Krishnadasi 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aradhya’s shuddi Karan is done, Chimaji says your Shuddi Karan is done, now go to Mandir and pray to God, keep this water there.
Kumudini says to Aryan that this is your room from now on, i will renovate it, she says to Kaka that clean this room and take Aradhya’s things from here, bring sweets from market too, Tulsi comes and says no need to remove Aradhya’s things, Kumudini says but we need space for Aryan, we need to clear cupboard, Tulsi says Aradhya’s things cannot be removed from here, Aryan will live in my room and i will live anywhere in house, Aryan says i will live in this room and no need to remove Aradhya’s things from here, he goes out from room, Kumudini taunts Tulsi that my daughter isnt like me, she doesnt know that i am doing all this

for her good only.
Tulsi comes to her room and caresses Aradhya’s picture, she misses her.
Aradhya is sitting in Aryan’s room in aaba’s house, she looks at her, Tulsi and Kumudini’s picture, she recalls her moments with Tulsi, how she used to pamper her, she recalls how Kumudini filled her mind against Aryan, how she forced Aradhya to take revenge from Aryan and made her file FIR against Aryan. Pavitra comes in room and sees Aradhya looking at picture, she calls out aaru.. Aradhya wipes her tears, Pavitra looks at Tulsi, Kumudini and Aradhya’s picture, she says see what i have brought for you, i have made kheer(sweet dish) for you with my hands, you like it? Aradhya looks at her without saying anything, Pavitra says i will make you eat with my hands, she makes Aradhya eat it, both are sitting on floor, Aradhya recalls flashback how Aradhya was getting late for college, Tulsi comes to her and feeds her food, Aradhya says its spicy, Tulsi makes her drink water and asks if i should bring sweet dish? Aradhya says i am feeling is spicy but you have tears in your eyes, you need water more than me, she hugs Tulsi, flashback ends, Pavitra sees her lost and asks if she didnt like kheer? should i bring something else for you? Aradhya says no its very nice but i am not hungry, Pavitra gets in tears and says you are still miffed with me? i did so wrong with you, Aradhya says i was never miffed with you, aayi i will go to mandir, she leaves, Pavitra is in tears.
Aryan comes out of Kumudini’s house and sees Chimaji standing there. Chimaji smiles at him, Aryan looks down, Chimaji comes to him and says what happened? you seem tensed, Aryan says i should be, so much happened so soon, maybe you dont care about anything because you are saint, you have ability to fight all this, Chimaji says nothing like that, some truths are like that which make you lose saneness, Aryan says arent you worried to find that you have a son too, your pretense of saint is in danger, Chimaji says you said it right, i am pretending to be saint but in truth i am common man who has done mistakes, i have weight on my shoulders, i have understood that we cant live on lie, and if i have a son to share my weight then controlling saneness is difficult, Aryan says be careful you might regret accepting me as son, Chimaji says i am lucky to get son like you, i am proud of you, you and Aradhya are like sent from God to set everything right here, i will pray that everything become fine for you and Aradhya, Aryan stands there in tears, Chimaji hugs him but Aryan doesnt hug him back. Banwari and Markand sees this from far, Banwari says lets tell this breaking news on MM channel to everyone, Markand says MM channel? Banwari says its Munim and Markand(MM) channel, lets tell everyone, they leave. Chimaji says to Aryan that this is your testing times, start your new life, go and pray in mandir, he caresses his face.
Gayetri meets David and asks why he called her there? David says i wanted to wish you for your new life, Gayetri says i thank you for saving my life by helping Aradhya against Raj, we should not meet, David says i havent come to talk about us but to talk about Aryan and Aradhya, Aryan and Aradhya should get back together, Gayetri says you are right, i behaved so bad with my own sister, David says you didnt know earlier, Aradhya never did anything wrong with anyone, she deserves to be with Aryan, Gayetri says you are right, he asks how is Saras and Micheal? Gayetri says they are fine, i should leave if anyone sees us together then it will be problem, she leaves, David is tensed.

Scene 2
Banwari says to Aaba that Chimaji was meeting Aryan like he is his son only, Markand says they had tears like they were long lost father-son duo, Banwari says it feels like Chimaji is involved in this planning with Kumudini, aaba says if you both are right then Chimaji who i have position of siant, i would take that position from Chimaji in a blink, call saints here, if anyone tries to mess with me then i would destroy them
Aryan comes in mandir and sees Aradhya sadly sitting there already against pillar, he sits against other pillar, Aradhya has closed her eyes and doesnt sees Aryan. Aryan says there is one thing common in our lives and in life of Krishanji, he was separated from his mother at his birth and we too go separated, Aradhya says relations got entangled, dont know which one is true and which one is not, Aryan says my aaba used to live for me, he used to bring everything for me and now he doesnt even wanna look at my face. Aradhya says Kumudini used to pamper me so much, she would show her affection to me but when she told everyone that i am not her grand daughter then she changed her eyes, and my aayi, i mean your tulsi aayi, she would be happy to get you but she would be sad to loose me too, take care of her. Aryan asks how is my Pavitra aayi? i mean your aayi, she seems strict from outside but i know she is very nice from heart, how will we live like this? your aaji, i mean your aaji will stay infront of my eyes and i will keep remembering that whatever is happening with us is because of her only, Aradhya gets sad listening this.
Kumudini meets lawyers and says i have called you and Raney to meet Keshav’s heir, i kept him as secret but i had to bring him out, dont know whose evil eye would fall on him, Raney asks where is your grand son? Kumudini says he has gone out, he will come here soon. Raj comes there and says no one needs to go anywhere, i have come, all are stunned to see him. Deshmukh comes there with him.
Aryan and Aradhya are standing infront of each other, Aryan says i used to feel that our relation was most fake relation but now i feel this is only true relation i have, i dont want to sacrifice this relation again, i feel like if we stay in Krishnavati then our relation will be broken, Aradhya puts hand on his mouth and stops him from saying it.
Raj says i am heir of Keshav’s property, Kumudini says how did you come out of jail? Raj says you are illiterate, i got bail, Kumudini says my grand son Aryan is heir of Keshav’s wealth, Raj says then where is he? call him.
Aryan holds Aradhya’s hand and says we got married in some weird situation, we took 7pheras with 7promises forcefully but now i want to repeat those pheras, those promises with you so that our relation, our marriage become unbreakable, Aryan and Aradhya entangle their hands together. Aryan and Aradhya starts taking pheras around fire in mandir, Aryan says i swear to protect your dignity and honor, i will always be with in your sad and happy moments, i will love you unconditionally, i will take your responsibility equally, he stops, Aradhya comes forward and starts taking pheras with him, Aradhya says i swear i will never doubt your intentions, i will never leave your hand, i will leave your side, they complete pheras. Aryan says from now on there will be no misunderstanding between us, we will never allow anyone to let our love become pawn in their hands and let them toy with it, they hug each other tightly, he says i am afraid that if we live here then our love will be snatched, lets go from here, we will live together far away from here, Aradhya says what are you saying? Aryan says please lets runaway from here, i want to live happy and peaceful life with you which is not possible here, please dont say no, aradhya looks at him and nods, Tum hi toh meri jaan plays, they play to Krishanji. Kaka comes there and says Raj has come to home, he is threatening Kumudini and Tulsi, he got bail and he can do anything, lets go. Aradhya says to Aryan that you wanted to runaway from here in this situation? we have to protect our families from wolves like Jairaj, we have to protect aaba and Kumudini’s property from him, we have responsibilities, we cant hide from them, Aryan says you are right, we cant runaway, i will be here for you, whenever you wanna meet me, i wil come to this mandir to meet you, he caresses her face and says i have to go, he leaves.
Raj says to Raney that when heir is showing up then only i am remaining to claim Keshav’s property, even law allows me, Aryan comes there and says law is not your toy that you can use it anytime. Raj says see Aryan Vidyadhar Rao.. oh sorry, your surname is mysterious, no one knows about, sees Aryan this law is in my hands, thats why i came out of jail so soon, i will trap you in law fight such a way that you wont be able to breath devdasi’s son, Aryan stares him.

Scene 3
Aradhya comes to aaba’s house. She comes to Aryan’s room which is her room now, she recalls how she entered room when Aryan was in towel, how he said that it was his room so he can roam around in towel, she looks at fake divorce papers, she says life plays weird games, we were living together, i was forcing my marriage on him, he was running away and i was running behind him, we got married, he is my husband, i am Aradhya Aryan and i have to live where my husband is living, Pavitra comes and says you wont leave this house.
Aryan says i am proud to be son of Devdasi, you wont understand that mother is not dasi(servant) of anyone, Tulsi gets emotional listening this, Aryan says lets have law fight, you can do anything but i will stand in your way, i am heir of King Keshav’s property and i am son of Krishnadasi Tulsi, Kumudini says and you are grand son of Krishnadasi Kumudini, Aryan flinches listening this.

PRECAP- Aaba, Aryan and Aradhya are in market. People gossip that Aaba wanted to convert Aradhya to devdasi but she turned out to be his own grand daughter, now will he make her dance or will be he dance himself? they laugh, Aaba fumes in anger listening this. Later Aaba says to Pavitra that if your daughter Aaradhya wants to get position and recognition in our family then she has to break marriage relation with grand son(Aryan) of that Kumudini.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Shresta Reddy

    This is d first time am commenting on Di’s page though have been a regular follower of krishnadasi!! I think did is d only serial on colors which is sensible and has got some practical interstng storyline!! Every now and then there are twists and therez no dragging like other shows!! Maybe disz d diff between a rashmi sharma and Kitty padminis show!!
    This show deserves a much better slot than others like ssk,swaragini etc!!

    Aradhya and Aryan loved them,they rock!! Sana was cute as always,I think her first show was some naam roshan karega,then gustakh dil,now krishnadasi..all are good ones!!

    And Sravan reddy…..awww Sravan Anna you are so adorable,I could never expect someone from our Hyd to play a lead in such an awesome show…Rock it more Sravan…Wishhh youuu loads of luck…Hps Peru nilapettu Sravan Anna πŸ™‚

  2. Rebba

    Omg!!!what a nyc episode…i cant close my eyes between the scenes f Aarraa…
    I feel so sad for them but on otherside i feel lovable to them…..
    Shravan reddy!! Ua act was amaizing.. I dont..when ua eyes water..i also feel that am crying too… Sana amin.. u r just cutie..I dont have any difference..both f them.. from temple..Ooohhh…Ua dailogues,background music,..everything make me so adorable…
    Love u both..???

  3. Rebba

    Ooo…no what z dz long nose loozr Prathyumnna z doing.. He was such a selfish n greedyman..
    On anothr side i feel thank for kummudini..bcoz she no that Aarradhya z not her grand daughtr but also she give evrything,which was best..but y’l knwing evrything..abbhaa sahib did’nt want to accept her too…So bad..bad habbit prathymmnnaa..??

  4. ashi

    lovely episode… but sometimes i am feeling bad for aaba.. he is so jerk person.. even he dont understand what is love… but i m happy for aradhya and aryan finaly they reunite their relation again… lv u aradhya…

  5. Aisha cute

    Super episode …i just love the way aryan said i m the son of krishnadasi tulsi uffff yar nd that BG music? everything will be fine dont worrt aru aryan? ..nd jairaj bhikari fakeer insan ….jairaj is dreaming that he can get that property but actual heir of that property is only our aryan baba? sad coversation btw arra but i know that one day they both will forget everything …i love the concern of chimaji towards aryan nd pavitra’s concern towards aru?

  6. Tanu

    today it was very emotional episode.. but for me the show stealer was shravan… my god what an acting (when he was pouring his heart out sitting against pillar.) his expression were damn on point… the way he laughed when he said meri aaji??. no one can beat him in emotional scene in my option. beautiful acting.

    and the new montage is so awesome … Aara coming towards each other but line of fire separate them.. keeping aryan inside the line and aradhya outside.. wow.

  7. Aqua

    Yes! ! Our Aaraa are back!!!!! ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀?????

  8. Article z

    Awesomest show eeeever……yes!!! More of aryan being a sound level headed handsome clear headed hero and not some puppet… ?????… I hope the rumors about kumudinis character being canceled are not true tho…. I meeeeaaaan she is one of the pillars of this show… Coooome oooon… They should keep that actress if they know what’s good for them… I’m a huge fan of hers even when she is mean… ???

  9. Article z

    I heard in the beginning that this jairaj character will change and become a positive character *eybrows raised* I don’t see that ever happening or making sense the guy’s a creep…plain and simple….Like the pure definition of the word creep is the jairaj character….eeeew..anyway does anyone know about that??

    • Rebba

      Yaahh..i had also hear it..Jayaraj turn to a ve charactr n all…
      But now i did’nt think that so..Hw he can bcome the distant relative f keshav prathaabh..?? And also, now he also try to make problmz n Aaryn n Aaradhya Love line.. He was turning to a -ve one..Anywayz, we can wait for the next episode..?

  10. nikki

    D best serial i eva watched …. interesting twist an no dragging like othr stupid serials… aryan and aradhya r jus superb 2gthr….. luv u both

  11. Haya

    the episode make me so sorrow..I feel so sad for both Aaryn n Aarradhya..Am waiting for next episode..And iam eagerly waiting..hw could Aryn manage the situation…So horrible..
    I feel sad for both Tulsi n Pavthra too…

  12. Tejaswi

    Good serial it’s not dragging like ssk (that show is sh**) I mean how can she become a fly and how was Sara Khan a ichaddaari naagin but didn’t look like roli when she pretended to be her…there are only a few good shows left ..
    You should watch kavach (Vivek Dhaiya’s acting is superb and so is Mona’s)
    Kasam (starting to drag a bit but it is an Ekta Kapoor serial so…)
    Thapki pyaar ki
    And quantico it’s aired in uk also on YouTube starring priyanka chopra?

  13. Maleesha

    It’s one of the greatest epis of kd. Arra scene was killing me with tears. It incresed more hatred for deshmuks & kupra in my heart. The idea of living seperately from krishnavathi was supurb. Coz of raj it spoiled. Idiot.

  14. ahin

    I missed this episode πŸ™ bt krishnadasi rock :* love you shravan reddy I can’t wait 2 c you on monday πŸ™‚

    • Rebba

      Which one you mean..?There r 2 songz..
      1 is the background music f Aarra
      2 is tha song f the krishndhasi..
      i think this information z wanted for you…Anyways..?

  15. liba

    LifnA they r not telecasting kd at 2:30 pm but dont know when they r telecasting it can anyone here help us plz

  16. Divyanka

    Hi liba ela unnaru? Nenu kuda e show ki big fan. Our telugu guy Shravan what an amazing actor. The repeat telecast comes only at 12pm. I hate that kasam serial. They are telecasting that serial soo many times. blo*dy serial with blo*dy plot with blo*dy people

  17. neha

    Yr this serial is awesome no1 can ever compete it bt the tym slot is nt gud at all thats y trp is low….i request to cvs plz cng its tym slot from 11 to 9 or 9:30….?

  18. prananka

    Hi liba!! I usually read upates on d page, i neva saw our telugu ones commenting!!
    Mana telugu abbayi nationsl channel lo oka show lo lead role ante we have to b proud!!

  19. rani

    Loved yesterday’s episode. Wonder how Aryan is going to prove in the court of law that he is the heir to Keshav. At least now after seeing the precap, Sashwat should take a stand and unite Aarushi and Aryan. How could he just forget Aryan just like that? I think the cv’s have failed in that score. I think it is now up to the fans to make this serial a success.

  20. prananka

    Heyy!! Am Shresta reddy, nenu kuda from hyderabad,telangana state!!
    I watched manmarziyan exclusively for shravan anna oly, and was so happy when i got to know Kds male lead is shravan anna!!

    Name Sravan reddy anagaane mostly From hyderabad ani ardamaipotadi!!

    Shravan anna is from hyderabad and he is a Hyderabad public school

    A long way to go, rock d tellywood shravan anna, we are with u!!

    Wish to meet u in hyd!! Pay a vsit to hyd!!

  21. Shresta Reddy

    Heyy guys am so sorry!!
    My sister is also a fan of sgravan,she wanted to comment on dis page so i gave her my mobile,shez prananka reddy!!
    I forgot to change d name and email id while i was commenting!! Am shresra!! Hope u ppl dont mind!!

    • Rebba

      Oohh..itz okey..u too Sizzy?
      Well first i also got no idea.. what u both r from where n all..but now i understand..
      Happy to comment a reply for u shreshta n pranakha…First tym am postingcomment to a hydrabad sistrzz..glad to meet u both…

      • Shresta Reddy

        Glad to meet u too rebba πŸ™‚
        Neva commented on NY page,but then after seeing Shravan Anna in sterdes episode cunt stop yourself from commentng!!

  22. ishveer

    Very emotional epi…I like it very much…. I was sooo sad to saw Aryan and aradhya cried… I couldn’t bear….l was to saw the married scene….they taken pheras and promise r adorable…. I like it….

  23. liba

    hai reddy sisters nd Divyanka i am gud nd hw r u nenu first surprise ayyanu telugu guy lead role really tanu entha hardwork chesi untado kada north indian serials lead role place ki reach avvalantae. If he tries in telugu industry i think he wil be a hero here . But i like randhir nd sanyukta pair of sadda haq but nw i am crazy of aara pair.

  24. Maya.

    Best Show Ever…. Kumudini Rocks Alwaysssssss ….Shravan I love the way you Act,, Sana is also Great Actor. last 2 days episode was the greatest episode…. Krishnadasi is the best serial of Colors channel.

  25. Shresta reddy

    Heyy liba!! Absolutely!! Baaga cheppav!! Telugu vaalu colors lo lead role grt asal!! 4yrs accidnt walla break ochindhi liba shravan anna ki, lekapote ipadki inka chala serials chesi untadu!! Shravan anna love yuuu anna!!

  26. Shresta reddy

    Actuallyiba, Shravan anna ni Thanu Mtv lo participate chesnapadnundi follow avta, Shravan reddy anagaane, reddy Mtv lo ela, Hyd nunda ani chuste he was frm hyd, then manmarziyan happened, now krishndasi!! His acting skills are something which can b considered for Tollywood i guess!!

  27. Meenakshi

    Amazing episode. AaRa & Aaji were amazing as always. Aaba was strange as always !! I mean , how could he forget easily his 21 yrs love , care & pride for Aryan !?! What kind of person he is !?!

    • Rain_Lightwood


      |Registered Member

      I agree. Till now he hated Aaru and Aryan was his Jigar ka tukda. But now becoz Aryan is Kumudini the devdasi’s grandson, he hates him! Wow! That is srsly damn hypocritical.

  28. Leena

    What an episode…
    Kd make me so amaizinggg….Aaryn n Aarradhya..feel both sad n happy..Feeling piety for Tulsi n pavthra..

  29. Rain_Lightwood


    |Registered Member

    I loved this epi. Srsly it’s the biggest day according to me for all AARA AND KD FANS. AARA GOT MARRIEDDDDD! I wish they’re marriage is accepted soon.

    But along wid AARA I’m starting to like Gayatri and David. I don’t know the ship name can anyone pls tell me? I wish even these two get together soon…

    And Shravan Reddy… UFF KYA ACTING YAAR! He’s such an awesome actor. Love him sooooo much.

  30. srav's

    Hai…iam also from ap.iam a silent reader but today on seeing so many Telugu people comments igot inspired to comment……love u alot arraaaaaaaaaaa .first I used to watch d3 with very much interest I love kriyansh very much but now iam die hard fan of aaraaa

    • Shresta Reddy

      Heyy srav’s hii….yeaa…kevvuuu kekaaa manager Shravan and sana pair…so many Telugu ppl commenting today…am so happy….disz d first time I commented on a tellyupdate page too πŸ™‚ Kathi under kada episodes,esp our Shravan Anna!!

  31. Alyaa

    The episode was awesome and superb???AaRa’s scenes was amazing as alway??The Mandir scenes was very emotional and also very cute(AaRa repeating pheras…) ???AaRa’s chemistry is awesome??I felt really sad for Aaru-Tulsi Aunty and Aryan-Pavitra
    Aunty??Anyways KD rocks?and KD is the best show??I love KD????

  32. Neethumol

    In the upcoming episodes aaaba is going to celebrate arus bday in a grand way but don’t know wats the motive behind it? Maybe another marriage track coming up for air and gayu

  33. Neethumol

    In the upcoming episodes aaaba is going to celebrate arus bday in a grand way but don’t know wats the motive behind it? Maybe another marriage track coming up for aru and gayu

  34. Ms.H.Premalatha Chinnayya

    kumudini (Indira Krishnan) The total episode is on your shoulder Your acting is awesome. The Marathi accent of your dialogue is enjoyable hats off to you kumudini

  35. liba

    thanks swati but duffer serials r telecasting so many times bt our serial only once very bad

  36. Meenakshi

    Kyaaaa??!!!?? Again marriage ?!? Seriously Aaba has some emotional problems! Nd his problem with emotions is that he has no emotions and he can’t understand anyone’s emotions . Offooo when will our AaRa be together? They are together but they are not together. Aaba gonna plan something against Yashwant too. I hope Yashwant will accept in front of whole Krishnavati that Tulsi is his wife & Aryan is son. By the way , where is Purva? If she’s gone let her πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  37. Laya

    Ooo..what an episode…Aaraa make my heart freezd..From that temple portion..itz so mindblowing..

  38. PopPy

    Feeling sad for both Aaryn n Aarradhya… charm
    SHRAVAN REDDY ua was fantastic..Ua r supprrbb n emotional track..So nyc..SANA always as usual little cuttie..The best pair..n the Best serial..itz KrishnDhaasi..??

  39. srav's

    Hiii shresta thanks for ur warm welcome…I’m from Bhimavaram chalaaaa happy Ga vundi mana ap nundivachina shravan inta baga act chestuntge he was awesome and aara pair was super machiiii

    • Shresta reddy

      Haha that’s nice…all d best to shravan πŸ™‚ And btw am frm Hyderabad itself!!

  40. Jazza

    Nyc episode n precape..which z hearting for me n Aarraa really…?
    Kd z the best serial..without any promo..Without any mahaepisode..itz TRP z 1.5…congratulation..Kd..
    This z only bcoz f ua ntire team hardworking…
    Love Shravan n Sana…?Aarra z the best couple..

  41. isha raghav

    obviously guys the best ever chemistry of actors i have seen in this serial…….its AWESOME…..their love story rocks……..aryan ..aradhya ..btt thisserial should be telecasted once more ……..

  42. Loveleen

    I’m liking this serial…it’s not as ridiculous as other serials and it’s not sooo slow (like Kasam!)

    • Febba kassam.z so irritating…Y they r taiking the time f Kd… they r story would b anything else..but y they r cutting the time f kd…Irritating serial…

  43. Febba

    Lovely episode…Love u Aaryn n Aarradhya..Precape z so…..Hearting..waiting for the next episode..???

  44. Lanikka

    Krishndhasi z 1 f my fav….. Oww…Shravan n Sana make me awsm…
    Tulsi z always a lovely mothr..i feel so sorrow for her too.. cheemaaji z on the way..His way f support for both Aarra..itz miracle..?

  45. Lanikka

    I need to kill the both banvaarri n that jamaairaaja..what the hell…n also jayaraj z turning to a villian..itz so irritating..Aarryn..u rock the occasion by saying..”Krishndhasi tulsi ki betta”✌

  46. Shreya

    Am one f silent readr..but i can leave dz nyc episode..Aarra as chweet as candy…???

  47. christy

    Shravan in that black shirt too killing..? Sana’s hair style itz too nyc..I like it..Both f them z so cute..Lovely Pair..Aarra?

  48. Khushi

    Aaryn Aarraadhya…Tum dhono ki jodi ek dhum supprr…..Jab mandhir,dhono ki baathein bahuth diljasbbi…Tum dhono ki background music Taaraa bahuth match song..U both r equal to 2 little shining star..???

  49. Fatimadua030

    Love aryan n aradhya:O superb guys both of you R amazing ……lkin Mr.shashwat ka character smjh nae aya he dont miss aryan?ΒΏ tulsi is best .?….kumidini acting is also awsum..hope so is show mn baqi dramas ki trh koi chwli na ho……jesa ha wesa hi rhy just perfect..:-)

  50. Lachuu?

    Aaryn n Aarraadhya ??
    Anywayz Gaayu n david r also trying to unite themselves n For Aarraa..itz quite nyc…Lovely..

  51. Lachuu

    Kumudhini’z funny dailogues make me fun..but also she had heart all Aarra,Rao family,Tulsi n cheemaajii too…Prathyumnna will start a revenge against kummu..Jayaraj.. idiot get lost..

  52. Shanaaya

    Kd z the best serial…Love u Aaryn n Aarradhyaa..
    Am.a dead fan f Shravan n Sana..U both stune yesterdy’z epi…Love u both..
    I hope u both r xellent..u both will the star f the next golden petal award..
    For a romantic pair..??

  53. Tanu


    jairaj taunts Aryan’s mother, prompting Kumudini to come to his rescue. Alongside, Tulsi is arrested and tortured by female constables.

    Episode – 111

    Kumudini reaches the police station in a bid to free Tulsi. However, Tulsi, not wanting to meet her, asks the cops to send her away. Later, Damini frees her

    Episode – 112

    On the occasion of Aryan and Aradhya’s birthdays, Tulsi and Pavitra pamper them. Shashwat and Pavitra give Aradhya gifts for all the years they spent apart.

    Episode – 113

    A lawyer pays a visit to Pradyumn’s house, claiming to have been sent by Aryan. He talks of auctioning the property. Kumudini enjoys this.

    Episode – 114

    Just as the auction is about to take place, Aradhya enters the house and asks for her share. Aryan and Tulsi believe that Aradhya’s motive is noble.

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