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Krishnadasi 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan comes to David as he saw him hugging Gayetri, Aryan asks him to control for sometime, he is going to get married, we have to go to buy sherwani, Gayetri asks him to but blue color, he nods, David leaves his phone there mistakenly and goes with Aryan.
Damini calls Kumudini and asks if Aradhya is at home? i wanna talk to him urgently, Kumudini says she has gone out, Damini says she wanted to know something, Kumudini says i will tell her, tell me, Damini says tell Aradhya that she wanted to know about Devaish, she tells everything to Kumudini, Damini says give message to Aradhya that stop this marriage, David is not nice person, Kumudini says i will tell everything to aradhya, i have fight with Aaba but cant think bad about Gayetri, davaish is not good person, i will handle everything,

she ends call, Kumudini prays to God to help her.
Aradhya comes to Aryan’s house, she thinks i wont let Gayetri’s life be destroyed, Banwari comes to Aradhya and asks if she has come for dance? Aradhya says i dont want to indulge in talk with you, she asks about Aryan, Banwari says talk to me, will you dance? Aradhya says dont try to be smart else i will scream, where is Aryan? Banwari says Aryan has gone to buy sherwani, aradhya asks address, he tells her, she leaves, Banwari says she is wild cat, why she is behing Aryan?
saras says to Tulsi that he will do something, Tulsi asks her to calm down, she is ill, Saras says i am afraid, David is my brother in law, i am calling him but he is not picking up, my heart is saying that he is going to do wrong, i have raised him like mother, i know him well, there is reason behind him being in Krishnavati, he wants to take revenge from Aaba, my life is going to end but we have to stop him, we need to tell him there is nothing in this revenge, Tulsi says i will talk to him Saras says meet him and try to make him understand, Saras starts breathing high. Shashwat finds David’s phone on floor, he sees call coming from hospital, he picks up call, nurse says your relative is ill, come here soon, she ends call, Shashwat says Davaish said that he has no relative? why did he lie? i have to go to hospital to find out the matter.
Aryan shows him sherwani, David says i will take blue sherwani, Aryan says you arent married and started following Gayetri’s orders? David says i have to live with her so i need to follow her orders, Aryan says good, David says your freedom days are going to end soon too, once you get married then we will see whose choice will work, he goes to try sherwani. Aradhya comes in shop and says i was calling you, Aryan says i ignored it, i dont wanna talk, Aradhya says nothing can be more serious than Gayetri, Aryan says you have made me search alot, just leave me alone now, Aradhya says dont listen to me but truth will not change this way, someone is playing with Gayetri’s life and i know who he is, Aryan says the one with musical lighter? did you find from lighter company? i dont wanna listen, Aradhya says listen to me, Aryan leaves, Pavitra calls her and says you have to come in marriage, dont make any excuse, you need to come this time else Gayetri will be miffed and me too, she ends call, Aradhya says how to stop this marriage? she was sounding so happy, only Aryan can do anything but he is not listening to me, i have to tell him, he will insult me but i will bear it for Gayetri. Aradhya knocks trial room, David is inside, Aradhya says from outside that you know Aryan who is playing with Gayetri’s life? its Devaish, he messaged her, this is all his plan, he called her godown and trapped her then he got agree for marriage so easily, he is not nice, he even came to meet my aaji, help me to save Gayetri, why are you not answering me? David is listening this from inside, Aradhya asks Aryan are you listening? Aradhya says i am waiting for you outside, come out fast, David is tensed inside, he says how did she come here now? he calls Kumudini but she doesnt pick up, he calls her again, Kumudini picks up call, David says your grand daughter knows everything about me, Kumudini says how? David says i am in trial room, she is waiting outside for Aryan, Aryan is different trial room, if Aryan goes out then we will be dead, Kumudini says dont come out, she ends call. Aradhya gets Kumudini’s call, Aradhya cuts it, Aradhya says Aryan what kind of brother are you? come out, Kumudini calls her again, Aradhya picks call, Aradhya asks if anything urgent? Kumudini coughs and says come home fast, there is no one at home, i am not feeling well, Aradhya asks why are you coughing? Kumudini says dont know, this cancer is really bad, Aradhya says nothing will happen to you, i am coming, she ends call and leaves, David have sigh of relief.
Kumudini says did Damini call Aradhya and told her everything? how did Aradhya know everything about devaish.
David comes out of trial room, Aryan comes to him and asks why he seems tensed? David says it was suffocating inside, i am fine now.

Scene 2
Shashwat comes to hospital and says you called Devaish, his relative is ill, she says there is no record of devaish, Shashwat shows her number of Devaish and asks her to check it in record. Shashwat listens doctor saying to nurse that Saraswati Fernandez is very ill, call her relatives, Shashwat says saras?
Nurse comes to tulsi and asks her to bring medicines, Tulsi says i will bring it, she leaves ward room, shashwat comes there but doesnt see her. tulsi says she has whole family but no one is here when is in pain, dont know where David is. She is passingby shashwat, Shashwat doesnt see her, Tulsi leaves. Shashwat finds saras in one room, he is stunned and says sarasvati? he comes inside, Saras is happy to see him, shashwat gets emotional seeing her, she tries to get up but he asks her to lie down, he asks what happened to her? Saras says now you have come so i will be fine, she asks about Gayetri, he says today is Gayetri’s marriage with Devaish, i came here to see someone and met you, he wipes her tears and asks her to get fine soon.
Aradhya comes home, Kumudini is lying down, she says i have high fever, i am feeling cold, Aradhya checks it and says you dont have temperature, Kumudini says i am feeling cold, Aradhya asks if she is joking with her? Kumudini says why would i do it? i am feeling cold, its weird, i have serious headache, Aradhya says yo could have taken medicine, i has important work, when you have come work then you dont have any pain, Kumudini says cant i call my grand daughter? i dont wanna live anymore, let me die, Aradhya asks where is Goda? she says i dont know, Aradhya says i will call her, i am leaving, Kumudini says make me tea before leaving, Aradhya goes to make tea, Kumudini gets up and says sorry, i have to take every way to get my work done, she gets ready for marriage.
Aradhya come sin kitchen and says i am trying to talk to Aryan but he is not listening to me, God has given least mind to Aryan.
Pavitra makes Gayetri ready for marriage, she says you are looking breathtaking, Davaish will keep looking at you, Aryan comes and says he is already in her control, bought sherwani of her choice too, Gayetri smiles, Aryan gets emotional and says when i was 10years old, people used to say that you will go after marriage but i used to say i wont let my sister go anywhere but today youa re going and i am letting you go happily, Gayetri hugs him, Pavitra comes there, Aryan hugs them both, Gayetri says only shashwat is not here, Aryan says dont have hopes from him, he is never present when needed, your brother is always there for you, he leaves, Pavitra hugs Gayetri.
Aradhya makes tea and says i should leave. Kumudini comes out of house and locks it from outside, Aradhya comes in lounge and doesnt find Kumudini there. Dhol players are waiting outside, Kumudini says today is Sarpanch’s grand-daughter wedding, i have to bless her, play dhol, they play it, Kumudini leaves with them, Aradhya listens this from inside and says Kumudini is going to Gayetri’s marriage? she is lied to me, i have to stop her, she tries to open door but its locked. Kumudini stand outside and says i have to go today, you cant stop me Aradhya, inside Aradhya says this cant happen, you cant do this Aaji.

PRECAP- Marriage ceremony is going on. Kumudini comes there, Aaba says how dare you come here? Kumudini says i have invitation of wedding, aaba says who invited you? David says i have called her, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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