Krishnadasi 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan comes to Open University, he is submitting form, Aradhya comes there too, they dont see each other. Aryan doesnt have pen, he asks a guy to give him pen but he doesnt. Aradhya is nearby, Aryan asks guy to ask pen from a girl(Aradhya), guy comes to Aradhya and asks for pen, Aradhya gives to him. Guy gives pen to Aryan, Aryan Aradhya doesnt see each other as they have back to each other. Aradhya is happy to fill form, Aryan fills his form.
Tulsi meets Saras in hospital, Tulsi says dont worry, everything will be fine, Saras says my father is responsible for all this, the day i married Micheal after going against Aaba, he became my enemy, he used his power to destroy Micheal’s work, he wanted us to become beggars and that happened, he is successful, i tried to meet him

many times but he didnt answer me, how can a father do with his daughter? Saras cries, Tulsi hugs her, Saras says i just want to meet my family once, i want to see my Baba once.
David says to Kumudini that Shashwat has called me to his home, Kumudini says be careful, enter aaba’s house and earns his trust, everything is fair in love and war, dont go in right or wrong, dont deviate from your path else.. your eyes should be set on your enemy, David says i have seen pain on Saras’s face all life and now i want to see same pain on aaba’s face and for that, i will do everything i have to, Kumudini says he made his relatives cry, now his relatives will make him cry.
Aradhya tries to follow guy, she comes to guy and asks him to return pen, guy says i gave it to someone else, Aradhya says people have started stealing pen too? Guy says not me but someone else, he finds Aryan. Guy comes to Aryan and says you took pen, that girl is calling me robber for one pen, Aryan says i was searching to return it, thanks, he gives him pen, he says to guy that thank that girl, he leaves. Guy comes to Aradhya and returns her pen, she starts to leave too. Aryan is nearby her, they dont see each other, Aradhya passesby him.
Tulsi says Saras wanted me to pray to Gaumata. Tulsi comes to cow and gives her something to eat, Aryan passesby from there. Cow hits Tulsi, she is about to fall but Shashwat comes there and holds her in time, Aryan sees this and thinks that i have to teach these devdasies lesson, he leaves. shashwat sees its Tulsi, he pushes her away and leaves. Aradhya comes there and asks Tulsi is she is fine? Tulsi nods.
Kaka says to Kumudini that Saras is in bad condition, Kumudini says its cause her father is aaba. Kumudini comes to her house and sees things throw out, she is shocked and says what are you doing? Aryan says we are doing what you deserve, you pack things to leave this village, you women are creating filth here, you women can go anywhere and dance in parties, you fall in anyone’s arms, he throws things from her house and says to Kumudini that i grand son of Aaba Sahib warning you that stay away from my family else i will destroy you, Kumudini says you can do anything you want, your egoistic aaba can only lie to you, he keeps his grand daughter on feet, he trap people in customs so that they follow him blindly so you have to follow him too, you are blind too, Aryan says i have to teach you lesson now, he ask his men to put kerosene on whole house of Kumudini. Aradhya comes there, Aryan is about to set house on fire but Aradhya stops him, both look at each other and are shocked, Aryan says you? what are you doing here? Aradhya says why are you burning my house? this is my house, dont tell me you are goon of Aaba, Raghu says he is grand son of aaba sahib, be careful, Aradhya looks at Aryan in shock. Aryan says this is your house? you are Devdasi’s daughter? Aradhya says yes i am daughter of Devdasi and you are grand son of that egoistic Aaba? Aryan says yes and i cant listen anything against him, i am from family whose happiness is taken by your family, your family is spreading filth, Aradhya says open your eyes and see who is spreading filth, your family is playing game with us, Aryan says the time we spent together, its all finished from today, now it will be new start, if your family doesnt leave this village then i will burn your house, he leaves with his goons, Aradhya looks at him in shock. Kaka says to Kumudini that why did you stop me? a guy came and insulted you and you didnt let me do anything, Kumudini says he is young and passionate leave it, Kaka leaves, Kumudini says relations are entangled here, our third generation in battle field too, i wanted this only, aryan and Aradhya are pawns in this game, one pawn is mine and one pawn is Aaba’s, nobody knows whose pawn is who, nobody knows, i wont tell anyone till right time doesnt come.
Tulsi comes in house and says to Kaka that did you see how Aaba’s grandson warned Aradhya, nothing should happen to Aradhya, Kumudini comes there, Tulsi says did you see how things are going forward, Aaba’s grandson came to burn our house, he warned Aradhya too, we have bear alot, i dont want to drag Aradhya in all this, we cant fight with these goons, she cries, Kumudini says this is all my fault, i thought i can fight with any storm but i forgot we women cant fight with anyone, i dont want to live here now, we will leave, maybe Krishna wants this too that we leave from here, Tulsi asks if we are going back to Pune? Kumudini says i wont let anything happen to your Aradhya, Tulsi says you are so nice, she asks Kaka to start packing, Kumudini asks kaka to not think, we are leaving for sure, Tulsi says lets start packing.
Aryan is going back, he recalls how Aradhya said that she s Devdasi’s daughter. Aradhya comes in her room and recalls her time spent with Aryan, Jag Sona Sona lage plays, they both remember their moments together. Aryan comes to lake side, he sees lantern in his car. Aradhya looks at her anklet which Aryan had. Aryan says she is afterall Devdasi’s daughter, she has devdasi’s blood and i was thinking to make you my friend, he burns lanter in his hands. Aradhya cries.

Scene 2
Aaba welcomes Aryan in house, aaba hugs him. banwari thinks that they wont let me make money, Aaba says Shashwat is useless, his blood is water actually, he makes Aryan sit on throne and says you showed today that you have strength like me, he asks Pavitra to make Aryan’s favorite dishes, Aaba is about to leave but Shashwat comes there and says you have become goon? will you put people’s houses on fire now? Aryan says i created fire there but why you are burning? Aryan says your heart is really big and it has place for others specially those devdasies, Shashwat says who is filling your heart with hatred? Aryan says no one, i can see how you reach everytime to save those Devdasies, Shashwat raises his hand on Aryan but Aaba holds his hand and says you can answer back anyone and stopping the one who is doing so, Aryan showed today that how we can show people their right place, now i know that Aryan can take my place, Aryan says shashwat’s heart beat for others only, Pavitra says to shashwat that atleast praise your son sometimes, he did right as they created drama as party here, Aryan should have slapped that Devdasi’s daughter(Aradhya), shashwat says shut up, Aaba says you shut up, Pavitra is right for first time, Aaba says to Aryan that you did right, put their house on fire, we will come to see drama, he leaves, Shashwat angrily looks at Aryan, Aryan is about to leave but Shashwat stops him and says i am not finished, Aaba is not teaching you right thing, dont follow him, Pavitra is telling your fake stories too, atleast trust me one time, dont become goon, dont destroy your life, Aryan says i have lived my life in enjoying but now i have reason to live, i will destroy everyone who give pain to my mother, i will remove filth from here, Shashwat says there is no filth, you dont know truth, Aryan says so tell me truth, why my mother is sad? whats the truth? Shashwat says you cant talk to your father like this, Aryan says son of sad mother talks like this only, he leaves, Pavitra leaves too, David is standing there, Shashwat looks at him, David says i think i came at wrong time, he starts to leave thinking that i lost chance, Shashwat comes to him and wipes tears, David says i am sorry to listen your private talks, shashwat says its not your fault, i promised you to give you job, just wait for sometime, Aaba has gone out, when he comes back, i will make you meet him, David thinks that aaba i have come here.
Tulsi says to Aradhya that we are leaving for Pune, aradhya says we cant runaway like this, Tulsi says what will we do staying here? Kumudini has agreed to leave after much difficulty, we cant fight with those goons of aaba, we have to leave, aradhya says we are women but not weak, this is our house, Tulsi says this is not some debate competition, i dont want you to be part of this fight, this place is not good, we will leave for Pune, you will study there and will have good life, Aaba’s grandson wont spare you, its in their blood, pack your bags now, she leaves.

PRECAP- Varun and Shivani call Aryan and Aradhya and connects them through conference call, both are stunned to hear that, Aradhya taunts Aryan that people are hooligans and rowdy here in this village, Aryan says there is too much filth here, i have to clean it. Aradhya says to Tulsi that we have to file police complaint against them, Tulsi is shocked. Aradhya comes to police station to file complaint but officer pushes her away, Aradhya is about to fall but lady supports her, she says your FIR will be filed and rightnow. Aradhya, kumudini and Tulsi are leaving Krishnavati, Kumudini says i want to go to Mandir for last time before leaving.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Guys it means there is really some kind of twist in aryan aradhya story. Maybe what u guys all predicted is gonna bcome true. Aradhya is shadhawat and pavitrs daughter and aryan is tulsis son wow

  2. I m sure aradhya is aaba saheb’s granddaughter nd Aryan is tulsi’s son..that’s why kumudini wants aradhya to become davdasi..and also said that tym will tell whose pawn is who…also Aryan n aradhya shares same bday

  3. Snikdha Sheikh

    now I’m kinda sure aradhya is Shashwat’s daughter & Aryan tulis’s son! Kumudini did this childrens swap!

  4. there are so many upcoming twists In the show I guess.. it is getting now interested. .. I think the new hate story will bring some long ago secrets..

  5. or Aryan is Saras’s son and she gave her son to shashwant since his child passed away after birth. since saras kept saying she wanted to see aryan for the last time.

  6. Yea….i too feel lyk tht

  7. akanksha sharma

    we all are estimting diff diff stories……..lets see who will be proved true.Really there is so much confusion. but really exited toknow the further story

  8. Superb serial…..a very different kind of concept

  9. This was aired from 2000 to 2002 or something in Tamil,so details not available.


    i dont want aradhya to be pavitra’s daughter and aryan to be tulsi’s son but if it isnt like that then there will sasu bahu drama…………..

    from this epi i can understand that aryan is not pavi’s son n aradhya not tulsi’s daughter…….

    but aryan cant be saras’s son also bcoz after saras runs with michael her mother hangs herself during that time only aradhya and aryan would have been born and shashwat dragged tulsi out of her house……….. then for sure saras’s son is not ARYAN…….. bcoz i dont think saras’s mom hanged hersself after ten months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    so much cofusions and suspenses. lets see what happens……….

  11. ya so many confusion… I am eagerly waiting for next episode… I think it will be fantastic…

  12. saras cud have been pregnanct before she run away with michael


      then do u say that they didnt notice her stomach?

      even if u keep it as 3 months will anyone hang after 7 months for incident that took place long ago?

      and i dont think saras’s mom hanged herelf……. aabha and pavitra would have killed her made it as if she hanged herself so that they can make TULSI n Kums to runaway from the village through shaswat……….

      who knows lets see……….

  13. I think aradhaya is gayatris sister as im one episode dey said it so n aryan is kumudini’s grandson dats y she came back to krishnawati n dats y she wanna drag aradhya in all dis,

  14. Lekin aabha saheb ko toh koi farak ni hai, he never cared about saras n gayatri,but is baat se zaroor farak padega ki aryan is not his but kumudini’s grandson,wahhhh kya concept hai rocking

  15. Tabhi kal ke episode main usne kaka ko kuch kehne ni diya aryan ko

  16. nyzz epiii…
    and vry intrstng….

  17. Aryan-Aru…loving them..

  18. Interesting story line…not that regular saas bahu drama..something more than that.. Waiting for all the twist gonna happen.. Loved Aryan.. So cool?

  19. Luv this serial….Awesome aryan aru… Let see the suspense…

  20. If aradhna and aaryan have the same father then they would be related and then how will they date

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