Krishnadasi 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aaba with Aryan comes in mandir and doesnt find idol there, Aaba asks shastri that how can idol get lost from Mandir? its stolen even when you stay here, i dont worry about jewelry but i cant bear idol getting lost, Shastri says i dont know how it happened, Aaba looks at Kumudini sitting there and says i should have understood who can do this, Banwari says person’s nature can never change, these dancers will bear cost of it, Kumudini says enough, dont try point finger at me, Aaba says how much drama will you do? truth is that from the time these devdasies have come, everything is going wrong, Kumudini says not devdasi but Krishnadasi, this problem is because of you, you people enjoy to give pain to others, Shastri says we should call Panchayat for it, Aaba says you inform them

till then my men will search every house of this village, once i find who has stolen idol then i will punish him/her that he/she will start hating herself/himself, Damini comes there and says not you but law will punish criminal, Kumudini says right inspector, Aaba says police is not needed here, who called her here? aradhya me, in today’s world, Panchayat doesnt take decision but law takes action, idol is stolen and police will search for it, Kumudini says now truth will come out, people will know that the one who has keys of mandir is robbers, Aaba says when Panchayat will know that you have done this then your tongue will stop speaking, Damini says didnt you listen? not Panchayat but law will take action whether you like it or not. Shastri says we need idol, it doesnt matter if police find it or your men, people says we can sit in peace till we dont find idol. Damini says Aaba and Kumudini have to come to police station to file an FIR as they share this land, Aaba says how can i even go with this Devdasi? Kumudini says i am Krishnadasi, Aaba says we dont need police, we will find idol ourselves, he leaves. Aradhya says to Damini that it seems like they are involved in this thats why dont want to file FIR, i am ready to file FIR on Kumudini’s behalf as she wont leave from here, Aryan says my Aaba is not afraid of anyone, he doesnt want to look at your face, i will file FIR on Aaba’s behalf, maybe truth will put these devdasies in shame, Tulsi says you cant insult us like this, Damini asks Aryan and Aradahy to come with her, they look at each other angrily and leave.
Doctor says to Micheal that take Saras to city for treatment, he leaves, Saras says how we will arrange money for it? David comes there and says dont worry about it, i hate it when you hide things from me, he says i have got job, he makes them eat sweets and says we will get Saras’s treatment done, i have got job at big factory, he thinks that i will take revenge from Aaba for my Bhabhi saras.
Pavitra is doing arrangements in house. She says i have to bring sweets too. Nakku gets Aryan’s courier, she gives to Pavitra and leaves. Pavitra opens courier, it has Aryan and Aradhya’s picture sent by Varun but she doesnt see it, aaba comes there and says boy’s family is coming so prepare for it, Pavitra leaves photo on table and leaves. Aaba asks Raghu did they find idol? Raghu says Aryan has gone to police station for it. Photo is fallen on floor.
Aryan comes in police station and asks Damini if she found robber? Aradhya says few people think that they cant be caught ever, Aryan says be careful sometimes robbers are between us but they have innocent face so we dont doubt them, they are not afraid of God even, Aradhya says goosn who set others houses on fire should be afraid of God, Aryan says people hide their mistakes by putting blame on others, Aradhya says are you afraid of your deeds? Aryan says i am not afraid of you, Damini asks them to shut up, Aryan says Kumudini must have hidden idol, she is doing drama, Aradhya says we dont need to be afraid of anyone, she asks Damini to check her house, Aryan says yes, we will know who is robber then, Damini says we will start searching from Kumudini’s house then.
Tulsi is in market, she says to Goda that Kumudini is very stubborn, she is not eating anything. Tulsi sees Pavitra in market, both look at each other, Nakku says black cat has cut our way, Tulsi says Pavitra i want to clear misunderstanding, you think wrong about me, i dont have any wrong intentions, Pavitra says i know everything about you, Tulsi says i want our kids to be away from all this, Pavitra says dont try to get what you want by using kids, Tulsi says we should stop this animosity, peace will be good for our kids, Pavitra asks if she is afraid of her son? i wont leave this animosity now, you will see how my son will finish Devdasies from this village, Tulsi says there is nothing in this fight, Pavitra says your days are going to end, your and mine animosity will never end, it can never end.
Aryan is with police in Kumudini’s house, he asks Policemen to search whole house, they must have hidden idol here, Aradhya says yes check fully so that his eyes will be open, policeman says we have checked everything, idol is not here, Aradhya says you can search again so that people will be clear, Damini says to Aryan that see idol is not here, Aryan says then it can somewhere else, Aradhya says it can in his house, Aryan says its not Devdasi’s house but Aaba’s house, searching can be done there, Aradhya says he is not God, Damini says she is right, if her house can be searched then your house will be searched too, Aryan says fine do it. Goda comes and says to Aradhya that your Ayi is calling you, Damini leaves. Aradhya and Aryan shares intense eyelock, Aryan leaves.
Pavitra gets Gayetri ready for marriage proposal, Shivanig says i dont have good sarees, Pavitra asks Nakku to her my sarees, Shivangi leaves with Nakku. Pavitra says you dont seem happy, Gayetri hugs her and says i dont want to marry, i want to study and move ahead in my life, Pavitra says dont take like this, you topped exam, you dont need it now, Gayetri says my studies are not completed, Aryan is studying so why cant i? Pavitra says dont compare yourself with Aryan, you dont know we are in this house only because of Aryan, if i didnt give birth to Aryan after you and your sister then aaba would have thrown us out, its Aryan because of whom i am still part of this house, dont think anything, just come down soon, she leaves, Gayetri cries.
Aaba is meeting people who have come for seeing Gayetri as proposed bride. Groom’s father says my son is metric pass, how much did Gayetri study? aaba says she is 5th grade pass only, shashwat is shocked but remains silent. Gayetri comes there with tea, Pavitra asks her to serve it, she serves it to groom’s family. Groom’s mother says we like your girl, proposal is done from our side, she says there is one custom which we do when bride wear saree.
Pavitra brings Gayetri in room and says wear this saree, she leaves. Gayetri cries, she sees window in room.
groom’s family is talking to Aaba. Damini comes there with police, Aaba asks what you are doing here? we have relatives in house, Damini says law dont take permission, we have to search your house to find idol, till we dont find idol, we will search every house, Aaba says whats rubbish, Aryan says this is just formality, let them do it, Aaba says no, this is my house, how can they search my house, police just come here to take money and blessing, how dare she think to search my house, Aryan says just think it as respect to law, Damini says you are honest then why are you afraid? Aryan says no one is afraid, you start searching. Police start searching in house.
Gayetri is in room and says i cant do this marriage, she tries to leave house from Window. Gayetri jumps from window, David sees her and stops her, he says i am Devaish, Gayetri says dont tell anyone about it, i dont want to marry, i want to study, David says this is not solution, just think about your parents, people will taunt them, your parents will ashamed, you want this?
Police is searching house. aaba asks groom’s family to not worry. Policeman says to Damini that there is no idol, one officer says they are not allowing us to enter one room, Aryan says thats Aaba’s room, you dont need to search there, Damini says but we have to search it, Aryan says i will take you there, he asks aaba to give them sometime.
Aryan brings Damini in Aaba’s room, she asks to open cupboard, Aryan gives her key, she opens cupboard to find idol there, she says here is the idol, all are shocked.
Damini brings idol in hall, all are shocked, groom’s family leave. Damini says to Aaba that we have doubt that you stole this idol so we have to arrest you, Aryan says you cant do this, this is some trap, Damini says you said that from where we will find idol, that person will be arrested, Aaba says to Damini that i will destroy you if you try to arrest me, David comes there with Gayetri, he says you cant arrest him just cause you found idol in his room, i stole idol as i wanted money, i was searching for seller so i hided idol in his room as nobody goes to his room, Aryan gets angry on him but Damini stops him, she arrests David, David says i want to take aaba’s blessings, he comes to aaba and says trust me i didnt steal idol, i am sure someone is trying to trap you and i didnt want to go to jail so i took blame on myself, find robber soon, Damini leaves with David. Aryan says Shashwat brought this man, aaba says he is not robber, someone else did stealing, he took blame on himself to save me, someone wants to trap, we have to find culprit soon.

Scene 2
David is in jail, Kumudini comes there, she says to David that aaba is under your debt now, we made successful plan, we have to trap him so much that he cant get out of it, the person who took everything from your bhabhi and my life will be doomed soon, just wait for it.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think the history is repeating. …
    I mean gayatri and David….I hope their love story will start soon. ..and our aaradhyan too…
    Nice…serial. …I just love the way it is..

  2. U Rocked nd naild it kumudini…wonderful bt you hav to b very very carefull…..

  3. their love is like saras’s and micheal’s love story since devash is david and he is christian!!

  4. pavitra had given birth to two daughters then where is the second daughter

    1. I think second daughter is aradhya and Aryan is tulsi’ s and shashwat son…….. I think Aaba had exchanged offsprings coz he wanted a Son and not a Daughter……. MAY BE…..

  5. As it is shown kumud might have exchanged babies wen they r born to save pavitra bcoz aaba saheb wanted boy to born.if it so,,it will be very very interesting to watch the reactions of Aryan,aaradhya wen they find d truth of their birth.spcly pavitra n aaba saheb wen they get to know that Aryan is not their child.

  6. woow vry nyz epiii..
    sooperb aryan nd aryada tashen…. 😉
    wr is pracap….. ane one knw ??

  7. guys wat if a new hero enter the show opposite aradhya then there will be a jealousy track amid arayan and aradhya

  8. Why they are making the story based on their own wise. In Tamil the male lead really give more respect to the female lead’s mom and grandmother. I am very much like their bonding and also the female lead always delivered the powerful dialogue in Hindi I really miss that. I am not impress in Hindi version of krishnadasi. It is not the original story. This just a commercial Marsala mix that is it. Don’t spoil the good story.

    1. Will you please tell – in Tamil version Aradhya and Aryaan were born to whom ? Who were their real parents ?

  9. Interesting story , interesting drama. I hope makers won’t ruin this show like other stupid serials. All actors are good. Story is good. Suspense is there. I heard today nd tomorrow krishnadasi will be telecaster with Swaragini!! If it so I’ll read written updates bcs I can’t tolerate Swaragini…

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