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Scene 1
Shravani says to Aryan that i lied to Aradhy,, Aradhya says i cant believe that you stoop so low, you snatched a girl’s dignity and then asked her to come and lie to me? you cant be that Aryan whom i loved, i am feeling disgusted by you, Aryan says listen to me, Shrvaani says listen to me.. Aradhya says stop, dont try to take his side, i have seen and listened everything, you are under his favors thats why you should not interfere, she says to Aryan that you cant placate me, i cant forget what i had seen, your body has lipstick marks on your body, how can there be any trick by some enemy is involved in all this? nobody would believe you but when you came to talk to me, i thought my Aryan can be saying truth but you were trying to prove truth which is a lie, your Aradhya is dead,

Aryan is shocked, Aradhya says i am leaving away from you, far away where your shadow in not cast, you have crushed my heart, this relation is over from now on, Aryan tries to stop her, he holds her shoulder but she pushes him away and runs from Mandir crying. Aryan runs behind her and calls out her name. Shravani sees them and smirks, she says its end for Krishnawati’s Romeo Juliet story, someone clap for me, no one? i will clap for myself, she claps.
Aradhya is running, Aryan stops her and says atleast give me chance to talk, you cant believe anyone but me, Aradhya says you had to take side of lie to prove our love so there is no hope for our love, everything is finished, Aradhya pushes him away and runs from him. Aryan runs behind her.
Bhamini is police van. They are taking her to jail, she cries, Policeman in van says dont know if this oldie really cant speak or pretending, other says that she is pretending only. Aradhya is running on road crying. She sees Aradhya on road running in their direction. She tries to show her to policemen in van but they ask her to not disturb, they are busy in chatting and doesnt look at road properly. Bhamini is worried and sees Aradhya approaching. Aryan is on road looking around for Aradhya. Aradhya comes infront of van and gets hit by it, she flies and she falls on ground after getting hit brutally hit by van. Aryan listens Aradhya’s scream and runs in that direction. Bhamini is shocked to see Aradhya lying in pool of blood. Two man are talking, one man says i saw aaba’s grand daughter had accident. Aryan listens it and asks where it happened? man says on highway. Aryan runs towards highway. He comes there to see blood on ground but Aradhya is not there, people are gathered there, one man says i saw her flying in air, aaba’s daughter is no more i think. Aryan is shocked to see and listen all this, he looks at blood on ground in pain.

Scene 2
Kumudini is doing pooja. Shravani is standing behind her dressed in beautiful saree. Kumudini says to Kaka that tomorrow is Janmashtami, prepare for it, he nods. Kumudini changes garland on Tulsi’s picture. Banwari says to Kumudini that every year aaba used to have grand celebration but beat him this time, Nakku says its 50years of mandir too, do grand celebration, Kumudini says Kaka and Banwari this time my name should shine like diamonds. She says i have to give aarti to Aryan, is he awake? Nakku says Aryan still thinks that Aradhya will come, Kumudini says time, time changes everyone, it will happen with Aryan too, he will accept that witch Ardhya has died, he will have to accept it that she is dead. Aryan comes down, he is lazy and weak and dizzy. Kumudini gives him aarti, he moves away and says i told you many times to not do this drama infront of me. Shravani thinks that dont know when he will forget Aradhya. Kumudini says you think that this all happened because of me? see what you have become, you roam around whole day, keep drinking wine, why you are destroying your life? Aryan says my life is already destroyed, he leaves. B Kumudini says to Shravani that you are roaming in this house for more than one month, still you couldnt charm my grand son till now? Shravani says i am trying but.. Kumudini says go behind him, do something, Shravani leaves.
Aryan comes outside house, he calls Damini and says you couldnt catch that criminal Jairaj till now, catch him soon. Shravani listens all this. Aryan leaves. Shravani says i dont understand to hide Jairaj or to save Aryan?
Banwari comes in kitchen and says Aryan has become lover boy and is on hunger strike but not me. Banwari finds parathas in kitchen and is happy. She puts in plate and place it on kitchen island. He goes in fridge to bring yogurt, someone is hiding in cabinet, he takes paratha from plate and hides in cabinet, Banwari comes back and sees paratha gone, he says cat must have taken it, he bring another paratha in plate and goes to bring prickle, man from cabinet takes paratha again, Banwari comes and sees paratha gone again, he says ghost? Shravani comes and asks what happened? he says ghost and runs from there. Shravani opens cabinet and sees Raj inside, she brings him out and says why did you come out of store room? anyone can see you, Raj says shut up, cant you see how i live here? you are living like queen and i am hiding, Shravani says you know police is finding you, go to store room, i will bring food, Raj leaves.
Banwari says to Kumudini that i am sure there is ghost inside this house, he only not takes wine but also eat parathas. Shravani is tensed to listen it, Kumudin says have your old owner given you some money? Banwari says i cant be disloyal to you, never, Kumudin says your salary is 15rs now, she leaves. Nakku asks Banwari what he was saying? Banwari says you understand everything, Nakku asks him to go see doctor, else Kumudini will send you to village back, Banwari says when you will see ghost then you will understand, he leaves. Sharavani says i have to do something about Jairaj else how will i go close to Aryan? our plan will fail then.
Shashwat says its been 1 month since Aradhya left us. Aaba says everything is fine now, Pavitra’s business is going fine but there is no happiness without Aradhya. David comes there and says client has given double order for sarees this time. Pavitra thanks lord. Gayetri gives water to David. Pavitra says to Gayetri that David comes here daily, help us everything, why dont you think about marrying David and starting new life? Gayetri says it doesnt seem fine without Aradhya, she cries and says i cant think about my happiness without Aaru, David and I are together because of Aradhya only and now when she is not there anymore so.. Pavitra says what do you think that our lives are fine without her? but whats David’s fault in all this? Gayetri says please. Gayetri comes to David and says i am sorry, David says we cant get married but can prepare for Janmashtami? Aaba says its 50years completion of Mandir too, we will celebrate it like Aradhya used to do, Panchayat will give verdict about preparations, we will ask them to give responsibility to us, all agree, Aaba weeps.
Banwari is hiding in suitcase in his room. Markand comes and asks why you are hiding? lets have fun, Banwari says what about ghost? Aradhya’s ghost has come here to take revenge from Kumudini, Markand says why you are afraid of ghost? he shows him wine bottle and says dont be scared of Aradhya’s ghost, it will be like her, Banwari says she is like you now, she drinks wine and eats parathas. Raj sees them hiding behind wall drinking and thinks that when they will leave, i will take wine bottle, Markand and Banwari goes to bring some dry fruits, Raj comes there.
Panchayat session in going on in mandir, chimaji says its 50years of mandir so we will celebrate grandly, everything will be decorated and Krishnadasi Kumudini will perform, Kumudini says i will prepare for grand celebration, its my Krishan, i will dress him with jewels. Chimaji says i hope no one has problem, aaba says i dont have any problem but just suggestion, Nakku says to Kumudini that i knew he will interrupt. chimaji asks him to speak, aaba says my family used to prepare for this function, i dont have issues with someone else preparing for it but my request is to give us this chance only this time, Kumudini says you are not Sarpanch anymore, you cant change their decision, Aaba says thats why i am requesting, we are not snatching anything, we just want to celebrate it like Aaru used to do it, how she used to prepare for it, it will give us peace. Kumudini says its only been 1month and they are celebrating functions in her name, Shashwat says you are impossible Kumudini, you have no respect for others emotions, Kumudini says teach this to your father not me, only i will prepare for function, Panch has decided it. Aryan comes and says this time too only Rao family will prepare for Janmashtami, its my decision. Kumudini stares him, Aryan says i am heir of King Keshav so i can take decisions of this mandir, Rao family has rights on this mandir like us too, Kumudini says Aryan.. Aryan says this is my decision, you prepare for pooja while Rao family will prepare for Jhanki. Aaba smiles at him, Aryan leaves. Kumudini stares aaba and leaves. Chimaji greets everyone and leaves too. Pavitra prays for Krishanji and says we will prepare it like Aradhya used to do, whole family prays.

Scene 3
Aryan is drinking wine in restaurant. One man says to other that Aryan keep drinking these days. Aryan pours more wine for himself. David comes there and says stop it, what have you become? its your life, why dont you try to start afresh? Aryan says what is life without Aradhya? she was my partner, i used to feel alive beside her, i used to breath around her, now she is not with me so for whom to live? David says you used to love Aradhya and still doing things which Aradhya didnt like at all, you are disrespecting your love by doing this, Aryan says what about your love? what you think that i dont know that how you and Gayetri broke apart after Aradhya left? go and bring your life on track first, David says i am ready but Gayetri is not able to move on from Aradhya’s accident and i respect her feelings, Aryan says how can i say that she left with hatred in her heart for me, i lost her, i sometimes drink so she could come and take this glass from me and throw it away and say Aryan dont you dare drink wine again. Both David and Aryan sit there in pain.

PRECAP- Kids are excited to break pot for Janmashtami. They chant for their didi. A girl climbs men pyramid to break. Aryan looks at her from far. The girl slips and is about to fall down but Aryan runs and catches in his arms in time, they look at each other and its none other than Aradhya, Aryan is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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