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Scene 1
Aradhya and Aryan comes to market. Aradhya says i have seen musical lighter in that man’s hand, we should ask shopkeepers about that man. Aryan and Aradhys starts asking about that man.
David comes to Saras in hospital. She is sleeping, he says i am going to get married and my revenge will be completed, Aaba has given you pain and i am going to return those, Saras wakes up and asks why you seem so stressed? David says i will not sit in peace till i dont take revenge for injustice that happened with you, he leaves.
Aradhya and Aryan searches for that man. Aryan says to Aradhya if that man exists or not? are you wasting my time? Aradhya says atleast i am doing something, Aryan says you have spoiled my day, i am leaving, Aradhya says what if that man does something wrong

with Gayetri? we have to find him.
David comes to Kumudini’s house, Kaka asks him to wait, he will call Kumudini. David starts playing with his lighter, he thinks that if this marriage happens then my revenge will be completed, Kumudini comes there, David gives her wedding invitation, Kumuduni says we are Krishndasies, David says this marriage is happening because of you, Kumudini says i will surely come and will bless Gayetri, David says i shall leave now, Kumudini says have tea, David says i have some work, he forgets his lighter on sofa and leaves, Kumudini says all pawns are playing their game, i am just waiting for day when Aaba will know truth, he will bow down his head and will be proud.
Aryan says how will find man when you dont know anything about him, you are fooling me but truth is Kumudini is behind all this, Aradhya says you are thinking wrong, truth is not that, Aryan says you are cooking stories, aryan sees Paivtra coming in market, he hides. Pavitra sees aradhya, she comes to Aradhya and says i was going to meet you, Gayetri is getting married and i wanted to invite you, when i saw you for first time, i liked you, you are so sweet, Aradhya thinks to tell her about her identity, Pavitra says you are her friend so you have to come in marriage, she gives her invitation card, Aradhya thinks thinks that Pavitra is happy about this marriage so i should not tell anything and also i should find about that lighter man first, Pavitra says you are like Gayetri to me, when i see you, i feel i have relation with you from some birth, do come in marriage, she leaves. Aryan comes to Aradhya and says what was she saying? she doesnt know that you are.. first you made story about some man and now my mother doesnt know anything about you, whats your plan? Aradhya says its not my work to plan every single second, Gayetri is my friend and i didnt know who she was when i saved her life, your Aayi dont know about me, Aryan says there is no lighter man, dont fool me, he leaves, Aradhya says he might not trust me but i have to find about that man.
Tulsi says to Kumudini that why do you want to go to aaba’s grand daughter’s marriage? you know Aaba doesnt like it, Kumudini says its ritual that Krishnadasies go to marriages to bless brides, Tulsi says dont talk about rituals, i know you wanna go there as its aaba’s grand daughter’ wedding, after all this you wanna go there? they think you are behind all this then why you are going there? he wont like it, Kumudini says i dont care about him, groom has called me so i will go, aradhya comes there, Tulsi asks where was she? Aradhya says i had some work. Kumudini sees lighter on sofa, Aradhya goes to her room. Kumudini calls Kaka and says are you smoking cigarettes? Kaka says Davaish must have forget this lighter when he came to give invitation, she opens lighter, music plays, Aradhya listens music, she turns and sees lighter in Kumudini’s hands, she thinks that its Devaish who wants to destroy Gayetri’s life, he is going to get married to her, why he is doing it? what he wants from Gayetri? he won Aaba’s trust first, this seems like some plan, i have to stop him, i have to do something.
David is preparing for marriage. Shashwat comes to him and says today is your marriage, go and get ready, David says baba.. he says can i call you baba? shashwat says why not, David says i have to do work, aaba says if it was someone else then he would have taken 10days off for marriage, you are hard working guy and you will surely achieve something, David says i need your blessings, Aaba says along with blessings, i have something for you, he gives him some papers, David reads it and says this is bribe, i am getting married to your grand daughter so you are giving me dowry but i dont need bribe or dowry to marry her, aaba says this is proof, Gayetri is lucky to marry you, aryan comes there too and smiles. Aradhya calls Aryan but Aryan cuts her call, Aradhya messages him to take her call, its about Gayetri’s life. Aaba says this is not bribe or dowry, this is gift, we want you to stand beside us now, David says i cant take it, Aryan says aaba is gifting you this, take it for Gayetri, David says you people have accepted me so easily as family member, Aryan says when Gayetri has accepted you then why wouldnt we? please accept this, David says okay, he touches Aaba’s feet and thinks this is my revenge, i will snatch your peace and everything. Aryan gets Aradhya’s message to take her call, Aryan sees it and ignores.
Shashwat says to Aaba that we couldnt call many guests, we should delay this marriage and we will book some good resort, David says there is no need to delay marriage, what happened that day, people are gossiping about Gayetri, i feel like killing them but i stop thinking that this happened because of me, i need to stop all this by marrying Gayetri, if today’s muhrat is good then we should do marriage today only, Gayetri listens it too. Shashwat says but we need to meet your family, you must have called them for marriage but we should talk to them, Aryan says he is right, we should meet your family, David says to aaba that i dont have family, i am an orphan, i thought your family is mine now, i dont have any family other than you people, your respect is my respect thats why i want to end gossips, i want this marriage to happen today only, aaba says okay, marriage will happen today only, he says to David that you are not alone, my family is your family from now on, just become groom and be part of my family, he asks Aryan to buy dress for David, he leaves, Aryan says to David that i dont have any other choice, you are going to my brother in law, i have to select your dress, i will come after getting freshen up, he leaves.
Kumudini asks kaka if saree is looking good on her? he says yes, Kumudini says i will wear this in Gayetri’s marriage, people should not say anything to me, Tulsi comes there and says you are still thinking about going there? Kumudini says i am getting ready, Tulsi says why you wanna get insulted, who will call you there? Kumudini says Davaish called me, Krishnadasies are called to bless brides, you wont go but i will, Tulsi says what are you getting by insulting someone’s daughter? why Davaish is calling you? what plan you are making with him? Kumudini says why you never trust me? he has called me there to bless his would be bride, aaba wont invite so David invited me, doctor calls Tulsi and says your friend Saras is not well, you come here, tulsi says i will come, she ends call and says to Kumudini that if you play games with someone’s daughter then people can play games with your daughter too so dont involve me or Aradhya in all this, she leaves, Kumudini says its good for me that you and Aradhya are away from all this.
Aradhya thinks that Davaish came to meet Kumudini, they are cooking something, because of my aaji, Gayetri’s life is going to be destroyed, i have to do something, i have to tell this to Aryan, only he can bring truth out of Davaish, if Davaish trapped Gayetri or he really wants to marry her?
Gayetri says to David that why did you say you are orphan? i have met your sister in law, why did you lie? i know i agreed to everything to said to me in hospital, we are going to get married then why are you hiding this? David says my sister in law is ill, she is like my mother, i respect her alot but she has old thoughts, if she knows that we spent night in room then she will make issue in hospital, she wont allow us to get married, once we are married then i will tell her everything, i will pacify her, for now my priority is our marriage, your respect is most important to me, Gayetri says i would have liked your family in this marriage, David gets call, he cuts it and says if you have doubt on me then i will tell everything to sister in law, Gayetri says no need for that, i trust you completely, she holds his hand, David says i am lucky that i got you, he hugs Gayetri, Aryan comes there, David gets tensed and breaks hug, Aryan stares David.

PRECAP- Kumudini calls Aradhya and asks her to come home, she is ill. Aradhya comes home, Kumudini says i have high fever, Aradhya asks if she is joking with her? Kumudini says why would i do that? Kumudini locks Aradhya in room and gets ready for marriage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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