aradhya and Aryan saved Gayetri otherwise i would have saved Gayetri and would have been hero for everyone and would have trapped Kumudini in this attack case, everything would have been in my hands, goon we will take care next time, Shravani says dont do mistake again, i will have to think something else to impress Kumudini, she has tough skin.

PRECAP- Aradhya says to Aryan that till when this hatred between our families will keep going on? i feel like someone is taking advantage of restraints between our families, Aryan says who it can be that is playing game from behind curtain, Aradhya says we have to find it out. Otherside Shravani is drinking wine with her goons.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Finally aara’ll unite to find out the truth TOGHETER!!! ???

  2. Thank you atiba for the update.

    As always arra scene was fab.
    Omg!!! Shravani……. I will kill you. How could she even think to do it? Go to hell you b****y disgusting woman.

    Precap was just hopeful. So finally our low IQ is gaining some brains. Hope they ‘ll come out of this confusions soon.
    After that, writers plz give them sm time of romance. I want my old cute arra back soon

  3. I think kd is going to be on track. Wish this stupid track ends as soon as possible .

  4. Aru

    Today kd rocks yar it was supereb and aaraa scenes how pretty they look together and abha shabeh acting supereb and supporting his grand daughter and the line his daughters are better then 100 sons its supereb and how he believed ardhaya and blessed her keeping is hand on her head it was supereb kd rocks want arraa scenes more romantic and nok jhok scenes kd is supereb excellent fantastic awesome fabulous and i dont have words to explain but arra rock prettiest couple love u guys

  5. Awsome episode …cv’s now plz dont spoil the track again by seperating arra ….ok so arra scene was awsome the way he gave his blazer to her wife? cute …kumu nd abba fight? as usual ….but who is that new villain …m sure its not jairaj or not abba this time …he is someone else but let see …precap awsome?

    1. His wife sorry …?

  6. Wow…Amaizingg episode…Aarra scene was so awsm…
    our kummu & prathymnna fight z lovable..i don’t knw after a long y’l i feel pleasure by seeing their fight..????

  7. The way prathymnna belive & calm down on the wordz f aaru itz really good..The best part z aryn realize the true part f aaru..Ooohhh..itz adorable..But really what happn to kummu nw..she z not in reality..Everyone z trying to make her fool..Kummu u wana plan something dear..Prathyumna z not only ua enemy..

    Wow..precape z wonderingg..Stars round through my head???After along next temple scene..Realizing & taking about their reality..Wwaawwaaa….Exactly Kd z back…??Just killingg me…???

  8. Aarra part z fab..But i have a complain..Gayathri z fully in water & aryn give his blazer to Aaru????Is dz love or something else…Hmm…but anywayzz…Sana & shravan was too cutiepie f my favraite couple..???Adorable..
    But Gayu lost her belive on [email protected] that tym Aaryn trap his realization..Kd the best forever…Nyc story line…Well done..keep entertain us..#

  9. Aarra scene was fantastic..too lovable..
    Thankz for the update atiba…

  10. Ooohh..come on david..Do somethingg..Some unbelivable drama & open the truth infront f all…Come on draa..??but also his situation z too sad..
    Sad about Gayu too…What z shravani want..??nw she z trying to make kd as hell..uff..First tym by the ntry f purva our Aarra z togethr but @ last she creat their relation worst..I think dz idiot z also want something else..But i don’t understand who z that man..??by his appearence i think it was prathyumna..but y he want to do dz poor drama..?? Haan..dont knw what shuld be next..lots of confusion..Waiting for next episode..


    Pavitra is right- due to Aaba Sahab and Kumudini fight fully family is paying. I think due to over highlight of Aaba Sahab and kumudini fight; tulsi left the show.
    I hope Aryan And Aradhya to unite soon.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey shraddha thanks for updating the maha episode yesterday yaar 🙂


        U r welcome….
        And yes u can join …
        Welcome to Krishnadasi Updates

  12. episode was gud

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    Can I join u all now my fav colors show is KD aara is so cute I loved the Maha episode the way aryan said in ulta that aradhya wear the Saree ulta and worthy Maha episode . Please please love this show a lot nowadays only if I watched it regularly earlier haha

  14. Finally a ray of hope by the recap

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