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Krishnadasi 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kumudini says to Aryan and Shravani that i will put ring in milk bowl and you both have to search for it, Nakku says who will find it first, that person will rule your relation, that will be king or queen and other will be slave. They start finding ring, Kumudini says Shravani will find it, Aryan finds it, Kumudini claps, Aryan leaves. Shravani says he must be tired, Kumudini says he raoms around witch Aradhya so must be tired, you go, she leaves.
Shravani is sitting in her room and sees bed with rose petals, she thinks that marriage is done, now i have to do acting of miscarriage then i will get chance of going close to Aryan. Aryan comes out of washroom and stares her sitting on bed, she says i will take out your clothes from cupboard, i am your wife and have right to serve

you, she tries to take off his sherwani. Shravani comes closer to Aryan, Aryan says to Shravani that Aradhya wanted me to give my name to your baby only that is why i married you, dont expect anything else from me, i still take Aradhya as my wife and nobody can take her place, take rest, he leaves, Shravani throws away rose petals from her bed and gets angry, she thinks that till illness called Aradhya remain alive, Aryan will keep chanting her name, i have to do something, that rat has destroyed my plans.
Kumudini sees Aryan going and says Shravani is waiting for you in room, i brought milk for you, Aryan says you wanted her to be your daughter in law, that happened but nothing will be as per your wishes, he leaves, Kumudini looks on.
Aradhya is sadly sitting in jail. Aryan is sitting outside Mandir, Uday comes and sits beside him, he asks what happened brother? you got married, instead of having first night, you are getting bitten my mosquito, Aryan wipes his tears and says me and Aradhya saw so many dreams, thought we will make our own life, and what happened? Aradhya is mad, she thinks i will be happy without her with Shravani. Uday says you are right, she is mad, she sacrifices her happiness for others but you have to do things for her too, you cant cry like devdas, Aryan says she is in jail and she doesnt want to talk to me, she is deliberately keeping me away, what to do? Uday says love is not easy, we have to be stubborn in love, break the rules, as they say once you committed you should not go back, dont listen to her, revolt against her, listen to what your heart says, Aryan says my heart wants a lot of things but there is nothing i can do about it, Uday says everything is fair in love and war, God will do something.
Aradhya listens to Radio show of Tony. Otherside Uday calls Tony who is his friend, he says my friend wants to send his love words to his lover, help him. Uday says to Aryan that i have listened people listen radio in jail, say anything whats in your heart, he gives him phone and leaves. Aryan says hello.. Tony says i am going to make lover’s words to send to other lover and we hope that it reaches to his lover. Aryan says can you listen to me? Tony said that if my love is true then my words will reach you, we can stay alive being separated but cant breath, you can try but we are in each others soul, you cant keep me away, i am seeing you, your eyes, your heart fluttering, i am watching you, God has made us for each other, say it once that you are waiting for me and you want to hold my hand, just once please, Aradhya listens and cries listening. Aradhya recalls flashback and says to Aryan that i am your wife and you cant go away from me, hold my hand, fb ends. Aryan cries and says hold my hand once and make me feel you again. tony ends call and says you must have listened that whole universe try to make lovers meet, hope they meet too, dedicating this song to them.. Aae dil hai mushkil plays.. Aryan and Aradhya cries.

Scene 2
Kumudini says to Nakku that today is Shravani’s first day as daughter in law, she will cook food. Shravani comes there, and is in bad mood, Kumudini says why you are not wearing jewelry? you are only daughter in law of mine, Shravani says alll designs of my jewelry are old, if i had worn your family jewelry then that wpuld be different, but Aryan is my real jewel but he is running away, Kumudini says t Nakku that you know where i keep my jewelry, she says yes, ?Kumudini gives her keys and asks her to bring my family jewelry, she asks Shravani to not feel sad about Aryan’s behavior, everything will be fine, Shravani thinks that i will make everything fine, i will take care of you too oldie, she says you are with me thats enough, Nakku brings jewelry and gives to Shravani, Shravani looks at necklace, Kumudini says Keshave gave it to me, Shravani says they are old kind of designs but i will call jeweler and will change their designs, Kumudini is stunned but agrees, Shravani says i will keep all, she takes key too and leaves, Nakku says she took keys too, Kumudini says she will stay in this house so no issues if she has keys.
Dancer is brought to Aradhya’s cell, she sees food and asks Aradhya why she is not eating food? she says i will eat it, she eats food, Aradhya is sitting sadly, dancer man says seems like you have come here for first time, you will settle soon, how do you know jerk Shravani? did she trap you like she did with me? Aradhya is shocked to hear it, Aradhya says why you are talking about her like this? She is my sister, dancer snicker and says sister? she can be of no one, she used to live alone,she is liar and cheater,Raj met her otherwise nobody could tame her,Aradhya says what? dancer says Shravani and Raj changed their attires,sometimes they become widow,sometime pregnant, sometime husband and wife so that they can rob off people,they made me lie to aaba and he made me send to jail,when i go out of this jail then will not spare her,ARadhya is shocked and recalls Shravani planned everything,how she acted like widow,how became Krishnadasi,how acted like she had night with Aryan and how she acted like pregnant, how Aradhya forced Aryan to marry her,dancer says stay away from Shravani, that jerk can do anything,Aradhya is shocked.
Shravani says property, jewelry, everything is mine, only i have to make Aryan mine, i can seduce Aryan. Bhamini hides behind door,Shravani says now i have to end this fake pregnancy so that i become pregnant with Aryan’s baby for real, Bhamini is shocked to hear it.
All are tensed in Rao house,Uday says i met lawyer, Aradhya just have to give statement that she shot in self defense, Pavitra says Aradhya is ready to be in jail for Shravani, Aaba says how to bring shravani’s truth out? Bhamini says Aradhya went to jail because she cares about Shravani’s baby, but when she gets to know that for whom she is doing all this, that person doesnt deserve it then? all are stunned, Bhamini says to Aaba that you tried to make me see truth but i was blind, i loved girl but she lied to me,you were right, she doesnt deserve any relation, Aaba asks what happened? Bhamini says the baby for which Shravani is doing all this, that baby doesnt even exist, Shravani is not pregnant, she is kjust pretending, Shashwat says what are you saying? Bhamini says Aaba was right, she was pretending to be widow, she made me believe that Raj forced her to lie, she made plan of being pregnant with Aryan’s baby and i believed her, i took her side kjust for her baby, i didnt know truth, aaba says she is dangerous than i thought, Pavitra says my daughter lied to be pregnant just to get Aryan? we used to cry for Aradhya and Shravani, Shashwat says our one daughter destroyed other dauther’s life, Gayetri says she went to Aryan’s house with Raj but killed him too, maybe she shot Raj and ARadhya took her blame, Bhamini says forgive me, Aaba says even i tortured Aradhya earlier, i forgive you, Bhamini says Aradhya’s life is in danger, Shravani can do anything, Shashwat says we should go to police, Aaba says no Shravani can do anything, she can kill Kumudini too, we have to take her statement before doing anything, Shashwat says why would she give statement? how will say truth? aaba says by hook or crook, sometimes to do something good, we have to take wrong path, Uday says what will we do now? Aaba looks on.

Scene 2
Uday tells truth to Aradhya, Aradhya says i sent myself to jail just because of Shravani’s baby, i didnt even give statement to police, Uday says you were blind, sometimes we sacrifice which is good but sacrificing for wrong is good, your aaji was doing same but she got to know truth, Aradhya recalls how Aryan pleaded her that he never cheated on her, Aradhya says i got in trap of Shravani, how i couldnt trust Aryan? she recalls how Aryan tried so many times, Aradhya says i couldnt see Shravani’s’ cheat, lie and deceit, Uday says we believe our blood relations so its easy for them to cheat, Aradhya says i broke relation with me, i never believed him, when i got to know Shravani is my sister, i didnt see any relation, i did mistake, i want to meet Aryan,i have to make him alert, Uday says no we want Shravani’s statement, before that we cant tell anything to Aryan or police, Aradhya says till i dont say sorry to Aryan, i wont be at peace,please make me meet him, Uday says why me? from the time i have come in your life, i have become messenger between you and Aryan, why? Aradhya says sorry but.. Uday says i am joking, she takes out paper from his pocket and says i know you have a lot to say but i only have this,dont write anything about Shravani, Aradhya nods and writes her message,she thanks him, he says you will be freed soon then you and Aryan will be together, that was my work, Aradhya thanks him, he leaves. Aradhya cries and says sorry Aryan.

PRECAP- Shravani comes in kitchen and says today will be last lunch of my family, she mixes poison in food and serves to Rao family. All eat food and starts coughing, they all fall down on floor being poisoned,Shashwat tried to strangle Shravani but falls down too,Shravani sees whole family dying and smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. oh my God this girl is dangerous than I thought. She has went ahead to kill everyone her own family.
    This girl is pure evil.

  2. Rhimjhim

    loved the episode… waiting for the next episode after a long time… y do we have saturdays and sundays as there is no KD on these two days…

  3. What nonsense precape

  4. Yooooo after a long time good episode aired? uday aryan scene was awsome i thought that he will become bad person but no shravini is enough to spread mess all around? bhamini aaji ? thank GOD ..nd aru? now no need of ur realization aryan nd shravini got married yakhh? shravini is soo damn kamini ?? she poison her own parents her own family? she is sooo evil?

  5. Ronnie Joseph

    Good everyone in this show should dead . That will bring an end to this madness

    1. Maleesha

      Excuse me .. wht do you mean??

  6. Shravani i think i will kil her.
    but happy to know that all knew about her cruel she dare she try to seperate arra .idiot.
    i think she will regret for this.
    want to c arra uniting again.?

  7. I am happy to see a gud episode after a long time. Oh my god precap is too much. How can this sravani stoop so low. She is more bad than a devil. But i have seen news that jail got fire & everyone believez aaru is dead except aaba & uday. Aaru will change her identity & dressing style & deciding to enter in aryan’s life to give end to sravani’s chapter. Wow i am so eager to watch this. Aaru is back again to her original character. Love her. Aara should get together soon.

  8. Ahhhh finally…. Shravani’s truth exposed . Will Raos really die ? I don’t want them to die 🙁 they should be alive to help Aru & Aryan. Now this show will be interesting.

    1. Maleesha

      No they won’t

  9. Uss shravani ke bare me tho Bath karne be bekar he, she is so irritating but today I like the epi kunki today kd is better as it has lost its charm from a very long time.

  10. after a long time such a amazing episode totally loved it that shravani is not a human she is killing her whole family finally bhamini and aru know the truth i think rao family is acting to get her confession kumu is so stupid but serves her well aru is looking so pretty in maharani avtar

  11. oh I think shravani is the most cruel negative character ever I have watched
    anyone pls tell me
    are they going to die or somebody help them??


    OMG sharvini will kill her family!!???????! Thats tooo much ….. but show is going slow…
    But good news is that according to tellyupdates or tellychakkar (i do no remember, where i read) that by end of this month or start of oct sharvini case will be over, but seeing its slowness i think till oct end they will drag…

  13. Hi guys idnt no meri req kyu nahi pahuchai ja rahi show ke dir se mai req kar rahi hu ke aap aru aur aryan ko ek br phir ek naye kahani ke sth leke show ke kahani mjhe bhut pasand srawni ke track ne sabkuch destroy .i feel bad.maine yahi socha tha ke krshnadasi lambi i feel bad.

  14. how stupid do you feel now, Aradhya??? You should have believed your love. I hope she stays in prison just to be so arrogant and selfish.

  15. Wow! Hope just arara gets together. And that shravani too much! Kumudini your bad days r coming soon.

  16. Maleesha

    relieving episode. I cried more than Aryan in arra scene. & more happy to know KD will have happy ending

  17. Maleesha

    Guys, where is liba, Rebba , mahru, manya & all . by the way , I’m here after a long time too. glad to see new commentors here. All of you are mostly welcome

  18. Maleesha

    Bhamini is such a idiot. why didn’t she tell that bfore the marrriage??

  19. Wn is ths shw getting end so sad I will really miss kd

  20. supperb episode….waiting for arra scenes???

  21. hy guyyyz whats up…thanks maleesha for asking…….show is going off air and im reallly sad…….how ill spend my life without araaaa…we will miss thm alot…..i hope now we will watch more araa scene in arus mahrani track…….plzzz kd writerz now show is going off air so we want rain sequence and cottage scene in the forest plzzzzzzz?????…i will miss all of u gyz …the spoilerz….the comments….love all of u….kd rokz

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