Krishnadasi 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kumudini says i did this to save my and my daughter’s life 21years back, i swapped children, Shankari was with me, i wanted to prove that its not about blood but about upbringing thats why i wanted my grand son to be raised in your house and your grand daughter in my house, you hate Devdasies but see there is our mannerism in her, Tulsi says lets go from here, Kumudini says i am saying truth, aaba you want to kill Devdasies? kill this Aradhya, she is your grand daughter who was raised in dancer’s house, in my house, Aaba laughs and says you come with new story everytime, guards tie her too, Kumudini says no one should come near me, i knew you would not believe me, i kept this as secret but this deshmukh family came to take Keshav’s property so i had to speak up, you remember

that your brother in law Ksehav named property for my son and you know who that son is? its Aryan, Raj tried to snatch it from me, thats why he tried to kill me and Tulsi, he knew that if we both die then this secret will remain will secret and no one will know that Aryan is my grand son, Aaba says only mental will believe you, Kumudini says you remember we did Aradhya’s DNA test and it didnt match with Chimaji, Tulsi’s blood group didnt match with Aradhya because she is not their daughter, remember Shashwat gave his blood to save Aradhya, he is Aradhya’s father, now Pavitra will tell you more story, Pavitra tell us for what you went to hospital, you screamed when this animal aaba tried to shoot Aradhya, why you have so much love for Aradhya all of sudden? you would regret for being silent later, tell them that Aradhya is your daughter, i have copy of report, the test which you did, i knew about it, she shows report to aaba and says Aradhya is Pavitra and Shashwat’s daughter, aaba sees report and is shocked, Kumudini says i wanted to come here but Deshmukh attacked me. Aaba says Pavitra.. Shashwat says why are you silent Pavitra? say something, say it, Pavitra cries and says yes.. Aradhya is this house’s daughter, she is my daughter, she is your grand daughter aaba, she is our daughter, she is our daughter, she cries looking at Aradhya, aaba asks if she is saying truth? you didnt give us son? you gave us daughter? Pavitra says even i didnt know it, i got to know recently, Aradhya is your grand daughter, she is my daughter, Pavitra cries. Kumudini says aaba you have listened truth? today i have come to take my grand son, he is heir of Keshav, i brought your grand daughter, i gave her good upbringing and i get her educated, but what you did with her? you made her devdasi, you tried to make her marry with old man, you tried kill her in village but see my grand son, he saved her, he has my blood thats why he did, i proved that upbringing matters, dont know what you would have done if you had got to know that Pavitra given birth to child 21years, you would have killed her with her child, Pavitra did so much with Aradhya still Aradhya kept calling her aayi and thats because of upbringing i gave to her, its my upbringing, you threw us out of house, out of city 21years back, you did so much injustice with this, you wanted to kill us but ask Aradhya, if ever didnt give her anything which she wanted? if i was ever unfair with her because she was your grand daughter? i gave her best morals, i wanted to prove that nobody is devdasi by birth, nobody is born as devdasi just because of their blood, its about upbringing, see my grand son was raised in your house, and i raised your grand daughter with all morals, i won the war of 21years, today i have gut to stand infront of you, why are you silent aaba? Banwari says to Markand that you should go for DNA test too, maybe something shocking will come in too. aaba is shocked and feels pain in chest, he loses balance but Aryan comes forward and holds him to support him, aaba looks at Aryan and recalls how he used to be proud of Aryan, how he used to call him lion, aaba jerks Aryan off and says dont touch me, Aryan is shocked with his changed behavior, Aaba says dont touch me with your filthy hands, Shashwat throw them out of my house, he and his family have filthy blood, they are devdasi family. Kumudini says nobody should touch my grand son, she comes to Aradhya and says aaba accept your grand daughter now, Aaba says i dont accept her as my grand daughter, Kumudini says you accept it or not but your grand daughter is married to grand son of Devdasi, she is my daughter in law, if you want then i can take her to my house as my daughter in law, aaba is disgusted, Kumudini says he doesnt want me to take you Aradhya, she leaves Aradhya, Aradhya is shocked seeing her changed behavior, Kumudini says to aaba that you think my grand son will stay here with you anymore? i am taking him with me rightnow, she holds Aryan’s hand and drags him from there, Pavitra cries and tries to go behind him but aaba says i will kill anyone who tries to move from his/her place, Pavitra stops listening this. Aradhya tries to go behind Kumudini and Aryan but Pavitra holds her hand and stops her, Aryan turns and looks at them while Kumudini drags him, Aradhya and Aryan looks at each other in pain and disbelief. Aradhya tries to go to Tulsi calling her aayi but Pavitra holds her hand, Aradhya turns to look at her, PAvitra emotionally looks at her, Aradhya silently looks at Tulsi in tears, Tulsi is in shock state.

Scene 2
Its night, Tulsi says to Kumudini that you didnt leave anyone, you brought storm, just to play your game, you made people as your pawn, you played, you tricked, you cheated everyone and broke our hearts, i am stunned to see how can you be so selfish? Kumudini says selfish? you know what happened with us 21years back, did you forget insult that was brought to us? Tulsi says aaba and Shashwat insulted us but what you did? you sacrificed both kids? that innocent Aradhya had to bear so much in our house, Kumudini says enough, you dont have to worry about aaba’s grand daughter, its their problem now, this had to come out one day, Tulsi says i will care for her 1000times, she can be pawn for you but i brought her up as my daughter, she was my daughter and will remain my daughter for life, Kumudini says you didnt have daughter but you have son Aryan, Tulsi says you didnt even spare Aryan, you sacrificed him, there is no difference between you and Aaba now, Kumudini says you are angry thats why saying all this, Tulsi says i want to break all ties with you and leave from here rightnow but i wont leave as i know Aryan and Aradhya loves each other alot, you sacrificed their love too, you played with their hearts but i wont let you play anymore, i will reunite them and you remember that you had one daughter but its not there anymore, i break my ties with you, she leaves. Kumudini says she is angry but will understand eventually, my grand son is coming home after so many years, i know he would be miffed but he will understand.
Pavitra brings Aradhya in aaba’s house, Aradhya recalls how she used to love and live for Kumudini and Tulsi, how they were her family and lie. Aaba says to Pavitra that this girl will not come in my house and if you are feeling so much love for her then you can also leave this house with her, Aradhya folds her hand and says no aaba, everything was done by my aaji, its not aayi’s(Pavitra) fault, aaba says dont call me aaba, he drags her and throws her on floor but Shashwat comes and holds her, he comes forward and says today i wont stay silent, its not Aradhya’s fault that she was raised in Kumudini’s house, Kumudini is at mistake not Aradhya, Pavitra or Tulsi, you cant do this with Aradhya, aaba says i told you that i wanted son not daughter from Pavitra, Shashwat says i know but i never created difference between my kids so why will i do it now? she is my daughter.
Aryan comes to Kumudini’s house, Kumudini does his aarti and says my son has come home, Tulsi sees this from far, Kumudini tries to hug Aryan but Aryan moves back.
aaba says okay Shashwat, she can stay in this house in corner but we have to do Shuddi Karan(cleansing) of Aradhya, call Chimaji, he will do it.
Aryan says to Kumudini that i havent come in this house for you but for Tulsi, you have crossed all limits, mothers are identity for kids but tell me whom me and Aradhya will call mother? the mother who gave us birth or the mother who raised us?
Shashwat and Pavitra brings Aradhya to room, Shashwat says dont worry, you will stay here, Pavitra comes forward and caresses her face, she says i have raised Aryan and i lost him in blink, i dont want to loose you, listen to your father, dont leave, she hugs Aradhya and cries.
Aryan touches Tulsi’s feet, Tulsi says i have become great by getting son like you but i have raised Aradhya for 21years, she is my daughter, its like she is one part of my heart and you are other part of my heart, Aryan smiles and says its good to listen aunty.. Tulsi looks on hurt, Aryan says i mean.. Aayi, like you can separate from Aradhya, sameway i cant separate from my aayi(Pavitra) because she raised me like her son for 21years, Tulsi says i understand, she caresses Aryan’s face and hugs him. Kumudini sees this and says to Kaka that time is biggest thing, with time everything will become fine, she leaves to her room.

Scene 3
Its morning, Pavitra brings Aradhya in hall. Chimaji is there, Aradhya greets him. Banwari whispers to Markand that yesterday marriage was happening here and today shuddi karan and this flirty Chimaji is acting pious, Markand says his truth will come out, we should just enjoy drama. Aradhya starts for pooja, milk is poured over head to cleanse her. Aryan sits in his room sad and depressed, Aryan recalls his moments with Aradhya. Aradhya is sitting for Shuddi Karan and recalls her time spent with Aryan, how they teased each other before marriage, they trip, Humari Adhuri Kahani plays. Aryan is in tears missing Aradhya.

(One of the best episodes of this show I have seen, Kumudini was just unstoppable)

PRECAP- Aryan and Aradhya holds hand, Aryan says earlier we had taken pheras of marriage forcefully eariler but today i want to take pheras again with you willingly, Aradhya compiles. Aryan and Aradhya starts taking pheras around fire in mandir, Aryan says i swear to protect your dignity and honor, i will always be with in your sad and happy moments, Aradhya says i swear i will never doubt your intentions, i will never leave your hand, i will leave your side, Aryan says from now on we will never allow anyone to let our love become pawn in their hands and let them toy with it, they complete pheras and hug each other tightly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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